UK: Four Muslim men wielding axe and screwdriver attack British man in Luton for no reason

A man was attacked with an axe and a screwdriver in broad daylight in Lygetun Drive. The 39 year old was walking at about 3pm on January 11 when a silver car pulled up close to him and four Muslims jumped out.

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Luton Today  (h/t Elizabeth H) One man started punching him in the face. Then, three other men then got out of the vehicle and joined in the assault, hitting the victim in the face with a screwdriver and on the leg with an axe. All four offenders are described as Asian Muslim (likely Pakis) men, between 25 and 30 years of age and all got out of a silver four-door Honda car, possibly a Civic or Accord.

Detective Con Martin Hart said: “The victim attended hospital for treatment and is now recovering at home. “I believe there was a lady in Lygeton Drive at the time of the assault and I would appeal to her or anyone else who has information about this assault to contact the police, in confidence.”


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  1. At the end of the day if they really think that then why live in our country thousands of brave men andwomen have given there lives for this country so we can all be free. If they feel like this go back to whatever hell hole there familys come from

  2. For anyone doubting the accuracy of the quotes from the Koran and Hadiths please check them here:

    It should be noted that Europeans were disarmed before the politicians brought the Muslim masses. It is a possibility it was planned this way. We should look carefully again at the reason why Britons were disarmed – the Dunblain school massacre – for which reason I am now suspicious that the Sandy Hook slaughter may be for the same reason, i.e. to disarm Americans.

  3. Look out fellow Americans the death cult zombies are flooding our shores and the same BS is on it’s way here. What ugly vile parasitic creatures they are. Deadly as cobra’s all.

  4. What has not been said, or perhaps I missed it, is what a Brave thing to do by this Miss! She handled herself brilliantly and with Grace, like most of us were taught by our parents. We respect others “if and only they respect us”. I think the girl’s heart must have been pounding in anxiety , to do a video amongst these haters. I know mine would have been. I have Deep respect for this woman, to maintain her cool, to stick to message, and to not feel threatened, which she was, by life in hellfire by the devil’s spawn himself- Choudary. No way. Kudos and a Million blessings to this fine woman and her courage!

  5. Perfidious Pakis whose murderous dogma is underwritten by the dogmatic drivel from imaginary Allah.
    To call Pakis Asian is a nauseating suggestion that Hindhus ,Sikhs, and Chinese are of the same ilk.
    What makes me want to throw up is the protection of the seditious shites of Islam afforded them by Marxist politically correct arseholes within the public sector ( including career ambitious police).
    It’s time for honesty and denigratory satire to belittle these death cult members to the point where everyone is free to laugh at them.
    A film called “The life of Mo” with John Cleese as Allah and Rowan Atkinson as Mo would be a very big hit.

  6. This is still in its infancy. We are witnessing how to demoralize a nation and to subjugate it with Sharia law. This is what Mohammed did time and time again. To sit and do nothing is being tepid. What did he say about being Tepid? Something about spitting!

  7. The Muslims here in britain are a protected species,we are sick of their attitude towards us,I’m surprised there aren’t vigilante groups.

    • What do you think I’ve been suggesting? Get off your ass’s and fight , otherwise take your lickins and submit to your new rulers. By the way your so called government are as much your enemy as the muzscum.

      • With all respect John, we are all in the same boat, Europe , the UK and the US. Who is dealing better with the muslim problem ? Not the Muslim President

        • All true, hanna!! For the most part, there’s NO HOPE in dealing with governments, “mainstream-media”, unions, big-business or academe: they’ve ALL been bribed and/or intimidated by the Commies and/or the Moslems (both EVIL!!!)!!!! This is most especially the case in the UK, from what I’ve gathered here and elsewhere – and far too many people still give those traditional sources far too much credit and undeserved respect!!!!

          Vigilante groups, underground networks (using coded messages which THEN are encrypted – and not trusting traditional telephone and telegraph networks) with messengers and word-of-mouth communications, black-market weapons, low-tech transportation sometimes: it seems to be the ONLY hope for the UK, given that all the real weaponry, communication networks, money, &c. are in the élitists’ hands… LOTS of stealth, careful planning and counter-information done on the sly will be VITAL if the coming civil-war is to have any realistic hope for success. Once a solid block of territory has been carved out, then perhaps some more things can be done (assuming that “Her Majesty’s Government” doesn’t go all the way as to nuke her own people).

          Truly, all the nightmares of William Golding and George Orwell have come true, with only the thinnest of veneers disguising things (it won’t take long before the country and the cities {conurbations, short “conurbs”} are isolated from each other…).

  8. Those ninja fucks are one nasty hateful.insidious bunch of ladies all radical terrorist supporting muslamic baby factory bastards if you see one of these pigs pull the cunts rag off, about a year ago two of these bitches walked past myself wnd some friends I kindly asked when they were going back home arrogant bitches turned round and started screaming in.broken english no no no this my home you go to.your home this my country now fucking.bastard bitch is lucky I dint use violence on woman or I woulda knocked that animal back to.the stoneage grrrrrrrrr I hate these fuckinh pig scum

  9. Muslimist and muslamic are copyrite protected by me to.use them folks lol was thinking of words that would get there goats up.and came up with those two gems if the pigs dont want called islamist the call them muslimists or muslamic monkeys :-)

  10. Theres just no escaping these bottom feeding muslamist muslamic monkeys someone just nuke mecca please if the world needs to.end to.put a stop to these filthy muslmic animals then so be it good people will and the muslamics and there abortion loving baby killing leftist pig allies will surelu burn in hell with MooHamHead and his ilah

  11. I understand that lumping all Brits into a group is rude to the minority like The EDL that risk everything. But that is just it, it seems people like you are in the minority and I don’t understand that, so what are all these others, cowards, apothetic? Then I see pictures here where 4 or 5 Brits are holding politically correct signs protesting, the muzzies are laughing at you when they see that. What I’m saying is WHAT are you going to do about it? Carry signs? There has to be a time when you fight for what is right, and I don’t mean asking the courts to change that does nothing.

    • John,in my country(soon to belong to others),our kids are fed on the tit of multicularism PC bollocks,some of us try to stop that.Comer over mate,show us how we have gone wrong??
      Or you could wind your fucking neck in and stop talking bollocks!!

  12. It hasn’t been mentioned; the video is only a part of a doco, the young lady made. From what I remember, she made the doco to get an understanding of islam, and muslims in general, by travelling to a muslim country to get a feel of their culture. I suppose it was in response to the anti-islam fervour in her home country. Other than she was sicken (and couldn’t watch) an animal halal slaughtered, she seemed to be ok with the ‘culture’.
    I don’t think she expected the abuse she got when she turned up at the demo shown in the video, after experiencing her trip away. That’s why she was, in her own words “completely gutted”! .

  13. I was at this demo,there are more video’s on youtube to show how we were treated,two of our people were stabbed that day,yet some people here give us a hard time???We tried to defend the dignity of 3000 dead Americans,do you know why?BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO,the worst of it is the fact that WE felt dirty!!9/11 should be a time of rememberance for all those victims,that is all we would have done in a sane world,yet we could not allow a bunch of savages to celebrate the deaths of those 3000 people,and while i draw breath,they will NEVER fucking rejoice in those deaths!!
    That one day cost me £100,yet what price is it compared to the horror of watching people leaping from the twin towers to their deaths on 9/11,then some fucker celebrating that?

    I will pay that £100 to remember and defend the dignity of those poor souls EVERY FUCKING DAY.To some,stop bashing us Brits!!

    • trinovante, Thank you so very much to you and EDL caring for America’s 3,000 innocents slaughtered by the devout followers of Islam. In response to your love and care, two of your people were stabbed. I’m British (British-American), but have lived most of my life in America. We Brits and Americans are forever united in our fight for freedom!

      At the NYC meeting where the Muslims got the final go-ahead to build their Victory Mosque to HONOR ISLAM at the place where Muslims murdered our cherished 3,000, I held up a large sign, one side stated:


      The other side stated:


      I was so distressed that the Muslims were given the go-ahead to build their mosque celebrating victory over our slaughtered 3,000, that I sobbed out loud. A crowd of media came up to me. One media person asked: “Why are you so emotional? What an incredible question. The emotional pain of the terrible betrayal of our slaughtered 3,000 was unbearable.

      I told the media that Muslims CELEBRATED the murder of our 3,000 in the streets. THOUSANDS of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrated the murders with great joy. That statement I made was never made public.

  14. Just to let you all know, yesterday the BBC news actually mentioned the vids of muslims bullying others in their ” muslim area” They were shown !!! This is a real victory because they said these vids ” sparked outrage” .Well that was the good news !
    A normal looking guy interviewed,the mosque representative, of course denied it was islamic but the radical guy interviewed in a dress and full garb in the street was uncompromising and did not answer a question about why gays are not welcome. He just kept replying ” when anyone else does a better job”

    The interviewer did mention muslims capitalised on the scene they filmed during their rant about drinking, and the problems it causes, as the police filmed were attending an accident which can happen !

    The bad news : in the studio the news reader interviewed some man and said ” surely this is a small minority of muslims ”

    However, this conversation was not shown on the same news later in the evening, maybe because there is less time, I am not sure. But it was the only part of the earlier news that was not included .
    Hopefully due to complaints, or is that wishful thinking

  15. The video is part of a programme that spent most of it’s time slagging off the EDL and equating us with the Muslim nutters you see in the video.

  16. They need to take the arsehole Chowder or what ever his frickin name is and arrest his arse for treason. They take him and those other goons out and show them how good a knife works, the way they do it. These muslims scums are getting worse every day and it has to end. Peace to all non-muslims who agree..

  17. Just make sure you brits keep up with your tax payments to pay for the muzzie welfare and housing and keep the appeasing up and all should be just fine.

      • I’M not doing anything of the kind, I don’t appease or bow to muzzies, so I don’t know what your talking about. If you mean because obama is President, he doesn’t represent me. Commenting on this site doesn’t do anyting either to stop the advancing muzzie scum. My sarcastic comments are out of frustration, I want to see the Brits and the rest of Europe stop supporting the muzzies with thier tax money and beyond that kick them out and if not then fight the bastards, don’t just whine and complain it does nothing. If I had muzzies in my nieghborhood beating people up I’d go balistic and go on the attack. That may sound like internet bravery to you but anyone that really knows me knows it iis true. So you want me to shut up? Fine with me, if this comment isn’t shown I won’t come back.

        • John, all I’m saying is that generalizing as you do about all Britons is rude and untrue. It is much harder for them to speak out/act out against the muslim plague than it is here, although we are quickly becoming more like the government over there. You see how every EDL member gets harassed and often locked up whenever they show up in public to protest against Muslims infiltration their neighborhoods and raping their little girls. It takes a lot more courage to do what they do there than it would take here.

          Commenting here is not supposed to stop advancing muslim scum. It is here to provide ammunition for people to use when they do decide to fight back. And many people do, in ways you won’t see on the evening news. BNI Readers are paying attention to what their kids are being taught in school and raising hell if they are being brainwashed with Islam, protesting mosques in their neighborhood, complaining when muslims try to get special privileges in public institutions, fighting for anti-sharia legislation, writing their Representatives, etc.

          There is no website in the world that will get rid of the Muslims. But all these sites combined are helping to make people aware of what’s here, what’s coming, and what they need to do to fight back.

          Your increasing attacks on all Brits will not be tolerated here. You don’t know what people are doing over there, but you should know that they have a much harder time going against Muslims than we do. As I said, we are not far behind the UK. You don’t have to like or accept Obama as your president, but he is, and he is turning the US into the socialist/open borders state that the UK is.

          So tell us, John, what are YOU contributing to the counter jihad movement, other than posting on blogs?

        • John,im a member of the EDL,not just a person who sits on a computer who calls himself a member,but one who protests all over the UK.I have had death threats from Muslims,the police round my house,my phone calls traced,not to mention how we are treated when we march,my wife and child have gone without so that i have money to get to demo’s,THIS IS NOT A GAME FOR US!!
          Try to understand that when you lump all British people together as useless we get insulted,by all means have a go at our government,media or high ranking old bill,but not our people.
          Bear in mind that we have spent money and put our liberty at risk for the memory of 3000 dead American’s who were murdered on 9/11,we don’t ask for any thanks,yet we don’t expect to be insulted.
          You will have read BNI’s reply to your post,i would ask you to think on this.Bonni is very well thought of over here by all members of the EDL that i know of,she is a good friend,she sticks up for us and we are loyal to her,if one of us thinks the other has been insulted we defend each other,sticking together is everything in this game mate.
          All that said,i think this is just a misunderstanding,you are clearly passionate,it would be a great shame if you stopped posting on this site John,like i said mate,sticking together is everything!!

        • John, nothing personal, but I disagree. Reading sites like this and commenting is where it has to start … education is the key. Commenting, in and of itself, helps clear one’s mind and reinforces the information. We must be able to learn and communicate to others. We’re certainly not getting it from the lamestream media. The process is slow because we’re slow and we’ve been force fed pc/mc for decades. This is where it begins, however. The Islamists have a vast propaganda network and they’ve all pretty much got the party line down pat. We must do the same thing. I agree with you that talk is just talk, but the really hard part, the walking part, is coming and we must have clear, resolute minds.

        • trinovante, Thank you so very much to you and every EDL member for your great courage! Every one of you are risking your lives to stop the advancement of total enslavement by excessively cruel Islam.

          You fight not just for Britain but for every Free World country; every non-Muslim. WE MUST NEVER LOSE OUR FREEDOM!

        • The media is very, very powerful! UK media blocks us from getting our vital message across to the public! On ‘This is Bristol’,
          I made two comments on the article ‘Bristol to have its first Muslim lord mayor’. (They already have one Mayor!). My comments were polite and truthful.
          My comments showed up but then were later removed and I was informed “Your account has been disabled”. I asked ‘This is Bristol’ for an explanation. This is their response:

          “The complaint we received about the first comment was that it was abused Muslims and that it was untrue and inflammatory. We felt this part of your comment was racist and misleading in stating that there is favouritism to Muslims that rewards them for breaking the law and giving houses and benefits to their families:

          ‘Why did the second Mayor not declare that he would fight for EQUALITY and do everything he could to end the favoritism to Muslims that REWARDS Muslims for breaking the law and giving free houses and benefits to Muslim males, their multiple wives and huge numbers of children – whilst homeless veterans and non-Muslims sleep on the streets?’

          The complaint we received about the second comment was that it was racist. We felt your comment was racist and misleading in stating that ‘after Muslims moved into Britain in huge numbers, Brits have lost their cherished equality where everyone is equal beore the law’ and that Faruk Choudhury is not defending British values and British law.

          We also considered that it was misleading to state that there were ‘unjust judgments in regular British courts that highly favor Muslims’.”

  18. Now that’s real TERROR (assuming that those Untermenschen didn’t know anything about him or who he was): to attack people at random MERELY BECAUSE they’re non-Moslems!!!

    Furthermore, precisely because that’s what Islam DEMANDS – the total EXTERMINATION of everybody and everything “un-Islamic” (as well as that the “Ummah” being ABOVE non-Moslem law!!!!!) – behold a major part of the reason why ALL Moslems MUST BE EXPELLED from the ENTIRE WEST!!!!! The ENTIRE Ummah MUST BE PURGED FROM EVERY WESTERN NATION to the very last man, woman and child!!!!! [Of course, those who’re guilty of murder, attempted murder, rape, arson and destruction of property and hurting of animals ALL ought to be EXECUTED!!!!

    [Which form of execution? Bullets to the head, followed by immediate incineration!! As to the trials, NO APPEALS: once a Moslem, automatically fast-tracked as a traitor ‘ipso facto’!!!]

    Moslems are sub-human ROBOTS at the absolute back and call of Satan himself; they are the worst possible cancer upon this planet!!!

    The lady who moved back to Luton on YouTube ought to FLEE IMMEDIATELY: she was EXTREMELY LUCKY not to be hurt by those MONSTERS – and now that she has gone public, they’ll be out to destroy her via rape at least, murder more likely!!!

    • While I’m at it: she handled herself beautifully even in the face of that female Untermensch who DARED say she was out to seduce merely by the way she was dressed… No less, by the way she tackled that imam – and he had his people there – had he wanted to {and likely that will happen very soon}, he could have ordered her liquidation and/or rape on the spot!!!

      Nope, I say again that every Western nation, state, province, district, &c. ‘ad nauseam’ MUST REMOVE every last single representative of the Ummah (which ALL Moslems automatically belong to!!!).

  19. You Misquoted the article, there is no mention in it that the men were Muslim. It said they were Asian. Bare in mind Asian men can be atheist, christian, Hindu , sikh , buddist etc. Regardless of that hope the guy recovers.

    • Maximus, when the UK media say Asian, they ALWAYS ALWAYS mean Muslim. If they were Chinese or Japanese they would call them that and not Asians. It’s the PC euphemism the leftists prefer.

      • But we must not make the same mistake some ill informed Americans made, after 9-11 because it caused a lot of outrage a group of americans attacked and killed an Asian man……turned out to be a Sikh he was wearing a turban as well. It seemed the Americans could not differentiate between a Sikh and a Muslim. Here in the UK you see an Asian man, and if something similar happens here, if you were to attack or even give him a piece of your mind you must think twice as how can one differentiate between a Hindu Asian and a muslim Asian, they look the same but have different belief systems. So what I am saying is not all Asians are Muslim. Unfortunately as much as we want them out it is our own doing. Britain occupied industan (now Pakistan and india and Bangladesh) ransacked its riches , the queens Crown contains jewels taken from there. We have invaded so many countries and also have the dirty blood stained shirts of the crusades where we invaded muslim lands lands in the middle east then broke it up in the countries we see today. No Muslim army will set foot on British soil. We created the united states funded and trained the Taliban during the cold war against Russia. We funded and dealt with Saddam Hussain the tyrant. If we stopped meddling abroad in Muslim lands we wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. When your daughter is taken ill with a life threatening condition and is rushed to A + E and is fighting for her life, you find out that she needs life saving surgery and is rushed to theatre, two hours later you find out that they managed to save her life and when you seek out the surgeon to thank him it turns out to be an Asian Muslim by the name of Abdullah, will you then shake his hand and thank him or spit at him ??? Every community has it’s rotten eggs but one must not brand an entire 2billion people with the same brush. everyone evil soul will get it’s comeuppance. They will get what they deserve they will be judged by the Almighty for what they hands have prepared.

        • Maximum, You sound very much to me like you are really a Muslim pretending to be a non-Muslim.

          And as for your comment on going for surgery or other medical treatment, it is NOT always safe!

        • If the doctor was a moslem I would pass on it. If it happened while I was unawares, would I shake his hand? No, because likely he would not shake mine as I am a woman and they don’t shake hands with women. I think you need a reality check. You should take a flight to Pakistan or any other stan and go shake hands with the people, see what good comes of it.

        • Right Max you fucking prick,you want to give us history lessons?
          Here’s some some history you wanker.
          Britain unified INDIA,till we got there it was a mix of tribal states,we left,you fuckers stole large parts of the country that we had forged,now called Pakistan,Bangladesh and Kashmir!!
          Here’s a quick list of other countries you invaded.
          Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Syria,Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Israel,Algeria,Morocco,Libiya,Spain,Austria,Hungary,Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia,Albania,Greece,Italy,Russia,China,the list goes on and on you retard!!

          You mention about jewels in our Queens regalia,did you mean the Khooi Noor(mountain of light)?The diamond that was stolen from Hindu rulers by the Muslims,the diamond that was GIVEN to the British?
          Give back all that you have stolen,then we’ll talk.

          Our hospitals are a fucking joke,you have more chance of dying in one than being cured,WHY you may ask??
          Because they are fucking full of third world pricks called fucking Abdullah!!!

          By the way,the crusades were a reaction to nearly 400 years of Islamic invasions of Christian lands.


  20. Yes Mohammedanism is spreading and spreading…..And some politicians gambling with this most terrible pest on the planet:

    Resident Evil and Orc infection!

  21. It breaks her heart? It should make her freaking mad to see what these soldiers for satan, these parasites, these invaders have done to her beautiful country!
    She attempts to engage them in civilized conversation. What a joke.
    There is no conversation between a sane person and an insane one.
    Did she make this video because she thought there were moral equivalencies between the Christian religion and the head choppers?
    I think she just got herself an education.

  22. The black bur-quas look like executioner outfits and the whole image, with the black flags, makes me think of similar marches by white-clad KKK waving white flags and chanting bigotry. It makes me wonder how Britain would react if white-gowned, face-covered KKK walked through the streets, waved white KKK flags, carried placards calling for lynching of Muslims and claimed their right to do so as free speech. How would British society, British law, British parliament respond? How would the world respond if KKK advocates of Muslim lynchings told media they would not obey the law that protects Muslims, that they would slaughter any Muslim who did not obey KKK laws? How would the world respond?

  23. Damn it;I need a break from this; it seems every time I get calm and stop thinking about filthy disgusting elitist paedophile —ing muslimes, I see some MORE sh– like this or worse; the filthy bastards showing what they REALLY are!! So, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, just know BNI, I REALLY need to get off a “pre-occupation” with arselifters!!

  24. I’m sure this is all a big misunderstanding, these four ‘Asians’ were more than likely a ‘community outreach team’ attempting to spread the word of tolerance, and peaceful coexistence, when without warning they set upon by a pedestrian whom misinterpreted their mission. I’ve been reading about more and more of these unprovoked lone wolf attacks, against groups of unassuming peaceful Asians. Stop the unprovoked attacks on groups of innocent believers!

  25. Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39).

    The violent Muslim attackers are OBEYING the Quran to wage jihad on intensely hated infidels. TREASONOUS European and UK leaders have colonized Europe and Britain with many millions of the soldiers of Allah in order for Muslims to obey the Quran commands:

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Brits who protest are persecuted by ruthless, Britain-hater, Islam-lover ruling elites! The entire nation of Britain must rise up and save themselves before it is forever too late!

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