CHICAGO: ONLY a 35-year sentence for the Pakistani-American architect of the Islamic terror attack in Mumbai

photos-2013-1-25-4-47-8Sorry, my Indian friends, we in America think he should have gotten the death sentence, too.

SDAMatt2a Though officials in Indian agencies are disappointed at leniency shown by US prosecutors to  terrorist David Coleman Headley which spared him from the death penalty, they are not surprised with the 35 years jail term for him by the American court. The 26/11 convict had ensured he would escape capital punishment long ago when he had entered into plea bargaining with the FBI in 2010. Headley had, in fact, pleaded guilty on all 12 counts including his role in Mumbai terror attack only after getting such assurance during plea bargaining. 

“Mr. Headley is a terrorist,” US District Judge Harry Leinenweber said while imposing the sentence on 12 counts in a packed court. Leinenweber also said, “He commits crime, cooperates and then gets rewarded for the cooperation. The judge said it would have been much easier to impose the death penalty. “That’s what you deserve.”


19 comments on “CHICAGO: ONLY a 35-year sentence for the Pakistani-American architect of the Islamic terror attack in Mumbai

  1. Oh terrific, this murdering savage is going into prison where he will recruit a gaggle of evil jackturds. Job well done justice system!

    Rather then give him the death penalty that he deserves, they are giving him a prison palace so he can become a king among criminals. He will demand halal food, get all his prayer times (with lamb wool rugs), he will get to prosthelytize like an Imam in jail, be treated special because of his Imam status, besides gym time, fresh air time, TV time, movie time and library use.

    Wow, these scum shyster lawyers think they are sooooo friggen educated and untouchable. The only thing we have is the hope that when they go to meet their maker, they get the harshest sentence in the afterlife. I am sure that is why the good Lord said, vengeance is mine. The Lord knew that justice would not be served fairly in human courts of law.

  2. Its a typical example of American double standard. He was awarded 35 years jail term instead of death penalty because this crime was committed in Mumbai , not in Washington or New York. This type of leniency towards Islamist & terrorists will only weaken the cause of wiping out these terrorists from the face of earth.Really , it is just impossible to understand the American mind.

  3. When you cage a Goddamn Muslim Terrotrist, you give Muslims an incentive to take hostages to exchange for it. That is totally unacceptable!! Drown the accursed things in the holding tank of the nearest large hog farm and be done with them!!!

    At you will find a petition widget (scroll down, its on the left) for the International Qur’an Petition which demands that Islam be outlawed. Sign it and send it to Congress.

  4. these bastards want to kill others (kuffars) yet want to live, despite the fabulous offer of jannat with 72 virgins, 300 young boys and even rivers of wine and honey thrown in. we have to help muslims attain martyrdom fast

  5. Those were real tearful and heart wrenching words from the lawyer. Lawyers are as bad as muslums. When the shit hits the fan you lawyers better scury away and hide with your muzzie, commie and liberal traitor friends because your on the list.

  6. Put the monster in general pop and make sure that every terrorist jihadist knows that the monster is an apostate who who rolled over and ratted on all of the terrorists he could to get a lighter sentence. In 35 years he will be 87 and dead. He will hopefully be shanked after being raped. It is a shame that we have to pay his room and board for a long period of time. Why can we not extradite him to India?

    • alkidya: I hope so too.

      And why did that WGN news not even mention the Jews, targeted, tortured and murdered, well away from the big PR targets, in that attack?

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