SAY WHAT? British Foreign Secretary: “Algerian Hostage Crisis could have been worse had we not intervened in Libya”

British-Foreign-Secretary-William-HagueThe threat of extremism in North Africa could be “much worse” if the West had not intervened in Libya, William Hague has warned. (Worse than what?) The Foreign Secretary said that the spread of weapons across the region and the likelihood of further terror attacks would have been increased if Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had not been deposed. (Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST al-Qaeda)

Huffington Post  Hague told the BBC: “Certainly weapons, Tuareg people coming out of Libya have contributed to this situation that then al Qaida in the Maghreb have been able to take advantage of.”


“We were involved, if you recall, in saving lives in Libya. I think, actually, if we had not been doing that, because what we did actually shortened the Libyan conflict, these problems would have been, if anything, even greater.

“If the Libyan conflict had gone on for longer, there would have been an even greater flow of weapons and an even greater opportunity for extremists to take hold in Libya.” He added: “While the Libyan situation may well have contributed to what has happened in Mali, I think the action that the Western world took in Libya, if anything, mitigated that.”