ALGERIA: Muslim terrorists say: “We’ve Come In the Name of Islam, To Teach the Americans What Islam Is”

This is the real Jihad, ISLAMIC Jihad, despite what the stealth jihadists of CAIR keep trying to tell you.


NY Times  Algerian TV showed photographs purported to be of a number of hostages who were killed after Algerian military gunships destroyed a number of vehicles they were being transported in by their hostage takers during the hostage crisis at the natural gas plant in In Amenas, Algeria. 


Officially, Algerian authorities have claimed that 107 foreigners and 680 Algerians survived, while 23 hostages and 32 hostage-takers from an Al-Qaeda linked militant group were reported killed. However, a number of foreign nationals including British and Japanese citizens remain unaccounted for. 



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The four-day hostage crisis in the Sahara reached a bloody conclusion on Saturday as the Algerian Army carried out a final assault on the gas field taken over by Islamist militants, killing most of the remaining kidnappers and raising the total of hostages killed to at least 23, Algerian officials said.

Although the government declared an end to the militants’ siege, the authorities believed that a handful of jihadists were most likely hiding somewhere in the sprawling complex and said that troops were hunting for them.


What little information trickled out was as harrowing as what had come in the days before, when some hostages who had managed to escape told of workers being forced to wear explosives. They also said that there were several summary executions and that some workers had died in the military’s initial rescue attempt.

On Saturday, Algerian officials reported that some bodies found by troops who rushed into the industrial complex were charred beyond recognition, making it difficult to distinguish between the captors and the captured. Two were assumed to be workers because they were handcuffed.


Whatever the goal, the message of the militant takeover of the gas complex, in a country that has perhaps the world’s toughest record for dealing with terrorists, seemed clear, at least to Algerian officials: the Islamist ministate in northern Mali, now under assault by French and Malian forces, has given a new boost to transnational terrorism. The brigade of some 32 Islamists that took the plant was multinational, Algerian officials said — with only three Algerians in the group.

A Mali-based Algerian jihadist with ties to Al Qaeda, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, has claimed responsibility through spokesmen — and is blamed by the Algerians — for masterminding the raid.

Al-Qaida in North Africa


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  1. to teach to america what islam is? oh that’s rich, as if we don’t already know how to dispense of evil and its intentions, really are they that stoooooopid, please don’t answer that, we know already the answer to that one, don’t we. Stupid does as stupid goes, and then they run straight into a person with an evil looking semi-auto to teach them the difference, will these dogs of satan ever learn? Only time will tell.

    Semper Fi.

  2. What do they want to teach us about mohommedism, the religious Cult of Demonic, Satanic, anti-GOD, masochistic, sadistic unintelligent idiots and morons that follow a call to prayer like the dogs they are, just as the dogs of Pavlov responded to having bells rung just before being feed? Or how to cut off the head of the Kafia’s?

  3. it’s obama’s play ground he pick’s his play mates and set’s the rules an provides equipment for the deadly game ! watch and wait soon it will come time to holler Bingo we got the culprit

  4. Moslems are at war with the world.

    They are at war because ALLAH told them to conquer disbelievers, not because Mozzies have a GRIEVANCE. Our dopey Western politicians have to see that.

    Islam is a PREDATORY DEATH CULT for braindead, hypnotized killers.

    Islam is about the joy of killing, of breaking the rules, of showing THEM we can get them.

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    Moslems of the first 200 years of Islam only understood jihad as KILLING.

  5. I think we must renew and purge Western World! We must change and replace the advisors of the Presidents! We need people with faith/world-view and our core belief! Otherwise Mohammedanism will take over all!

  6. This makes me boil with rage reading this.

    I say that once any remaining hostages are saved, lets introduce this band of marauding pirates to a little bit of napalm, since they’re so infatuated with sending others to meet a blazing end.

  7. If this barbarism is not stopped, will there be any non-Muslim children who have not been gang-raped by God-hater Muslim monsters? The entire nation of Britain must take to the streets in protest!

    Ruling elites and police are supposed to protect their citizens!

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