Has your young daughter’s Muslim friend been genitally mutilated yet?

If you live in the UK, she probably has. Female circumcision is illegal, so Muslims fly in clit-cutters from foreign countries and hold ‘batch cuttings.’ None of the illegal cutters have ever been prosecuted.



19 comments on “Has your young daughter’s Muslim friend been genitally mutilated yet?

  1. Yeah , I saw that shit happening in france and people think is cultural , and because of the multiculturalism agenda people can’t speak or do not a thing well I guess every country suffering from thir muslim infiltration have what we deserve we should know better from history .

  2. The suicide rate after this practice must be sky high! So violated by those that are supposed to love you and protect you. Sick in the head!

  3. Just my 2 cents of what I have learned: this is not Islam wide but mainly done by the Shifi’ites in Africa and Indonesia. My Ex Muslim friends say that this is not common in the Arab countries… and remember, Egypt is Africa… Great movie on this is Desert Flower.

    • KK, Mubarak made FGM illegal but one of the first things Morsi did was reverse that. It’s widespread in Pakistan. I haven’t researched the rate in Arab countries, but will. In any case, more than 90% of the cuttings are in Muslim families.

  4. Muslim men do not know what to do with a clitoris so they cut it off. How deplorable this inhumane (to put it lightly) practice has been swept under the rug. Denial and appeasement leads to slavery to the most evil ideology masquerading as a religion the world has ever seen. This practice will be spread to infidel children…by then nobody will be free to object.

  5. If non-Muslims did this to their girl, they’d be prosecuted for child abuse. The double standard lives in English law where Muslims are concerned.

  6. We need laws where if a doctor, during examinations or during the birthing process sees the female mutilation that it must by law be reported or the doctor loses their license to practice. Any female born in England and found to be mutilated means that it was done in England or during a trip to one of the muslim hell holes. The parents must be prosecuted for sexual assault. This atrocity can be stopped if the laws are severe such 10 years in jail and then after the jail time, immediate deportation of the girls parents and so on.

  7. This always comes back to the same thing. The power to accomplish this total resignation to the Satanic rule of mohommedism can only come from a well oiled machine, with more unlimited money than a normal person can imagine. The FED just makes more with electronics. We have no idea of how much money they have put into the world system. No Audit of any kind has ever been made public. We are at its mercy, This Whore of annihilation.

  8. As I’ve said many times previously, there is no sexual enjoyment for a muslim females which explains why they agree with the multiple wives for their husbands.

  9. Muslim’s obsession with virginity and conrol of women is pathalogical. What is most sick is the mothers participate in doing this to their daughters and many are educated women. What is more stunning is most OBGYN’s in the Arab world are women and do you see these doctors speaking out against this barbaric practise.

  10. My heart just fell when I saw that child screaming! I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these traveling mutilators were men! I put nothing past the evil sub humans that are called muslims!

    • What’s the difference if they are men or toothless crones. The result is the same and lasts for a lifetime and as far as I know, is irreversable. When caught, both the slicer and the father should be subjected to the same treatment. I’ll volunteer to either do it or to hold the rope around their neck while it it done.

    • Big Mo probably agreed with this practice. But he didn’t have it done to his wives. Probably he just tore theirs out when they were babys.
      Sorry for the gruesome content, but nothing is more gruesome than a muslim. Unless it’s a muslim pedophile. (redundancy ?)

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