Muslim doctors concur: “Marriage to a nine-year-old girl does not harm her in any way”

This is Muslim doctors TODAY, not 14 centuries ago.


26 comments on “Muslim doctors concur: “Marriage to a nine-year-old girl does not harm her in any way”

  1. He would have been a muslim Doctor of course and we know what he said was -rubbish,in the West we call those who have sex with children-pedophiles ,to do so you would have to be a very sick perverted individual,a dirty old man,of course you don’t want this to stop , raping these -children is beyond the understanding of any civilised human -children should be protected -not used and abused ,they have no childhood -no life -kept pregnant -live a life of -misery with these miserable -mealy mouthed -mongrels -I hate how these smug – creeps defiling these little innocent girls-if there is any justice -there will be -no paradise for them.

  2. Did these medical freaks say that a 9 year old body was pubesent ?
    do they have any standard they might call pre-pubesent ?
    Perhaps an embryo.

    • Aparently, muslim men (I use the term loosely) are told that fucking pregnant women allows their sperm to make the foetus more intelligent.
      You just couldn’t make this up. So even foetuses are not immune from muslim lust.

  3. The whole problem can be summarised with the words: “your women”.
    His problem is not age, marriage or sex, his problem is mutual consent!

    That girls of 14, 15 & 16 are having voluntary sex, rather than being raped with their owner’s blessing is the real problem for him.

    I am even willing to concede that there are actually fully developed 9 year old girls physically able to have sex without permanent damage, but NO 9 year old girl is emotionally developed enough to consent.

    But once women start getting the idea that they own their bodies, should have some say as to what is done with it and actually demands to be treated as a human and not a breeding animal – well – his world will end.

  4. The doctors are correct. The average Muslim barrow penis is the diameter of a number 2 pencil and about the length of the pencil’s eraser and brass attachment. No laughing out there, I’m talking about an unused eraser!

  5. Pedophile muslims believe this because of their sick pedophile prophet that needs to be exposed. Mohamed raped a six year old and muslims are still doing this throughout the world. US media and feminists are silent to this abuse.

  6. Well I guess there isn’t anything wrong with marrying a 9 year old girl, if you are a cockroach! Oh yeah……I almost forgot, Muslims are cockroaches!

  7. For this atrocity alone, all women must turn against islam the cult of evil for allowing their children to be sexually abused because mohamad did it so it must be right, evil type of mentality. For this permission for pedophiles to assault children alone is enough to convince real fathers to protect their children from the sexual muslim perverts of islam. When you add female mutilations, stoning, amputations, up to 4 wives, child brides and so on into the evil mix of this cult of islam, then only fools, imbeciles, inbred idiots, pedophiles, mysoginists and monsters would want to be a part of this evil. Wake up world. Thanks BNI for outing the true muslim nature for violence, pedophilia and an inbred, hatred of women.

  8. Medicine practiced based upon a religious or a political ideology not science and is dangerous per se and supports evil at its worse.

    These Islamic “doctors” who advance 7th century savagery in the modern age be it promoting pedophilia or female circumcision are barbarians who shame the medical profession as did the SS “doctors” experimentation on camp inmates in WW2.

    • Technically the loudmouth is right. Marriage does not harm. Sex is the fucking problem. So is conception. Read what western (REAL) doctors say about the physical capacity of the pubescent body to accommodate pregnancy and birth.

      These are the same islamist cohort of ‘doctors’ who say that you choose your sexuality.

      Let’s hear it from all you leftards and feminists reading this.

      Is that wahhabi wanker correct? Well?


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