Will they be serving pork ribs at this interfaith barbecue in Texas?

move-over-jesusOh, I guess not. Those attending will be served beef slaughtered according to Islamic rules. And once again, Islamic supremacism reigns supreme over the Christian dhimmis who think they can make friends with people whose religion calls for unbelievers to be converted or slaughtered brutally, like the halal beef they will be forced to eat at this barbecue.

Star Telegram Hoping to nurture good will between two major faiths, Christians and Muslims will mingle Sunday at a Texas barbecue at a Keller church.

The Rev. Bob Roberts, pastor of the 3,000-member NorthWood Church, said the gathering is intended to create friendships and recruit Muslims and Christians who will work together on a series of community projects.


“We’ve got a big Muslim issue in America,” Roberts said. “There are 2 billion Christians in the world and 1.5 billion Muslims. If we don’t learn how to get along, we are going to have a very sick world.” It’s a follow-up to a similar service at NorthWood — attended by 1,500 Muslims and 1,000 Christians — shortly after the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

That service, labeled “repulsive” by a political activist, was highly emotional. At one point, Roberts told the Muslims, “We love you.” After a standing ovation, a Muslim in the audience stood and replied to Roberts, “We love you too.” (Muslim lie)


At Sunday’s event, Muslims and Christians will sign up to work together on several volunteer projects, including painting and remodeling homes and renovating a Haltom City baseball field. Also, women will take part in cooking clubs, sharing recipes from their different cultures.

Among the speakers will be U.S. Rep. Kay Granger; former South Carolina Gov. David Beasley, director of the Center for Global Strategies in Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Azhar Azeez, vice president of the Islamic Society of North America in Plainfield, Ind.

Azeez said the event is vital to reducing tensions between Muslims and Baptists and other evangelicals. “Muslims have made some progress in relations with different Christian denominations,” he said. “But for years, there’s been a total disconnect between Muslims and evangelicals, particularly Baptists. Some Baptist evangelicals have said some unkind things about Islam and the life of” the prophet Muhammad.


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  1. To eat halal meat is the same as eating the sacrifice to a foreign god.
    Read Psalm 50, it makes clear that God desires no blood sacrifice or magical rites, and those who try to invoke him through magical means are damned.
    Islam is profane.
    It is an old-style magical-propitiary religion.
    It demands blood sacrifice of both animals and humans.
    It demands the mutilation of its adherents and non-adherents.
    It commands war against everything that is not itself.

  2. With evangelicals, there’s always an angle. Maybe it’s money, maybe fear, maybe thinking they can convert some to Christianity, who knows? There’s a big mosque in Keller or (adjacent) Southlake, can’t remember which. I’ve driven by it a couple of times, barf. This area is a nuevo dhimmi area of yuppie types, very few original Texans, mostly out-of-staters in the computer industry, way too much money, mega money churches, self-professed ultra-conservative, ultra-religious types, legends in their own minds. They’re playing a very dangerous game with Muslims, pandering to their own self-righteousness and white guilt. Unbelievable.

  3. Unfortunately Christianity is its own worse enemy, with turn the other cheek. It expects everyone it engages to have the same Christian outlook on life. As we have found out tolerance of an intolerant people results in the demise of the tolerant race.

  4. … and the Shift, the ape, preached of Tashlan .. the pretence that Aslan and Tash were really two different names for the same person.

  5. Every time a member of humanity eats meat that is halal you are eventually paying for the knife that is going to slit your throat. How is this possible. Simple, all companies that want the halal certification of halal slaughter have to pay the Muslim certification body a fee per animal slaughtered. One eight(12.5%) goes to jihad. Think many times before eating any halal food.

  6. Those so-called Christians involved in CHRISLAM are not ‘True Christians’ they are ‘Pretend Christians’ an inferior thinking breed that will eventually become Muslims. We cannot change their idiotic thinking- just list them all as enemies within. Never trust a Muslim and never trust a CHRISLAM ‘Pretend Christian.’

  7. Mainline protestant churches and the Roman Catholic church are practicing “Chaimberlainism”. Appeasement with islamists will never work. Christianity, Judiasm and Secularism are not compatiable with islam.

  8. WTF??????? Nothing gets me cussing like this kind of idiocy!
    What fools. I find it hard to believe this so called pastor reads his bible.
    Bible says, God will join the Jew and Gentile. ( yea I guess muzzies would be considered gentile). But where are the JEWS!!!!! We certainly are NOT to
    become “one” with JEW haters….wrong move!!

  9. Serving beef slaughtered according to islam rules is expressly forbidden in the Bible. We are not to eat meat offered up to idols and other gods. Christians no longer know their own religion and are step by step surrendering to satan via islam. Even this is in the Bible.

  10. I have even less respect for the average Christian than I do for the average Koranimal. At least the Koranimal will fight for what he wants. He will fight when cornered, too. The average Christian quickly bends over and grabs his ankles as fast as he can. How else can you explain what is happening in the West? Are there any Christians with balls left? What good is your theology if you are exterminated and nobody is left to practice it? Ask the Buddhist on this last point.

  11. Well Texicans bring your own pork set up right next to them make em eat their halal beef down wind from your smokey pork ! we know you all can bragg hear you plumb up here in MT ! time to put all that bragin to work , make them god damn muzzies roll their eyes an squeal

  12. Will they also make room for child rapists and sex-slave owners following the example of the “Perfect Man?”


    The Crimes of Mohammed

    What is important to understand is that none of these depraved, criminal acts are crimes to Muslims. They are all holy, divine acts to be emulated by all Muslim men. They are all Sunna [The traditional portion of Muslim law based on Muhammad’s words or acts, accepted (together with the Koran) as authoritative by Muslims].

    • Dhimmi Christians?! What’s not understandable? They are CHINOS ( Christian IN Name Only); the term Christian came about NOT from Christians but from their adversaries, meaning “little Christs or imitators of Christ”, the “Christians”; and they were for REAL in the First Century, decided they liked the name and kept it. Unfortunately, and sadly, a large percentage of those claiming to be “followers of Christ” today, or “Christians”of today are anything but…..oftentimes spineless gutless weinies afraid to stand for something thereby falling for anything that comes along, and whatever the current popular trend is!!…………

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