Florida House Judiciary Committee to vote on legislation which would prohibit courts from considering certain provisions of Islamic Sharia law.


Bolling-PerinoFFA A measure to ban the use of foreign laws in domestic courtrooms is progressing in Florida’s statehouse, one of dozens of similar efforts across the country that critics call an unwarranted campaign driven by fear of Muslims. The Blaze has reported before about allegations that Sharia law has been finding its way into Florida courtrooms. Forty such bills are being pursued in 24 states, according to a tally by the National Conference of State Legislatures, a movement backers say is a response to a glaring hole in legal protections for Americans.

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florida-judge-will-consult-islamic-law-in-suitFlorida Family Association sent out two alerts that encouraged supporters to send emails to members of the Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee to encourage them to support HB 1209 Application of Foreign Laws in Certain Cases. This bill would prohibit certain provisions of foreign laws including Sharia law from being considered by Florida courts if they do not afford the same liberties, rights and privileges guaranteed by the Florida and US Constitution.

Assembly of Muslim Jurists of AmericaAMJA’s goal: replacing our Constitution with sharia law: 

The enablers of radical Islam in government, academia and the media regularly dismiss warnings about sharia law creeping into American judiciaries.. They have either never heard of, don’t want to know about, or don’t want you to know about AMJA. Learn more here: mainstream-american-muslim-jurists-blueprint-for-undermining-americas-legal-system 


Thousands of supporters sent emails which encouraged members of the Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee to support HB 1209. The subcommittee passed HB 1209 on the morning of January 31, 2012 with a bi-partisan vote of 13-0. Click here for the official Florida House Civil Justice Subcommittee vote record.

The companion bill in the Florida Senate SB 1360 passed the Florida Senate Judiciary committee on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 by a vote of 6-0. Click here to read more on SB 1360.

There are numerous provisions of Sharia law which are inconsistent with Florida statutes. Sharia law authorizes polygamy, pedophilia and perpetuates violence towards women and death for dishonoring the faith. HB 1209 and companion bill SB 1360 are significant legislative starts in the right direction to protect Americans from the intrusion of some provisions of Sharia law which are inconsistent with American laws.


Section 3 of HB 1209 and SB 1360 Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases states “Any court, arbitration, tribunal, or administrative agency ruling or decision violates the public policy of this state and is void and unenforceable if the court, arbitration, tribunal, or administrative agency bases its ruling or decision in the matter at issue in whole or in part on any foreign law, legal code, or system that does not grant the parties affected by the ruling or decision the same fundamental liberties, rights, and privileges guaranteed by the State Constitution or the United States Constitution.”  Click here to read the full bill.

The Florida House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider HB 1209 on February 22, 2012 at 8:00 am.


If Florida courts accept provisions of Islamic Sharia law or other foreign laws and legal codes which are inconsistent with American laws it will undermine public policies enacted by our representative form of government and change our value system.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send which encourages Representatives on the House Judiciary Committee to support House Bill 1209.

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Please click here to send your email to encourage the House Judiciary Committee members to support HB 1209.