CAIR’s stealth jihadists are so determined to get growing anti-Islam sentiment reclassified as ‘racism,’ they have declared ALL Muslims to be brown-skinned


CAIR-Philadelphia’s documentary, Brown Skin Funny Names, will air Saturdays at 7:30pm on PhillyCAM (Philadelphia Community Access Media) this week and through February.

Brown Skin, Funny Names is a 24-minute documentary that explores the perception of identity and race in post-9/11 America. Experts and community activists featured in this film talk about Pennsylvania’s anti-Muslim bill, House Bill 2029, in the larger context of racially motivated laws and policies in America, while digging deep and sharing their own life experiences.

This film brings attention to issues that affect marginalized communities, gives an insider’s look into the lives of ordinary Muslims, and spotlights continued work opposing ANTI-SHARIA House Bill 2029. Brown Skin, Funny Names will be available to community leaders and educators for community screenings.  It is used to educate and initiate sincere discussions around the issues of race, identity and effects of post-9/11 policies on American Muslims.


rugiatu2-e1358279345399Rugiatu Conteh, Producer and Director,  is an independent filmmaker that creates media and entertainment to highlight social issues and spends her time involved in social activism. She has been featured on local and national news, including ABC News Good Morning America, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Metro speaking on issues relating to post 9/11 policies. 

amaraFeatured in the film is Amara S. Chaudhry, Esq., who currently serves as Civil Rights Director and Staff Attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Philadelphia Office (CAIR-Philadelphia) and Chair of the Interest Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association and Board Member of ACLU of Pennslvania.

moein-e1358279379629Moein Khawaja was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois. His activism experience began during his undergraduate years at the University of Illinois where he participated in the Muslim Brotherhood proxy ‘Muslim Students Association’ and developed an extensive leadership training program. Moein is currently pursuing a law degree from the University of Indiana Bloomington.  He is the former Executive Director of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Starting: January 19th at 7:30pm
Channel: PhillyCAM – Comcast 66/966 and Verizon 29/30

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22 comments on “CAIR’s stealth jihadists are so determined to get growing anti-Islam sentiment reclassified as ‘racism,’ they have declared ALL Muslims to be brown-skinned

  1. The politically correct will jump on this one…anything to pile on their self hate and guilt. Thought do you ever wonder why the politically correct and their immediate families are all personally secure both financially and physically .

  2. They will use DNA to test to say see he is brown. The only problem everyone on the planet has brown Genes of one form or another so if this is fought with intelligence it will lose badly.

  3. Yea it’s all the “White Man’s” fault, all the hate and murder and racism, everything. It reminds me of something I saw on a show about the Amazon forest years ago, the narrator was saying that the White man had entered a native tribes part of the forest and was cutting down trees illegally, for greedy reasons. Well all the so called “White Men” they showed looked like mestizos and even some blacks , but if those tree cutters were useful to the media somehow as victims the title of White Men would quickly disappear

  4. I just posted this comment on the ComCast site:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. I have black-skinned friends, muslim friends and my name is funny. We all get along great.

    It seems to me you are doing your best to create discord in our society. Would this be the principle ‘divide and conquer’?


  5. LOL. I guess white, blonde haired, blue eyed Muslims that adopt Arabic names don’t count! And some native Arabs and other Middle Eastern people do actually have pale skin, and blonde hair and blue eyes! And in southeast Asia, most Muslims there have an Oriental appearance i.e. yelllowish skin, brown hair and almond eyes.

    We know the difference between anti Islamism and racism!

    It never occurs to some people that while it is possible (and sometimes true) for some to diguise their racism by anti Islamic cant, there are many people who object to Islam itself regardless of race, skin color, or nationality. They just can’t wrap their minds that some people actually hate the creed and religion itself!

  6. … in other words he just confirmed, his version, the identity of the enemies of this Republic, right? Way to go CAIR, stupid goes as stupid does. If these people had any functional brain cells, they’s truely be dangerous to themselves, why they just might get the idea of “offing themselves” for the purpose of a peaceful conflict resolution, a noble idea and just do it, for the children, of course.

    Devil dog forever, forever a devil dog, oooooooorah. Semper Fi baby.

  7. Can you change your race? How shall a Caucasian become an Arab?

    Can a Jew revert to Isdamn? I rest my case: Isdamn is not a race and objecting to the conceit that:
    1. disbelievers must be killed
    2. their widows may be raped
    3. their orphans may be sold into slavery
    4. their property may be seized
    5. shari’ah must be imposed
    is common sense, neither racism, bigotry nor hate speech.

  8. Right, Americans are soooo ignorant, bigoted, racist and Islamophobic, because we’ve never been exposed to people with brown skins and funny names before! You just described much of our NBA, for example, completely un-oppressed individuals with more money than God and plenty of power. More than lil ol’ “white” me, I can tell you that!

    How insulting not only to whites but also to blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Persians, Native Americans and all others who have been living in the U.S. for hundreds to thousands of years. I had a black best friend 45 years ago and many “brown skinned” friends since then. We’ve been integrated for a very long time, you stupid asses. Now, the question is, can YOU stand living among the hated and inferior NON-MUSLIMS?

    Leave it to SLEAZY CAIR to play the race card – it will do anything to keep up the victimhood status and try to get the leftards in its pocket.

    Once again, CAIR proves itself an arrogant, self-absorbed and obsessed organization bent on shoving Islamofascism down our throats at every turn.

    CAIR, go fuck yourself. You are DETESTABLE, as is your vile cult of women-haters and infidelophobes.

  9. My comment on their website;
    “Only the worst kind of moron is prejudiced against someone simply because of their skin color or the way their last name sounds. My last name sounds funny to a lot of people! And only the worst kind of desparate moron would declare the people of his religion to have a certain skin color in order to have speaking against it hate speech or a violation of civil rights. The majority of Americans, and the world for that matter, don’t like muslims because Islam calls for our death! What about that do you not understand? Or are you apostate from the writings of the paedophile prophet?(PBUH) You want respect? Respect others! Don’t send your children to our universities and then demand we get rid of crosses! Do they remind you of Jesus(holy and divine is his name) or the fact that the muslim brotherhood is crucifying Coptic Christians in Egypt while your muslim president in the white house says nothing about it. Why is it Islam causes death and destruction in every country it infests and then you whine like children when the civilized world wants nothing to do with you? You seem to have vowed to be worse than the Roman church of the crusades who chopped of the heads of muslims and ate them. Worse than the Roman church that filled the Jewish Christian church in Jerusalem with it’s congregation and set it on fire and marched around it singing hymns! Worse than the Roman church that burned fellow Christians at the stake simply because they worshipped God differently than they did! Well, you are worse! So from a man with a funny name and REAL brown skinned Native American ancestors, since you hate America so much, please return to the third world toilets from which you came.”

    Wow! I enjoyed that!

    There is no such thing as a “palestinian!” There are Arabs occupying Jerusalem, Judea and Sumaria.

    Jerusalem is the capitol of Ys’rael!

    The Jews are God’s chosen, special people! Duet. 7:6-8

    Ishmael and his mother, Hagar worshipped Jeho-ah G-d, not allah. Nor were they muslims!

    Jesus of Nazareth, was not a muslim and lived on this earth centuries before the paedophile was even born.

    Mohammed was a proud paedophile who boasted of his perversion!

    There are many peaceful, intelligent muslims(I know some) who are apostate from Islam. When the time comes they will either have “sudden jihad syndrome” or they will die the same death as an infadel dog!

    My country will abandon Ys’rael at it’s worst time and will be “…gathered in the Valley of Jehosephat and there be judged for how they treated…” Ys’rael. So it is written, so shall it be done! Selah!

    Allah is NOT the Jeho-ah G-d worshipped by Jews and Christians! The Qu’ran calls alla the “greatest deceiver!” The bible says, “Is G-d a man that he should lie?” It also says, “…for what communion has light with darkness?”

    CAIR and all of it’s partners in crime are an infestation of religious pestilence bent on dragging our country down the toilet faster than it already travels in that direction!

    . It’s no wonder Jesus hated religion!

    Ok, so have I been clear enough?

    All I have said here is absolute, historically documented truth!

  10. somebody better tell Ibrahim Hooper that he isn’t allowed in the club any more… oh and Tony Blair’s stupid sister or sister in law… whatever…

    • Moein Khawaja has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois.
      Can we ask him when a homosexual CHOOSES his/her sexuality, as all moslems believe. Can we ask him what you call a 50 year old man who marries a 6 year old girl?

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