Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) rails against the expensive freebies Obama is giving the Muslim Brotherhood

With the delivery of 20 F-16’s and 200 tanks to his radical Islamist brothers in Egypt, totally funded by U.S. taxpayers, Barack Hussein Obama is making sure that Egypt is better armed than our allies in Israel.

What’s more, egyptian-president-condemns-french-military-intervention-in-mali

Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi has broken ranks with the international community at large over France’s intervention in Mali, saying he was opposed to the action that is trying to remove his pals in al-Qaeda who have overthrown the secular government and are now imposing barbaric sharia law on the people.

I wonder if if he will use the new American F-16’s to attack France?

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18 comments on “Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) rails against the expensive freebies Obama is giving the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Dubi. i agree with you BOMB the aswan damn and obliterate the bastards once and for all.The only thing this vermin understands is force and violence. The only tragedy resulting from this action would probably be the destruction of the cairo museum and ancient monuments Too bad .These ignorant POS dont deserve them anyway.Wasnt a so called holy man recently calling for the destruction of the pyramids and the sphinx?Doesnt that tell you the mindset of this scum?.

  2. It dosen’t matter, when Egypt pushes Israel and they blow the Aswan dam those tanks will be like pharaoe’s chariots in the Red Sea! And remember 1967 Egypt never got one of their planes off the ground.
    Pity though, all that money being wasted!

  3. I hope Americans are keeping track of the billions of tax payer dollars being given to enemy Islamic countries. After Obama’s Presidency ends an organised legal group needs to bring charges against Obama for ‘High Treason.’ – Aiding and abetting the enemy.

  4. that deal can be revoked at any time. Congress needs to wake up and quit arming the enemy the planes will be used. if not against Israel against Mali

  5. Well he can condemn all he wants our guys doing some cleaning up in Mali, don’t give a rat’s behind!

    As for:
    …Morsi said he had hoped for a more “peaceful and developmental” approach to the crisis in Mali. “We do not accept at all the military intervention in Mali because it will fuel conflict in the region,” he said.

    Ha, who the hell does he think he’s kidding with such crap?! Reaping a rightful blast in your backsides muzzo scum and there’s nothing peaceful about that; you’ve all been looking for war long enough and now it’s coming, so tough!

    • Of course by “he can condemn” I meant Morsi and as far as your guy Louie Gohmert is concerned, as Shaz says he’s right on the mark!

      Perhaps the “anointed” one in the WH could explain himself arming someone who’s as good as a terrorist?

  6. By all means. Let us arm the people who plan to kill us. Just brilliant. Louie Gohmert is a rare congressman who has common sense. He represents the people in East Texas. Love this guy. He gave commencement speach at my graduation. Superb and blunt it was.

  7. I love this guy! I wish we could clone him.
    I’m mad that my new congressman is a Democrat; our previous congressman was a Republican and agreed with me on everything.

  8. he heard it in the news scary business when a congress man has to rely on news orgs to get the word ! Now we all know , what is to be done about it Congress put a stop order on it even this dummy out here in the sticks would do that

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