Turkish Muslim aims gun at the head of a Bulgarian-Turkish Muslim politician during his speech

A Muslim man climbed onto the stage and pointed a pistol at the head of Ahmed Dogan, a leading Bulgarian-Turkish Muslim politician, in front of a stunned party conference. Opponents have already accused Dogan of ‘staging’ the incident to garner political support, and swing the outcome of the party election in favor of his handpicked successor.

An unidentified man (R) approaches Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria's Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) party, as he delivers his speech during his party's annual conference at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia January 19, 2013

An unidentified man (R) approaches Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgaria’s Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) party, as he delivers his speech during his party’s annual conference at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia January 19, 2013

RT (h/t Pavel P)  Ahmed Dogan, the leader of the Turkish minority MRF party, known as the kingmaker of Bulgarian politics, was delivering an emotional speech in which he was about to announce that he was stepping down as chief of the party he founded in 1990.

Local video footage then shows a tall, heavily-built man wearing a laminated badge, later named as Oktai Enimehmedov, running into view, before holding the pistol an inch away from Dogan’s face. Dogan flinches, Enimehmedov does not fire a round, and the politician rapidly regains his composure and pushes away the assailant’s hand. Security personnel then run onto the stage, and overwhelm the failed assassin. What follow are unedifying scenes of a swarm of furious politicians repeatedly kicking and punching Enimehmedov on the ground as blood streams from his head.

Unidentified man (R) attacks Ahmed Dogan

Unidentified man (R) attacks Ahmed Dogan

It is not clear if Enimehmedov planned to shoot, as he appeared to have sufficient time to pull the trigger before Dogan even noticed him, although it is also possible that his gun jammed at the key moment.

“Such an act is unacceptable in a democratic country. In the name of all Bulgarians, I want to convey the outrage caused by this act of violence,” said President Rossen Plevneliev, who urged the authorities to investigate who, if anyone, was behind the attack.

25-year-old Enimehmedov, an ethnic Turk who has previous assault and drugs convictions, was also found to have been carrying a knife. What seemed to be his conference pass was actually obtained at a previous party event.

Bulgarian security officers escort a bloodied 25 year old man after he attacked Ahmed Dogan

Bulgarian security officers escort a bloodied 25 year old man after he attacked Ahmed Dogan

Security appears to have been lax at the conference. There were no metal detectors at the door, and the National Protection Service, an official corps of top bodyguards that accompanies all leading politicians, reacted slowly.

Although his Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is a moderate liberal party, Dogan himself is a polarizing figure. A dissident who went to jail in Communist times for protecting the rights of Turks who refused to abandon their identity during the forced policy of Bulgarization, he was later outed as a police informer, who co-operated with the secret service for more than a decade.

A successful leader, who led the party to a record result of 14 percent in the last election, Dogan has also been accused of being intolerant of dissent within his party, and of using his position to secure lucrative “consulting” fees from large corporations.

His political opponents say he has divided Bulgarian politics along ethnic lines, and has used the party as his personal plaything, joining two ideologically different governments as a minority coalition partner since the turn of the millennium.


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  4. Ahmed Dogan is known to have collaborated with the Bulgarian Communist Regime when it was in power, it would not be surprising that he has many enemies, including those belonging to his own ethnic group.

  5. The gun didn’t jam, he forgot to rack it. This is what happens when you don’t know shit about handguns. Always in the HOT position for me.

  6. I think the event was staged. According to the latest information released by the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, Oktai used a gas pistol with cartrages that didn’t have bullets, so it was very unlikely that Dogan could’ve been killed.

    I hope you paid attention to the way that guy was treated – the people who kicked him are high officials from the Turkish party. It looks like this is the natural Muslim way. I am sure that the governmet is not going to charge them (in the name of preserving the “ethnic peace”).

    Dogan is a shady character. I knew him when he was a reasearch associate in the Academy of Sciences. He got involved in some Turkish “resistance project” (after the Communist party changed the names of the Turks in Bulgaria) and spent about an year in jail. It turned out that the organization was a sham and he was a collaborator of the secret services (just like many other “dissidents” in Bulgaria). Unlike Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the communists in Bulgaria managed to preserve their power.

    He uses his party as a front, behind which he operates many companies. There was a scandal a few years ago – Dogan received 1.5 million Euro consulting fee from a company building a hydroelectric power plant in a Turkish area. He has a Ph.D. degree in philosophy and no qualifications whatsoever in power plant technology.

    The disturbing part of that circus is that it probably aims at creating more confrontation between the Turks and the Bulgarians. As a percentage, Bulgaria has the largest Muslim minority of all EU members. There are about 800,000 of them – most are Turkish-speaking and a few hundred thousands are Muslim Bulgarians forcefully converted by the Turks centuries ago (the father of Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife, was one of them). Additionally, there are about 300,000 Bulgarian Turks living in Turkey, who retained their Bulgarian citizenship. They left the country after the name change.

    That makes Bulgaria a potential powder keg. Traditionally the Bulgarian Muslims have been involved in agriculture, mostly tobacco growing, which fell out of favour when the country joined EU. Even under communism, when there was something like an affirmative action for them, not many were interested in higher education. Now things are even worse and swindlers like Dogan thrive among them usng their ignorance.

    The worse thing is that several consecutive governments have paid very little attention to the Turks. As a result, Saudi foundations have operated for years without any restraint – they have built hundreds of new mosques and madrassas. In many villages Turkish children don’t speak Bulgarian at all (even though it is the official language).

    My prediction is that sooner or later those people will be used by the Islamic forces. Last year’s terrorist act against th Israeli tourists in Burgas was just the beginning.

  7. When I saw it on T.V., I thought it made no sense. It seemed as if it were timed and a big guy like that being subdued by a few weaklings. Plus, they say the gun jammed… the whole thing is a set-up.

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