TULSA: Islamists and Communists force bank to scrap it’s ‘NO HEADBAG’ rule for Muslim customers

burka_bank_robber-vi1The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oklahoma on Thursday expressed appreciation to the Oklahoma Bankers Association for ‘clarifying’ a security policy commonly referred to “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” used by many of the state’s banks.

Unknown(Gee, they are going to soften their rules on Muslim headgear, just when burqas and niqabs are becoming bank robbers’ favorite disguise) Tulsa World The two groups along with the Oklahoma Conference of Churches recently requested a meeting with the OBA following an incident in which a Muslim woman was initially denied access to a branch of Valley National Bank in Tulsa and asked to remove her religious head scarf, or hijab, before entering. The bank cited the “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” policy to justify its actions.


“Our goal in meeting with the OBA was to use this unfortunate incident as a teaching moment about the different types of head coverings worn by Muslim women and by individuals of other faiths,” said CAIR-OK Executive Director Adam Soltani, in a written statement.

Elaine Dodd, the vice president of the OBA’s fraud division, noted that the “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” program hasn’t changed, but…….”If someone is wearing a burqa, which does cover most everything, then a female bank employee can go with them and have them raise the veil,” Dodd said. “We want to be inclusive to all customers. It’s just that it’s a learning curve for all of us, and we appreciate them talking to us about it.”


The OBA published two articles in its January 2013 trade publication, Oklahoma Banker, revisiting the “no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses” initiative and offering suggestions on how member banks could respect the religious requirements of customers without sacrificing security.


In one article, Mary Beth Guard, with the OBA compliance team, explains the difference among head coverings – the hijab, niqab and burqa – worn by Muslim women. The hijab covers all or part of the hair and is draped around the neck. “It should not interfere with your ability to match the person to a photo I.D. and there should be no reason to ask the customer to remove it,” the article says.

Burka ID

The niqab covers the face but leaves a narrow opening for the eyes, the article states.  “In connection with opening an account or doing some other transaction where you need to ascertain identity, a female bank employee should ask that the Niqab be lifted in order to allow viewing of the face,” the article says. “This should be done as discreetly as possible and it should be done in an area where the viewing of the face will not be witnessed by males (unless they are related to the individual).”






41 comments on “TULSA: Islamists and Communists force bank to scrap it’s ‘NO HEADBAG’ rule for Muslim customers

  1. Stop banking in the area. Let the mohommedists find their own. Next don’t let them have an account with your bank in the first place. Make the bank a private bank and it can let anyone in it wants and leave all others out.

  2. Well I hope many more bank robberies are committed by criminals dressed up as a Baghead. I suspect the criminals will use Baghead garb to disguise themselves in the best way possible. A Baghead disguise fully.covers the criminal to the point where identifying the criminal is near impossible. Eventually something will have to be done about it if its a regular occurrence.

    I say ‘bring it on’ criminals use the best disguise known, do you all really think banks will keep tolerating robberies committed by criminals dressed as Bagheads? No way! Sometimes the bad has to happen for the good (and commonsence) to take over.

    • Americans should take their money out of these banks. Why are people that hate us getting a free pass that the rest of us don’t . Maybe White people should immigrate to other countries and send a message to these corporate bastards who are running our country into the ground. I’m a White Mexifornia refugee by the way and ti’s the best thing I ever did was to leave that over crowded shit hole.

  3. But when you walk into the ACLU, can you wear a masked potato sacks or do you have to take it off once you enter the building? Just like then the ACLU whines about IDs yet makes you show one.

  4. why use infidel banks when interest is forbidden in islam. do they ever give back the interest? just tell them sharia banking is not practised

  5. You can’t blame the -muslims -it’s the ones who kowtow and ingraite themselves with this political ideology -posing as a religion,for what ever their reasons,who are to blame – they cave in to them ,rules are rules and most -law abiding citizens follow the rules ,muslims think they are above them ,this is why they cannot -and will -not -assimilate and become a true citizen of any country as -Islam and sharia -won’t let them.

    • I feel for you, we love spiders and spider man is our hero ! I am a frog worshipper following the great frog prophet ( the story of the frog prince is really true, believe me !!) I need to take my pet frogs with me everywhere even to the bank, for the spiritual energy they provide and without which i would be desecrating my religion,but I fear it will not be tolerated, especially as in public I have to wear a frog mask otherwise the great frog god will punish me as under no circumstances must I be recognised as a human being of the female kind, as I may get assaulted! This is a commandment !

      My friends and I are offended every time we go into a bank one is told to remove her helmet. But she cant in case anyone sees her bad hair day,let alone often a lack of make-up as this would ruin her life. No sensitivity around anymore ? ( i have advise d a burkha to solve this problem but a little uncomfortable if not impossible on her motor bike) She being an infidel just cant win!

      We have recruited quite a few members and will continue in our efforts to recruit more and are breeding like rabbits , (which is perfectly acceptable in frog culture we do not discriminate against other animals)
      were becoming emboldend enough to soon start making demands upon the majority otherwise we can accuse them of frogophobia, discrimination and well…general hatred and also maybe towards rabbits, and this will never do.

      Please all wish me and my fellow frog cultists all the best ! Please contact me ( website coming ! ) Should you be interested in our cult and its wonderful beliefs which are so often misinterpreted and misunderstood, and in eventually taking the world over for the great frog god

      • So, are you a follower of the most Ancient Mystery Cult of Kermit, the Thrice Great Amphibian?

        Do you croak the sacred liturgical chant, “Kermie? Kermie Baby?”

        I’m so ‘green’ with envy, lol! 😉

        (To all non-adherent infidels, the custom of consuming frog legs is considered to be a vile act of ‘Deicide,’ a major sacrilege….Just sayin’)

  6. Muslims: We have migrated to your non-Muslim countries in order to make you infidels OBEY us. We are superior to you infidels. You will change your rules, your laws and your security requirements to please us.

    We will seize every opportunity to make you compromise your security at banks, shopping centers and other places and successfully turn you into ‘soft’ targets and will then pass this information on to our Muslim brothers who will be delighted to receive the location addresses.

    You will give us whatever we demand. If you do not obey all of our demands, we will take you infidels to court and FORCE you to obey us and make you pay us lots of your money. We will demand and get “sensitivity to Muslims” training at your places of work. We Muslims are the most special people on earth and must be treated as very special. We are far above you inferior infidels.

    We will work ceaselessly night and day to implement sharia law. Everyone who opposes Islamic sharia we will publicly condemn and label “racist”, “bigot” and vilify as being guilty of hate speech. We are the best of people. We will be your masters. One law for us and another law for you inferior infidels.

    • It’s about time that we started demanding “sensitivity to non-Muslim” training. etc.

      In ALL countries, throughout history, there has NEVER been such a despicable, UNGRATEFUL, ARROGANT occurrence of new immigrants to a country DEMANDING that the new host country COMPLY to immigrants! It is shameful and disgusting and should not be allowed.

  7. A whole pile of people ought to put masks on, and then show up at the bank all at once to give them hell!

  8. So even the reddest of states, OK, caves to CAIR. What about saying: NO WAY..anyone ever think of that? I have zero respect left for the states who claim to be patriotic.

    • The ONLY WAY to restore our self-respect as Westerners is to ARREST, DISENFRANCHISE and DEPORT ALL Moslems (with VERY FEW exceptions as noted in previous postings) back to where they came from (even if it’s 50 generations back). Converts should be forced into Saudi Arabia (failing that, Somalia) if Sunni, Iran if Shi’a.

      With the exceptions discussed earlier (ALL of the following must be fulfilled for qualification: serious involvement over time with job or vocation “haram” to Moslems – NON-abstract art, music, science, medicine; 15-year probation period; PUBLIC renunciation AND BLASPHEMY of Islam; complete termination of communications with ANYBODY in Islamic world; pledge to promptly denounce any known potential recidivist-Moslems and/or terrorists), this punishment MUST include ALL Moslem men, women and children of any age, ethnic-origin, skin-colour, &c.

      Only when we’ve PURGED OUR LANDS of the Islamic – and also the Communist – FILTH, can we breathe in relief!!!

      In combating Communism, ALL people in academe, governmental civil-service, politicians, journalism, banking, law, unions MUST be examined relative to work-performance, policies, decisions, beliefs over the COMPLETE COURSE of their lives. Anybody who has had Communist connections and who hasn’t PUBLICLY RENOUNCED AND DENOUNCED them should be a candidate for ARREST, DISENFRANCHISEMENT and DEPORTATION to a Communist country for a period not less than 25 years – after which he can apply to immigrate like anybody else IF he can prove that he has truly repented of anything culpable he has done!!!

      [Citizenship cannot be restored: it has to be earned ALL OVER AGAIN, with criteria being made extra-severe for such!!! The ‘onus provendi’ MUST be on them to prove their good-faith and sincere repentance, i.e. “guilty until proven innocent”.]

      • Ah, I forgot to put in a “” mark (disable bold) after “breathe in relief!!!”

        Mea maxima culpa…

        Also, the same penalties re. Communism must be applied to people who’ve made decisions favouring Communist countries, people, parties, &c.

    • they have no need for a bank account, the idea was to “extort” the penality tax on the infidels, or shall we just say as a matter of fact, the way this subversive outfit, CAIR, gains their operational funds.

  9. Also, in no way should banks allow Muslims only to hide their identities for religious reasons while the rest of us can’t because we are dhimmied-down non-Islamists. It is the act, not the reason for the act, that is at issue here, that poses a possible risk to security. Who cares what religion the bank robber is? It’s the fact that s/he hides his/her face that causes us problems in remedying the act of robbery, not the alleged reason s/he wore a cover that hid identity (i.e., religion as opposed to the real reason that hiding identity makes it easier to commit felonies).

  10. So does this mean we can all now wear hats, hoods and sunglasses when entering the bank, or is it only Muslims who can hide their identities?

    I was attacked at my job by three men wearing hoods … I got a good look at the face of one — he had a hooked nose, a wide face, heart-shaped…but I couldn’t tell if he had hair or not or what colour it might be. It didn’t help identify him and in fact, because all three wore hoods, it was impossible to distinguish them one from another afterwards as they ran away.

    It’s the same with a hijab because while we may be able to provide police details like eye colour and skin colour, we can’t tell them if the person was a man or a woman, what colour hair they had, if they even had hair, if it was long, straight, curly, etc., nor can we tell if they wore earrings or had tattoos on their necks and so on.

    It’s a slippery slope.

  11. Oh, but wait! I thought CAIR claims to be a “moderate” Muslim organization, so why are they pushing EXTREMIST clothing?

    Don’t they also claim that hijab/burqa is not a Muslim obligation, so why are they representing these women as if they are the epitome of good Muslim women?

    The serpent always speaking out of two sides of the mouth – that’s CAIR. Actually, that’s an insult to serpents.

    • Don’t forget that they (CAIR) speak out their colective asses too. I will never do business with this bank and will urge others to follow suit. This entire pathetic case was planned as a sort of false-flag operation to begin with. CAIR Oklahoma got a willing muslim woman who holds no account at this bank to go inside under the pretense of conducting business. Yea, right. The business of creating an incident in order to shove more sharia down our collective throats! I’m sick of these people, I hate and detest them profusely, and would love nothing better than to have open season declared upon them with NO BAG LIMITS! (Pun most definitely intended!) You hear that CAIR? No bag limits! Just like feral hogs here in Oklahoma, you pig-headed followers of the porcine prophet of pigslam, muhammhock!!

        • Not with our media outlets here. They’re all too far to the left. The Tulsa World newspaper, the local alphabet afilliates here, then there is the issue of possibly compromising my security clearances, my ‘bread and butter’ so to speak. That is why I use usernames only, so I can have a voice on these controversial issues. Word of mouth and email however, you betcha and I will do all that I can.

        • Oklahoma is quite conservative. The problem is that Tulsa is about the most liberal part of the state with prominent left-leaning groups such as the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, Interfaith alliance, and the Say No To Hate Campaign, who’s bumper stickers annoy me as much as those stupid “Co-exist” stickers. I mean how can one co-exist with the unco-existable? Our Jewish community here is quite liberal too, always working with Tulsa’s muslim community on interfaith issues (actually preparing themselves for their own dhimmitude like a massive herd of lemmings.)

        • Hello again, Neighbor Randy; you are not alone on this, and I lost any high security clearances I had long ago, like during Vietnam, so THAT is of little or no concern to me now. Also, being retired from a quasi-federal postion, I have my pensions and annuities, plus a little chump change I manage to make from time to time; I no longer engage in ANY kind of law enforcement or security work, so as a fellow Okie, I hear you loud and clear, AND I Will do what I can to get the word out on these maniacal muslimes and their dhimmi dip cohorts!!….Who knows, maybe some of them will actually become Christians, REAL ones, and I have only met one like that in my 60+ years on this Earth!!.. When they’re reall I know, and I have learned also to quickly spot the fakes, who say crap like: “We revere Jesus”, or “We’re all brothers” or one of my favorite lines of —- “We worship the same god”………..

  12. A mask is always a threat to someone.

    The mask of Islam is a flag of jihad and rape. Allah gives his thugs unveiled women as their earthly reward. Just don’t get caught in non-Moz countries. Then the rapists become ‘victims’ of the man-made legal system and bitterly resent it. They feel entitled to demean and degrade and nullify all women.

  13. Just tell these butt holes NO. That they have to comply with the rules like everyone else. I am sick of these demons always getting a free pass to shove their false sense of supremacy in everyone’s face. And they wonder why nobody respe.cts them. No one cares about their ignorant demonic cult.

  14. How can the monsters of islam see to drive a car in the head bag? We need to have all of the robberies done by men and women, wearing the head bags out there for all to see and eventually the foolish d’himmis will get the message.

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