Paedophile Prophet followers proselytizing for Islam right next door to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

But if you proselytize for Christianity in most Muslim countries, you can be sentenced to death. Do unto others as they would do unto you?



25 comments on “Paedophile Prophet followers proselytizing for Islam right next door to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London

  1. how disgusting, those Godless clowns walking past and not saying anything thing to those pagan scum, i just wish they would do it in my neighbour hood

  2. Bonni: I know you’re not old enough to have heard the old cigarette ads from long ago, but — I think it was eithr Camels or Chesterfields had a standard advertising blurb that promised “Not a cough in a carload”.
    I think a good slogan for the Brits to adopt would be “Brits: Not a ball in a boatload”. Whuddya think ?

  3. SICKENING. Muslim filth.
    Why o why do decent British people allow this death cult and it’s stinking followers any f**king space in their towns and cities. Deport every single stinking muzzie and close our borders to every muslim country.

  4. Linda, ask them if they beat their wife (loudly). Ask them if Mohammed was a pedophile (loudly). Ask them if Mohammed exterminated the Jews of Medina in one day and buried their beheaded corpses in a trench (loudly). Ask them if Sharia discriminates against kafirs. Four questions asked LOUDLY should be enough to cause people to stare at them to see their lying responses and be disgusted. We need to prepare challenges to these propagators of misogyny and discrimination. If they think we are soft, they will continue. If they are humiliated publicly, they will be forced to reevaluate their ideas.

  5. Coming to a street corner on Main Street USA! The whole west is in real trouble.
    The more ground they take, the more radical their clothing will be. (they will come out of the closet) So keep an eye out, this will be the thermometer gaging their growth, influence, and confidence.

  6. It seems most people are doing their best to avoid them completely by walking on the opposite side of the street. I’d use another street.

    • Linda: I agree with Bonni. I do the same thing now. The first time, it’s hard, you must summon your courage. After, it becomes easier and easier.

      WARNING: Always start off by accusing them of being ‘racist’. Islam is a racist cult and keep on from there. You successfuly shortcircuit their accusation of you being racist. They must defend themselves from the start.

  7. Whilst Muslims terrorize, attack and kill Christians, and Muslims attack and burn down churches in Egypt, Pakistan, Africa and other countries, Muslim immigrants proselytize hated infidels outside revered, famous St. Pauls Cathedral in London.

    How unfortunate there were no truth-tellers there to hand out flyers to the public describing the attacks and destruction of churches and the mass murders, atrocities and inhuman suffering inflicted on non-Muslim innocents by cruel Muslims in Muslim countries.

    How unfortunate there were no truth-tellers to pass out flyers informing the public of Muslim supremacism. BARENAKEDISLAM: LONDON: “You are not allowed to dress like that. This is a MUSLIM area.”

    Muslims Enforcing Sharia Law on the streets of London

  8. We Brits are not allowed to proselytise on the streets, never mind doing it in front of a mosque. We would get arrested by the dhimmi police and taken to court for being racist. (Not that islam is a race, it`s an unholy cult.) The muzzies can do anything and everything they want and nothing is said or done about it. They make me sick. I hate them all.

      • If there are any polititians who would do something about it, they do not speak out. I suppose they are too afraid that they will lose their cushy seats in parliament. Thank goodness for the EDL and the British Freedom Party. They seem to be the only ones who are willing to try to stand up to what is happening to our once great country.

    • Carol, And probably not just arrested by Islam-lover police, but jailed for offending the feelings of Muslims and for racism.

      Islam is a totalitarian POLITICAL system (dressed up in religious clothing) that tolerates no other political system or religion. Not one single person in Britain voted for political Islam, yet Islamic sharia law is imposed on Brits against their will. It is taxation without representation for non-Muslim Brits.

  9. Will somebody, anybody in England have enough balls and call out the fumigators to start decontaminating this country from this vermin???!!!!
    Why is anybody even stopping to talk to these monsters at all? It just emboldens them more!
    Imagine Christians or Jews in front of a mosque doing this bullsh*t?

    • Odd you should mention this Cheryl; I have witnessed, a few years ago while delivering mail across the street from a mosque, that was also one of my delivery points on the route, two morons…..oops “Mormons” approach an imam on the parking lot out front of the mosque. I thought, “Oh boy here it comes! Good luck with THIS mission morons”!! I could hear the asslifter yelling at the two morons, about all I could make out as I went around the corner east of the building and across the street was “Get out of here!!”…..As for the situation outside St. Paul’s on Christmas Eve”?!….I for one COULD NOT figure out why someone didn’t say “Get the hell away from me arselifter!!……Take it to one of your Pislamic hell holes in the Mideast!!”

  10. Christians need to ask very pointed questions of these people set them up for complete failure. They will stop this behavior fast enough when the Christians follow them to their mosques and e proselytize their mohommedist followers.
    Get backs are such a bitch!

  11. Isn’t that Andy Fuckhead Choudary at the end of the video? Why isn’t he in jail?

    Why don’t EDL put the remains of the 7/7 bus on a trailer and park it wherever these wankers congregate with ‘their’ sign on it:

    ————— LEARN ABOUT ISLAM HERE —————-

    And while they’re about it, EDL can teach about islamists too, as a way to say “fuck you cair”. BTW, over at, they use that word all the time.

    You got that Nihad Lenin Awad, Doggy Whiner Hooper?

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