‘Dhimmi’ British MP calls for anti-Muslim sentiment to be classified as a hate crime

Chair of the Home Affairs select committee, Keith Vaz MP, (not a Muslim. but a notorious kisser of Muslim ass) has introduced a motion urging police forces to record ‘Islamophobia’ (justifiable fear/loathing of Muslims) as a category of hate crime.

purc662f74e789f9299-viSeveral years ago, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester calling for Salman Rushdie’s book The Satanic Verses to be banned. He also believes that people like Geert Wilders should be permanently banned from entering England (see video below).

iengage  (h/t Janice C) EDM 945 states: 

“That this House notes the recognition of anti-Muslim sentiment and hate crime in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s document Creating the Conditions for Integration; further notes that the document acknowledges the limited collection of data on anti-Muslim hate crime; recognizes that currently only the Metropolitan Police Service specifically records this hate crime under the definition Islamophobia as a specific crime flag, similar to anti-Semitism, racism and others, whereas the recording of this crime outside of London is under different recording flags in different constabularies; and believes that all police constabularies should record this hate crime under the same flag, which will bring national uniformity in the recording of this crime and enable authorities to gather data that will aid in tackling this issue.”


In the UK ‘Asian’ = ‘Muslim’

Recording Islamophobia as a category of hate crime was one of the key pledges we sought from Police and Crime Commissioners in our PCC manifesto last November.  It is vital for official statistics to reflect the full extent of anti-Muslim hate crimes in the UK so that police forces can allocate appropriate resources to tackle the issue.

Please write to your MP and encourage discourage him/her to sign the early day motion on Recording of Islamophobia as a Crime. Contact details can be found here.