AUSTRALIA finds people to say “Multiculturalism works”

imagesApparently, the problem of massive Muslim infiltration by economic asylum seekers and criminals arriving by the thousands in boats was excluded from consideration, as was any mention of the resounding failure that multiculturalism has been in every European and Scandinavian country in which Muslims have been a large part of the mix. 

What say you, Aussie BNI readers?

NEWS AU A Galaxy poll of 1000 people run exclusively for News Limited revealed people’s attitudes in the run up to Australia Day to the sometimes divisive issue.


One in 10 said multiculturalism worked very well and made Australia what it is, while just over half said it worked generally quite well, causing only the occasional issue. One quarter said multiculturalism generally did not work very well and seemed to create more problems than the benefits it brought. Thirteen per cent said it caused lots of cultural issues and problems.


Australian National University immigration expert Dr James Jupp, who worked with the late Jerzy Zubrzycki, the Polish-born sociologist often called the father of Australian multiculturalism, said the result was good news after the damage John Howard did when he abolished the position of minister for multicultural affairs as prime minister. (Australia needs John Howard now more than ever)

He said Australians’ growing love of travel had helped open up minds to different cultures. (He failed to mention Australians growing disdain for  Muslim parasitic boat people washing up on shore and all getting welfare and free housing courtesy of  Australian taxpayers)

CenterLink is where the welfare benefits come from in Australia

CentreLink is where the welfare benefits are doled out in Australia

People had always travelled to Bali, but were now expanding their appetites to places like China, Burma, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Dr Jupp said.

“People are going to and coming from practically every country in Asia, except North Korea, and that’s really very different from 15 years ago,” he said. “And it’s mostly young people.” Dr Jupp said racist elements existed in the community, but they were a minority. (What race is Islam?)

23 7 2011 Muslim Women choose Sharia 2_thumb[2]

A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister and Acting Multiculturism Minister Chris Bowen said migration had made an enormous contribution to Australia’s culture, economy and social fabric. (Muslim migration has contributed to enormously to the rising cime, rape and welfare rates)

“Australians are overwhelmingly very tolerant and the majority of Australians appreciate the benefits of our diversity,” she said. 


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  1. The important qualifier is WHAT culture? The idea behind multi culturalism is to take the best from each. islam has nothing to bring to the table. Subtract what has been copied from those they conquered and theire is precious little left.

  2. If you ask 1000 leftist leeches what do you expect?

    You can manipulate any poll to your hearts delight, and that’s what they did here.

    “The benefits of our diversity”- what a lot of tosh!

    They benefit, we pay. Diversity divides; unity unites.

    You can’t change reality for a socialist utopia. It will end in rivers of blood.

  3. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria – a country which has so many Muslim atrocities – which is why I chose it. In any event that’s just detail – which can be finalised. Think of it as a draft plan. I like your final sentence.

  4. The IDEA behind multiculturalism wasn’t necessarily a bad one… a noble one, even.

    Unfortunately, it is very ignorant of the reality concerning human nature. Furthermore, it erroneously assumes that separate cultures can thrive in the same society, instead of the same society being comprised of variations on the same culture.

    What results is divided societies such as Dearborn, Michigan, where local and historically-rooted residents are being pushed out by arabic and somali immigrants. Instead of just being consistent of Americans from the middle east, consists of somalis and arabs trying to turn that section of town into Somalia and Saudi Arabia. They don’t respect our laws, they don’t even try to learn our culture or language, or much less respect it.

    THAT is why multiculturalism is so dangerous; it divides nations instead of uniting them.

  5. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Australia. In fact, I’d love nothing more than to move there, find a good man and settle down. However, the more I read, the more frightening it gets to reach out and grasp that dream. I may visit one day, supporting only the true locals with my money, but I am beginning to doubt my relocation. God bless you all, hang in there, it’s GOT to get better for all of us.

  6. It is wishful thinking on the part of those who say -multiculturism works in Australia-it is simmering under the surface,when the muslims start pushing for Sharia to be recognised by law here -you know- what will hit the fan ,all muslims live under sharia – we have been silenced -gagged -free speech is no longer one of our freedoms -the media do not print our comments as the politically correct -gestapo would come down on them -tv channels no longer show the boats arriving as they have been threatened with reprisals if they do.

    We have -our own homeless and jobless people,these -illegal migrants have priority over them -the government is now asking Australians to take these people into their homes -pay them 50.00 dollars for them to work around the home etc.that would be on top of their money paid by Center Link,they are not allowed to work -in other words they are bludging on the tax payer,once established and living in the community they will be indoctrinated by their clerics -imams who preach hatred for the infidel -kaffars and soon they are like the rest -backstabbing the ones who helped them,-they cannot and -will not assimilate as their only allegiance is to -Allah and the evil -laws of sharia.

    After watching the series on -Go Back from where you came from,the conditons they are screaming about in the detention camps are -paradise to what they were living under in the refugee camps,why are they mainly young men -not many women who come here in the -boats-some have made more than one attempt to get here where do they get the money to pay for all this?-probably -Saudia -Arabria and that -despot King Abdullah.

    They -members of parliament are supposed to answer you,if you write and put your address -only one acknowledged they recieved my email,we must become more -vocal and let them know we only want those who will assimilate and become -Australians to come here-not us -being converted to their hate filled ideology.

  7. You know what guys, it truely amazes me that no one really gets to the heart of this matter in its turest form, that of the redistribution of wealth of the West. On the other side of this same coin is that of immigration of theirs, or the worst among them, i.e. trouble makers because they understand the problem is the ways in which these dictators treat their own, as pawns of these same dictators of their own peoples, trouble makers of our s now to deal with, sending them to foreign lands as to not have to deal with the real issues, the repression of their own people, the stealing of the country’s wealth, oil, natural resources, and material as a means to ” hey look over there a shiny object” pay no attention of the supression of their own just to rewards themselves for the stolen wealth they cummilated, and then to add insult to injury, blame all the troubles on the west as having been the source of that stealing. Man, talk about a bunch of damned fools, idiots and arrogance, and we have our own idiots to blame for the mess they’ve created/ cast upon us tax payers in supproting these worthless as well, calling us, our sovereign lands, liberties, values, principles and traditions islamophobes because we witness their traitorist attitudes and actions. Yeah I believe a culling is in order, and soon if we are to continue as a Nation of the free and the home to the brave.

    Semper Fi.

  8. Read your History books. For the most part…..90% of the time it has never worked. Why on GOD’S Green Earth would want to take a 10% chance and at the same time screw up a nation???????????????? Some things are best left alone.

  9. No! Multiculturalism is not working here. The only people left who support multiculturalism are communists, or the PC idiots, who have an IQ equivalent to a rock. Muslims are the problem. The Lebanese came here in the 80s, and it’s been a nightmare ever since. They live in their own enclaves, don’t assimilate into Australian society, and riot in the streets, when they don’t get their way. Don’t get me started on the illegal invaders. They are all just a burden to society, being forced upon us. Muslim immigration, legal, and illegal, is dividing this country. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for someone from any of the EU nations to emigrate here, but we let in thousands of third world, uneducated, and unskilled, Muslims every month. For the dole bludging Muslims, multiculturalism seems to be working just fine for them. I believe most Australians have had enough of the Muslims, but are too afraid to speak up, for fear of being called racist, or xenophobic. I’m sick to the teeth of those two words. So overused by the media, here.

    • Val, foreign immigrants always integrated into the culture of the country they moved to, if not the actual immigrants, then the children of those immigrants did and we didn’t have to call it multiculturalism because they assimilated into the culture. Only after the muslims started invading and wanted to live as separatist enclaves with their own rules and laws in our countries, did we have a problem. Then the leftists decided to give it a name – ‘multiculturalism’ – which meant we had to adapt to the foreigners customs, habits and beliefs by catering to their demands. That’s when all the problems started.

  10. I for one do not include Moslems in the ‘multicultural’ mix – what race or culture is Pisslam or Moslems when they come from such disparate racial/cultural mixes as Somalia,Sudan,Malaysia,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Jordan,Lebanon,Afghoonistan,Porkistan ad infitum ad nauseum?
    There are many dozens of different types of races & cultures in Australia & over the years have adopted & adapted to the Australian way of life BUT have also kept their cultural & religious ideals without impinging or inflicting them on their fellow Australians.
    The Greeks have their festivals – I went to one 2 weks ago, Italians have theirs – coming up this weekend. Chinese have their New Year & Moon Cakes, Russians have theirs, Germans had their Schutzenfest last weekend & so on – they are ALL embraced by Australians in one way or another.
    The Chinese came & built their Chinatowns in each Capital city & have all become tourist attractions.
    In this way & ONLY this way can it be said that ‘multiculturalism’ has worked – because THOSE immigrants adopted & adapted to Australia & NOT the other way around! (I absolutely HATE that word ‘multiculturalism’ – should be “Cosmopolitan”)

    After WW11, we had mass EUROPEAN migration, people on the whole who shared the same Christian/Western values & work ethic – these immigrants came mostly with nothing, were given very little Government support but also DEMANDED NOTHING!
    They got off their backsides & WORKED, sent their children to University etc who in turn became very successful.

    Now we have these Moslem Crimmigrants come here by the boatload & their THOUSANDS thanks to a piss weak Socialist Labour “Government” that tore up John Howard’s Border Protection laws – “The Pacific Solution” – which stopped the boats.

    So what is the Return On Investment from these Moslem parasites?
    After being in Oz for 5 years or more, 85% of them are still on welfare.
    “No-Go” zones in Moslem areas of Sydney & Melbourne, Moslems demanding & getting separate toilets & wash rooms in Universities, separate swimming times & “modesty” curtains in Council owned swimming pools, prayer rooms at airports & sporting venues ad nauseum!

    Over the past 5 years these scum have cost the Australian Taxpayer an EXTRA $6 BILLION that should not have, thanks to the loony left Fabian Socialist PM Gillard & their bed-partners the even further loony left the Greens.

    We have over 100,000 HOMELESS Australians who do not have a permanent roof over their heads, many of them are women & children, many of our own Indigenous Aboriginal peoples are living in squalid 3rd World conditions – but what does this “Government” do?
    Give preferential treatment to these welfare Crimmigrants, putting them up in 4 & 5 Star accommodation hotels/motels, housed in different “Community” housing & given up to $10,000 worth of house starter packs – bedding, flat screen TV’s, electrical goods – you get the picture.
    The scum that are in the detention centres get their free laptops, internet, mobile phones, free calls, free cigarettes etc etc

    Almost ALL of the scum have thrown their Passports & other ID overboard, we have NO idea who these parasitic scum are, yet they DEMAND to be processed & housed straight away.
    The MAJORITY of this illegal scum are SINGLE MOSLEM MALES AGED BETWEEN 18 – 35.

    Of course once they get their Residency they can then send for family & extended family under “Family Re-unification” rules – the scum relatives get here & start breeding like cockroaches (apologies to cockroaches).

    Now I can tell you MOST Australians are NOT racist (what race is Pisslam?) welcome people & have welcomed different people from all over the world – BUT strongly object to these scum arriving here illegally, queue jumping over those who are GENUINE refugees waiting in camps for years, NEVER integrating, rarely working, DEMANDING everything while contributing nothing but dissent & discord, criminal gangs (mainly Lebanese & now Somali).

    Most Australians are totally pissed off, but due to being subject to Political Correctness have been silenced into keeping quiet so as not to be labeled “Racist” – that is now changing as more & more REAL Australians are finding their voice, not just in Social Media, but more specifically with Letters to Editors in Newspapers & especially talk-back Radio – where just a few years ago, very few would dare – even though a Conservative Government was in power.
    The worm has turned.

    • @ MWP – im high fiving you for your comment. You have put it all 200% spot on. Many many Aussies are well and truely over the illegal parasitic boat scum draining our tax dollars. Even Labour voters are angry, you only have to look at the 50/50 comments in the Herald Sun when there has been a headline about ‘another boat’ or rioting in the detention centres or when the Asslifters rioted over the Youtube clip. Peoples contempt for Muzscum is growing on a daily basis Muzscum arw copping verbal abuse on the streets daily (good!). I loathe Muzscum more than ever and they make my skin crawl for who they are and what they represent.

      They are the devils of this world, they are pure evil simple as that.

    • $6 BILLION spent on Muslim invader-colonizers instead of spending the money on your over 100,000 HOMELESS Australians who do not have a permanent roof over their heads, and Indigenous Aboriginal peoples living in squalid 3rd World conditions – is A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

      It is utterly, utterly EVIL. And incredibly sad.

  11. P.S. KIll one person – you’re a murderer; kill ten – you’re a mass murderer; kill millions – you’re a conqueror. That’s History for you.

    • understand your frustration J2 and like your plan ! to get to them cruise missiles we got to over throw a rouge government ! trench warfare right down dirty fox hole to fox hole before we get to the good stuff

  12. Well let’s see. Exercising your (American) 1st Amendment rights, I submit a list of the capital cities of ten Muslim countries: Algiers, Tripoli, Cairo, Mogadishu, Riyadh, Damascus, Tehran, Islamabad, Jakarta and Abuja. These cities should then be attacked simultaneously with Neutron bombs (i.e. ‘clean’ nuclear weapons) delivered by cruise missiles, ASAP. Why not? It is exactly what they would do to Western cities if they could (anyone remember 9/11?). So, apparently Muslims would understand us when we did it BEFORE them, right?

    But, apparently, I am too ‘liberal’ for this website (BNI) which is why I don’t contribute very often – I am fed up with the endless whining about how shitty Islam is. Yes, it totally shitty but so what? What are you going to DO about it (anyone know about Pearl Harbour)?

  13. The building I lived in a number of muslim families moved in and never in any form or fashion would they integrate with the community, they would take part in no events would never invite you into their homes or visit yours they kept themselves isolated and wanted it that way

  14. Well of course multiculturalism works. It works towards the islamization of non-muslim countries, as well as their utter destruction.

    • It’s not BS, it’s deliberate anarchy, treason, something. If those leftist pricks aren’t islamist mohammedans, it’s not taqiyya.

      Behind every jihadist are trainers, imams, financiers, materiel suppliers, carriers, scouts, lookouts, fifth column moslem police or ‘security’; and behind them are the ENABLERS: government, academe, the teachers they trained, your dhimmi councils…

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