BUSTED! Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi joins the ranks of Gore, Clinton, and Obama as the world’s biggest liars

Unknown-1No, Morsi never claimed to have ‘invented the internet or denied having sex with ‘that woman.’ And he didn’t say ‘Muslims have always been an important part of American culture.’ But I wonder how Morsi thought he could get away with boasting that he worked on research for NASA as a consultant in rocket engines?

An Egyptian TV commentator shows evidence that proves Morsi is a liar. No word on whether the commentator is in jail now.


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  1. This journalist has cohones. His survival depends largely on getting out of Egypt. As far as Morsi being a liar, I’ll put Obama up against him any day of the week…bring it.

  2. Actually just found this info: Mustafa Abushaqur (former Prime Minister, Libya) “Scattering of light from large cylinders” (PhD in electrical engineering, Caltech, 1984), Mohamed Morsi (President, Egypt) “High-temperature electrical conductivity and defect structure of donor-doped A123” (PhD in materials science, University of Southern California, 1982). I bet there are many more radical islamists educated in the finest US universities, that are being deployed in radicalized by a minute Middle East. The new world Khalifat with the capital in DC?

  3. Okay. Al Gore invented the Internet, Bill Clinton didn’t sodomize with Monica, Obama is a centrist and a god, George Bush blew up the Louisiana levees… -and Morsi is… a rocket scientist? O_O

  4. Opportunism is the Sunna of the pedophile pirate. Everyone is told to lie in Islam if they can take advantage of someone else…especially kafirs. Even Allah changes his story frequently. If perfect Allah can lie, so can his followers.

    I abrogate everything I just wrote. Never wrote it.

  5. Correction on previous post. The city which uses pooper trucks is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, not Abu Dhabi. And they are actually putting in a sewer system in Abu Dhabi, probably with a lot of foreign help.

  6. Hmm…Mr. Morsi should stick with the usual lies, that he wasn’t sleeping with particular women. I still think he got a piece of old Hillary. He had a big smile on his face when he was sitting with Hillary just after they cut a deal to stop firing rockets into Israel. And she was gushing all over him too. That smile that he had was a smile like he just got some nookie! Like a naughty boy smile.

    As for engineering, I read in Wikipedia that he had a degree in engineering and even taught in colleges in the US. But somehow or another I doubt that Mr. Morsi could engineer very much credibly. I wouldn’t let him near any space facility or even allow him to build a bridge or a dam. The things would almost certainly be doomed to failure at the risk of thousands or millions of lives. You notice that Egypt and the Middle East don’t engineer very much on their own. They always bring in outside help. If any Islamic nation could engineer much on their own, why aren’t they creating their own space program? Why aren’t they masters of bridge building, dams and infrastructure? Why didn’t the Kuwaitis put in a sewer system in Abu Dhabi, instead of having pooper trucks ship out the raw sewage to dump into either the ocean or the open desert? They must not have very many good engineers! Or maybe they only know enough engineering and architecture to only build mosques!

  7. “Muslims have always been an important part of american culture”

    Yeah, on the shores of Tripoli, maybe. They’re the reason the Marine Corps. were formed in the first place!

    • False, the main reason for the Corps in the first place was a copy, of British Marines on War ships in the 16-17-18th century as a means to have sharp-shooters high above placed on the mast’s of these ships to take out commanding officers from hostile ship venturing in the trade routes of that era. Tuns Tavern was the spot for the Formation of the Corps in its day. shores of Tripoli was but an engagement for the release of prisoners taken by muslims demanding ransom in that time period as well, nice try, but a big (F) fail on the paper for you.

      Semper Fi

  8. Islam is not important to me.
    It is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    Muslim culture is corrupt and ugly.
    These are the things I know about Islam, and I didn’t have to study it too deeply or be raised in it to know what I thought.
    Islam is not part of America.
    I did not say my Pledge of Allegiance to the crescent flag or the black flag.
    I did not swear on a Koran, I did not go to the Koran for dating advice.

  9. Maybe that’s the basis for O’bammy’s inscrutable decision early in his first term that NASA’s NEW “mission” would be to focus on “more outreach” to the pisslamic world. After all, those brilliant pisslamic scientists have been in the forefront of scientific & tehnological advances since they invented the wheel! And especially, with their incredible contributions to space science, it’s only natural, wouldn’t you agree, that Morsi MUST have had a hand in something! After all, he graduated from USC with a degree in Engineering!

    • Dear BNI:

      Hey- a shout out to joydbrower- thanks for slamming the myth that islam gave the world great scientific achievements. A myth supported by the muslim president. As a someone who has a history background- one of my fields of research was in the history of science (its own sub-discipline). The muslims stole, copied and through conquest appropriated scientific, mathematical, technical, industrial and medical knowledge of other civilizations (Greek, Hindu, Western Europe, African, etc). The study of the natural world, wildlife, weather, etc; was done by “natural philosophers” in the ancient times. Many of these persons were Ancient Greco-Romans… guess whose writings and teachings on these subjects the muslims stole and claimed as their own?

      I once got into a “discussion” (ie muslims were ganging up on me trying to get me to accept the “muslim scientific acheivements” bullcrap… when I wrote down the names of a dozen WOMEN scientists. These women collectively, I argued had contributed more to scientific knowledge than all the alleged glory from the muslim “golden era.” However, my list included women who literally made the muslims hiss like a vampire being exposed to garlic.

      Almost all of the women I listed (purposefully) were Jewish. Many had pursued scientific study during the Nazi Germany-Fascist Italy era in Europe. These Jewish women were Holocause survivors. This included women physicists who had to work “undercover” at their universities because it was illegal for Jewish women to be on staff. She later went to America and participated in the Manhattan Project. Another conducted biological experiments in her bathroom (filled with test tubes and petri dishes)!

      Restrictions on Jewish movement, access to ration books, abilitiy to go to certain groceries… was all severely limited. Translate- even before they were shipped to ghettoes or camps… Jewish people in Europe were being starved. They weren’t allowed the basic needs of survivial and could be arrested at any time. Yet they pursued science while also caring for the needs of relatives, colleagues and others.

      Many of these women would later in their lives receive international recognition and awards for their scientific achievements for their research and discoveries… a lot of which had origins during their studies during Nazi & WWII era- where they were actively persecuted and were doing research WITHOUT access to big labs, libraries or technical supplies.

      Well, I was accused of being racist and prejudiced for bring these women up and comparing them to the “Golden Era Achievements” of muslims! First- what race is islam again? Second… I am a bigot because I point out the AMAZING achievements of WOMEN genuises, many of whom were JEWISH and conducted their research during WWII & THE HOLOCAUST (ie acheivement under the worst possible set of circumstances). Yet, I’m a “bigot.” Third… I was able to provide lots of supporting resources about the women I mentioned. The muslims COULD NOT BACK UP ANYTHING about muslim scientific contributions.

      Sadly, I have had more similar arguements with muslims and dhimmi muslim supporters. Yet the American government encourages and supports this lie of muslim science enlightening the world.

      I know people who have worked for NASA directly or NASA projects. These people are from all backgrounds, skin colors and faiths. Guess what! They think this “coddle muslims by telling them they are scientific genuises” is pure nonsense.

      Oh, and lest we forget… when the astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away last year… there was a resurgence of the belief that allah/mohammed was on the moon, that Armstrong heard the moslem call to prayer while on the moon and that he himself converted to islam!

      Apparently all that koran memorization at muslim schools left out since there is no atmosphere on the moon… there is no sound; but since this was through “allah” I guess it was a muslim “miracle”

      This resurgence of islam taking “credit” and being”revealed” during the space race & moon missions was ignored by the Western media.

      If ANYONE remembers anything about muslims and NASA or science… it should be the following AND NOT the lie that muslims contributed to NASA and science. What needs to be remembered was the NASA Columbia space shuttle tragedy. Muslims all over the world poured into the street praising this horrific tragedy. Not just because it befell America (which any disaster affecting America brings joy to muslims)… but because two of its victims.

      The first Israeli astronaut (and IDF Airforce hero fighter pilot) Ramon was killed in the Columbia disaster. The death of this heroic Israeli brought elation to muslim hoardes. So did another death aboard the space craft- the first Asian Indian woman astronaut. Proudly claimed by both the USA and democratic India… she was a Hindu Indian by birth… and her death brought tremendous joy to muslims.

      Yes, I will remember the connection of muslims with NASA. But NOT the LIES of muslim science acheivement that the USA muslim president wants us to swallow… but instead the happiness and “party atmosphere” hoardes of muslims had the world over in the wake of the Columbia disaster when ONCE AGAIN the muslim hatred of science, the West, America, Israel, India, Jews and Hindus was once again laid bare for the world to see. And the media to ingore.

        • AMEN!!!! Moslems are so bigoted against “infidels” (especially women-“infidels”) that when the latter outclass them (and rightly so!!!), they can only react with hatred and rage!!!!

          BRAVO, Arjay: please keep up the excellent work!!!!

  10. Glad to see there’s one guy with integrity in Egypt — the reporter. You’re right, BNI, I hope he’s not in jail, and I hope he stays safe and healthy and goes on reporting like this until the Muslim Brotherhood falls from its own outrageous lies and corruption.

    • Dear BNI:

      Adding to the comments by Shameless, Guy & Susan… I admire the reporter for speaking the truth about his nation’s new dictator, that Morsi is a liar. I also agree with the posts that this brave man’s days are numbered. Not only him; but his TV producer and other staff at his station may have the axe of islam come down on them. Unless, the TV station staff denies they knew he was going to say such things on the air- ie throw him under the bus.

      Whatever the details about this Egyptian reporter- I’m afraid if one tries to “follow him” eventually you’ll find him being fired and/or imprisoned… or simply “disappearing” one of these days. Sooner, probably than later.

      After all, as Morsi’s thugs were gaining power during the “campaign” leading up to the Egyptian elections (which he then manipulated and stole); and the post election actions by Morsi; or even what has been going on Egypt since the “Arab Spring” hit- there has been nothing but violence, intimidation, harassment, rape and murder.

      Any Westernized or secular muslim, atheist or someone who would be assumed muslim simply because of background… (they don’t ramadam fast or pray- but hey the folks were muslim so by label they are “muslim”)… ARE ALL DOOMED.

      In the early days of the Arab Spring- women newcasters were taken off the air if they didn’t cover; to be replaced by hirjab wearing women (which will eventually stop and only men will be on air). Women who didn’t support Morsi and those who DARED go out uncovered… especially if they attempted to go to the polling booths were gang raped. The Westernized, secular, atheist, etc- muslim men were thrown in large numbers into prison. Look for any muslim opposition to Morsi to dwindle rapidly. If the opposition isn’t murdered or imprisoned outright… look for the Westernized or secular to adopt more fundamentalist views in order to keep a job or even to go to the market for groceries so they won’t be harassed.

      Recently BNI posted photographs of Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and other places in the recent past… when these places still had something of a Westernized civilzed component to their societies…. then the shock of a “present day” image which shows the damage done by the muslims. The photo of the recent Egyptain past which showed men AND WOMEN (not wearing hirjabs) at Cairo University is indeed now in the past.

      As for Eygptian minorities like the Coptic Christians… these people are facing extinction. Where will they go? Europe? In Scandinavia… which imports hoardes of diseased 3rd world illiterate lazy muslims- which they then immediately put on welfare; the Scandinavians have DEPORTED Persian Christians, Chaldean Christians and others BACK TO IRAN. Where these people face harassment, prison or death. Don’t look for Europe to help. Maybe Australia or Canada?

      I can’t see the US State Dept. issuing visas to Egyptian Coptic Christians to escape the Morsi terror since it was the muslim president Obama that put the Muslim Brotherhood in Power.

      This Egyptian reporter exposing the lying Morsi for what he truly is… may just be one of the last “official” complaints about Morsi. By complaint I don’t mean some student protestor in the street hiding his identity… I mean someone employed by a TV news station or newspaper and in the official capacity of a “professional job” such as newscaster or print reporter… actually get to criticize the dictator Morsi publically.

      Oh, and if anybody owns a history documentary on DVD or VHS about the Sphinx or ancient civilization books that show the pyramids…. don’t toss those. I have a feeling in the not so distant future… this will be the only way to view these historical treasures. The Muslim Bortherhood has stated their intent to demolish them.

      • i know bunch of savages they already detroyed many statues of Buddha including carvings that were at least 2000 years old

      • ARJAY: As for Eygptian minorities like the Coptic Christians… these people are facing extinction. Where will they go?

        Answer: Canada will take in a lot. Last March alone, some 100,000 Copts fled Egypt. Canada’s new policy for refugee intake: only persecuted religious minorities, which means Christians from muslim lands.

        • Dear Susan K:

          Thank you for letting me know about Canadian immigration policies. By letting in the persecuted Coptic Christians; the Canadian government will be saving the lives of thousands of hardworking life loving people who know what it is like to live under muslim brutality. Hopefully, this influx of Coptic refugees will help lessen the influence of muslims in Canada.

          Sad that the Coptics have to leave- as Christianity has been a part of Egypt many centuries longer before any sub-human muslim ever stepped foot on the Egyptian sands.

          I am assuming that the leader or “Patriarch” (Pope) of the Copts resides in a Cathedral, seminaries or set of buildings in where? Alexandria? Cairo? With art works, rare manuscripts, scrolls and iconography that go back almost 2 thousand years; I hope that the Copts can export or at least smuggle out many of these treasures of their faith along with eventually their leader and as many clergy- Coptic priests, monks and nuns as they can. It is hard to keep a faith alive if all of your clergy is imprisoned in a foreign land. The foreign land being the land that was once theirs and theirs for centuries- Egypt.

          Thank you again, Susan for letting me know about this.

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