EGYPTIAN Muslim ‘Logic’…obviously the result of rampant inbreeding among Muslim first cousins

“Islamists had nothing to do with 9/11.” “There is no such thing as a Christian religion.” “Israel goes to war every 30 days and the U.S. goes to war every 3 months. (And Barack Hussein Obama keeps sending billions of our tax dollars to these knuckle draggers)


15 comments on “EGYPTIAN Muslim ‘Logic’…obviously the result of rampant inbreeding among Muslim first cousins

  1. What is this guy smoking!? That must be some good stuff he is getting out in the desert. I hear that psylosybin mushrooms grow in abundance in that part of the world! LOL. :-)

    Islamists had nothing to do with 9-11? Well, what were the hijackers doing with Saudi passports and American student and work visas if they were all Americans or Israeli agents. And what were they doing with Islamist materials and passages from the Quran on their cell phones? And many of the terrorists were known Saudi nationals, and many left videos behind stating their goals — all Islamist goals. Muhammad Atta, the leader left a video saying he wanted to be buried with good Muslims. And why were Muslims rejoicing when the twin towers fell?

    Israel has to go to war every thirty days because Israel is being constantly attacked by Arabs and Mluslims! So Muslims are going to war every thirty days, too.

    And from what I have seen, the Islamic world isn’t very peaceful! Not a day goes by where somebody somewhere in the world isn’t being killed in the name of Allah. And more often the ones who are being killed in the name of Allah are other Muslims, who belong to another sect of Islam such as Ahmadiya or Shia. LOL.

    There is no Christianity? Hmmm. I guess Boko Haram is killling invisible people in NIgeria and the Salafists are killing and torturing invisible people in Egypt. I guess Iran is hanging non existent people.

    Even granting that modern Christianity is different than what Jesus taught, Christianity as it exists today, is still a major force in the world. I guess the pope and the Vatican are all figments of the imagination.

  2. Uhh yes there is a Christian religion I’m an adherent. Guess he is just warming up to the all out slaughter of the .copts that Obamination’s boy Morisi is gonna unleash soon. Savages all.

  3. And if love don’t work on them cross-worshippers, we’ll behead ’em, rape ’em, steal their loot and string ’em up. Yep, Allah hates them kafirs, so we’ll roast ’em and send ’em ta hell. Mohammed beats the Christians…Mo went ta war every SIX WEEKS! Ee-hah…jee-had!

    Average National IQs

    Hong Kong 105
    Switzerland 105
    Japan 105
    Korea 105
    Italy 104
    Austria 104
    New Zealand 104
    UK 100
    Egypt 85
    Libya 80
    Saudi Arabia 80
    Sudan 75
    Mali 70

    (Mozzies lose. Too much inbreeding.)

    • perce1;
      That means according to old # values we are dealing with Morans. As an average. Idiots on the bottom rung or lower scale as feebel-mindednessl.
      So Satan wins his minions over and dumbs them down. Sounds right to me.

  4. Aaaiiiiieeeee ! as a devout muslim man, I know I will enter the sight of Alley and e rewarded with 72 sweet smelling Houriis who have never been with a man and will think that I am a an exceptional figure despite of my diminutive size. I will able to parade around and have them all gaze in wonder at my enlarged development.

    This will be my reward ecause I have eavesdropped and heard my five wives calling me needle-man. Alley will get them for that !

  5. First off, he needs a shower. St. Peter won’t let him past those pearly gates without one. And if he takes the shower he needs and gets past St. Peter, he can tell Jesus there is no Christian religion. Jesus who will come again to judge the quick and the dead, as is said, so this imam better know who God really is and that Mohammed was a politician not a prophet. Jesus, on the other hand, was a lover not a fighter.

  6. Keep it coming. And I hope there are fireproof archives of BNI and MEMRI, for the time when the jihad shit hits the fan. Then the banal fucktards of the left and dhimmicrats should be forced to watch what the MSM (moslem socialist media) and their government and universities and teachers DELIBERATELY concealed from them. This conspiracy is 100 times greater than the kool-aid induced stories from the left, those natural allies of islamists (fucair).

    • Not only that, the Moslem “Paradise” is just as hellish in fact as their Hell!!!!! [One gets tired and even bored after basic sexual needs are satisfied – and to be perpetually stuck in that kind of position, with the sexual partner experiencing the pain most women and even some men undergo when they’re being deflowered?!??]

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!! Lord Jesus the Messiah, PLEASE Come ASAP – it’s so obvious that it won’t take long before we’ll all otherwise be annihilated together with the rest of life on this planet!!!…

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