TORONTO: Like dogs marking their territory…

Five times a day, no matter where they are, Muslim supremacists spread their rugs, bang their heads on the ground, and stick their asses in the air to show their disrespect and contempt for the unbelievers.



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  1. I live in South Florida and was shocked to see a billboard on a major road here disrespecting Jesus. This should not be allowed nor tolerated. Yes, we have freedom of religion, but that doesnt give any form of faith the right to spread hate.It saddens me to see how quick this evil is spreading throughout this country and no one is making a stand. Where are all of the God-loving patriots at!?! We ad Americans need to rise up against this shit and protest this hate. We need to demand that these signs be taken down, permanately. If not, it wont be long before the shit spreads and becomes like Dearborn, Michigan. I agree with an earlier comment..if theyre praying in public, we need to pray right next to them and pray even louder to the only one true God and His only one true Son, Jesus Christ. We need to let our Muslim Prez know that this shit aint going to happen in America! Tell your friends, family and neighbors to take action NOW. We must demand the removal of these hateful billboard signs from public view as well as their unlawful gathering in public, in the streets and especially in our schools!!! God Bless America & May He Awaken The Sleeping Masses! Amen.

  2. Someone should make a bunch of short films depciting Mo, Larry, and Curly porking his believers when they spread their rugs and bang their heads on the ground.

  3. In situations like this we need some politically INcorrect Christians with some guts to join their prayer fest. First by making the sign of the cross and then loudly praying the Lord’s Prayer over them! Then you can move onto the Apostles and Nicene Creeds, that should send them running.

      • Only that Moslems (and Communists) are far readier to use violence, the law and other means to fight against us “infidels” and so back up their territory-marking than many dogs do!!!

        Meanwhile, on another Web-log (to let you know that I’m trying to fight for actual religious freedom and spread the word against Islam), fancy getting the following reply from one obviously-hard-core “liberal”:

        Please sir, just stop posting. You totally don’t know what you’re talking about. You confound MUSLIM with Communists and Nazis, which is really, really not the same! How can you even name yourself a Christian if you act like that?

        Let that tell you how many brainless, spiritually-dead yet intellectually-“proud” Commies (and pro-Moslem to boot!) – even if this guy calls himself a “Social Democrat” (just one step away from Socialist!!) – happen to be out there. Precisely the kind of guy Ljéñin would call a “useful idiot”…

        Still, I’ll keep on fighting in all events…

  4. Supremacist prayer 17 times a day in which they denounce Jews and Christians. We should not be tolerant of this intolerance.

    Islamic prayer is religious hatred against ‘others’.

  5. ” bang their heads on the ground and stick their asses in the air to show their disrespect and contempt for the unbelievers”. Actually, I look at it like this, sure they are banging their heads upon the earth, that because they are basically too weaked kneed to stand like a man, a true man stands with rightious indignations towards the evils of man upon this earth, because in their hearts they can’t stand like a man, (notice: the references to a snake as being a description of satan who slithers upon the earth without legs for which to stand) and are just smelling the sulfer emenating from the ground to fimiliarize themselves of were they are headed. The disrespect and comtempt is really directed/ towards that of a living God, the God of Moses, Isaac, and Jacob, the contempt is in their hearts as followers of a deceitful man mohammad the immortal, one of satan’s disciples shame towards their heritage, being the sons of ishmael, from hagar and as the People of the Book subcribe them as satans own and has nothing to do with the un-believers at all, their contempt is towards other unlike themselves not being muslim enough, or born of a particular sect. The so-called unbelievers are they themselves as they worship satan, the deceitful man of which mohammad comes is pure hatred ( for humanity for not worshiping satan-the fallen angle) towards those who worship the biblical God having relagated them to their lot in this world as assigned as the ones who hearts will be against all men, and all men’s hands will be against thee.

    Are you confused by now? should be, its the way God intended for man to make the decision for himself as to the truth ( the light) or a false witness (darkness). If only they had brains, generations of inbreeding can do that to a peoples, the arabs are not an exception.

    Semper Fi baby.

  6. Toronto is a huge city; wish I knew where in Toronto this was filmed. And it’s less than a handful — poor showing compared to France and Britain. Still, Quebec must not elect the pro-Islamist NDP to power next election like they did the last one.

      • It starts with individuals, then they join together – and then before too long (if they have enough numbers in the area), we’ll find them blocking traffic…

        ALL Moslems need to be EXPELLED from the West – and all Westerners MUST be recalled from the Islamic world…

        • Because far too many people go for the “cool-heads” – who are ALL OWNED by the Marxists and the Muzturds!!!

          The unions, civil-service, politicians, academicians, banks – you name it: they’re ALL bought and sold!!! Any new politicians trying to get into the mainstream politics get eviscerated into toeing the line quickly; and if they try via non-mainstream parties, they fail because they don’t have the mainstream clout!!!

          There are FAR TOO MANY people who vote by parties (e.g., “I’ve voted Tory all my life!”), and so they can never penetrate to even get ONE SEAT, let alone a block of seats to attain visibility, let alone still more become the opposition or – highest of all – the government itself!!!!!

          I myself have decided whenever possible to vote for a party I truly like, even though my vote is almost ALWAYS therefore wasted. Worse yet, they often have neither enough money or candidates to be able to run in all the ridings and one’s reduced to picking “the least evil” of a bad bunch in what’s a hopeless cesspool!!!

  7. What about cleaning the street or other place infested with muslim prayer with liquid pig manure before the prayer? The only ill effect is the odor, but it is less annoying than a bunch of asslifters praying for our destruction.

  8. Joydbrower, you are just way to funny,LOL..agree..I am so sick of these people doing what they want to do whenever they want to do it..its all so disgusting anyway..let them pray in private,not in the streets or where others of masses are around..They are NOT in the Middle East!!

  9. Looks like they show more respect for a parking lot than the “3rd holiest” site in islam. Can you imagine this behavior by jews, christians, hindus, or buddhists at this soon to be removed(G-d willing) mosque and shrine?

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