Defenseless 84-year old woman tells of harassment and intimidation she suffers by Muslims trying to drive her out of her home. Yet police do nothing!

This is a pattern of behavior that has been described repeatedly by Europeans living in Muslim-infiltrated areas. Muslims harass the Europeans to try and chase them out of their homes so they can buy them up cheap and further Islamicize the areas.

Press the CC button below if you want subtitles. The older woman is bit hard to understand.

Islam vs Europe


32 comments on “Defenseless 84-year old woman tells of harassment and intimidation she suffers by Muslims trying to drive her out of her home. Yet police do nothing!

  1. If the ‘church’ woul read the warnings about the beast !!
    Ex: Dan 7 says the final enemy of God & His people is a beast like a kingdom , a kingdom unlike others.. Islam has no boundaries
    There is NO ‘revived roman empire’. Islam IS the very definition of Anti-Christ 1 John 2:18 & 2:22, 1 John 4:3, 2 John 1:7

  2. Quote:
    Big problems in our western systems with corruption.

    The East, Middle East Muslim countries, North Africa, Hindu Kush, are infinitely more corrupt that any nation in the West. I’d challenge Oriental claims of ultimate virtue any day.
    Would you trust Pakistan, Saudi, Iran, Iraq for services and good governance?
    Of course you wouldn’t.
    There is graft in the West, but it’s not the kind that can’t be removed, it’s not built-in.

  3. A society that does not protect the old from the fanaticism of the young is not a civil society.
    Britain should take this as an insult of the first order. Their pride is unwarranted.
    All the uglier because it is unwarranted!

    • eib
      Do not judge the british people we do not have freedom of speech look what they have done to the EDL the police the govenment and the Muslim cocuncil of Briton has more rights and they say want they want and not get arrested even about the Queen on streets on demos saying they are going to takeover the Palace make it in to a Mosque force her to convert ifshe does not make her leave and worse.
      Believe me 80% UK feel the same about Islam the others are appeasers, agreeing converts, or creeping to islamist so they will not be eaten by the crocodile, but of course they will just be eaten last but they will be eaten those are the cowards that fit your comments We are gagged and do not whom to vote for to stop this UKIP being the only other hope even if it only to put us firstand stop any more coming in.
      It is so frustating but people are afraid of prison and Islamist terror threats knowing they will get the soft touch.

  4. What’s happening to the elderly & the poor throughout pisslamized Europe is a total disgrace and dreadfully sad. That is why I, as an older person myself, am grateful as hell that I live in an area in the USA (in the Desert of CA) that has few mudslimes and virtually NO “Asians” or whatever lowlifes that trample on everyone else’s property & personal rights! The South Asians and Middle Easterners we have here are either refugees from those shithole countries themselves or just well-educated and Westernized & civilized human beings (many of whom, of course, are Christian or Hindu). In fact, we have a high percentage of absolutely amazing doctors who have come from every corner of the world – and they’re all light years away from the cesspool known as the pisslamic world. And I’ll tell you one thing: If ANYONE – of ANY nationality or religion – pulled the same sort of shit on us as have done the Pakis to that poor elderly woman, they’d either end up in overcrowded prisons or face deportation hearings. We have ZERO tolerance for that crap, up & down the line. Out local police haven’t yet been islamized…

  5. This will happen here in the United States everywhere the filthy muslims are permitted to build one of their terrorist training centers. They always pick nice residential neighborhoods. Then the traffic, the litter, the parking everywhere on fridays and the total disrespect of private property, along with the yodeling at volume five times a day depresses values so much that no one will even consider buying your property except a raghead. and they will offer next to nothing. One or two move in and the trash and litter pile up. They are like a cancer. No mosques should be permitted anywhere in our country. they are all epicenters for the new slum ghettos the muslims will create.

  6. She needs to hire an electrician to run about 220v thru that satellite cable. The next hoodlum “asian” in their attempt to ruin her TV reception would get a real big surprise!

    How about a motion detector initiated pigs blood sprinkler system? I’d throw some spare dollars her way to make it happen!

      • Well, a gun hmmm? my husband’s 87 y.o. grandmother slept with one under her pillow when she lived in Detroit. Very dicey neighborhood. She moved south when she turned 89. Now, she couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn but a least she could own one. How on earth would this old woman even get a gun in England???? Good argument for not allowing our US govt to disarm us.

    • excelent idea there SE Michigan Resident, I’ll chip in too if need be. BTW, I’m from Sparta, left there in 1972, drafted of course, know the area, anyone there?
      Semper Fi

      • Yeah, the sane side of the state! Love to visit over there, Michigan is a beautiful state (geographically speaking). We are a complete mess over here in SE. I’m a fair distance away from Dearbornistan but we have problems all over. This old woman’s story doesn’t shock me at all. We have issues everywhere. I have several friends in retail who tell me that the muslim women come through shopping with “Bridge” cards (welfare) then the men come through and pay cash for everything the bridge cards don’t cover. None are legally married, no legit kids. All women and kids are on welfare. Entire areas of suburbs all over SE Michigan are being overrun. Charter schools are “open” to all but who would send their kids there if you weren’t muslim???? Public funds for madrassas.

        BTW, thanks for your service! I’ve taught all three of my kids to use firearms and be independent. Michigan is not the out-of-doors type place it used to be. it’s like Ann Arbor granola types and immigrants have influenced the greater part of the lower peninsula. Some of us won’t go down without a fight.

  7. joan – I’m just wondering about where in Canada you used to live where all that was going on.

    People these days just don’t care about their own country or their fellow countrymen to do a darn thing about the harrssment. Even the RCMP in Canada have become a bunch of low-life liars and are still as useless as all hell. These are all signs of the times, and it is going to get worse. When you let people walk over you, there are those people who will have no problem doing it.

    • Re RCMP: I totally agree with you. The employees have been through the ‘sensitivity’ course.

      I called once about an imam saying on local T.V. that adulterers must be stoned to death and the secretary tried to convert me to islam. I listened to her for about 15 minutes… I was in shock.

      • The RCMP have shafted me too, in favor of a bunch of sinislam idiots who physically prevented me from attending one of their mohammed/hamas/hezbollah brown-nosing sessions, in a public library meeting room.

        When/where was your attempted indoctrination? Was it the RCMP? Did you try any follow-up? Try the ombudsman, even if it was a couple of years ago. (Maybe send a copy to RCMP HQ, so everyone knows what’s going on. Or maybe not? Any advice from other Canadians?). You may get a whitewash, but one day someone may look at the list of complaints, bias, islamophilia…

  8. Are there no social workers, no local or national newspaper not owned by the ultr-left or islamists?

    BTW the closed captions are weird, hilarious, zany.

  9. Isn’t there anyone who isn’t a keyboard warrior willing to do something? We need to organise some meeting and see if we can do something to detter these Muslims. Something that will make them think twice before they start picking on ‘soft’ targets. I’m up for it. Anyone else?

    • Join your local militia, if it doesn’t exist in your area, form one, train, train and train some more. They are not going to allow anyone to live in peace til their final goal is acheived, islam rules the world for the sake of allah/satan. (one world order proclaimed sanctioned religious thoughts and adherents) They will resist our efforts to remain free at the cost of entire cultures, traditions, moral principles and norns, so I guess, since they have already declared “war” upon the infidels ( osama bin laden, 1996, ignored by the one ( bubbaman-clinton who was having his pole shined by an intern, while attempting to stave off impeachment charges, while ignoring the war declaration)), that you, me, ours and our Country, we are left with no other choice then to fight them when they show up demanding we change our ways to accomindate their lies, death and destruction by means of bully tactics, so be it. Like you I am game for it and currently active as a Commander of said We the Patriots, otherwise known as the militia, but like you can’t openly declare war upon them, because you know, they are all peaceful and all that horse shit, I guess because our own demons of the flesh, current crop of corruption, i.e. demoncrats and this fraud who represents them with their ( pussie club) p/c jack booted thugs at their sides say so. Like I said get busy, we don’t have a lot of time on our hands. Regards, and good luck.
      God helps those who help themselves.
      Semper Fi

      • I DO Believe you are REALLY on to an excellent idea here, but considering the fact this IS an open air site that anyone including arselifters AND their fed supporters can see it; you PROBABLY don’t want to signal your moves as a militia on BNI. Organize, practice, drill, etc. but DON’T report details of progress or locations openly…….Just seems logical not to signal the —-ing enemy!…..I recently removed a bumper sticker from my SUV from “Stand With ISRAEL”, American flag on one side, Israeli on the other: I’ll be doing some distribution of Gospel materials soon in a muslime area of a nearby city; and since I’ve already gotten some glares from area bagheads and ragheads, and didn’t even realize why UNTIL I walked back outside and as I approached my vehicle I saw that sticker on the bumper and thought :”Oh yeah, maybe THAT had something to do with those ———–s looking at me like that”!!…..Oh, and if you should see something in the news regarding a “hate crime” because someone DARED to distribute Gospel booklets as an infidel in a muslime area…….WELL…………….

      • great idea mr marine, but the indigenous people of this one great nation are now second class citizens, i do wish we were able to bare arms like our so called ally,s across the pond then we could as is said over there kick some pislam arse

  10. So has anyone contacted local MP Tory one of course or UKIP! Right to the house of lords or even complian to the police commissioner. failing that is it not time do peaceful rallies in the mulitthousand in downing street only way they will take you serious.

  11. This is going on all over, including in Canada. The harassment got so bad in my neighbourhood — breaks ins, three times my home set on fire, a cat tortured, guns fired — and they forced me to sell for the exact amount left on my mortgage so I was cleansed from my home and had to walk away with just the few things I could carry, move to another city and rent a dive where I had to sleep on the floor. When I resisted, they told me that each time I complained, the price they would pay me for my home would go down. Police refused to do anything to help, just laughed at me and said “it’s a civil matter”. As if you can sue when you’ve been defrauded of your life savings. Because during one break-in, they stole my social insurance card and used it to twice drain my bank accounts at the same time they used my account to steal from the bank too. Dreadful mess and they know they can get away with it because they know police will do nothing about it. Big problems in our western systems with corruption. These terrorists have bought into our governments and business and wield control by demanding to get away with this sort of social conversion, theft of property in order to get control of neighbourhoods, cities, countries, then the world. Nasty business.

    • Joan, What happened to you is deplorable. what country do you live in? Behavior like this is why I’m a proponent of the cleansing and scrubbing of islam in the West, if not on a planetary scale, and by any and all means necessary.

      I’m sorry for your plight. That is horrific.

    • I would personally go after the officials allowing this behavior. That is why the 2nd Amendment is so powerful. They can never consider themselves as absolutely safe.

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