Muslim Welfare Queens and Entitlement Whores spend their days bashing their Western benefactors


This is London, but the sight of Muslims in the streets protesting the very people who have taken them in and are supporting their huge families is the same all over Europe, where Muslim immigration is rampant and virtually uncontrolled, thanks to pressure from the EU to admit even more. In the UK, 75% of Muslim women are on the dole as are 50% of Muslim men.


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  1. The designation “Asian” is an insult to other peoples of the same region who have no imperialist or triumphalist vision for the West.

  2. Everything to do with the mohommedists is meant to humiliate or degrade anyone else. So our politicians are cowed into believing that they [the mohommedists] don’t know what they are doing and must help them. I found politicians lie to us on a regular basis, but they don’t think anyone else is bright enough to lie to them. Talk about smug a*s holes!

  3. Islam’s laws are the complete opposite of God’s Laws.

    Islam’s god is the complete opposite of the Holy One, our Glorious, Magnificent Creator, who commanded:


    The Quran calls for the massive breaking of God’s holy laws. Laws that God gave to protect innocents.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

  4. European and British ruling elites have massively colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims and EAGERLY provide the soldiers of Allah with free houses, free money and benefits so that the Muslim infidel-haters are enabled to dedicate all their time to stirring up their fellow Muslims to an even greater hate of infidels and to keep their fellow Muslims passionate about Muslim conquest of infidel Britain.

    Brits who protest Islamification of Britain and protest the cruel Muslim gang rapes of many thousands of non-Muslim British children by Muslim monsters-civilization destroyers, are viciously persecuted, arrested, and sometimes jailed by ruling elites.

  5. The muzzie world revolves around one thing it seems—- the muslim art of fucking up a good thing. I’m open to hearing if there is anywhere in the civilized world these people have set up commerce, are prosperous, (besides off of the government tit). Do they contribute anything to the community anywhere????

  6. Toejam Chowderhead, alias Anjem Choudary, collects, at my last calculation, about $50,000 a year in welfare. I’ll buy everyone a beer when one of those cute, red, double-decker buses run over him and smashes him flat. Anjem Choudary, the most despicable person on the Earth.
    Islam is poison.

  7. The 50% is a gross underestimate.The majority of taxi drivers in the UK are “Asian”in origin.Being classed as “self employed” by the UK government they are entitled to help with paying rent and rates (if they tell the gov they have low earnings)and claim full child benefit for each child including tax credits.
    Through their “self employment” status they also do not appear on the unemployment statistics (which is good for our socialist multicultural engineers who can then claim these people are hard workers unlike the “lazy British people” who cannot get jobs ).–YOUR-money.html

  8. That figure of 75% of muslim women and 50% of muslim men on the dole is the tip of
    of the iceberg.Many muslims who do actually work are self-employed taxi drivers or own or work in takeaways . Cash businesses. They pay no tax and milk the benefits system. I know this for a fact as I am a mortgage broker. Many of them are incapable of filling out the simplist of forms so they must get help (at the mosque?). I won’t deal with them anymore, but I have come across several self employed muslims who get various state “top ups” often around £200-£300pw. Just about anyone in my line of business can verify what I say. It’s sickening.

  9. As we are instructed in the people of the book, their GOD inspired Book, i.e. Christian Bible, those who refuse to work, feed their families, or work six days and Praise the Lord on the seventh, are not deservent upon the other peoples property nor shall another man be responsible for the plight of or tragedies of others not of their own, and as a result shall starve, (sloth, envy, all defined as mortal sins) by their own hands. The good book tell us also, that if a man is derilict upon his duty to the lord and does not provide for those in his charge, i.e. his children, wife and household, he shall be in the eyes of God as an anti-Christ among all men, and so shall their suffering be known to all man because of their condition ( worthlessness) in the eyes of all man and GOD. Now please tell me again why are these leeches in cahoots with those in power, feel compelled to rob others in service to the worthlessness of theirs/others not of theirs?, oh yeah I almost forgot, if you were to starve the beast, i.e. government of men, not of GOD, of your property, i.e. hard earned and owed to no one other then their own family, money, they too would not be able to feed or provide for themselves, or others. That is the truth spoken of by GOD, not allah/satan, and as we all know by now, why that wouldn’t be ” fair” now would it. As my grandpappy once said: tuff titties, your problem, not ours. Starve the beast, throw these parasires/moochers/osers/looters of other peoples money out on their asses and force them to provide for their own, or starve them out and save the Children.

    Going GALT, starve this beast now.

  10. They take the welfare payments, and simultaneously humiliate us. In fact, just as they are commanded to do so in the Koran with respect to extracting the Jizya payments.

    So they are simply being good Muslims in doing so.

  11. I simply cannot figure out how Choudry has not been ‘disappeared’? Would not be difficult. It means to me -there is a concerted effort from the Elitist powers , even Israeli-to Allow this Bullshit to go on , there is no other explanation. If i was in power this MThrfuckr would be gone tomorrow, and you know they can do it- so guess what my friends? This shit is planned for us. It’s totally on purpose. Not only is it allowed , but it’s encouraged. The only thing we can wonder is- why?

    • Maria, I have been in touch with GOV and offered to help them move servers if necessary. They were back up after going down the first time, but I guess they got shut down again. Sounds like what CAIR/Wordpress did to me.

    • Gates of Vienna is written in a calm factual manner. Just about all of their articles and comments are truthful or honestly held opinions. Some of the blogs I visit make G of V look like Mary Poppins. Seems strange they should be picked on.

      • Paris, that is precisely why G of V is targeted for destruction by the elites.
        Ruling elites are rabidly opposed to ANYONE telling the truth about Islam. Treasonous elites wickedly seek our cruel conquest by Muslims.

  12. With all the Arabic terms making their way into English (“jizya,” “haram,” “halal,” “jihad,” etc.) I keep waiting to run across one meaning “rude.” Guess they haven’t developed that concept yet.

  13. The threat of and oil embargo and hatred of the U.S. and Israel can make the European elite do a lot of suicidal things.

    • All of them. Liberals love of diversity keeps importing the Muslim enemy at our expense. And we are outcasts for stating the obvious – we know the true intention of Muslim immigration. Liberals + Islam = suicide of the collective west.

  14. Dr. Andrew Bostom writes about the humiliation aspect intrinsic to jizya acceptance. . .

    “The jizya collection ritual, consistent with Qur’an 9:29, fulfills the prescribed debasement of Jews and other dhimmis. Al-Suyuti (d. 1505), author (along with his mentor) [97] of a seminal Qur’anic commentary (Tafsir al-Jalalayn), made these recommendations regarding jizya collection:

    …[jizya is part of] land and slaves…is incumbent upon the People of the Book…on people who allow wine [Jews and Christians] and pig-meat [Christians]…[Saaghiruuna means] submissively…[it means] by coercion…[`an yadin means] directly, not trusting the trickery of an intermediary…by force…without resistance…in an unpraiseworthy manner…while you stand and [the dhimmi] sits with the whip in front of you [you take] the money while he has dirt on his head.

    Al-Maghili (d. 1504/1505), a contemporary of Al-Suyuti, and an important North African theologian whose writings on the dhimmis influenced both the Muslim masses of his day, and followers through the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, insisted that affronts be inflicted upon the dhimmis, especially Jews, when collecting the jizya: [98]

    On the day for tax collecting, they should be assembled in a public place, like the souk. They should present themselves there, standing up at the lowest, vilest place. The auxiliaries of the Law should stand above them, striking a menacing pose, so that appears to their eyes and to the eyes of the others that our purpose is to debase them by pretending to take their belongings. They will realize that we do them a favor [again] by accepting the jizya from them and letting them go [their way]. Then they shall be brought one by one [before the official responsible] for collecting the tax. While paying, the dhimmi will receive a slap and will be pushed back in such fashion that he will think that he has escaped the sword thanks to this [insult]. This is how the friends of the Lord in the first and last generations act toward their miscreant enemies, for power belongs to God, to His Apostle and to the Believers.

    The enduring legacy of Al-Maghili’s teachings are evident in two remarkable accounts of the humiliating conditions under which the jizya was still being collected from Moroccan Jews within the modern era. An Italian Jew traveling in Morocco in 1894, reported the following: [99]

    The kaid Uwida and the kadi Mawlay Mustafa had mounted their tent today near the Mellah [Jewish ghetto] gate and had summoned the Jews in order to collect from them the poll tax [jizya] which they are obliged to pay the sultan. They had me summoned also. I first inquired whether those who were European-protected subjects had to pay this tax. Having learned that a great many of them had already paid it, I wished to do likewise. After having remitted the amount of the tax to the two officials, I received from the kadi’s guard two blows in the back of the neck. Addressing the kadi and the kaid, I said” ‘Know that I am an Italian protected subject.’ Whereupon the kadi said to his guard: ‘Remove the kerchief covering his head and strike him strongly; he can then go and complain wherever he wants.’ The guards hastily obeyed and struck me once again more violently.”

    • In the most wicked betrayal, British and European leaders have colonized Britain and Europe with many millions of Muslims-Allah’s soldiers and FORCE hated infidel Brits and Europeans via their taxes to pay the jizya-the blood ransom poll tax for allowing infidels to live. The only thing European and British ruling elites are not doing is have Muslim immigrant-colonizers violently strike the despised non-Muslims who are financially supporting the Muslim colonizers, as noted above.

      Muslims have traditionally given conquered non-Muslims one of three choices:
      1. convert to Islam. 2. pay the jizya-blood ransom poll tax. 3. be put to death.

  15. China’s one-child policy looks better and better … of course, we’d need to ensure they don’t abort all the females so as to produce only gangster imams. What to do?

  16. What if they stopped the welfare? Not trying to find work? No pay!

    Let the mosque look after them, that is their job, that’s what they collect zakat (welfare tax) for. That way they can’t send it to terrorists. Well, not as much. Maybe they would even have to stick out their hands to the House of Sods.

    Send the islamists (fucair) back to allah’s sandpit.

    • The whole issue there, as here, is to keep the welfare establishment in business and growing. It’s simply that much more despicable because they’re supporting Muslims. And, they just keep on importing them … even though the imaginary jobs for them ran out long ago.
      Islam is poison.

    • If only that were so simple. Muslims persist in kaffir countries that don’t have welfare i.e. Thailand, Philippines.

      Historically, the only country to completely purge itself of the Islamic virus is Spain.

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