Oh, NOES! Outraged Muslims demand apology from ‘LEGO’ and threaten lawsuit for offending the wittle fweewings of Turkish Muslims

Lego from the company BrickArms.com Shows:  Daily Mail downloadPopular Toy manufacturer LEGO has been accused of racism by the Turkish community over a Star Wars toy allegedly depicting  a mosque. The critics claim that the Jabba’s Palace model, part of Lego’s Star Wars range, offends Muslims as it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul – one of the world’s most renowned mosques. As an indication of the anger felt over Jabba’s Palace, the organisation said it was considering taking legal action against Lego for inciting racial hatred and insulting human dignity.


UK Daily Mail  Members of the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria group also accused the toy manufacturer of depicting Muslims as having ‘deceitful and criminal personalities’. (Yes,  truth in advertising) The group has released a statement calling for an apology from Lego for its cultural insensitivity.


The Lego set is based on the home of Jabba the Hutt, a central character in the Star Wars series, who lives in a domed palace, with a separated watchtower. As well as bearing a likeness to the Hagia Sophia mosque, the Turkish group also claimed the toy takes its design from the Jami al-Kabir mosque in Beirut – while the watchtower is said to resemble a minaret.

Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul

A post on the community’s website contains a picture of the slug-like creature’s Lego home, pointing out similarities with the Istanbul mosque. Outraged Muslims have criticised the toy producer on the community’s website, accusing it of deliberately placing contextual errors in the toy.

The case came to light when a Turkish man expressed his dissatisfaction with the toy after it was purchased for his son by a family member.   After investigating, Dr Melissa Günes, General Secretary of the Turkish Cultural Community, said that Lego had been contacted with an official complaint.


A statement posted on the organisation’s website refers to Jabba the Hutt as a ‘terrorist’ and says that he ‘likes to smoke hookah and have his victims killed’. It adds: ‘It is clear that the ugly figure of Jabba and the whole scene smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.’ (No, they are only talking about Muslims) The statement says that the figures in the set are made to resemble ‘terrorists, criminals and murderers’.

Referring to weapons contained in the set, the statement suggests that the ‘combination of temple building and bunker facilities where shots are fired cannot be appropriate for children between 9 and 14 years old’.


It concludes: ‘One would expect more empathy and responsibility from a manufacturer of toys that has produced toys and models that are good for teaching for decades.’ The organisation also says it is planning legal action in Austria, Germany and Turkey against the toy firm if it does not get a satisfactory response.

Lego’s Katharina Sasse said: ‘The Lego Star Wars product Jabba´s Palace does not reflect any actually existing buildings, people, or the mentioned mosque. ‘The Lego mini-figures are all modelled on characters from the movie.

‘We regret that the product has caused the members of the Turkish cultural community to come to a wrong interpretation, but point out that when designing the product only the fictional content of the Star Wars saga were referred to.’



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  1. Yuk people, your comments show that you’re bunch of people much worse than the way you try to depict Muslims. In fundamental Islam even if someone done you wrong, you’re taught to pray to god to forgive this person. So may god forgive you give you all really, as human beings we tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. And don’t mix Islam with Muslims, true Islam is perfect, Muslims as with all other human beings are not.

    • Steve, Yea, we are worse. We plant pressure cooker bombs all over the place, we run prostitution rings that exploit underaged girls who differ from our faith, and then for variety, we sodomise goats too! Oh, did I mention beheadings? Well guess what Steve, you sound like a CONVERT (not revert, no such a thing) to pisslam and therefore, quite apt for you to associate with those who reflect a similar level of cognative dissonance as you. Congratulations Steve! You’ve found your nich in life!

      Sux to be you!

  2. Additionally according to Wikipedia, the Hagia Sophia building is no longer used as any sort of religious edifice, instead being designated as a museum since 1935. According to Turkish government regulation, “use of the complex as a place of worship (mosque or church) is strictly prohibited.” I call this a non-issue, unless there is a planned, armed takeover of the facility that we should be on the lookout for.

      • Huh, what? Didn’t get that? Since when is Hagia Sofia going to become sovereign Greek territory. Am I missing something here? Is Greece and their broke ass planning an invasion of Turkey? I assume Lord Kabigon, you live neither in Greece nor Turkey? Because wow, I think Turkey and Greece have been trying to work out their differences for the last 2 decades or so. Do you know the definition of rapprochement? Look it up.

        • What the hell crackerjack box did you get your brain from???
          The Greek Orthodox Church is a Religious Denomination, and is NOT a part of sovereign Greek territory !! You are making yourself look like the fool your comments prove you to be. Turkish American my bahoozie. You’re little more than an idiotic moron, inbred to the extent that you have minimal intelligence to even blow your nose.

  3. It was nice to get a response back from Lego. It is also nice that they oppose racism. The only is, this issue has nothing to do with racism. As we all know, islam isn’t a race, it is a theo-political supremacist ideology, fit for thugs.

    I know, i’m singin’ to the choir here.

    • You were making sense till you came to the end of your statement. “Thugs”, really? Another douche is born.
      Name one religion that doesn’t hold a “theo-political supremacist ideology”? Lets see, I believe it was the crusades that steamrolled the Mid East. Oh, and recently it’s white Christians that seem to want to decide what women should do with their bodies, or what sort of marriage is tolerable in their eyes. Oh, wasn’t it a bunch of Christians that lynched blacks in the south, and wear white sheets? Hmmm?

      • gok, you are the douche here. The Crusades were to oust the islamic horde out of Christian lands.
        While every religion has its supremacist attitude, to one degree or another, NOT ONE EXCEPT ISLAM proselytizes by the sword.
        And while it may have been a small group of so-called Christians that persecuted Blacks, the ideology they held was a false belief of “white supremacy”, and MOST Americans do NOT hold that belief.
        You, stinkpot, are the used douche, not Randy63 or anyone else here.
        You don’t have two brain cells to rub together, or if you do, they’ve never met.

        • Wow. Okay, now I understand that not all Americans are racist bigots…BUT, you have to admit that religious fanaticism is not right no matter what side of the religious spectrum you fall on. Preaching hatred against Muslims is equally deplorable as the violent acts that Muslims commit. I’m not denying that there are Muslim crazies out there. But, there are a lot of homegrown American, and Christian crazies out there too. Prove to me and show me one legitimate Islamic doctrine that proselytizes by the sword from a legitimate, objective academic source.
          And since when were those lands Christian lands? They are about as Christian as the Americas were to the Spanish when they first arrived…
          Oh, who was it that wiped out a whole ancient culture in what is now Mexico? Hmmmm, wasn’t that Cortez in the name of Christianity?
          Aaaah, bible beating fanatics are as bad as any religious fanatics on this planet.
          There are so many examples of Christian crazies out there, it’s countless . Jonestown, Waco, there is a long long list.
          The day people stop hiding behind the crutch of religion, Muslim, Christian, Jew, that is the day there is going to be true peace.

        • Sorry, you’ll probably jump down my throat about the Christian lands in the Middle East…well, the fact of the matter is is that the Arab people were there already, as well as other tribes of people. The first religion to spawn out the the regions were the Jewish people. Then Christians shot off from the Jews, and then the Muslims also were born in the region.
          If there is a God, he sure must have a funny sense of humor in basically spawning the three major religions of the planet out of the same tiny area of the planet that would eventually wind up hating each other, and fighting with each other. Irony I guess.

      • Gok, your affinity with the “D” word is quite impressive. Now just how many ounces does it take to to flush out your skull? Two, or three?

  4. I got a response from Lego regarding the email I sent yesterday. Here it is below. Dear Randy,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    The criticism of LEGO® Star Wars™ set 9516 Jabba’s Palace™ has caused quite a stir – we’ve received a number of complaints as well as support from LEGO fans. For 80 years, our core values have been Fun, Learning, Caring, Creativity, Imagination and Quality. All LEGO sets are created with these values in mind. We don’t tolerate any kind of racism. We appreciate your support.

    Thanks again for getting in touch. We’re always pleased to receive feedback from LEGO fans! If you could take a moment to complete a four question survey by going to the link below, Randy, it will help us make sure we are providing the best customer service to you.


    Please let us know if you need anything else.

    Kind regards,

    LEGO Consumer Services

      • That would be my hope, but i’m not gonna hold my breath on it. Note how the email Lego sent me mentions how Lego “doesn’t tolerate any kind of racism.” A typical knee-jerk response equating anti-islamism with racism, when we know better. I don’t think the racism remark was aimed towards me per say, but rather was a disclaimer of racism on Lego’s part. The point is moot however, this isn’t a racial issue even though the other side (islamists/leftists) fervently wishes to portray it as such. I will not conceed to the left’s definitions in this debate.

        I do hope they stick to their guns on this issue and not cave in to these baseless, absurd allegations. If they do, it will be one more muslim victory in the ‘litigation jihad.”

        “Veni, Vidi, Deus Vicit”

  5. Um I am guessing no one over there has seen Return of the Jedi? Oh and i know its been a while since I saw the movie, but if I’m not mistaken Jabba’s palace was filled with murderers, thugs, and terrorists. (OF COURSE IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO AND NO ONE HAS HAD A PROBLEM TILL NOW)?!? File this one under frivolous lawsuit of the century!

    • Stick around. CAIR will eventually get around to it. They never fail to disappoint. If it’s stupid and frivolous, they’re on it, and all about it, sorta like ‘stink on sh*t.’

  6. I just ordered one…! Once they are banned it will be worth a nice penny, and besides, it will remind me about the times we were still free!!

  7. Most folks familiar with those toys know that Lego is a Danish company… owned by the family that started it…

    Those who don’t ought to write about other things…

    • Well then, all the better. I’m sure Lars Hedegaard (the activist, not the cricket player) would be most interested in this potential lawsuit against Lego, if he is not already well-read upon it, which i’m sure he is. The same with the Norwegian journalist, Fjordman. Now, what is your point? What relevence does your comment have regarding these baseless complaints against Lego? They shouldn’t have to be unjustly condemned by these Turkish groups or subjected to harrassing, frivolous lawsuits, or brought to the conclusion that they should settle out of court and pay off the ‘jizya tax’ so to speak. If they settle, that would be an act of dimmitude to say the least, and the muslim blackmailers would have won another victory among many.

      You sound quite snarky, arrogant, and quite uninformed towards muslim behaviors within the West and without. Perhaps it is you who should write about other things, especially since you have completely missed the point here.

      Please enroll in Islam 101 first, then come back and visit us.

  8. At the time it was built it was an architectual marvel, being the largest domed CHRISTIAN cathedral ever constructed. When the barbarian Muslims took it over they painted over the lovely frescos in an attempt to destroy them. Joke was ultimately on them, when it was somewhat refurbished as a museum, the white wash had actually preserved the glorious Christian frescos. I think the Turkish group is very confused as it is Muslims that actually copied the Hagia Sophia when they built the Blue Mosque, as Christian I am seriously offended! Idiots!

  9. Dear BNI:

    When I was a child in the late 1970s; I saw the movie Star Wars. In that movie the planet Alderaan is depicted as having vegetation covered continents, large blue oceans and inhabited by humanoids. In the movie Alderaan is destroyed killing hundreds of millions of Alderaanians.

    Alderaan is obviously a not so disguised stand in for Earth. I am a humanoid on Earth. Therefore, George Lucas, LucasFilm and the special effects company Industrial Light & Magic is making the statement that I shouldn’t exist and I should be destroyed. This caused my childhood to be robbed from me… shame on you George Lucas!

    Therefore, as a member of The Church of the Perpetually Offended Obssessed With Litigation… I have decided to sue the above trinity of evil childhood stealing baddies. However there is more!

    George Lucas hired two actors with Jewish ancestry for this MOST EVIL FILM in the world- those Zionist Conspirators… Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher! Lucas also had on the payroll the British actor Alex Guiness. Lucas was obviously making the statement that he supported Britain’s Colonialist Empire. An Empire controlled by Zionists which in turn would eventually lead to the filming of Star Wars. The movie that traumitzed me.

    Therefore, along with the millions of dollars in compensation; I will also petition the United Nations to impose sanctions and military action against Great Britain and Israel. Perhaps the UN can use the Death Star to incinerate those two nations and Imperial Tie-Fighters can shoot lasers at any survivors in London or Tel-Aviv.

    Then whoever does not want to join The Church of the Perpetually Offended Obssessed With Litigation after the Death Star blows up the UK and Israel; can look forward to receiving a letter from me.

    If you are not pleased with what happened, well… that offends me. My lawyers will be letting you know how severely…. so world… open up your wallets.

  10. I believe LEGO should enclose instructions with their great little blocks on how to build a mosque. They could even enclose a disc of yodels to play at high volume when the minaret is completed. Then everyone in the neighborhood will know that little Johnny built his mosque when they hear the AYYYYY! Yibbeldy-Bibbildey Alley-Yalley GROAN-SCREECH five times a day.

  11. As a Christian, I’m offended that this CHURCH was made into a mosque by islamic supremacist savages. Where’s a lawyer to take my case to sue those bastards?

    Oh, and I did send a message to Lego about how they should not capitulate to these bullies, and that if they do, I won’t be scraping and saving to buy their toys for my kids any more.

  12. Forgot to click it here as well.

    Hey mohammadan supremacists here’s some wisdom for you: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    • Wow, you’re a douche too. Lot of racist narrow minded douches surface when stupid shit like this happens. Give it up dude…

  13. Lego isn’t an American Company…

    Wikipedia; Lego
    Lego (often spelled LEGO) is a popular line of construction toys manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark.

  14. What will them idiots complain about next? Probably complain about cockroaches for looking like them when they are banging their heads on the floor in the mosque.

  15. “Referring to weapons contained in the set, the statement suggests that the ‘combination of temple building and bunker facilities where shots are fired cannot be appropriate for children between 9 and 14 years old’.”

    Dr Melissa Günes, General Secretary of the Turkish Cultural Community is quite right. Such weapons, and training in their use, known as hamasturbation, starts at age five or younger, in islamist Gaza.

    I think the church should complain, since the Basilica of Ἁγία Σοφία, was and is a church, once raped by barbarian mohammedans, and now a triumphal islamist ‘museum’.

    BTW, Jabba the Hutt looks like a clone of the mayor of Burnaby, BC, and his former RCMP chief.

  16. OMG! Now another valid, legitamate reason to hate muslims! They’re pathetic swine intent upon the destruction of all of our cultural heritage. Looks like Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, huh? If that was the case, then the only people who would come close to having anything resembling a legitimate gripe would NOT be muslims, but rather, ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS! Particularly, Greek Orthodox Christians! You see, the building predates islam and it was built as a CHURCH! In fact, it was for centuries the world’s largest, most prestigeous cathedral in all Christandom. It was built in AD 532, commissioned by the Roman Emperor Justinian and completed in AD 537. Once completed, Justinian was said to have exclaimed “Oh Soloman, I have outdone thee!” The Architects were Isidoros and Anthemios – both ethnic Greek Christians. The only exterior additions of note added by the Turks were the four minarets added after their conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) in AD 1453. It was the Turks who converted it into a pathetic mosque.

    Hagia Sophia is Greek for Holy Wisdom, and this church was to be the Ottoman Turks model of inspiration for mosque construction ever since. Islam, if one hasn’t yet noted, has a long history of stealing the cultural heritage of others, then, as in the case of converting this treasure into a vile mosque, and now by using it once again in order to put the smack-down upon Lego. Lawfare is just their latest tactic in this age-old battle. I just wish all muslims would drop dead!

    Oh yea, I most definitely will be sending Lego an email of encouragement to stand their ground. Where does it all end? When they finally sue all non-muslims for breathing earth’s air? Most likely.

    God I hate them!

      • Bonni, I just reminded them of that historical fact, and I hope many others do as well. Lets just hope and pray lego stands their ground on this and not cave in to the pressure of these baseless muslim groups. Muslims are disgusting to me. They constantly whine and cry over silly stuff that has no merit. They’re like spoiled little kids, but what makes it so bad is that they are so numerous, childish, yet murderously dangerous to peace-loving people who simply want to go about their lives. Most of all, they are supremacists bent on world domination thru all means necessary. They must be stopped or the human race will not survive.

      • Randy, thank you. Thank you for clarifying the reality of the Saint Sophia Church.

        I was going to say:

        1) The Saint Sophia is a church, not a mosque.

        2) It’s not alway about you repulsive mohammadans. I’ve no doubt the toy designers at Lego have better things to do than dream up extremely obscure ways to offend the permanently offended.

        3) How pathetic an ideological/”cultural” group you are that you are constantly looking for offense in every cloud formation. It cannot be expressed often or firmly enough: It’s not always (actually very rarely) about you.

        What a bunch of attention whores with self esteem issues.

        • You are most welcome! I had a feeling you would chime in on this one. After all, you have seen it numerous times, and no doubt, explored it’s cavernous, glorious interior. I envy you there, lol. I’ve wanted to see Hagia Sophia with my own eyes since the mid 70’s. My best chance was in the early 90’s while living in Germany, but I blew that opportunity.

          I do hope Lego takes a principalled stand on this issue, but like so many other groups and organizations, they very well may cave in to islamist pressures. More people need to send emails of encouragement to Lego so the muzturded rapers of culture will taste defeat for a change.

    • Wow, you’re the biggest douche on this site. Amazing. So you just hate all Muslims? You’re a racist douche, really. You’re just simply a product women can buy from drugstores to was their vaginas. I’m Muslim (by birth, not practicing), I’m also Turkish, and I grew up and live in the US. Maybe I should claim my Christian wife’s vagina in the name of Allah? Oh, I’m also a huge Star Wars fan, and I did buy this Lego kit, and because of all this I’m enjoying the fact that the value of this toy is increasing due to this idiotic lawsuit. I admit that this is stupid, but come on dude, belittling a whole group of people? You speak of historical facts, and there are others posting here about the historical facts, but wow, you just kill all of your valid arguments with the drivel you spill agains Muslims.
      You’re just a douche. Simple as that.

      • Yep, that’s me on a good day, full of vinegar and water. Catch me on a bad day, it’s all “piss and vinegar.” You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  17. I would change it simply because nothing associated with Star Wars should ever be tainted by the religion of death, hatred, and violence. I’d sooner play with Lego toys that are coated in fermented in animal dung, than ones that resemble a mosque.

    • The Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) was a church before it was stolen by the turks. It has an obvious resemblence to the Roman Pantheon.

      • Gok, do you even know what a basilica is? Can you offer up a precise definition of the word without resorting to Wikipedia? Have you ever even set foot in one? Marvelled at the masonry of it’s walls? The clerestory windows? Do you know what a cleristory window is? Can you discern the difference between an apse and a transept? Nave?

        Then goeth thou and doucheth thyself!

  18. The Lego company HQ, all factories that manufacture any Lego products, Legoland park, and any and all businesses that sell Lego brand products, should be bombed out of existence. The homes, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, investments, any real estate property of Lego employees should be confiscated and given to the aggrieved innocent muslims. All Lego employees must be arrested and imprisoned. All Lego products in private homes in America, or any other country, should be turned in to the authorities for destruction or face fines and prison time.

    All mentions of Lego need to be removed from google, yahoo, and any other search engines. The “poor, starving palestinians” no doubt have have been deeply injured by this Lego debacle, and as compensation, their foreign aid given by the USA and Europe should be tripled.

  19. Toys? How about Saudi school texts? Teachers are instructed to teach:
    Grade 8:
    *Command Muslims to “hate” Christians, Jews, polytheists and other “unbelievers,” including non-devout Muslims.” (P. 14)
    *Teach that the Crusades never ended, and identify the American Universities in Beirut and in Cairo, other Western and Christian social service providers, media outlets, centers for academic studies of Orientalism, and campaigns for women’s rights as part of the modern phase of the Crusades. (P. 15)
    *Teach that “the Jews and the Christians are enemies of the [Muslim] believers” (P. 16) and that “the clash between the two realms “continues until the Day of Resurrection.” (P. 18)
    *Instruct students not to “greet,” “befriend,” “imitate,” “show loyalty to,” “be courteous to”, or “respect” non-believers. (P. 24)
    Grade 9:
    *Define jihad to include “wrestling with the infidels by calling them to the faith and battling against them,” (P. 25) and assert that the spread of Islam through jihad is a “religious obligation.” (P. 26) [the word qital, translated here as “battle,” is derived from the verb qatala, “to kill,” and is virtually never used metaphorically.]
    *Instruct that “the struggle between Muslims and Jews” will continue “until the hour [of judgment]” and that “Muslims will triumph because they are right” and “he who is right is always victorious.” (P. 27)
    Grade 10:
    *Cite a selective teaching of violence against Jews, while in the same lesson, ignoring the passages of the Quran and Hadeeths [narratives of the life of the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, that counsel tolerance. (P. 28)
    *Teach the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as historical fact and relate modern events to it. (P. 29) …and so forth…

  20. Litigation Jihad,,, and an overabundance of depleted self-esteem,,,
    Further, they don’t like being shown up and named for the terrorists and terror organizations that they are. Simple as that, IMHO

  21. I’d tell these slimy savages to go get F**ked! I swear these bastards think everyone is mocking them and their so called moon God religion and they are correct.

    • [Foul Language Deleted –BNI] Really, savages? Kinda funny the Islamic world was developing complex mathematics, and developing an understanding of medicine…and oh, bathing everyday when the rest of Europe was in the dark ages and spreading disease. Oh, and why don’t we bring up the Crusades? That’s such a perfect example of savagery endorsed by religion, oh and that’s right…they were Christians.

      • Yes, savages. Developing complex mathematics? Really? Greek Algebra coupled with a numeral system from Dharmic India, you mean? Islam served as a conduit. A conduit for the ideas of others and a tendancy to make preposterous claims as to their inventions. When Europeans aquired these tools, they invented calculus. While we’re on the subject of personal hygene, how do you think the Turks learned how to build and power those bathhouses? The Greco-Romans. Now the last time I looked at a map, the Greeks and Romans were Europeans. Did they suddenly pack up and migrate en masse to Asia since my last trip to Europe? You do know all those deadly diseases vectored by flea-ridden rats had to go thru muslim lands in order to infect Europeans, right? If not, then please consult a map.

        Yes, do bring up the Crusades, why not? If the muslims didn’t block access to these pilgimage sites in formerly Christian lands, then they very well may never have occurred. Now can I bring up the Armenian Genocide? I mean all is fair game here isn’t it? Ever listen to the alternative metal band, System of a Down? I personally knew two survivors of the Armenian Genocide. Your talking points are old. We have heard them all before. Every muslim it seems have these programmed into their brain. (or whatever passes for a brain in a muslim)

        BTW, what were the Ottoman Turks doing hanging around the suburbs of Vienna in 1683?

  22. why dont the christians sue the muslims for the return of the blue mosque to its rightful owners maybe some of cairs legal teams can assist with the case .As for the mosque just nuke it so it cant be copied .Another muslim offended great.

      • If this is about to the so called Mosque, then it is also refering to a Church. This was a Byzantine Church before the Muslims confesicated it labeled it a “mosque” Why aren’t the Christians upset????

    • Wow, a lot of douchebags here. Wow. Firstly, I’m going to out this out there, I’m a Turkish American. Secondly, I have to definitely agree that this is the silliest lawsuit I’ve ever heard of in my life…seriously. There are so many mistakes here, especially all of the douche’s making racist comments agains Turks. Yes this is a stupid lawsuit. I have the toy set and it really looks nothing like a mosque, any idiot who has watched Return of the Jedi can see. Many have pointed out, Hagia Sofia is really not a mosque, it was a Byzantine Basilica. It was a mosque during Ottoman rule. But you know what, it’s now a museum highlighting the architectural and artistic beauty of the structure.
      So, yes, it is a really stupid lawsuit. But it makes me happy because its going to potentially drive up the value of my toy. But, I’d also like to out it out there that some of you folks should lay off the racist rhetoric…oh, but I’m so sorry, you can’t…because you’re all douchebags.

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