Five Muslims from the ‘Sharia Patrol’ arrested for harassing women, gays, and people with alcohol

kafircrusadersno2shariaukFive Muslim men have been arrested in London after videos emerged online of a group of men intimidating and harassing passers-by for being gay, drinking alcohol, or wearing mini-skirts in what they said was a “Muslim area”, police said.

Naharnet (h/t  Shirl in Oz) The arrests were made over what Scotland Yard described as “filmed harassments” in east London, an area with a high concentration of Muslims, earlier this month. (See videos at end) 

Detectives voiced particular concern about a YouTube video entitled “Muslim vigilantes in London harass and taunt gay male”, in which a group of men verbally abuse a man in the street for being homosexual. (Yes, nothing was done until they started to harass homosexuals)


UK Daily Mail  The hooded men, who call themselves Muslim Patrol, have been filmed walking London’s streets and calling white women ‘naked animals with no self respect.’ The group is also shown taking ‘evil’ booze from revellers and film a cyclist being treated after a road accident, claiming they were injured because they were unclean.

In one exchange a member of the group says: ‘We don’t care if you are appalled at all’, before calling themselves ‘vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks’. The vigilante video follows an earlier clip made by the group where they protested against adverts for push-up bras by High Street retailer H&M.


In the clip they say: ‘ The Muslims have taken it upon themselves to command the good and forbid the evil and cover up these naked people.’ They show a number of ads for the product which has been sprayed over and also film themselves pouring petrol over one advert and setting it on fire.

Detectives voiced particular concern about a YouTube video entitled “Muslim vigilantes in London harass and taunt gay male”, in which a group of men verbally abuse a man in the street for being homosexual. “Don’t you know this is a Muslim area?” an off-camera voice in the video says. “You’re walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag, mate. You need to get out of here… You’re dirty, mate. You’re gay mate, get out of here… You bloody fag.”

'Muslim Patrol' logo

The men also ask revelers out on a Saturday night to move away from their mosque, and demand that one man put down his beer, saying: “No drink in this area… this is a Muslim patrol. Alcohol is evil.” Five men aged between 17 and 29 years old have been arrested since Sunday, all on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and public order offenses.






24 comments on “Five Muslims from the ‘Sharia Patrol’ arrested for harassing women, gays, and people with alcohol

  1. Islamics are being slaughtered in central Africa……People are sick o them and their determined ways…….Fuck em hope they are all strung up…..!!!!!

  2. i am fed up of these animals just coming into Britain then doing things like this. should all be sent home. too many of them here as it is, stealing all our jobs, houses, benefits, etc.

  3. If they want “Muslim areas,” where the women wear tents, gays are killed, and alcohol isn’t allowed, then they need to pack up their crap and leave for Mecca…or any other Islamic hellhole they fancy.

  4. The boast of triumphalism & supremacism carried in the ultimate image of this excellent post must be understood and communicated. Visit and enter The Good News in the search window. Read all of the matching tafsir topics.

  5. Had to get posted on YouTube and the victims had to be gay before anything was done! The British govt has a fatwa out on it’s own indigenous population! Without the combo of YouTube and the gays nothing would have been done,even if they were harrasing gays, if the gays were indigenous Brits!

  6. Arrested, deported and doused with bad whiskey as a send-off.

    John Hurren: the politicians have been bought with Petrodollars. That’s what they understand. They deserve deportation with the Muzscum that bought them

  7. What do we have to do to tell these numbskulls that they are here by the grace of people we call traitors, (lefty politicians)?
    They WILL be sent out of Britian if they continue to try to enforce their 7th century shariah. Even if they were born here, They dont belong to us; neither do THEY want to.We, the people of Britain, will have the ultimate say on who stays and who goes. Our trecherous politicians need to change sides before we prosecute them.
    ISLAM IS NOT WANTED IN BRITAIN, which bit of this don’t they understand?

  8. Well, white women and people drinking alcohol are obviously not worth as much as gay men.

    But, hey, whatever it takes to wake up the (homosexual?) authorities.

    Glad they’ve taken action at least. Let’s hope it continues, as these authorities grow some stones.

  9. Time to start Kafir Crusader Patrols and get these wastes of space of the streets once and for all.They want war we will give them war.

    • But that would be “discrimination” and “bigotry” which only infidels can be guilty of.

      Only Muslims are allowed “self-defence”.

  10. Now, will these pos’s get a sentence or a slap on the wrist? They will be back at it because they believe they have a right to harass citizens. At one time I wanted to make a trip to the UK but I don’t any longer.

  11. At last, something is being done about these dam cockroaches. I bet they just get a slap on the wrist though. Time to wake up fellow infidels!

  12. I’ve no doubt that the “Human Rights” brigade will be drooling to represent them and they’ll probably get oodles of compensation for police harassment, wrongful arrest etc….

    I’d be surprised if the fascist Left-wing UAF and Searchlight didn’t send along some vocal support for these upstanding individuals of the muslim community?? It’s what they seem best at doing these days…..

    Frankly I’d like to think that this is a small but significant turning point and that at long last these people cannot hide behind their damnable religion to shaft us all the time…I won’t hold my breath..

      • Seconded! And interesting to see the number arrested is now five. How about they go after the imam of their barracks…er… mosque?

        Also interesting, the charges of GBH; I don’t believe those are issued for ordinary fisticuffs, let alone harassing talk. Did the British MOSLEM Police Association turn up something we haven’t been told yet, something too big to hide?

        BTW, comments elsewhere are already talking about ‘over exuberant youth’. If ever found guilty, they will be asked to spend a few weekends taking tea with the vicar of the local Unitarian ‘we-are-all-god’s-children’ Church, advising him on interfaith-lubrication, or how to be a good dhimmi.

  13. I like the no drugs and no alcohol thing (the ban on alcohol and drugs – only hippies need those things).

    I am sick of seeing what the consumers of that crap do thanks to their own irresponsibility and the laxness of the -secular- liberal system that drives my country. I am sick of seeing their arrogance and lack of remorse after killing people while being drugged and/or drunk. And i am sick of seeing how they don’t think about the consequences that would bring their bad habits for other people.

    I would like the consumers of alcohol and/or drugs were severely punished. But i hate seeing the corrupt and evil muslims trying to ‘teach’ us a lesson about morality (alcohol and drugs: haram — murder, racism, slavery, extortion, kidnap, pedophilia: halal, how moral!), their self-appointment as a moral elite annoys me because they are more immoral and depraved than the ones they fight. They act as if the sinful and satanic islam was the only belief system that forbids those vices. There are real religions that forbid those filthy habits (consuming alcohol and drugs) but thanks to secularism, they can’t do anything against them.

    I hope police confines them so they can’t do ‘dawa’ for recruiting new terrorists and criminals for their gang (islam) while being in prison.

    • Bacon, I hear what you’re saying with the drugs and alcohol, but history has shown that you cannot legislate true morals.

      Like anything though, alcohol is a tool; used irresponsibly, people can die. It’s no different from a sword, a gun or a rope. I personally enjoy a glass of wine on occasion, but unlike a drunkard who sits at the bar and downs 10 bottles before stumbling back into their vehicle, I do this within the comfort of my own home, and do not go anywhere for the next several hours afterwards. So I should spend 10 years in prison for enjoying a glass of wine responsibly in the comfort of my own house just because those without any tinge of self-control get themselves plastered and end up committing vehicular manslaughter?

      Yes, there are many evils that can be spawned from alcohol, but this is true with money, weapons and motor vehicles; should we ban those too? And what about fists? Should we ban those as well, since they can be used to hurt people?

      You see where I’m going with this train of thought?

      The problem with banning alcohol is that it doesn’t instantly get rid of it; if anything, it only further empowers those who have no respect for the law. Al Capone and other ruthless gangsters took full advantage of this during the era of Prohibition, leaving behind a long and bloody streak in cities across America. The effects of his actions are still visible even now.

    • You really don’t get it. This isn’t about whether excess drinking or any activity is bad for one to do; it is about whether some asshole from overseas can come in here and impose his standards on everyone. Give these people any leeway and they will force Sharia law on everyone. The slightest perceived slight to Allah would result in your beheading.

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