CANADA’s Muslims invite you to ‘celebrate’ Islam Awareness Week

Dedicated to clearing up all those ‘Islamophobic’ misconceptions about Islam. All misunderstanders of Islam are invited to ask questions and learn.

In case they forget to include these visual answers about how Islam treats Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and even some Muslims who are considered ‘not Muslim enough,’ I will post a few examples here.


























35 comments on “CANADA’s Muslims invite you to ‘celebrate’ Islam Awareness Week

  1. If only we knew true story of 1400 years of Muslim persecution of all people of all religions in lands occupied by Muslims including India. Beheading, dis-figuring, raping and enslaving were regular happenings.
    Western colonization ultimately stopped this. I am grateful to Western civilization for saving India from Muslims. Now they are themselves in danger and we may not be out of it.

  2. The most ignorant people, obama voters if you like, are oblivious to the fact that the MUSLIM IN THE WHITEHOUSE is an advocate of the insanity of these savages.

  3. About time we take action against the barbarians, residents of hell. islam is the curse and against every living being, yet these insane pedo followers promote their fake prophet as the best example of humanity. reminds me of the saying, you kill one man u r a murderer, you kill thousands you are a hero

  4. Hey Bonni, in your archives do you have enough of these graphic images coming for at least a week, so we can send them around the world again. More info for those that do not have it.

  5. A picture is worth thousands of words. Thanks BNI for your efforts to keep outing the atrocities of the muslims of the cult of peace. What a barbaric cult of evil the muslims are. We must keep the pictures and the information going so that eventually even care not and monster dougie will finally give up trying to lie to us.

  6. People hate muslims, but what about those who have allowed them into our countries and allowed them to practice their evil ideology. A muslim raped a 13 year old girl in England recently, and got off because he was taught that a girl is worth only that of a lollipop on the ground. So if you think of women as nothing, then you can freely rape them in England? WTH! Muslims would only go as far as we let them, and they have free reign because of the non-muslim left. Despise the lot of them.

  7. Thanks for posting these barbaric photographs, Bonni. They speak louder than anything I say about the lying looting thieving robbing raping maiming murdering kiddly-diddling goat intefering psychopathic prophet, Mohamed! Muslim barrow are invited to disagree. No Muslimas, please, your testimony doesn’t count.

  8. The amazing is finding people that can support those Islamofascists, the lefhtists that we have in Bruxeles and Washigton DC..!”!!!

  9. Well done, BNI.

    I pray more will become aware thanks to you.

    All news about Islam is bad news.

    They are only drawing attention to themselves. When people research EVEN A LITTLE they are disgusted by Islam, rather than impressed.

  10. Yeah, a cold day in hell – God, I hate these creatures from hell! Why don’t we ALL send this to ALL of the lame freakin brains to ALL the media outlets over and over again!! “Get it Assholes” “This is the ROP! THIS is what they do when you do NOT believe as they do! Hey maybe to the asslifters in the WH along with the MSM!
    I detest them ALL!

  11. I am of the opinion that Adam Lanza converted to Islam before he commtted his heinous crimes. I also believe he didn’t act alone. I also believe that both Adam and the other savage were paid by a BIG Commi Union to commit this crime.

  12. Thank you, BNI for having the GUTS to publish the truth about Islam. Michelle Malkin, Pam Geller and Mark Steyn are awesomely good, but you rock for absolute BLUNT, IN YOUR FACE, TRUTH. So sweet.

    Never quit, never surrender.

  13. F— their SHAM “invitation” – we know the truth and it’s so HORRENDOUS as to nauseate me at the merest mention of Islam!!!

    As to “Tufts University”: no wonder that it has done what it’s done, given its being in Massachusetts State – and near Boston!!! Truly, New England’s people have been seduced by Marxism into totally betraying ALL their forefathers as well as their fellow-Americans!!! If ever the USA breaks up and other states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and others form their own unions, they had better ENSURE THAT all of the following NEVER be welcome until they prove their sincere and total REMORSE AND REPENTANCE: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut plus New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland – and the District of Columbia, if ever it becomes a state in itself!!!!

    These 11-12 states have lost it all!!!! Who in Hell’s name would have believed that these once-fine people and states producing the heroes of the American Revolution and thence such figures as Charles Ives (1874-1951: he truly didn’t give a millimetre to any concessions – one reason why his music was unpopular almost throughout his lifetime!!) would turn their backs upon EVERYTHING they once stood for???

      • Most certainly I WILL share this posting with all my friends on Facebook and elsewhere!!! It’s SO SICKENING as to REQUIRE ACTION!!!!

        • The only ones I’m NOT going to touch are those people sending forth this EVIL (if I don’t know them): no wish to get on enemy-radar earlier than necessary. However, my personal friends and some of my acquaintances: definitely for sure and certain, and it’s been done!!!

    • ADHD, you sound like a raving lunatic if you think everyone in NJ is blind to the evil in this state. I’m an American, I believe in what’s right and though I struggle with my sin nature as we all do, I don’t have to prove anything just because I happened to be born in the Garden State.

      It’s the -government- that’s full of rot, not the people.

      • Listen, “AquaticSoda”: maybe you’re OK personally, but obviously you are in the minority!!!

        Those states I named used to be very conservative, bedrock-faithful to the American ideal – their people would NEVER have tolerated the politicians you now have!!! Those good-for-nothings didn’t take over by brute force: they got elected (even if some electoral-fraud was used – as was the case with Obama!!!). There is a saying that “we get the governments we deserve”: sad to say, it really seems as if the majority of those people in the states I’ve named have TRULY BETRAYED their forefathers.

        It is this “sheeple” majority that I feel is condemning your state and the others, all just as infected one as the other with the Marxist virus and thus sitting ducks for the Islamic bacteria… I take NO pleasure in condemning people like you personally, but everything I see and hear around me is utterly conducive to but one thing: PESSIMISM…

        Let your people prove me wrong, please!!!

        • Am I not doing that by my mere presence here?

          Collectivism is a dangerous philosophy; it ascribes guilt from the individual man to the population as a whole.

          I’m just sayin’, be careful not to paint with so broad a brush. I merely offer you friendly advice, take or leave it.

        • No question that your advice is good. However, isn’t there a point where a stereotype has at least SOME truth, sir/madame?

          Yes, I’m glad that you’re one who breaks it – good for you!! [And let’s hope there are plenty of people who seldom if ever comment but who’re also following this Web-log: the more people that get jarred out of this apathy and self-involvement in life, the better!!!!]

        • What kind of Religon is islam that promote child klling.
          i will love to see the day when those people are beheaded slowly step by step

  14. all the above photos tell me everything i want to know about Islam
    this i s supposedly the religion of Peace? WHERE? what’s the attraction? I just don’t see it all I see are easily offended barbaric people.OD’D on halal poison and inbreeding

  15. Yes, we all need to “celebrate” the facade, “Islam Awareness Week” – On a daily basis, do we need to remember what Islam is !!

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