Guess who’s been scamming Barack Hussein Obama’s enhanced food stamp program?


OHIO: Muslim sentenced to ONLY one year for $3.8 million in food stamp fraud. One more reason NEVER to patronize convenience stores owned by Muslims.

DDN via RRW (h/t annie f)  A federal judge on Thursday sentenced Al-Idu Al-Gaheem to one year and one day in prison for his role in a scheme that bilked $3.8 million from the federal food stamp program.

Al-Idu Al-Gaheem

Imam Al-Idu Al-Gaheem

Al-Gaheem, the former owner of two Dayton View businesses and the imam of Masjid At-Taqwa mosque, was the second of four defendants to be sentenced in the case. All four defendants have pleaded guilty.

Al-Gaheem faced as many as four years in prison after he pleaded guilty in August to felony charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, food stamp trafficking and structuring transactions to avoid reporting requirements.

Al-Gaheem, who previously was named Lawrence Phillips, was the owner of Five Pillars Market, 1263 W. Riverview Ave., and Riverview Cell & Cup of Dreams, 512 N. Broadway St. Al-Gaheem worked and conspired with Abdul Yamini Sr., Abdul Qadir and Omar Yahya to defraud the food-assistance program. The men illegally paid customers 50 cents in cash for every $1 in food stamp benefits they redeemed.

Undercover law enforcement agents caught the defendants illegally trading cash for food stamp benefits and buying and selling products that are ineligible through the program, such as counterfeit clothing and firearms.


Authorities estimate that more than 1,000 transactions took place at Five Pillars Market that involved the illegal exchange of food benefits. The federal government deposited about $3.8 million into bank accounts controlled by Al-Gaheem and others as reimbursement for food benefits redeemed at Five Pillars.

Keller urged Judge Timothy S. Black to give Al-Gaheem the maximum prison sentence to deter him from breaking the law in the future and also to send a message that this criminal activity will not be tolerated. (But he didn’t) Al-Gaheem’s attorney James Fleisher argued that justice would best be served by placing his client on probation or house arrest, because Al-Gaheem is an important part of his community and some family members depend on him for caregiving and financial support.







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  1. The muslime store owner, Ol’ Weird Beard probably figures the infidels of NYC owe him that money he cheats the food stamp program out of as jizya, after all, it is only right that he steal from the infidels, the Qur’an and his Perv Prophet sanction such actions! So, who cares what the infidels have to say about it!?……He has family and fellow muslimes who depend on him and his services?! Send them ALL to one of 57 Islamic Sh– holes on the OTHER SIDE of the world!

  2. I propose a new law! Any mohommedist found guilty of breaking a law, from traffic to felony, gets an automatic death penalty within 15 minutes of being found guilty.

  3. Jim, never ever trade with Muslims. I would travel 200 ks or more to non-Muslim stores; only weaklings and greedy traitors trade with Muslims. We Australians are used to driving distances of 800 miles in one day. The Old Adage is true… “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

  4. There is no shame in islam when the d’himmis pay jizah. That shows that allah is superior and that infidels must pay to the superior muslims and as such there is no shame or honor violated. This is truly an evil cult where they even rob from their own muslim demons. There will be no repentence from the muslim scum. I hope that there will be some news that there was a fine and an order to pay back the stolen money. Not bad pay to make 3.8 million dollars after serving only one year. The judge should be ashamed and fired. I hope this type of news goes viral.

  5. Only one year in jail? Nothing about this America-hater paying ANY of the money back?

    This is sharia law. One law for highly FAVORED Muslims, and another law for despised non-Muslims.

  6. They actually gave him a year? I’m surprised. A black muslim? One would think Obama would have made him a czar in some government division. Maybe have him act as assistant attorney general. He’d be right in step with Holder.

  7. this kind of practice is nothing new. food stamp fraud has been going on for years.he did get a light sentence though and should have been deported

  8. And he has to pay it back, right? Well, right?
    And he’s embarrassed and sorry, right? The story doesn’t say, but I would be hiding my face at this point. Where is the shame in the honor/shame culture when it is really called for? Or did the infidels make him do it?

    • The jews set him up. It was all a mossad plot to ruin the lives of the poor innocent, never violent muslims who are just trying to make a living. Not only does this persecuted man need to support his family, he was probably also financially helping out some poor, starving palestinians in gaza, who will now whither away to skin and bones without him.

      (Sarc Off)

  9. The Son of a Pig shoulda thought of that before he went bad~!
    “Al-Gaheem’s attorney James Fleisher argued that justice would best be served by placing his client on probation or house arrest, because Al-Gaheem is an important part of his community and some family members depend on him for caregiving and financial support.” BOO FRIGGIN HOO ! ! And the judge should be right there in the cell with him ~!

  10. an eye for an eye , tooth for tooth , one hand an one foot in payment , throw in his left nut as interst , that law i believe in for greedy muslims ! their rules not ours hold them to it

  11. I would love to boycott Muslim owned stores, but here in New York City, that would mean going to a supermarket for every item. But I do often wonder how many of them are fronting for Islamist terrorists–including CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood!

      • Perhaps you could ask Jim for his (rough) geographical area (privately) and then give him a list (if you have one) of such stores. My suspicion is that the Moslem population of New York City – and naturally you’ll know the city FAR BETTER than I ever will!!! – is not evenly distributed, any more than that of Toronto or Montréal. [Certainly yours truly knows which parts of Toronto are somewhat more dangerous than others, though his well of knowledge is now over 20 years stale…]

        I humbly apologise if this offends you in any way – it’s just a suggestion.

        • Hopefully none (ideally) – it just was a suggestion that, better yet, “Jim” could approach you privately.

          Meanwhile the Moslem name-list is approaching a full 24 pages. [Heaven Knows that it likely will swell double or treble that amount, given that it’s taking names from Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East and enough else – though fortunately no Western names (that’s how we know who’s likely a “convert”)…]

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