Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an officer and Muslim Jihadist who killed or wounded 45 U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood, wants death penalty taken off the table

judge-orders-fort-hood-suspect-to-get-rid-of-beardDefense attorneys argue that Nidal Hasan should be spared a possible death sentence because his rights have been violated — including by the former judge who ordered that Hasan’s beard be forcibly shaved. Hasan first showed up in court in June with a beard, later saying it was required by his Muslim faith, but facial hair violates Army rules.


Daily Texan The new judge in the Fort Hood shooting rampage case faces a controversial decision next week: whether to spare Maj. Nidal Hasan a possible death sentence and let him plead guilty in the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation.

nidal-malik-hasanDefense attorneys said Hasan wants to plead guilty to 13 counts of premeditated murder, but Army rules prohibit a judge from accepting a guilty plea in a death penalty case. If the death sentence is removed, Hasan’s punishment would be life without parole — which he already faces if convicted of the 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the 2009 attack on the Texas Army post.

The date for his long-delayed trial has not been set, but pretrial hearings are scheduled Wednesday through Friday so the new military judge, Col. Tara Osborn, can reconsider several defense requests previously rejected by the former judge.

politcorrectness_kills_5001-viThat judge was removed after the military’s highest court said he appeared to show bias, a ruling that ended appeals that had delayed the case more than three months. Defense attorneys also claim Fort Hood’s commanding general was not impartial when he decided in July 2011 that Hasan would face the death penalty, and had been influenced by high-ranking government officials. Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, has not yet entered a plea. Osborn has full authority to decide on the death penalty issue because she is ruling on legal matters raised by the defense, said Jeff Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. 

“I think the case will go forward as a death penalty case, because it’s dragged on for years, and if ever there was a case fitting of the death penalty, this is it,” said Addicott, who is not involved in the Hasan case, adding that he believed Hasan is “a radical extremist … and he has no remorse.”

He said defense attorneys are simply trying to quickly end the case by having their client plead guilty and avoid a death sentence.


Witnesses have said that a gunman wearing an Army combat uniform opened fire after shouting “Allahu Akbar!” — or “God is great!” in Arabic — inside a crowded medical building on Nov. 5, 2009, where deploying and returning soldiers received vaccines and other tests. Hasan was also about to deploy to Afghanistan.

A Senate report released in 2011 said the FBI missed warning signs about Hasan, alleging he had become an Islamic extremist and a “ticking time bomb” before the rampage at Fort Hood, about 125 miles southwest of Fort Worth.



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  1. Pigs at the public teat! While America gives everyone a fair and “speedy” trial, there are some, paid very well by the taxpayers, who do everything to delay the “speedy” aspect so that they will remain on the public teat for as long as they can possibly remain.
    Question: Who is paying his lawyers ? Who is footing the bill for all the ridculous favors granted this animal to assure that his rights are not violated ? What is the Loopholes hourly rate ? How much per copy is charged for their motions delivered to the court ? Are they handling ANY other cases while they are suppossedly defending this scum for the indesfensible act of mass murder ? Do their hours billed add up to more than 24 a day ?
    Like sweet little Hillarys statement when her billable hours from the Rose Law Firm showed that she billed for more time than she actually worked — “All lawyers do that”.

  2. Sometimes I hate defense attorneys.This Muslim should of been shot for what he did a long time ago!His rights violated my a*s.Give me a break!!.What about the poor people he murdered and there grieving families???Justice seems very warped now a days.If he was any one but a Muslim I am sure all those involved would of gone down on him a lot harder then they are.Are our leaders that afraid of the Muslims here in America???

  3. How many Nazis were enlisted and commissioned in WW2? Why? Allowing sworn members of enemy states and enemy institutions to hold positions of prestige, profit and responsibility is suicidal. No G’d’d Muslim should be in our armed forces, legislatures or bureaucracy. No G’d’d Muslim should be on this nation’s soil in any case. Expel & Exlude!!!

    Keep it simple. Dump him from a helicopter into the holding tank of a pig farm, let him drown in pig shit.

    G’d’d Terrorists in cages are incentives to take hostages: totally unacceptable. Execute them immediately.

  4. The islamist have been instructed to infiltrate all aspects of our society. And they have. Not the first attack in the military,so we still have not learned ??? We continue to accomodate,why ? Because “that is who we are ” ? We have to change.
    He must be forcibly shaved ( every day ),careful not to “cut” him. Give him the same sentence he gave those at Ft. Hood. !!!

  5. Tom is right. The cowardly monster has been drawing a military pay check and getting free medical treatment and free legal counsel, all paid for by the tax payers. Why is his pay check not cancelled? Unbelievable but only in America under a muslim obama. I guess that it pays to murder and then get free room and board and medical treatments all covered by the tax payers for the rest of your miserable life. That is real jizah. The monster is apparently still in a wheel chair. Hang the coward ASAP. If the soldiers had been allowed to carry weapons on the base, the monster would have died by lead poison. What a shame.

  6. End of story full stop!

    Genesis 9:6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

  7. There can be no doubt that this guy did the FT Hood killings. And that was 3 years ago on Nov 5th, I believe. If he was in 5 years prior that it means he now has about 8 years in grade. If that is so then he is now earning about $70,000 per year. Perhaps he has not been drawing his housing allowance as he has had free room and board in the brig. And free medical for his paralysis. Just another detail of why this circus is all wrong. Hang him ASAP, please.


  8. I feel the same disgust and anger but it is important that we don’t start behaving like cruel barbaric Muslims; our standards must be calmer, higher and more humane. Just send back a simple message to all Jihad Muslims – ‘Hang Him’ with ‘pig fat’ around the noose that is reasonably humane and sends back a humilation message to all Muslims.

  9. Murder Human Rigths???….What about Human Rights that ones that the Muslim kill at cold blood???????????????? He must died very slowly, scremming, suffering…..!!!!!!!!!!!!! to meet his profet mohammed

  10. That p.o.s. needs to make up whatever it uses for a “mind”.

    If it’s a soldier, shave its ass and put it in front of a firing squad.
    If it’s a muj terrorist, then DON”T shave its ass and hang it.

    Personally, I’d go for a Dishonorable Discharge and a hanging.

  11. He’s got some nerve to demand that, considering he murdered so many people that day… they didn’t deserve death at his hands; it wasn’t his life to take, but he took it anyway.

    I say he can stick that request where the sun doesn’t shine.

  12. Whining about your rights after murdering honorable real Americans is a slap in the face to the victims and their families. Lindar made an excellent point stating this terrorist shaved while serving in the military but suddenly his religion demands a beard? And he is granted that?? Special rules for Muslims, especially the terrorists.

    Obama will do what is best for Islam, not the US. Off to a good start calling this ‘workplace violence’.

  13. Behead him! Send him to allah’s reward as quickly as possible. Ugly bearded bastard thought it was a honor to die for his allah.

  14. Should shave him with a chainsaw, stick some pig’s feet up his ass, and hang him in public. Oh well, but we are the civilized country. Damn!!! Maybe obama will give the shithead a pardon to boot.

  15. Poster boy of jihad. Mohammed’s thugs pretended ‘Hey, we’re one of you guys, we’re part of your tribe!’ Then they seized their victims and stabbed them.

    Betrayal by pretending to a friend or brother is normative Islam.

    How many Hasan-like sleepers are living next door to over-trusting Americans.

    When will they start shooting like Hasan?

    What will set them off? How will we know they are ready to shoot?

    Or should we just stop all Moz immigration starting now?

  16. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an officer and Muslim Jihadist who killed or wounded 45 U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood, wants death penalty taken off the table”

    Well fng imagine that! If we put him down wont he just go to that brothel in the sky?

    Bet all those people he ruthlessly murdered didn’t want to die either but that didn’t stop this death cult zombie! You know we are kissing his nasty anus so he probably will get off pretty easy considering the offense!

    Disgusting piece of pig feces!

  17. May I add a bit more please? OK While he is in his cage, every year a prison officer would come into see him, and tell him that he will be released in 6 months, at the end of his 6 months, in shackles, lead him to a van, and just before he gets into the van to be transported, tell him that there has been a change of plan and will have to serve another 6 months. His will, will be smashed, constantly!

  18. How come he wants life? I thought Jihadists wanted to die while killing infidels for Allah. Or — maybe he’s not as devout as he thought he was. He’s probably decided that killing is more fun than being killed.

  19. If he gets the death penalty then that makes them no better than him. MAy I suggest something that doesnt involve spending money on chemicals? Alrighty then……. Ship him to somewhere like Alaska, put him into a very small prison cell, with enough heating to keep him barely alive, and feed him bread and water daily, nothing else. About 6 months, he will want the death penalty……… oh, and no visitors or other human involvment, so he cant talk to anyone. So he will be living in total silence. (Ever hear the term ‘the silence is deafening’?) I would prefer this for him. Fuck his rights!

    • Chris, I disagree, Execution of this barbarian will bring some closure for the families of his victims. They are more important than he.

  20. The death penalty by the U.S. military was reintroduced by the executive order of President Ronald Reagan in 1984. – -Currently, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, 13 offenses are punishable by death. Under the following sections of the UCMJ, the death penalty can be imposed at any time:
    94 – Mutiny or sedition
    99 – Misbehavior before the enemy
    100 – Subordinate compelling surrender
    101 – Improper use of countersign
    102 – Forcing a safeguard
    104 – Aiding the enemy
    106a – Espionage
    110 – Improper hazarding of vessel
    118 – Murder !!! end of talk , carry out your orders

  21. Nidal Malik Hassan is in no way fit for any kind of plea or mercy in the form of a life sentence. He should get the death penalty (which I guess means he’ll get a lethal injection, right?). If anyone deserves it, it’s him. Accepting a plea from this jihadist murderer would be appeasement to terrorism, islam and legal/juridical jihad. If we capture bastards like Hasan, we should be forceful and execute them. And I also think it’s no good that terrorism trials always carry on for so long. Terrorists should be judged swiftly and be executed shortly after the verdict. Not sure whether I prefer lethal injection as a method, though.

  22. That bastard’s martyrdom needs to be slow and painful instead of the needle prick he would likely get, that is if he even gets the death penalty. In a more just world, he would get impalement for his evil deeds. Better yet, since he insists on his imagined right to wear a beard, burn the heathen at the stake and watch that beard go up in smoke with the rest of his vile, mohammadian carcass.

  23. Tough crap. This pagan POS wanted to be a martyr, so let him. Kill him immediately. Don’t even waste a bullet on him. Hang him. At least you can reuse the rope.

  24. Too bad he can’t be decapitated as his fellow muslims enjoy doing… you know, that slow back and forth motion with the knife.

    The death penalty should apply or else it will be constant accommodation requests.

  25. i really like the idea that the new judge is a female that should make hasan’s ass burn i also hope she has more balls than the men and keep the death penalty on the table. i am quite sure that the family members want to stand in line to see the execution

  26. Well as a true American, who loves this country, I want the death penalty on the table for Major Nidal Hassan. I also, want him humiliated and degraded as much as possible at the end. He deserves the worst death, to be boiled in pig fat and then cremated with pig and his ashes spred to the wind. Then send his family a bill to pay for us having to put him to death!

  27. It is my understanding….under the USMCJ (Military Code of Justice) the Commander-in-Chief must sign the death certificate in a military case. Is it any wonder why all the ficticious delays of this 3+yr old case doesn’t even have a trial date yet.? Just connect all the dots, previous judge removed for insisting he shave his beard (which is now against his religion–but wasn’t against his religion while a Major in our military)…now this new judge is considering removing death penalty.

  28. Total Bull SHIT! Gee, HIS freakin rights have been violated what about the rights of the people HE murdered!! This has gone on WAY TOO long!
    So sick of these asslifters!

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