New York City Muslim accuses Mayor Michael ‘dhimmi’ Bloomberg of being an ‘Islamophobe’

See, no matter how much Muslim ass you kiss, you are considered an ‘Islamophobe,’ especially if you belong to the tribe of ‘pigs and apes’ as you do Bloomberg.

Bloomberg at a NYC mosque

Bloomberg at a NYC mosque

Post by HUSSEIN RASHIDa native New Yorker, says he’s a Proud Muslim who is deeply committed to interfaith work and is passionate about teaching. He believes we need to start talking more intelligently about Islam specifically. 


Religion Dispatches My colleague, Haroon Moghul, wrote a masterful piece here called “What’s Islamophobia, and Do I Have It?” In it, he expounds on the myths that serve as the bases for Islamophobia. His voice is one of a growing chorus that shows that Islamophobia exists and has a persistent logic of its own, often grounded in antisemitism.

One of the many Muslim antisemites arrested by the NYPD

One of the many Muslim antisemites arrested by the NYPD

In fact, one of the amazing elements of Islamophobia is the denial of its own existence—as Nathan Lean explains. In his article, Lean also offers several examples of the impact Islamophobia has had on the lives of Americans; Wajahat Ali has written about the fear and death that an Islamophobic environment sanctions; Erik Love gives us sociological background on the impact of Islamophobia. I want to offer a reflection of what a New York Muslim sees and hears as Islamophobia becomes so normalized that it becomes an institution.

UnknownAny Muslim who meets another Muslim is tarred by six degrees of separation as being a potential terrorist, deserving of NYPD surveillance.The situation of the NYPD is one of the great travesties of Muslim life in the city.  We at RD have covered images-2the betrayal of trust that Mayor Bloomberg’s policies represent. This betrayal is further compounded by the fact that members of the NYPD call it the most corrupt police department,” and try to harass people for exercising their freedom of expression. Yet, by giving them unsupervised, unchallenged power, Mayor Bloomberg makes it easy for them start with the assumption that Muslims are guilty until proven innocent. And again, much like the Islamophobia Industry denying Islamophobia in the presence of a preponderance of evidence, no NYPD policy changes, despite the  fact that the surveillance is misplaced.


This type of Islamophobia is becoming so ingrained into the mayor’s administration, that when Sunando Sen was slaughtered on the altar of Islamophobia, the mayor urged us to remember that while it was sad, it was okay because the real story was how cool the NYPD was. This statement was a day after he talked about the unappreciated deaths of the 34 people killed everyday by gun violence. Clearly, some causes of violence and some victims of violence are to be appreciated more than others.

NYC Muslim cab drivers stop to pray wherever and whenever they feel like it

NYC Muslim cab drivers stop to pray wherever and whenever they feel like it. Every Friday, they block streets and sidewalks on the Upper West Side near a mosque

If the words of Fox News can lead to an arson attack against a mosque, and general Islamophobia results in knifings in pizzerias, then the words and actions of the Mayor of New York have a much more profound impact.

Muslims block Madison Avenue to pray in the street

Muslims block Madison Avenue to pray in the street

Muslims in the city are bombarded by media coverage that paints us as suspect. The city’s police department paints us as suspect. Advertising in the veins of the city paints us as suspect. The mayor made a rousing speech during the Ground Zero Victory Mosque controversy, but he has not internalized or exemplified those words.


We are a community besieged by Islamophobia. Instead of building strong, resilient communities, we are left with “Be safe,” as our most potent protection. We cannot trust the police, we cannot trust people on the subway, and the mayor fiddles.

Muslim Protest

Islamophobia is real. People die because of it. Communities are weakened, and the only people profiting from it are the police state and the Islamophobia Industry. As a New York Muslim, I hope Mayor Bloomberg leaves us a better legacy than bike lanes and broken communities.

What Muslims in NYC think of America


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  1. We should let the Muslims know that, yes, we are all unredeemable Islamophobes, and Muslims will never be welcome here, so they might as well just pack up and go back to their ancestors homes of origin where no corruption exits and everything is peaceful and pleasant in the lands of the Religion of Peace.

    Seriously, though, there is no such thing as Islamophobia, because fear of Islam is quite healthy and rational.

    I love that, “Hello, AP Press…” cartoon! That is wonderful!!!

  2. My husband’s BIG 790 Deere backhoe & BIG Cat D7 ‘dozer could clear those streets in short order. And his 690 backhoe could scrape up the trash that was left. Of course, then the machines would need a steam cleaning to purify them of the filth they had come into contact with.

  3. LOL! Bloomberg an Islamophobe !? Surely these Muslims jest! I guess he is just not accomodating enough to Muslims and Muslim interests! You just can’t please some people!

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you but if I were driving down a street and saw a group of those Neaderthals tearing up my flag I would be overcome by temporary insanity out of anger and would run them down with my car. I’ll take my chances with the courts and a jury after that.

  5. Why doesn’t the facsist bloomturd ban Moslems and asslifting? He bans everything else. I don’t give one shit what moslems want. They are animals taking over OUR countries. I am sick of them, their demands, their smell, their violence and they are Nazis to boot. They helped Nazis and they still are Nazis. Get them out, Bloomturd, and end of problem. Does the mayorturd ban Khat? no. But he tells AMERICANS what to smoke, where to smoke, what to eat, how to feed their babies, how much prescription meds to take, etc etc etc…..Bloomturd is just that …a turd sucking up to moslem maggots. No amount of sucking up will appease the beast….Bloom shows what a pussy he really is. Now, turd, get rid of the bigger turds…funny how you are not afraid of WE THE PEOPLE, but you’re afraid of moslems….remember the crocodile…can’t wait.

  6. It’s about time Bloomberg was made aware of how despicable he seems to non-Muslims and Muslims alike. His support of the shady mosque at Ground Zero was appalling, and although he thinks he hides the fact that he’s in it for the money. Thank heavens people are waking up to the fact that Muslims and their useful idiots use the term Islamophobia to stifle criticism of Islam. I have another phrase I use when people say I am an Islamophobe: I tell them I’m ISLAMONAUSEOUS – because they make me sick.

    • I don’t like that word islamphobia either, it doesn’t describe me, I’m not affraid of goat fuking pedophiles, I hate them.

  7. Let me tell you what I THINK,I think I could care less about fake Islamphobia. When they stop killing Christian and Jews then I will stop thinking their cult stinks. Freedom of religion for them is Islam and Islam alone, for them and everyone else.Islamphobia, do I have it yes and proud of it.

  8. Muslims have carried out more than 2,0285 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 ( Muslims believe that hated infidels should NOT protect themselves from Muslim terror attacks and should not conduct surveillance. Muslims want hated infidels rendered DEFENSELESS.

    How many more 9/11 cruel slaughters of our people do Muslims want?

  9. The writer (is it Rashid) who comments of Moghul’s “masterful piece” is apparently as sloppy a thinker as is Moghul. What they say makes no sense to me while it pretends to be meaningful. It’s all smoke blowing to me. If Baptists on a regular yelled “John Calvin” and exploded something or executed a captive we’d keep a close eye on them too. Defense of a base or community routinely producing terrorist acts is not civil neutrality and should not be treated as innocent.

  10. The top photo with those idiots sitting there in their suits with the headbangers makes me ill.
    I think Richard Dawkins described Islam best as “alien”.
    All we have to do is look at their medieval garb and instantly know that they don’t belong in the 21st century.
    Muslims are the real zombies. Islam is the infection that creates them.
    Islam is poison.

  11. Awwwwww ! Poor Bloomie ! he kissed their dirty butts and they still think he’s a filthy Infidel. OH ! What a blow ! What a feeling of rejection this must cause. Unrequited love !
    He must feel as if he’s been thrown away like a used condom.
    I just cant tell you how sorry I am for him ! (But I’ll bet you can guess.)

  12. Are they supremacists?

    Do they want worldwide Sharia law and a global caliphate?

    65% of Moslems do. The rest are lukewarm ‘hypocrites’ who will burn in Islamic hell.

    • perceptor1

      They just haven’t been asked to do what allah wants yet! So what is the difference between radical and moderate? Just ask.

  13. Of course Muslims are oppressed victims of ‘racism’ and their coined term “Islamaphobia”- what poor, poor potential terrorists. How dare we deny them their allah granted rights to deny us infidels our freedoms, our opinions, our way of life when they invade our lands! Who do we think we are? I am so sure appeasement will placate them – maybe not the first time, or the second time, or the third time, or the last time before we are forbidden to stand up for anything we value, right? Liberals believe it, why shouldn’t we?

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam” – Obama. Isn’t it ironic he is more hated by the Muslim world than Bush? Further evidence appeasement is NEVER the answer.

    Ugh, Muslims.

  14. Would NOT do for me to be in the city and see the asses lifting! Just would NOT do!! This PC Crap has gone tooo far and — they seem to forget this is NOT the Middle East (but soon with the banger in the WH)… so when your cities start turning into the shitholes, and “muslime only zones,” as they are in Londonstan, remember you were warned you PC IDIOTS!

    • Yep! THESE ASSLIFTERS should “give thanks to Allah” that they have NYC to do this and get away with this sh–!!….It is a given that if these filthy stinking asslifters came to this part of the U.S and into my hood stomping on the American flag and shouting their usual odious incantation: “Allahu Akbar!!………….”, they woiuld promptly be stomped to death and expedited to HELL (no “Paradise” and NO virgins) for these muslime mofos!!

  15. @ 2:20 “…we have a permit to do this…”

    Who issued such a permit? Bloomberg?

    @ 3:10 “…to dominate over all other religions…”

    Any dhimmi Christians and Jews listening? Crickets.

    @ 3:50 “…one of the loopholes of this government…”

    “Freedom of Speech” Piss on obuMBoy’s flag and no one cares.

    Who they are: The ‘Islamic Thinkers Society’ is an offshoot of Al-Muhajiroun, a pro Al-Qaeda British Islamist extremist group, its ex-leader, when it was called Al-Muhajiroun, was none other than Andy ‘randy’ Choudary. When the group still called itself Al-Muhajiroun, its members held an event at Queensborough Community College, during which an Al-Muhajiroun speaker said, “We reject the U.N., reject America, reject all law and order. Don’t lobby Congress or protest because we don’t recognize Congress! The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!”
    On June 8, 2005 the ITS publicly desecrated and ripped up an American flag on the street in New York City during a rally on 74th Street and 37th Avenue. [This video?]
    On April 20, 2006, the ITS demonstrated in front of the Israeli consulate in Manhattan and publicly called for the nuclear destruction of Israel. [From ITS lips to Ahmedinejads ears.]
    The demonstration included signs that read “Islam will Dominate” and featured a picture with an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

    Hey islamist fucktards, you and CAIR can form a daisy chain around your commander-in-chief in the Shite House.

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