“A killer who could be King,” says a despicable British reporter about Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan

Give’em Hell, Harry! Prince Harry, serving in his second tour of Afghanistan, tells the media he killed Taliban insurgents on his latest tour…and was happy to do it! (Reporter’s remark at :10 in video)


RadioAustralia  According to the Press Association’s pool report, the 28-year-old British royal said he took enemy fighters “out of the game” during his 20-week posting. “Yea, so lots of people have,” he said when asked if he had killed anyone from working as a gunner inn Apache attack helicopters. “The squadron’s been out here. Everyone’s fired a certain amount.”

Britain’s Prince Harry says he killed Taliban fighters during his stint as a helicopter gunner in Afghanistan. The prince, third in line to the throne, spoke about his role as an Apache co-pilot gunner after completing his five-month tour of duty.


He flew scores of missions in an Apache attack chopper over the restive southern Helmand Province during the 20-week posting.

The 28-year-old said Islamist insurgents were put “out of the game” and described life in Britain’s sprawling Camp Bastion base, where he slept in a tent and a shipping container. Asked by Britain’s Press Association if he had killed from the cockpit, Prince Harry said: “Yeah, so lots of people have.


Harry, known as Captain Wales in the British Army, handled deadly rockets, missiles and a 30mm cannon. He supported allied troops and accompanied British chinook and U.S. Black Hawk helicopters during casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) missions over Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, according to the Press Association.

“Take a life to save a life,” the prince said. “That’s what we revolve around, I suppose.” “If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game, I suppose,” he added. “As soon as we’re outside the fence, we’re in the thick of it. “We fire when we have to… but essentially we’re more of a deterrent than anything else.”


The prince supported allied troops fighting the Taliban at close quarters and accompanied British and US helicopters on missions to evacuate casualties. As co-pilot in the Apache, the prince was in charge of the weapons systems in the two-man cockpit, firing Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, rockets and a 30-millimetre gun.

For 28-year-old Prince Harry, flying Apache helicopters over war-ravaged Afghanistan has been a dream come true. The ‘Go Ugly Early’ call sign is much coveted in the armed forces, and the Prince and his co-pilots proudly wore its badges on their kit.





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  1. ” A killer who could be king” so, whats wrong with this statement. In short, subsitute the word “killer” for defender. substitute the word ” king” for ruler, thats all. Good grief, It just make a defender of his traditions, value, principles, a free man, this work in defending those principles and duty to God, Country and fellow man, you guessed it, fradulent words to do what, headline. True fricken cowardice, and no B I am not accusing you, as I know it was just repeated. These fugn’ commies/libs, damn lets just let words matter shall we even though the meaning has nothing whatsoever to do with the mans devotions, yeah sound about right coming from this demon pocessed bunch.

  2. It is so great to observe a “human” royal, who has actually done something for his country and the world — and done so while associating with real people. Contrast that with scandal after scandal, and with daddy Charles running around mumbling platitudes about global warming. Definitely refreshing!

  3. “Killer”? I guess every soldier who fought Hitler, every civilian who died trying to fight Mao and Stalin, are killers. That reporter just revealed his true feelings about the war against terrorism; what a piece of shite.

  4. Afghanistan has been a slaughterhouse for British soldiers.
    If I were British, I’d be praying EVERY SINGLE DAY for the safe return of all British soldiers, and most particularly for those who are in fact, ethnically English, Welsh, Scottish, Cornish and Irish.

  5. I take my hat off to Prince Harry. I think he will make a magnificent king. How many other people, let alone the Royals like the idea of sending their siblings to fight a war. At the end of the day, that guy is doing a job……. and doing it well. So to the people who start disrespecting Harry……GET STUFFED.

    WTG Harry. keep safe too.

    God save our KING!

      • You’re right, Ms. BNI.

        Now, is William that bad? [It seems he’s at least better by far than his father.]

        Definitely it’s quite apparent that Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, although an independent thinker, however is so muddled-up in his thinking and sufficiently leftist as to be a BAD choice for a king. He would do well to step aside from the succession: he doesn’t even have the popularity or wisdom his ancestor Edward VII (Victoria’s son) had.

        That said, please forgive me but I’m quite uneasy about enough of these royals as to think that they could be more foes than friends of who really should count: the British PEOPLE (as opposed to the élitists)…

  6. Excuse the alliteration, but Harry has a Humble Heart! And NOT for the vermin we know as Taliban and Al-Qaeda, no, more accurately, what we know as Islam and Muslim’s!
    Take them out Harry and take the Throne and show the rest of our Jelly-Bellied politicians and leftist scum that in Great Britain (and the rest of Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia), Islam will be Terminated! Violence is ALL they know and understand! We have weapons and technologies that they only hear of in their dreams, coz no Muslim can create anything without the help from the West or the East (Russie / China East, not the “Middle East”).
    Bless you young Harry showing the Spine that is missing from the British “Parliament”!

  7. I think the news reporter was just trying to be dramatic for effect – he really didn’t consider the Prince a “killer” in the pejorative sense, but just as a total contrast to his possible future role! After that one introductory remark, the rest of the story was respectful and informative.

    I’ll bet he’s a bigger heartthrob in the UK than was his older brother before he got engaged to Kate Middleton! I know Americans would love to see more of him – maybe he can find a way to visit the Air Force Academy – what a great role model for ALL the young cadets!

    • I second that….and encourage him to eliminate a thousand more. Nothing puts a smile on my face like dead jihadists! (well, other than drawing the perverted prophet as a pig and wearing a Israel flag tee while walking my dog by mosques…one day I will make the news!!!).

      Enjoy your leave Harry, you earned it. Once well rested, please feel free to take out the Muslims calling for the death of UK soldiers, we won’t mind.

  8. Give ’em Hell Harry! You do us all proud! I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, he can take on fuel at my FARP* anytime. I’ve got plenty of experience fueling AH-64’s, both hot or cold and it would be an honor to fuel his bird!

    (* FARP means, Forward Arming and Refueling Point.)

    92Foxtrot “Gas Passers!”

    • Randy, did that reporter’s remark bother you? Maybe I heard it the wrong way, but it sounded very demeaning to Harry. Yes, he is killing Taliban, but I wouldn’t call him a killer, but rather a hero and a patriot.

      • Agree BNI he is a hero and not a killer. Whose gives a rat anus what some pickled dipshit Leftard journolist thinks of Harry.
        Go Harry!! I wonder what his Dhimmi father had to say abour Harrys outstanding achievement.

      • Lets just say I have heard so much left-wing, stupid crap from journalists for so long that they hardly faze me anymore. I expect craven stupidity from them as well as an agenda. Sometimes I don’t feel like acknowleging their relavance towards anything, let alone their
        intelligence. Except for their tendancy to cause irreparable harm, I choose to ignore them from time to time.

        You didn’t hear it wrong, this reporter was very demeaning to Harry. A typical clueless, left-wing twit who cannot comprehend the difference between being a killer, and being a common murderer. Killer is a neutral term. Many of the good guys are killers, precisely because they kill the bad guys, the murderers.

        Here is a helpful analogy, Wolves are killers, they kill sheep. Sheep dogs are killers too, but they kill the wolves in order to protect the sheep. (I don’t mean to imply that wolves are murderers. They only kill to survive, but you get my point.)

        ‘Long Live Harry!’ Indeed a hero!

        • Randy, I’m glad you agree that the intent of the reporter was less than flattering. Sometimes when a leftist asks Mr BNI what he does, he says he’s a “trained killer” (They usually don’t hang around long enough to find out he was referring to his Marine training) LOL

      • I would call Harry a warrior NOT a killer; the Taliban asslifters ARE KILLERS, and need to be blown off Planet Earth, the sooner the better!!….And we here in Mid-America are “wild about Harry”and HELL YES;” GIVE ‘EM HELL HARRY”!!….And expedite them there!!….AND the reporter’s arrogant snarky elitist remark DID bother me!!….Oh, I believe I left out dhimmi, but THAT term would likely apply to THAT reporter as well!!……….

        • 100% agreement here!!

          Usually, when one uses the term “killer” (in my VERY limited experience), the connotation to me is “assassin”: i.e., somebody who kills for money (and thus a living). A soldier, much as that’s required enough times in wartime, is much more than that…

          [Meanwhile, Ms. BNI: my apologies for yesterday. Sometimes I don’t know when or where to stop – that’s what mental troubles have frequently meant at this end… Not seeking pity or sympathy, it’s just the evil way it is!]

  9. Harry gives credit to the royals and to all of us. Well done Harry. Give em hell and ‘God ugly early’. That is all that the muslim savages understand.

  10. An intelligent and good young man and brave soldier. He’s a good role model for young people. Giving all you have to defend your country is a high calling.

    The Taliban also believe they are serving Allah who hates people and wishes to enslave them.

    We are fighting the Taliban militarily because our countries have not tried to fight them IDEOLOGICALLY.

    Ideological warfare has been left to private citizens like. IT SHOULD BE DONE BY ALL WESTERN ESPIONAGE SERVICES.

    Islam delenda est.

  11. As if royalty hasn’t been killing its enemies over ENTIRE MILLENNIA?!??? [England, Scotland, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and so many, many others!!!]

    This is truly so patently ludicrous as to deserve the “reporter”‘s being personally ridiculed…

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