Oh, NOES! Muslim parents say Bellevue Islamic school graffiti absolutely is a hate crime

This is what the graffiti said: “Freedom has been chained.” And “It’s rude to cover art.” Yep, that’s a hate crime all right, especially when the bag you wear on your head is too tight.


Bellevue Patch  Muslim parents at Medina Academy, a private Muslim elementary school, fear that graffiti at their school is a hate crime after their school was tagged twice.

In the first incident, which happened two months ago, a tagger wrote “Freedom has been chained,” on the portable classrooms, parents told the TV station. The school cleaned up the graffiti. In the second incident, which occurred over the weekend, the tagger apparently came back, writing, “It’s rude to cover art.” One of the parents pointed out to the news TV station that the tagger had used an Arabic font. (Well, then the tagger must be a Muslim)

KOMO reported that parents feel threatened by the tags in the aftermath of recent school shootings and anti-Arabic sentiment after 9/11. Parents have informed the FBI. (You mean you haven’t called CAIR yet?)


16 comments on “Oh, NOES! Muslim parents say Bellevue Islamic school graffiti absolutely is a hate crime

  1. Their continued attempts at making insults, spoken written or otherwise in any form as a hate speech is what they are after here. Don’t let or allow our mutts calling themselves leaders try and convince you otherwise. This is their goal, lieing, comes natural to them, causing the crises blaming it on other to garner victim status is their method/normal/standard operating procedure, Acting out with death, destruction is their proclaimed primary/desired justification for the personal opinion of their so-called religion of pieces is the goal. We’ve seen this type of behavior before, and it is still as ugly as they are. They must convince large numbers they are victims of us evil Christians, jooooo’s and mad dogs in order for this to work against us until islam/allah/satan is made victorious is the end-period. So just cry them a river of lead if they demand it, otherwise just ignor these mutts, they don’t deserve nor are they worthy of our respect or trust. The only true method or erradicating a plague is to kill it.

    Semper Fi.

  2. Oh, what a bunch of ignorant whinyass asslifters!!…….ANYTHING that tells the truth about the muslimes and their demonic Death Cult Pislam is considered a “hate crime” by the —-ing crybabies!!….My sentiment: “STFU!!”

  3. The play book is always the same. Blame everyone else. Boy this sounds familiar, sounds a lot like BO and his Administration. Never admit to a flaw or mistake. Narcissism at its peak!

  4. Why the midia street doesn’t talk about real crimes that those islamofascists, do every single day around the world. They kill christians, they rape christians, they kill jewes. They say every single day, very clear that they will cut the throats of every infidels……..The street midia are receiving money from saudo arabia to lye and manipulate ( Joseph Goebbles methode )…………

  5. Didn’t hear about this either… but then again, I don’t watch the lamestream media… I am surprised that they haven’t tried to blame ACT for America… and I am also suspect of the Arabic… not too many people know Arabic up here.

    • KK, she said it’s an Arabic font, not language, which means the style of the lettering. I think she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. There are fonts for type and printing, people don’t write in fonts for the most part.

  6. Is there anyone on the planet that truly likes any Muslim? s it possible to be a worse human being than a Muslim? Every country on the earth has nothing but Muslim problem after Muslim problem.

    Is it time to finally eliminate the problem to get peace on earth?

  7. Mohammed was a professional self-declared victim of hate crimes.

    If anyone disagreed with Mohammed, he was so hurt that he sent his goons to murder them in their bed. Went the murders made their hit, Mohammed exclaimed ‘Allahu akbar’ and praised the killers. That’s how Moslems deal with suspected blasphemy in Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mali and Malaysia.

  8. There is an older vacant commercial building near me being remodeled, and several times graffiti appeared. I better call the FBI and report these hate crimes!!! Think of all the graffiti that appears all over the country, especially in larger urban areas. The FBI does not have enough manpower to investigate all the hate crimes. The govt will have to divert thousands of newly hired IRS agents from enforcing obamacare to focusing on the racist, islamophobic scourge of graffiti.

    No doubt soon the fiendish Israelis will exacerbate this frightening situation at the school by placing colorful toys containing explosives on the campus, just like they do in Israel, to kill and maim the “poor starving palestinian” children.

  9. I can’t believe that this actually warrants a news report let alone the FBI. What a preposterous waste of tax payer money, resources and time.

    Mean while the crimes committed by Muslimes through out the US…

    • Hass, do you realize that if News stations reported every incident of graffiti on synagogues, churches, and schools, there would be no time for any other news? I can’t believe the dhimmi reporters waste their time with this nonsense.

      • Bonni, are hard figures available, live? You know FBI reports always seem to be one or two years behind [in case new evidence clarifies incidents?].

        You would need a detailed list of incidents NOT REPORTED by Jewish organizations as well, to show the size of the problem.

        And why do I think that, even if collated lists are available, they wouldn’t supply them to you?

        Come on, they’re not ALL loony left.

        Are they?

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