‘MyJihad’ means going to Algeria, murdering people, and being called a ‘militant’ by Canadian TV News

pu71xtvdkrtsThe Islamist militants [CTV-speak for ‘terrorist’] who attacked an Algerian natural gas plant in the Sahara last week were well-organized, had insider information and their numbers included two Canadians. What CTV fails to mention is that they are Canadian ‘MUSLIMS.’

At least 81 people have been reported dead, including 32 Islamist militants, after a bloody, four-day hostage situation at Algeria’s remote Ain Amenas natural gas plant. The Algerian prime minister would not say whether the Canadians were killed when Algerian troops stormed the plant, or were among the three militants who were captured alive.

images-1An Algerian security source told Reuters that documents found on the bodies of two militants identified them as Canadians: “A Canadian who was among the militants, was coordinating the attack,” adding that the raiders had threatened to blow up the gas installation. The Algerian prime minister said the militants came from Egypt, Canada, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Tunisia. “Canadian involvement in overseas terrorism has been growing,” John Thompson of the Toronto-based Mackenzie Institute told CTV’s Power Play.

Not a surprise if you are familiar with al-Qaeda’s stated and published objectives which include: ‘Infiltrating opposing governments’ infrastructures – police forces, armies, political parties, newspapers, Islamic groups (like CAIR), petroleum companies as employees or engineers, private security companies, and more.’


7 comments on “‘MyJihad’ means going to Algeria, murdering people, and being called a ‘militant’ by Canadian TV News

  1. What’s wrong with all these PC dhimmis out there!! Stop beating around the bush and say it like it really is: these were MUSLIMS, ISLAMISTS, full stop. And you can forget about whatever nationalities we’re dealing with, since nationalities NEVER account to anything with any of these: only that so-called religion matters to these obscurantists.

    And up yours KKKCair! Don’t like it? Tough! Truth hurts and the more it hurts you and your ilk, the better for the CIVILIZED world and us!

  2. Canada has home-grown, foreign-financed jihadists of its own. Time to find them.

    Western spy agencies need to begin ideological warfare against this DEATH CULT.

  3. would love to have a spy fly on the wall in side obama’s war room or mabe it’s called the muslim situation planing room an see hie debrief on this ! but will take what i can get ! Thanks BNi for putin this intel out there

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