Senator Rand Paul to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Had I been President, I would have relieved you of your post”

In her best Barack Hussein Obama ‘in the hood’ impression, Hillary Clinton ‘shucks and jives’ at the hard questions on whether the US was sending weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey.


The Blaze Said Rand Paul, “Had I been president at the time, and I found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi, you did not read the cables from Ambassador Stevens, I would have relieved you of your post,” he said. “I think it’s inexcusable.” Paul went on to say that he does not suspect Clinton of “bad motives” but that doesn’t excuse her negligence in the situation, even it was wasn’t “willful.” The senator followed up by asking Clinton whether she had any knowledge of the transfer of weapons to Turkey out of Libya. She denied having any knowledge of it, but took the question “for the record,” never denying it.


49 comments on “Senator Rand Paul to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Had I been President, I would have relieved you of your post”

  1. Firstly thanks to Bonni and Randy for explaining the GOP thing to me.
    Secondly,great to hear back from you Randy mate,hope you and yours are all good mate.

  2. She should have been grilled to account for every minute of her whereabouts and actions during the seven hour attack when they screamed for help but the White House refused to send help. This is murder and we need a murder trial along with impeachment.

  3. Can you just imagine what the Fin muslims would say if a British Christian priest was grooming white English children to chant this crap about muslims? Are we all insane in the West? God I hate these Arab bastards

  4. Now Boys and Girls, it’s time for your lesson in Nature. Did you know that there little boy snakes and little girl snakes ? Well look at the picture of our Secy of State and see a big girl snake with your own eyes. That’s OK. You don’t have to thank me. Uncle Bobby just wwanted you to be klnowlegable.

  5. I take confort in believing this ‘ bioch is going to a place known to us as hell, where she will have an eternity to contemplate the consequences of she has brought upon humanity. She had better hope like all else I don’t end up there with her, nothing says “payback bitch” like an eternity of tortures for the truely deserving.

  6. I don’t as a rule make comments in threads concerning America,only because i think that it is not my place to stick my nose into your country’s business,but………..allow me this one post??

    Great job Mr Paul sir.

    By the way my American mates,can you please send Mr Paul and Col.Alan West over to the UK POST HASTE!!!!

        • Lol, I didn’t say he had to be alive, bro. Well, nevermind that, you guys don’t need his corpse over there stinking up the place either, lol. Yes, just as BNI said, GOP is another name for the Republican Party, which incidentally, has become much like the UK’s Tory Party. I like what Michael Savage has in mind, namely, the need for a new nationalist party, (not national socialist, mind you) but something to replace an increasingly ineffective Republican Party, something along the lines of the British Freedom Party, or UKIP perhaps, though I must confess I do not know much about UKIP other than their anti-EU platform. What is the UKIP’s position on islam in the UK?

          BTW, don’t worry about commenting on American affairs. We do it all the time, lol. All joking aside, Lord Monckton does it all the time and what he says is usually spot-on correct. I mean, the man detests Obama as much as we do, and he did his level best to help us get rid of him on the birth certificate issue. He is especially keen to use our Founding Father’s writings to prove his point. Anyhow, it is good to hear your voice again, my friend. Take care.

  7. Until I see documents, I don’t believe a thing coming out of Washington. Call me paranoid, but when you’re dealing with a nest full of rats…

  8. Can the families of the martyred (by Clinton and ObuMBoy) not sue anyone? Is that written into their contracts? You be cannon fodder, boy. Just like the parents of ‘common’ children, DENIED armed protection, while ObuMBoys precious whores get multiple armed guards with massive back-up.

    • Huck, really man? Until they’re older and prove otherwise, leave ’em be. I would not blame those two for the sins of their father.

      Still, I can’t blame you for pointing out the hypocrisy.

  9. Anybody with a brain knows she’s not being truthful. I really liked when one congressman (forgot the name) really told her off to the point that she exploded with contempt and lies.

    The best secretary of state the U.S. ever had is Madeleine Albright. In comparison, Hillary is to be disregarded. I disturbs me when media says she’s the best the U.S. ever had. But then again, that’s liberal media.

  10. The US needs to do more to protect its embassdors. The US needs to fight Islam ideologically and realize ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM, rather than EXTREMISM.

    There was no ‘moderate’ Nazism either.

  11. Excuse me, I DO think she has evil intentions. I believe the reason these criminal bozos keep getting away with horror is that the rest of us are reasoning human beings who behave with common courtesies and integrity. Many of us anyway.
    A good chance Rand Paul has no clue about how evil the United States is.
    God help us all.

    This is the face of evil. YIKES.

    1) This You Tube confirms for me absolutely that Hitlary is EVIL EVIL EVIL. and I do not use this word easily.
    2) Waco —> is this is a peek at the very near future in the States? Keep in mind that Hitler began rounding up people only 3 years after outlawing guns in the hands of civilians.
    . go to 1:30:00 and on and see what this inhuman being has been doing for years including planning and orchestrating the dismantling former Yugoslavia which paved the way for Islamofascism to grow to incredible and frightening levels of infiltration in Eastern Europe.
    Hitlary is a traitor. Just another Criminal Bozo among all the rest of them….

    What is Benghazi to these insane monsters.
    yeah, Hell is too good for this one.
    Keep a watch on her. I have this feeling that she will end up being the president of the one world banking system–just typing out loud here.
    Good Luck to everyone. And thanks for all you do to keep the Truth about Islam fresh and real.
    Bless your hearts.

    • @ Teacake – I think you are on to something there about Haji Hillary. The last time she she and Billy boy were ‘intimate’ was when their daughter was concieved. Age has not been too kind to Haji Hilliary. When one is as evil and bitter as her thats what happens.

      She is starting to resemble a female version of Jabba the Hut. Looking at the photo above of her there really is a striking resemblance to Jabba.

      Jabba Hilliary… yeh has a ring to it doesnt it :)

    • Are you trying to imply that the Hildabeast has been munching on Huma’s ‘prayer rug?’

      Lol! You sly devil you! 😉

    • the point was to deflect the blame and where it started from, the so-called pResident, the coward-n-theif, thats the point. The hildabeast of the east, aka hilldog, didn’t and won’t suffer anything as a result of following iillegal orders, It worked so well, the msm didn’t want to see evil, hear evil or call it evil, so the low info idiots once again fell for the liar and his pack of lies, and now, we get to straighten this mess up with our liberties on the line, so whats the point you ask?

  13. I smell grilled Wild Hildabeast………Well done? No, rather medium rare. Sen. Paul should have grilled the Hildabeast longer and harder.

  14. as she goes “turkey???” trying to make Rand look stupid!! They are so good at their game, makes ya want to Biotch Slap! Yep, and here I thought maybe, Just maybe, she might come clean!! hahahaha not a chance in hell ! And just WHERE are those people that were evacuated, has anyone hear one peep out of them? WHERE ARE THEY? I want to know who gave the orders to STAND DOWN, because we know it could ONLY come from the TOP – guess who!!

    • Love it LR. I thought he was a she, wearing a hijab?
      Good comment from the ‘holy man’ too.
      The kid has been brainwashed, doesn’t understand,
      but will grow up to be a first-class Friday night shit-stirrer coward,
      to wind up the islamist zoMBies to kill for allah.

      BTW, allah DID send a plague on the jews,
      IT’s called islam, and it’s leader is ObuMBoy.

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