MyJIHAD! UK Muslim Welfare Queens scream for jihad against French ‘terrorists’ attacking al-Qaeda in Mali

Living off the government dole, Muslim parasites pass the time calling for jihad against non sharia-compliant Islamic nations, and threatening that sharia is inevitable for Paris, Brussels, London, until the whole world bows down to the Paedophile Prophet of Islam.


26 comments on “MyJIHAD! UK Muslim Welfare Queens scream for jihad against French ‘terrorists’ attacking al-Qaeda in Mali

  1. bobby, I like your ‘Positive Thinking’ but don’t underestimate the vicious aggressiveness of ‘Jihad Muslims.’ Islam has a 1400 year history that started with the conquest of Mecca and now has taken control of 55 countries at different levels of conquest. The Islamic noose is expanding and the Western World driven by the USA involvement in trade, donations and war has opened the gates allowing Islam to expand its territory into the West. Several ex-Muslim whistleblowers since 2005 have accurately identified the ‘Clear and Present Danger’ that now exists for the West. The threat is not going to go away; Most politicians with exceptions refuse to stand up against Islam. And the majority of people in the West have not developed a sense of rage yet to rise up in revolution. Only a minority are truly opposing Islam head-on. The logistics claiming the majority reject Islam may be true; but whinging and acting are two different things. To defeat Islam we need to smash the credibility of Muhammad and destroy the confidence of Muslims in their promised paradise as taught by Muhammad. That means we must fight three times more ruthlessly than Muslims and must be better organised. So far I have not seen any evidence of underground ‘Civil War’ resistance groups in Europe now launching counter Jihad combat. All of the resistance has been campaign talks and demonstrations only; meanwhile Jihad Muslim tactics are increasing and expanding. We in opposition against Islam are still weakly organised because the majority that dislike Islam have refused to get involved in the frontline resistance movement. One Question: Where did you get your logistics from? And it should be noted that ‘Atheism’ is not a religion, it is a ‘Belief System’ Philosophy.

  2. Simply these people talk of a dream that will never happen. If they were that powerful they all would have stormed the embassy not make shallow threats then back track saying make of it what you will. Choudry was always an out cast always trying to be like the English but was simply unpopular due to his lack of personality as was brooks he was then brainwashed and has made him self a leader of insects. If these nations of islam were so powerful then why were they taken over by Europes empires why did the ottomans loose out to the europeans. They will never have large army’s or air forces or anything like that Palastine is run by terrorist organisation but the most they can do is fire a few rockets and pretend to the Liberals they are innocent and the liberals believe it. Don’t worry people there are far more dangerous white people in the uk and across Europe and with the rise of the Golden dawn that will spread as quick as this mob of monkeys then you fight fire with fire and as always we will win. Islam has 10 million fewer people in the uk than atheists which is now the second biggest religion in the uk the religion of abraham and kane and able and mosses just didn’t exist. Christianity is 1st with 40 million people islam has five million people. They are no different than the bolshavitz and communists over a hundred years ago but at least they would do violent acts and have some muscle

  3. Friends, Defend the Faith of Freedom against Islam. This video tables the final proof that Islam has declared World War III against the entire ‘Unbeliever World.’ This WWIII actually started in Iran 1979 and was planned by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. But dopey politicians and journalists walk around in fantasy land refusing to recognise the true evil nature of Islam. Anyone that accepts and tolerates Islam is enemy; this fight shall divide families, brother will fight brother, fathers and sons will often end up on opposite sides. Husbands and wives shall experience conflict. We are now at war with Islam because Islam is at war with us as instructed by the Qur’an. It is now a necessity that underground resistance groups are organised around the globe in every country as trained sleepers; everyone must start training for war. Don’t rely on politicians to shutdown Islam most of them are cowards and traitors; remember it was the pollies that opened the gates and allowed Muslims to march in. Tragically thanks to the cowardly treachery of politicians the first global civil war shall be fought; 25% of the world’s population shall perish during a bloody 13 year holocaust war. I forecast this war recorded in 1984. And now I table the final prophesy…if Governments do not close down Islam in every Western Country by end of 2023 C.E. Civil War shall be simultaneously launched in every country of every Western Nation against Islam; and the first casualties will be every politician that chose to accept and tolerate Islam, including those that have retired. This vision I saw in a dream in 1984, a dream that terrified me and forced me to wake up; lest I perish in the nightmare. The Prophesy of what I saw has been tabled. Print it out and watch what happens.

  4. Geert Wilders in Malmö
    “Brussels where Islamic gangs with Kalashnikovs have chased the police from certain neighborhoods.”

    Muslims are obeying the Quran to wage war. Our treasonous Western ruling elites imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us. Instead of responding to the Islamic jihad waged daily against non-Muslims inside our countries, and have our military go into every no-go Muslim area and deport the jihadist Muslims, Muslims are allowed to continue their war against us.

    Muslim immigration is continually increased by Western ruling elites to facilitate greater war against non-Muslim innocents.

    In all of history, there was never such a betrayal by nations’ leaders.

  5. Muslim immigrant-colonizers in the UK: Hands off OUR non-Muslim lands! Given to innocent humanity by our precious God! Take your anti-God jihad and go back to your Muslim countries – God’s Law is eternal and applies to everyone: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER.

    In Mali, Muslims kidnapped innocents. Breaking God’s eternal law which applies to everyone:

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 “He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.”

    Non-Muslims REJECT the cruel and violent idol – ‘Power and Control’! Islam will NOT rule! The HOLY ONE, Our Glorious, Awesome, Magnificent Creator will rule!

  6. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on every government, at every level that does not kick these sons of bitch*s out of their countries, en masse.
    I would not be so kind as to deport. There would be no welfare rolls as they would suffer the death penalty for this ranting, public or otherwise. Every male, every female would suffer it, swift and sure, for any and all behaviors that threatened the peace of the citizenry.
    It would send a powerful message to any and all moslems that were even thinking to take up residence in a western country.

    These people are evil. PERFECTLY, PURE EVIL.
    The politicians are at fault.
    They will pay a heavy price for their purposeful leading into captivity the entire civilized world to an evil ideology.

    • the toll will be a longer Dark Age millions dead disease rampant and the whole world a huge toilet bowl. satan will rule for a thousand years. perhaps longer

  7. Vive la France!
    Long live Algeria also. They are fighting terrorism as any person would fight cancer.
    They understand that innocents must die for the world to remain free.

  8. Send these arseholes to Mali and see how they like it. Anyone that does shit like this needs to be arrested and thrown in jail..Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  9. The trouble is, the general public in Britain do NOT take these nut cases seriously’
    they are evil and they are a threat. They are getting elected to Municiple and National Government positions. They are getting well established.

  10. Don’t laugh. They mean it. They really mean it. They are seething with rage.

    Islam is hypnosis. It’s psychiatric. It’s Stockholm syndrome.

    They are all ‘Manchurian candidates’…braindead, killer zombies.

  11. Hope that every one real understnad what means this!!!!!!…………we are already in war, again one more time will be kill and be killed to keep and still have our freedom. Second world war was against Hitler’s fascist army, now we have to fight agaim against another fascist, the islamofascists the soldiers of Allah. ….!!!!!

  12. Well, let’s hope British free speech is complemented by intelligence gathering information in the midst of these jihadists. Today is Martin Luther King Day and in the spirit of that great man who inspired a generation against bigotry, I have a dream that the Nazi-like exhortations of what appear to be union-organized Muslims fall on deaf ears and die away like the leaves that fall from the trees. I said, I have a dream …

  13. Damn I wish they’d shut the hell up already and “bring it”, getting real tired of the threats and NO action from these pussiespunk bachi mutts calling themselves honorable mice. I was told as a youngster once, ” son, don’t let that alligator mouth of yours overload that hummingbird ass” Pass it on bachi boys. You’ll be shown, once agains men stand and fight, bachi boys hide and cover themselves behind their barracks, known as mosques, their old weak and feeble, woman, and young as as a matter of routine, they have to because basically they are all cowards of the first order. Any allah/satan follower is a worthy targetopponent worth the efforts to elliminate with extreme prejudice.

    Going GALT, starve this beast, aka, obama’s bin lyn regime.

  14. i feel totally ashamed that this is going on in our streets, when are the dunces of downing street going to wake up it may be to late , many innocent people are going to die, Lord help us in our fight against the the evils of islam, for our leaders are blind

  15. So what are we going to do look what the govenment did and do to the EDL?
    They have us trapped by the majority doing noting only moan about it. I know lots on the these sites do want to do something that will be effectual but what? I really do know that they do mean this and they will rise up and declare war on us at some point it is a matter of time and numbers and they are growing hourly. Many more from the EU countries will come. DEC 2013 ROMANIA, BULGARIA, AND RUSSIANS BUYING ROMANIA PASSPORT. 29 MILLION ARE ALLOWED TO COME HERE.

    Just look at this to see how many are there and how many can come it is breath taking. So if the TORYS DO NOT COME OUT OF THE EUBEFORE THEN WE ARE REALLY DONE FOR A LOT QUICKER. :-((

    • WH, that chart, as least as far as the US goes is very wrong. It says there are over 9 million muslims in the US when it is showing total population to be 266 million. Today our population is over 300 million and in 2010, the US Census put the muslim population at 2.6 million. No doubt it has probably doubled by now thanks to the muz-in-chief, but it’s nowhere near 9 million. As these numbers come from an Islamic website, it is BS.

  16. Yes, they are exemplars of living shit. They are deracinated Zombies. You may think that they are risible clowns, but most of the lunacy they are shouting flows directly from Islam’s canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence.

    Their threats of conquest and domination & extortion are as real as their beards.
    The domains of Dar ul-Harb must expel and exclude all Muslims. If Islam is not eradicated, the world will never know peace and security.

    • Note at 3:00 and 5:30, the promises of world domination.
      Is anyone in dar al-Harb listening? Doing anything?

      Just because these are a bunch of dick-heads, lead by Andy ‘Sot’ Choudary, doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Think of them as The Tip of The Spear.
      The whole head of the spear, are the world’s islamists, the fighting arm of CAIR’s moslem brotherhood, as so indicted. The shaft of the spear is the umma, every single misbegotten mohammedan on this planet.

      Listen for a fatwa against this womanizing prick and his followers:


      BTW, no one in that rabble of what, 15-20 wannabees appears to understand French, judging by the blank looks on their faces and lack of responses, until M. Grenouille got Tak Beer.


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