Turkish firm goes bust sponsoring infidel-hating films

A major Turkish construction firm that was sponsoring anti-Jewish and anti-American films and featuring the films’ actors in its own advertising campaigns has apparently gone bankrupt.


Algemeiner a court has passed an injunction protecting Ukra İnşaat against its creditors. The Istanbul-based firm recently requested a delay in proceedings, which will be considered at the conclusion of the current legal process.

Actors Necati Şaşmaz and Gürkan Uygun, both of whom star in the “Valley of the Wolves,” film series, played in the firm’s commercials. The company also sponsored films such as “Valley of the Wolves Palestine” and “Av Mevsimi” (Hunting Season). According to the report, the company spent $2.5 million on a commercial with Uygun that ran last November.

“Valley of the Wolves Palestine” was released in 2011 and depicts a Turkish commando team that goes to Israel to track down the Israeli commander responsible for the Mavi Marmara flotilla raid. The movie is part of  a film franchise spun-off from the popular Turkish TV show “Valley of the Wolves.”

The first film, “Valley of the Wolves Iraq,” released in 2006, depicted a Jewish army doctor who removed organs of dead American soldiers and sold them to rich people located throughout the world. The film was described by the Wall Street Journal as “a cross between ‘American Psycho’ in uniform and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”


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  1. Valley of wolves, should read: valley of vipers, i.e. biblical reference to satan/snakes, the sons of ishmael, i.e. arabs.

    • Thanks RM; we can always count on you to say it just right!….Don’t mince words at all!…..ESPECIALLY when talking about filthy lying murderous muslimes and their dhimmi dips like our Manure Stream Media!!….And I’m not surprised the pukes went bankrupt promoting Pallywood Camel Crap, trying to pass itoff as realistic cinema production!!

  2. The sponsor of anti-Jewish anti-Western films has gone from a Turkish construction company to Happily a De-constructed failure. Don’t let the door hit you where the sun don’t shine…on your way out. Bon Voyage low life Muzzie!

  3. HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!!!

    May ALL Moslem firms end up like this – now, if we’d 1) recall ALL our Westerners out of dar al-Islam, 2) kick all the Moslems out of the West, 3) cut off all links between them and us – and while we’re at it, nationalise ALL their property in the West and give it back to the people here that they’ve victimised (e.g., Joan in a neighbouring posting), we could truly knock them severely without needing to send one bomb upon them (up to that point)…

    DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!! Lord Christ Mashiach, PLEASE COME ASAP!!!!!

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