Did you know that the more a man has sex with his wife during her pregnancy, the more his semen enhances the future child’s intelligence?

Neither did I, but perhaps that’s the reason why Muslims have among the lowest IQ’s in the world. Apparently, their increased presence in the the US is reducing the IQ rate there, too. 




  1. Some of the bizarre stuff spouted by supposedly college educated Muslim women who were born and raised in the US was absolutely nuts to me. When a fly accidentally got in the food that someone was eating she was told to make sure that they dipped the entire fly since there was “a disease in one wing and the cure in the other”. I don’t want ANY nasty flies in my food thank you! The belief that someone could hurt another person by envying them was another horrific belief. I had a fertility problem and it was very hard on me every time anyone else got pregnant (which was all the time) but I had to sit with a smile plastered on my face since if I showed the least bit of sadness I would be envying and could cause issues.

  2. You see, this is your brain on islam, because of the inbreeding, yet they still think they are worth anything to anyone. Stuck on stupid as illustrated by the very words and beliefs articulated in the article, no really, its true, need more proof?

    Semper Fi

  3. Est. 94 IQ for Israel?? I read a listing a few years ago of the highest IQs by ethnic/racial groups, and the Jews had the highest IQs. Anybody else remember reading that? The smartest kids in all my classes were the Jewish kids, so I believed it.

    • While I am one of those people who are always defending the concept of IQ, I find this chart to be exaggerated.
      An IQ of 59 denotes an almost non-viable entity.
      Also, I have seen statistics giving the people in Israel an IQ equivalent to 125 of the world average.

      This chart has no sources given – where is it from?

      Note: cousin marriages do increase the occurrence of mongolism.

  4. And Memri TV again produces a pile of amusing bullshit. As they always do.
    Probably the males could double down by marrying an aunt or, at least, a cousin. Like Morsi did.


  5. ROFLMAO! :-) Can anyone believe this? And the one guy was shouting Allahu Akbar the whole time as if this was some real revelation. Do these guys have any notion of science at all?

    Now we know why there are no major publications of scientific journals in Arabic, and also why very few Western scientific journals are published and translated into Arabic.

    And these guys really want to take over the world with their seventh century science? Somehow, the more I hear come out of the Islamic world, the more I think we actually have little to worry about. They can’t take over the world. They don’t even have the capability. The Muslim populations here in Western countries will become a mere laughingstock to the entire world on account of their stupidity.

    In the book called “The 14 Harms of Casting Evil Glances” it says that if one masturbates, on judgement day, one will have a pregnant hand.

    I am not making that up. It is written in an Islamic Holy Book.

    In Sahih Muslim, it says that if one looks up into the sky while praying, he can lose his eyesight. (4:862, 863)

    And that is but a few things that come out of the madness of Islamic holy books.

    • The pregnant hand is true ! My God, I googled and yes.

      While I was exploring the pregnant hands, I got caught up in OM (Over Masturbation). Some say masturbation is haram, others hallal. But OM is a no-no. It causes hair loss, penis shrinkage and whatever.

  6. ROFLMO!!!!

    Deez boys jus cain get nuff of that good funky stuff can dey! Gotta make sh*t up so dey can gets more!

    Wait I thought islam did not condone slavery whaz dis bout irrigatin a slave girl den?

    The ignorance and insanity of the islam imam obama hopes to ram down our throats!
    Notice Obamination has said zero absolutely zero about the Americans slaughtered at the BP plant in Algeria! Yet Time hails him as the “Second Coming” on their magazine cover!

  7. The muslim sexual event is very short lived and not face-to-face. A cross between a dog and a bird. From behind and many times. Each time last no more than one minute. This is not enjoyable for a woman. No orgasm.

    Ever wonder why muslimas want their guy to have 4 wives? To avoid having sex with it every night…

  8. Does this apply to their FEMALE offspring that they r free to rape and then kill? Why bother “enhance their future” if they r just going to torture them anyway????

  9. the guy who put this brain chart together must have been from hong gong ! he gave the muzzies way to many brain credits , they still think alahla is going to jump out of a moon rock

  10. LOL!! God is great! It never ceases to amaze me, how much bull shit the muzzie’s come up with. And this bull shit is largely based around muzzie men getting laid as much as possible. For the muzzies, the after life is a place to have your sexual fantasies fulfilled (think 70 virgins) and little else.

    • It’s utter IDOLATRY of a monstrously EVIL MAN!!!!

      What gets me is how ANY half-sane and reasonable person, either male or female, is able not only to endure but to welcome and embrace, even WORSHIP, that Untermensch von allen Untermenschen (under-man of all under-people)?!??? And then take every word of his, every tradition of his, as the unchangeable, enduring, absolute super-truth that can only be ascribed to GOD??? That because he spoke about semen functioning this way endures as “truth” merely because he said it was so, no matter how it’s completely disproved by science – something the Bible NEVER ascribes to a human being as doing without God’s Help.

      They pretend to pray to “allah” but really they’re worshipping Mohammed as their “Supreme and Ideal Man” (and then by extension adulate themselves as his followers) – it’s as if all the innate capacity for reason, love, mercy and the rest are DESTROYED FROM EARLIEST CHILDHOOD, even infancy, by this SATANICALLY EVIL SYSTEM…

      Not for nothing that I hate Islam and everything to do with it as well as everything that comes from it…

    • Dragon: These are muslims. They are not interested in how their semen gets into ANYTHING. Just so it gets out of them. Muslims act, breathe, think, and live with their weenies ruling everything.

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