Oh, NOES! Muslim parents say Bellevue Islamic school graffiti absolutely is a hate crime

This is what the graffiti said: “Freedom has been chained.” And “It’s rude to cover art.” Yep, that’s a hate crime all right, especially when the bag you wear on your head is too tight.


Bellevue Patch  Muslim parents at Medina Academy, a private Muslim elementary school, fear that graffiti at their school is a hate crime after their school was tagged twice.

In the first incident, which happened two months ago, a tagger wrote “Freedom has been chained,” on the portable classrooms, parents told the TV station. The school cleaned up the graffiti. In the second incident, which occurred over the weekend, the tagger apparently came back, writing, “It’s rude to cover art.” One of the parents pointed out to the news TV station that the tagger had used an Arabic font. (Well, then the tagger must be a Muslim)

KOMO reported that parents feel threatened by the tags in the aftermath of recent school shootings and anti-Arabic sentiment after 9/11. Parents have informed the FBI. (You mean you haven’t called CAIR yet?)