UK: While Muslim terrorists walk free, a young man who left a pig’s head at a mosque is jailed for 3 months

A Thatchman man was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment after admitting to one count of racially aggravated harassment and a section 4 public order offence at Reading Magistrates’ Court.


Newbury Today Rory Rowbottom, aged 21 of Poffley Place, pleaded guilty to the offences in connection with an incident in Newbury in October where a pig’s head was discovered outside a mosque in Pound Street (pictured).


Deputy local police commander for the Newbury area, Ch Insp Lindsey Finch, said: “I welcome the outcome of the court case today, and hope that it serves as a reminder that racial harassment of any kind is totally unacceptable in today’s society and will be dealt with as a priority by both the police and the courts.

pig5-vi“This kind of harassment will not be tolerated by the police, or by the community as a whole. “It was heartening to see the response from other communities in West Berkshire who were equally distressed and horrified that this could happen to Muslims in Newbury. “This was a particularly distressing crime, targeting a very respectful and close community in West Berkshire.

pig3thum-vi-1“The police response when alerted to this incident was swift and decisive, and a detailed and comprehensive investigation then followed. “I also take this opportunity to remind people that they can continue to have confidence in reporting racial incidents to the police and that they will be investigated fully and respectfully.”

pig-laughingA representative of the Newbury Mosque Committee, Lucky Nizami, said: “The mosque has been in Newbury for a number of years and this incident shocked members of the mosque because Newbury is such a close and tight-knit town “We cannot understand why someone would want to do such a thing and it has saddened many, many people. However the mosque committee is very grateful for the support and kindness shown by a large number of people from the Newbury area.

pig“Muslims in West Berkshire are a very respectful community who do not interfere in matters of faith for other local communities. “The Muslim community is very tolerant of others’ beliefs, but hold several things very close to them – those are the Koran, the Prophet and the Mosque. “It was therefore beyond the understanding of the community why anyone would wish to insult them by directly attacking one of those – in this case, the Mosque.

“Police responded so effectively and respectfully to this incident, and have conducted a very thorough and wide reaching investigation. “This positive and supportive response has further increased confidence that the police will continue to respond robustly if incidents are reported to them.

“We are really pleased that the man who was responsible has appeared before the court and we accept the decision of the court.”


32 comments on “UK: While Muslim terrorists walk free, a young man who left a pig’s head at a mosque is jailed for 3 months

  1. Blind obedience is necessary for this infiltration to work, and then the mohommedist can take over without to much of a fight. No surprise when it comes to brain washing techniques. The UK is under a brain washing program that will result in the Stockholm Syndrome unless checked.

  2. Personally I find England a horrid country to live in and cannot believe that it is the same country I grew up in and went to school in 0 The Labour party has a major share of the blame for what they have done

  3. Well, I burned three strips of bacon this morning, was thinking of contributing to the mosque in a nearby city, about 15 miles in, but I guess I can scratch that idea now…..WOULDN’T want to be accused of being “racist” by a bunch of muslimes, now would I?!!……And as usual, ISLAM is STILL NOT a race!!………..

  4. NEWSFLASH: Prime Minister Cameron has just announced a ‘Day of Mourning’ over leaving a pig’s head at a mosque. All flags will fly at half mast. Collections for Muslim Zakat will be made at all of the nation’s charities, schools, churches, government offices, restaurants and supermarkets.

    Police and Special Forces will be taken off their assignments in tracking terrorists in order to offer rides to mosques to Muslims.

    There will be a special ‘Muslim School Day’, ‘Muslim College Day’ and ‘Muslim University Day’ to educate the nation’s students on how amazing and wonderful Islam is. And how inferior other religions and political systems are.

    The nation will hold a ‘Convert to Islam’ Day.

    All British military forces are to be immediately brought home and will be posted as guards at every mosque in the country to ensure no pig’s head is left at any mosque.

    Her Majesty’s government, police and courts will continue their honorable practice of punishing British citizens who protest Islamification, Sharia law and Muslim conquest of Britain.

    In order to honor Islam and give great honor to Islam’s god, the practice of allowing Muslim child-rapists to walk free on bail, will continue. As will the practice of giving Muslim rapists light sentences and allowing violent Muslim attackers and terrorists who are in the country illegally to remain in Britain.

    The practice of Social Services, schools and the police of ignoring the desperate pleas for help from British children terrorized by Muslim rapists outside schools and other places will continue, as will ignoring the desperate pleas for help from British child victims of cruel Muslim gang-rapes, sexual enslavement and forced prostitution.

  5. This incident where a young man who leaves a pig’s head at a mosque get JAILED (albeit only for 3 months – count on the penalties to become heftier yet rapidly!!!) while Moslem terrorist-suspects walk free tells us that the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” is in DIREST DANGER of becoming a true DICTATORSHIP!!!! Already the government, mainstream-media, police (and soon the military!!!), academe, unions, banks, law-firms and business are practically OWNED by the Arabs and other Moslems – it won’t take much for them to force the UK to formally call in martial law and renounce all its quasi-democratic past over the past 100 to 150 years.

    Barring civil war, it’s time for a MASSIVE EXODUS of real Englishmen from that moribund country!!! Britannia is practically DEAD…

    • ADHD, The real men in Britain want to stay and fight for Britain’s freedom!

      Furthermore, America’s Muslim President Obama, declared at the UN:
      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,”

      A worldwide threat on the Free World’s non-Muslim people!

      • Good, Ms. Rivera!!!

        Then let them start the fight IMMEDIATELY – let’s see some results begin trickling in, please!!! Each passing unused second will only make things WORSE!!!

        [And confound that Moslem traitor Obama’s declaration, he truly needs to be made to leave his usurped post ASAP by hook or by crook!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be THE Antichrist, in fact…]

  6. Moslems in England are only at the insertion stage. After 100 or 200 years, they will begin to consolidate their supremacism and then launch an extermination of native English people.
    This is the pattern followed in other Moz countries. Sharia law is a meat grinder that reduces the host culture to digestible pulp.
    There are no host cultures left in most Moz countries…like Turkey.

    • It will be FAR SOONER, “perceptor1”, than that!! Count on it happening in as little as ten years, or as soon as they reach any majority anywhere!! Already they’re driving people out of Tower Hamlets!!! [Not to forget other Moslem areas of cities in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway &c.]

  7. Reminds me of the mock march by Jacques Offenbach from his operetta ‘Genevieve de Brabant’ – The Bold Gendarmes

    “We’re public guardians, bold yet wary,
    And of ourselves we take good care!
    To risk our precious lives we’re chary,
    When danger looms we’re never there!
    But when we meet a helpless woman,
    Or little boys that do no harm,
    We run them in,
    We run them in,
    We run them in,
    We run them in,
    We show them we’re the bold gendarmes!”

    Thus is the state of British Policing today – Politically Correct, craven, treasonous cowards!
    My late father would turn in his grave if he knew the country he fought for, received decorations from Sir Winston Churchill & HRH Princess Elizabeth – only to see his beloved country given over limp-wristedly to the type of ideology he fought against!


  8. “This kind of HARRASSMENT will not be tolerated by the police, or by the community as a whole. “It was heartening to see the response from OTHER [?] communities in West Berkshire who were EQUALLY DISTRESSED and HORRIFIED that this could happen to Muslims in Newbury. “This was a PARTICULARLY DISTRESSING crime, targeting a very respectful and close community in West Berkshire.”

    For a static pig’s head? What of Andy ‘womanizer’ Choudary marching around yelling “British Police go to hell!”, and “We don’t recognize British law, unless it’s sharia.” ?

    I guess the British Moslem Police Association is too busy with pig’s heads to deal with ENDEMIC ‘british’ and immigrant Pakistani Moslem Pedophile Rape Gangs, targeting vulnerable children of the host nation.

    Chump Inspirer Lindsey Finch, you are a wahhabi wanker, you are preaching from the prayer book prepared by Cameron and his professional dipshits. YOURS will hopefully be the first head on a pike, either by a member of that “respectful and close community”, as you unctuously put it, or at the hands of one of the general population, who observe this dumbing down of THEIR land and customs by you and all the other DESPICABLE grovelers to ‘political correctness’.

    How does it feel, having ‘LUCKY’ Nizami [You couldn’t make this up!] grind into you, every Friday night, yelling allahu akbar?

  9. Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39).

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Prime Minister Cameron, MPs, police, and the courts have abandoned the British people. They have abandoned Britain’s non-Muslim children. THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP! How can elites be so cruel?

    What is the going price to sell out Britain? Ruling elites have sold their souls and sold out Britain to Islam!

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK – Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

  10. Islam is a totalitarian POLITICAL-religious system. NOT a race. As a Police Commander, should he not be stating the truth, rather than a lie?

    Police Commander: “Racial harassment of any kind is totally unacceptable in today’s society and will be dealt with as a priority by both the police and the courts.”

    The destroyed lives of many thousands of Britain’s non-Muslim children – gang raped by Muslim monsters, sexually enslaved and forced into prostitution, mean absolutely nothing to the police, courts and UK ruling elites.

    What really upsets elites is leaving a pig’s head at a mosque. Elites are “distressed and horrified that this could happen to Muslims”.

    Muslims wage rape jihad on hated infidel females throughout Europe and other countries. UK ruling elites stomp on Britain’s terrorized children who are offered up as a sacrifice to Islam.

    Ruling elites ALLOW and are COMPLICIT in the cruel massive Muslim rape jihad against many thousands of Britain’s defenseless children.

    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Are Complicit in Child-Rape
    …thousands of predominately Pakistani Muslim gang rapes of white English girls in the Rotherham area…

    Our leaders bow down to Islam’s death god and cooperate fully with the Islamic goal to perpetrate enormous suffering and the total destruction of safety and freedom for hated British infidels.

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  11. Muslims in– where ever — are very respectful — BULLSH*T ! ! As long as the’re muslims, their tithing contributes to terrorists.
    every penny that the ragheads say is going for needed medicines and food passes through people like Hamas and the PLO first. If there’s any left, they might buy an aspirin or two for their members.
    the young man in question should be rewarded for his actions. Collections should be taken up for him to pay any fines and to give him a boost when he is released.

    • Over here in the UK it’s not the muslimes that are laughable, it’s the stupid police farce..What morons they are to kowtow to muslimes “hurt feelings” and “offence”….I’m offended every fooking time I see a woman walking around with a bin liner over her head or seeing the streets blocked by carpet chewing troglodytes.
      We in the West are being Lefted and Liberalized (other words that mean SHAFTED) by our politicians…..

    • I found a dead rabbit by my outside air conditioning unit. Could… could… could it have been moslems trying to intimidate me by killing the Easter Bunny? Yes! Of course it was! HATE CRIME!

  12. A champion boxer charged with beating an officer with a two-metre pole during last year’s CBD riot thought the Muslim protests would be peaceful – but brought a balaclava along anyway.
    Ahmed Elomar, 29, a two-time national boxing titleholder, was this morning refused bail in the Supreme Court on charges stemming from the violent scenes last September.
    The father-of-three allegedly hit a constable with a flagpole during the angry uprising and also threw a “missile” at police, who he is then accused of attacking as they tried to arrest him.

    However at the same place this guy got off lightly in court, but since then…..
    While the taxpayer supports accused rioter Omar Halaby, he spruiks about terrorism and illegal drugs on his Facebook page – and even does the odd day’s work on a construction site, despite receiving a disability pension.
    Now it is understood Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin will review the 19-year-old’s case after he bragged on the social network site about being employed. The Padstow man, who was one of seven people charged for his role in last September’s Muslim riot in the CBD, claims to have learning and physical disabilities from a past football injury that prevent him gaining employment.
    But The Daily Telegraph can reveal that, while Halaby is collecting a $200-a-week pension, he works as a sub-contractor on a construction site. In his Facebook profile Halaby also refers to the US President Barack Obama as a terrorist and posts pictures of drugs and police dressed as pigs … Just before his court appearance last Friday, he posted on Facebook: “Having the time of my life at Downing Centre Local Court.”
    How stupid!!! See the link….he is called Omar the crate, and has caused a bit of a stir because he has no trouble smashing police car windscreens with milk crates but it seems Muslim rioter Omar Halaby is not fit to work, receiving a $200-a-fortnight disability support pension

  13. A hog will not go to a mosque of its own accord.
    People need to take the Muslim infestation of the West seriously. This is just a silly prank. What’s needed is real, sustained action to push these parasites out of the West. Welfare reform would be a good start. No welfare to immigrants, of any kind! Immediate deportation of illegals. By that, I mean, caught at breakfast, on the plane by supper. Children and chattels to follow. NO MOSQUES! Islam banned on the grounds of mental health and national security.

  14. Hate to ask again, but…what race is islam ? If there is anyone who could help us with this,it would be …Bob Evans…he never shys away from a “good breakfast “.

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