CHICAGO: ONLY a 35-year sentence for the Pakistani-American architect of the Islamic terror attack in Mumbai

photos-2013-1-25-4-47-8Sorry, my Indian friends, we in America think he should have gotten the death sentence, too.

SDAMatt2a Though officials in Indian agencies are disappointed at leniency shown by US prosecutors to  terrorist David Coleman Headley which spared him from the death penalty, they are not surprised with the 35 years jail term for him by the American court. The 26/11 convict had ensured he would escape capital punishment long ago when he had entered into plea bargaining with the FBI in 2010. Headley had, in fact, pleaded guilty on all 12 counts including his role in Mumbai terror attack only after getting such assurance during plea bargaining. 

“Mr. Headley is a terrorist,” US District Judge Harry Leinenweber said while imposing the sentence on 12 counts in a packed court. Leinenweber also said, “He commits crime, cooperates and then gets rewarded for the cooperation. The judge said it would have been much easier to impose the death penalty. “That’s what you deserve.”