Muslims infiltrate a public school, demand special accommodations for daily prayer…AND GET IT!

top_9341MARYLAND: When the Muslim parents of Hayat and Habeeb Marso chose to send her two sons to Parkdale High School in Riverdale after they had completed memorizing the entire Qur’an at Dar-us-Salaam’s full-time hifdz school in College Park, she wasn’t worried. (She knew that the Litigation jihadists from CAIR would file a lawsuit against the school if they refused to allow her sons to pray there.)


Muslim Link It was tough leaving beloved Muslim teachers, but their training at Dar-us-Salaam had made them strong enough to handle public infidel school. Hayat and Habeeb Marso are actively involved in the Muslim Student Association* of their new school. Their principal, Cheryl Logan turns to Hayat for advice on Muslim issues.


*The Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National), was established mainly by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. The creation of MSA resulted from Saudi-backed efforts to establish Islamic organizations internationally in the 1960s, for the purpose of spreading its Wahhabist ideology across the globe. The ideology that underpins the MSA mission is the same ideology as defines the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. The MSA perspective is global and its aspirations are closely linked to those of the “global Islamic Movement.

A major issue of concern for many Muslims is being able to offer their daily prayers, and prayer in public school has always been an ‘issue’. A lot of parents at Parkdale are frustrated that their kids cannot pray in school. (Then you should have left them in Islamic school) “We got into major trouble last year as we were hiding and praying in congregation,” Hayat says as he soberly wraps up the leopard print prayer rug in his family’s prayer room. Last year, the principal, Cheryl Logan told the students that they could not pray in congregation..

At a recent bullying seminar hosted by terror-linked CAIR at Dar-us-Salaam, Hayat consulted with Todd Gallagher, an attorney with CAIR. Habeeb also spoke with a local lawyer to learn more about the laws. As the MSA President who will graduate in May, Hayat maintains that it is his responsibility to pave the way (infiltrate schools with Islamic rules) for students who will follow him.


It’s not that students of any faith can’t pray in school, no matter what the general public thinks. They can. And Muslim students do, in empty classrooms, under stairwells, and library corners. They just can’t do it with the support of the school, because that’s a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. What this means is that the school administration cannot lead prayers or mandate that students attend prayer.

In Masschusetts, non-Muslim students were forced to visit a mosque and recite Islamic prayers while there
In Masschusetts, non-Muslim students were forced to visit a mosque and recite Islamic prayers while there

The ruling according to the First Amendment Center “requires that teachers and administrators neither promote nor denigrate religion — a commitment to state neutrality that protects the religious freedom of students of all faiths and no faith.” The U.S. Supreme Court banned official prayers in public schools, but religion is not taboo in schools. That’s because the same First Amendment that separates church and state also gives students like the Marsos the right to freely practice their faith.

Abdul Karim Taufique is the MSA Vice-President at Roosevelt High School in the same school district. He says that they have no issues with holding salah at school. Since they follow a different period system, student can easily pray at lunch time. They host Friday prayers after classes, where he delivers the Khutbah.”There is no process. The Principal gave permission so anyone can pray in the library media room,” says Abdul-Karim.


“Ms. Logan needs to prepare for an increase in Muslim students coming (Under Obama’s flood the US with Muslim parasites program) to her school,” says Afeefa Marso, Hayat and Habeeb’s mother. Arabic as a foreign language and the International Baccalaureate program makes Parkdale a viable option for some parents.

So instead of making it a public issue, Hayat and the Parkdale MSA decided to continue the gentle and diplomatic (aka taqiyya – Islamic deception) approach. The MSA invited parents and Principal Logan to an MSA meeting and they discussed the process of getting permission to pray in congregation for Dhuhr salah. Principal Logan said she would need to see report cards and good behavior. But 4 weeks passed without results.

Hayat and his peer’s parents continue emailing their requests and recently have convinced the administration. “Requests for prayers are done by parents of students, not by organizations. This ensures that the parent is aware that the student has made a request. To date the ones that have been requested have all been granted,” says Cheryl Logan, the principal of Parkdale High School in an email to the Muslim Link.


All parents who had given written permission received this good news on January 13, 2013. On Monday, January 14, 2013, students will be directed to a location to pray Dhuhr prayer in jam’ah from 12:45 to 1:00. They will be excused from class 10 minutes early so that they can fulfill this obligation.

Giving the students a pass from class to pray without good grades, decent behavior and parental permission would open the gates for trouble. Some kids used the excuse to pray in the past to skip class and get into fights. “They wear kufis” says Hayat, just as they would a gang color. ‘Fake Muslims’ is how they are known in the tough halls of Parkdale High School.

Hayat’s next jihad is to receive permission for Jum’ah salah. Many students are signed out by parents to attend Jumu’ah at nearby Prince George’s County Muslim Association (PGMA) or Dar-us-Salaam. The students who get left behind are the ones who embrace Islam in high school unknown to their parents, many who are devout followers of other faiths.”A brother who was a taxi driver used to come and pick the convert brothers and take them to Friday prayer, but then the principal found out and she was very upset,” says Hayat.


At the last MSA meeting at Parkdale High, there were at least three students who raised their hand when asked if they were the only Muslims in their families. Some of these students are as young as 14. Students accepting Islam in high school without parental permission. Young Muslims, a national youth organization, recently posted this message on their Facebook page based on the feedback from the various chapters: 

“Some of my revert friends have to lie to their parents to be able to pray, some can’t pray, some have yet to visit a Masjid, some are threatened on a daily basis and verbally abused. Some have even been disowned to the point that they live with some of my other friends.  This echoed the feelings that the students at Parkdale have for their friends whose parents have not accepted Islam.




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  2. I actually called and checked with the schools, they said they would allow children of any religion to pray during these breaks in which the Muslim kids are praying.

  3. Its only happening because we have lost our ways to Jesus in our lives, we are bothered by others but not what we do every day for our selves, families and friends.

  4. And I suppose Christian children and children of other faiths are getting their “own” room so they can pray too? No? Well that’s not Constitutional!

  5. Once again, everyone is angry at the Koranimals. They are not your primary problem. Your primary problem is leftist who let them get away with their crap. Sue the hell out of the school board. Find out where they live. Let them wonder when their actions may affect their families. They have no problem terrorizing you. You need to terrorize them.

  6. Creeping islamic-sharia infiltration is in progress across America….just don’t hear about it. This is not a matter of just read & move on…’s a matter of getting involved in your school district…board/parent meetings….even if no kids in school….but your tax dollars are…so use your tax dollar voice loud & clear.

  7. What the teachers should do is gave a daily quiz between 12:45 and 1:00 pm. The students who feel they must leave the class to pray will need more then praying to pass.

  8. Answer that should be given to Logan:

    “What is wrong with inciting intense dislike of a religion if the activities or teaching of that religion are so outrageous, irrational or abusive of human rights that they deserve to be intensely disliked.” — Rowan Atkinson

  9. Definition of Religion/Cults


    Religion: 1. A system of faith in a personal God, a Supernatural power or powers, of a divine nature, which has control over mankind’s existence and destiny; and demands fear, obedience and worship. 2. A belief system, which includes worship of God and teaches tolerance, love, kindness, and non-violence. 3. Religions always teach kindness and non-violence.

    Cult: 1. A system of faith in a personal God, a Supernatural power or powers, of a divine nature, which has control over mankind’s existence and destiny; and demands fear, obedience and worship. 2. A belief system, which includes worship of God or of Satan and teaches intolerance, hate and the essential use of persecution, abuse and violence against all non-believers. 3. Cults teach Sedition.

    Cults are as a precondition… divisive and destructive of family unity. If a family member rejects the in-house belief system, a cult will ostracize that family member. A cult will encourage all other believing members to outcast that family member that refuses as a matter of conscience to obey the rules of belief tabled by the cult. Cults break up families when some members of the family reject that cult. Cults are in the political business of extremist ideas using religion as a ‘Totalitarian Tool’ to gain control over other people. Cults are focused on expanding their dominion of greed by controlling naïve mindless thinkers.

    Cults threaten punishment of members. Some cults in history use very violent cruel methods of punishment of non-believers, such as honour killings, torture, flogging and even execution of those refusing to believe in the cult’s religious instruction. Cults claim to be a religion when in fact they are not a religion. Cult belief systems are founded upon hatred of all non-believers.

    Cults in reality are not protected by the right of humans to religious freedom because they criminally use abuse, harassment, cruelty and violence against non-believers. It is a universal crime when governments fail to recognise that cults should not be recognised as a religion. Cults are not protected by the USA ‘1st Amendment.’

    Cults often gain influence over second rate politicians that are manipulated by the cults seductive arguments and presentation submissions- a camouflaged trick using the Marxist method ‘Politically Correct Conscience Card.’ Some inferior thinking politicians are so foolish they will accept financial contributions from these cults to help them in election campaigns. When a politician accepts financial aid from cults they become an enemy of the state.

    It is a ‘Government Crime’ against the people when that government gives cults in the name of religion tax exempt status and gives those cults financial aid. Such contributions are an abuse of truth and justice and are in fact stealing tax funds from the people which are by ethical reality intended for honest government of the people, by the people, for the people.

    Classic examples of cults falsely claiming the status of religion are the ‘Exclusive Brethren’ a false knowledge extremist Christian group; and the very dark thinking cult of Islam that is founded upon sedition, paedophilia, sexual abuse and vicious cruel violence.

    By ‘Cosmic Law’ and by ‘True Moral Law’ it is an act of treason against God, decency, children, humanity and the free world to accept and tolerate totalitarian cults and to be indifferent to their bad behaviour. This is true in much the same way as it is an act of treason against decency to accept and tolerate crime. It should always be remembered that the word ‘treason’ simply means ‘betrayal.’

    Allan Ivarsson -Author of Religion/Cult Definitions – Source: ‘Gaia Dictionary’ – ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy.’

  10. Who was the final wimpy, ballless, or bleeding heart pussy school administrator that made the decision to allow special treatment for these future terrorists ?
    any accomodation for them takes something away from native American students in time or patriotic teaching. It is a sin that the taxpayers have to pay for these two to have special rules and still pay the salaries of those so called educataors that allowed it.
    Special so called religious practices by any sect should be removed from school and carried out in private, without interrupting the normal school day, in a manner paid for by themselves. Does the school provide snake handling facilities for funfamental Christians ?

  11. How to counter this movement: Parents must start showing their kids photos and videos of the muslims persecuting non-muslims throughout the world.

    A photo or video is worth a thousand words. The child will be horrified by what it sees. Only then will the children understand how these little kids kneeling on the ground wll one day try to either convert them or harm them.

      • A child processes a photo much better than a movie. Many many photos of Christians killed, burned, mutilated, amputated… bomb the kids with photos of what their muslim classmates’ cult is doing to others.

        This would have the same type of effect as that used on palo kids by Hamas except we don’t ask our kids to kill, only to look and understand the photos as preventative warming.

  12. But remember, if a Christian even tries to pray in school, the ACLU files a lawsuit and cries “separation of church and state.”

  13. Were the young American students who converted to Islam informed before their conversion that the PUNISHMENT for leaving Islam is DEATH?

    • It is child-abuse to persuade a child to join a totalitarian, political-religious system that demands the death sentence for anyone who leaves it. If Muslims were not given a highly favored status above ALL other people in our non-Muslim countries, the police, child protection agencies and the state would get involved and there would be prosecutions and jail sentences, big time.

  14. Mohammed – malediction to mankind, those abhorrent signs are plastered all over this moslem arse’s building in the city, too high up for anyone to correct with graffiti, changed the sign that said mercy to mankind with photoshop, posted it all over pro mo-pedo facebook pages and the stupid animals wrote allah akbar, agreed – malediction means curse, he he

  15. Supremacist prayer? Misogynist prayer? You betcha!

    Since when is religious supremacism an American value.

    Sounds like the ‘ESTABLISHMENT OF ONE RELIGION’ if you ask me.

  16. They work harder than any other group in proselytizing youngsters, jail birds, all the vulnerable and naive. What needs to be done by parents is to organize anti-proselytizing movements – just as parents warn little children not to go off with a stranger, the little ones must be told about Islam and its murderous approach to life and to impress on the little ones that they cannot believe Muslims who are trained from infancy on to lie to non-Muslims. It will be important not to go overboard with hate-type language but simply to make the young aware of the facts and make them imune to the proselytizing efforts of these animals.

  17. There are children who fall to Islam because Jesus is not a strong presence in their family, However, there are also kids are who even th ough their families worship on a regular basis, are led astray by the pull of something exotic. Be vigilant and teach your children about the dangers of this radical ideology. I am not saying to teach them to hate, but to witness for Jesus. We as adults have to help our children to learn to be teachers, or evangelists if you will.

    • Jesus will be no help to these kids because this is all about sticking it the whitey. And proselyting muslims know too well how to present this cause only underlining the matter that this is a religion of “brown people”. This is the reason they tell them they are hated in the US, because this religion is not white man’s religion. This is all these kids, raised in the boiling soup of racial tensions need to hear.

      • Now wait…I’m just a little confused. We are not allowed Chrostian Prayer in schools but the muslims are allowed to pray 5 times?
        Did I miss something…besides the fact we are currently being “governed” by a corrupt, illegal muslim usurper in our White House?

  18. What you need to do is stop once consider Islam as a religion because it is not, in fact Islam is a political ideology masquerading as religion.

    An ideology abject, barbarous and rotten it makes advocates crime, pedophilia and bestiality and therefore ilegalizable under the laws of any modern state.

    So what has to be done immediately and civilized states is that changing the “chip” and outlaw and persecute Islam to expel and eradicate their territories and then start thinking about the rest of the planet eradicate.

    • So what you’re saying is, you want the USA to destroy all of the Muslim territories, and then move on to invade other territories to become the ruling superpower in the Earth? Bullshit. If a country invades another country, everyone will object (ex: Crimea and Russia) and continuing to eradicate these lands will cause global unrest, famine, etc. Taking over another country is not that easy. Even if you have allies most of the world will think that it is unethical to do so and World War 3 will break out. Islam is a religion of peace, but those jihadists and radicals make it look bad. Those ‘jihadists’ aren’t even Muslim in my eyes. True Muslims are the ones who respect, love, and care for others. We aren’t all terrorists. But there are some of us who just don’t have patience.

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