HALAL FOOD POISONING! Halal (inhumanely slaughtered) Islamic beef making people sick

Halalslaughterposter-viMore than 1,000 pounds of ground Halal beef are being recalled in suburban Detroit after federal officials linked it to salmonella outbreaks in Michigan and Arizona at first but now in five different states. You might want to re-think getting your lunch from those filthy Halal food carts so popular in major cities.

20704475_BG2 FOX Detroit (h/t Rob E) The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the beef is being recalled from  Sterling Heights-based Jouni Meats and Troy-based Gab Halal FoodsOfficials said Friday that seven people became ill after consuming raw kibbeh, a Middle Eastern dish, at a Macomb County restaurant last month. Jouni Meats owner Khalil Jouni tells the Detroit Free Press his shop is clean. Salmonella causes diarrhea, fever and vomiting and can be life-threatening.

Jouni's shop might be clean, but where halal beef is slaughtered never is

Jouni’s shop might be clean, but halal slaughter houses are not

Jouni Meat is a small shop specializing in Islamic slaughtered cuts of fresh meat. All of the meat is Halal and the store focuses on the Indo-Pakistani region.


Food Safety News Now, this emerging outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium has expanded to five states with 16 people infected with the outbreak strain, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta said Friday.CDC said the states and the number of persons infected in the outbreak now includes: Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. No deaths have been reported, but 53 percent of the ill persons have required hospitalization.

Halal slaughtere requires that live animals throats are cut  but only enough so that they will bleed to death in agony

Halal slaughter requires that live animals throats be cut but only enough so that they will bleed to death in agony

Local, state, and federal public health officials and regulatory agencies are involved in a collaborative investigation that has concluded ground beef produced by Jouni Meats Inc. and Gab Halal Foods, both in Michigan, are the likely sources of the pathogen.


“Initial investigations focused on six ill persons in Michigan and one ill person in Arizona who reported eating at the same restaurant before their illness began. All seven of these ill persons reported eating raw ground beef kibbeh (a dish typically made of finely ground red meat, usually beef, minced onions, and bulghur wheat) at this restaurant before becoming ill. Investigations are ongoing to determine if the additional nine ill persons may be linked to the recalled products,” CDC said in a statement released on its website.


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  1. As an American Muslim, I find this board very educational and entertaining. Thanks for all your comments and efforts. Keep it up!

  2. Bonni: I just called Trader Joe’s customer relations office and asked them if they sold halal meat and I was assured that at this time they do not but plan to do so in the future. I told the woman that I objected to the way the animals were slaughtered and left conscious to bleed out as opposed to the Jewish way where the animal’s spinal cord is cut so it is unaware and does not feel pain. She didn’t seem interested but assured me that halal meat will be so marked in the future. BOOOOO on Trader Joe’s! No more shopping there or Costco!

  3. Georgetta, I am going to give you the benefit of being a very naive young girl. The ideology of the muslim is spread through terror. In fact, in one of the hadith (The sayings and actions of mohammad) he specifically states he has been successful through TERROR. The ideology of islam has been spread through violence for over 1,400 years, and has cost the lives of over 270,000,000 people. And since 9/11/2001, there have been over TWENTY THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED terrorist attacks, claiming close to, if not over, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND lives. This does NOT include the rapes, the muggings, and the non-fatal abuse of humans by the adherents of the islam ideology.
    You admit we are all created by the same Creator God. But that is NOT the muslim allah. The Abrahamic God and the Christian God are one and the same, but are diametrically DIFFERENT than the enshrined black rocks of the Ka’abah !!
    Islam worships Death and Dismemberment, Hatred and Violence. And overwhelming superiority of force is all that they understand. To the muslim mind, Love is a four letter word, only worthy of being dragged through the mud and raped, pillaged and abused.

  4. There is plenty of american companies having recalls also,I don’t know why anyone would want to call out islam companies,this only causes more conflict. Please we are all human and made by the same CREATOR so do all things in love.

  5. And all the Cortisol secreted by three poor, tortured animals.maybe that helps explain the ignorance and barbarism of the muzzslime population.hope they all choke on their butchered prey.

  6. There are actually real, Amrican people who buy their FOOD from a filthy, ass wiping muslim ? ? ?
    Why not just eat it directlly from a toilet seat—- or out of a urinal ?
    Help the homeless. Give the guy in the alley a couple of bucks to Pee on your sandwich. Food prepared by a raghead ! GURCH ! ! I’d just as soon eat food prepared by a cannibal !

  7. Butchering and processing without contamination from hair and or shit is almost impossible, halal or not. Almost all meat contains some bacteria and can give you the shitz if you are stupid enough to eat it raw.

    At the two year school where I spent my first two college years, Thursday was meatloaf day. Meatloaf was half beef and half pork. The pork half was always under cooked, without fail; no exceptions. When I lagged in the library studying on Thursday and missed supper, I would know what was served immediately on returning to the dorm. “You can tell by the smell if they ain’t feeling well.”. Yeah, I ate it and I got the shitz, too.

    For one of my two years at the university I roomed with a pack of AssWholes. One of them was Arab. The Arab and one other told of working in hamburg joints where they saw snotburgers & cumburgers made, distributed and consumed. They held beer parties, called “hoggers” at which they got drunk, pissed in beer bottles, recapped them and returned them to the refrigerator. Piss was consumed as beer without question or objection.

    In England, an Arab in a bake shop sprinkled dried shit on baked goods. Others have sold human flesh in meat markets. If Muslims have access to the food chain in production and distribution, they will find opportunities for deliberate contamination.

    There is a terrorist manual available on the web that tells how to make and use biotoxins including botulism.

    Trust is impossible in the presence of the enemy fifth column. We will never know where danger lurks, from a bomb, gun, knife, hammer, acid or food poisoning while Muslims reside among us.

    Homeland security can only be obtained by excluding and expelling the demon’s slaves. http://www.petition2congress.com/8001/international-quran-petition/?src=widget When you sign the petition, it will email itself to your Representative & Senators. Please do it, and urge everyone who will listen to sign and share the petition.

    The worst case of food poisoning I ever got took me out of commission for a week. It came from eating a rotten tomato in excessive haste. The rot was concealed on the inside. It is unwise to eat tomatoes whole, always cut them down the core and look for rot. Oranges can also getcha, especially late in the spring. Take it from one who learned the hard way. :(

    • You know, those are’t exactly whom you call true Muslims, the university people and other people in the name of Muslims. You see, Real Muslims are super duper hard to find these days. And all those filth sprinkling and mixing with foods, please check whether the person in that cart was actually a Muslim or not. Wow! I’m surprised to know that you guys all judge them as terrorists etc, but just look at the total percentage of Muslims today. More than 65% have been framed terrorists and others, they are being hurt for what they didn’t do. On the other hand, yes, Muslims, or people in the name of Muslims (either way), are doing all these things and who takes the blame? the tribe of Muslims who have already suffered a thousand glares and evil stares, unspeakable miseries and harm. You walk into a cafe’, you see a Muslim, and voila, you think “Oh, that dude’s from those people who put a bomb here, a bomb there. He is from the people who killed him,her, and etc.” And we see a woman in hi jab, we say “Oh, these people huh? They are taking away the independence. In their religion, we can’t wear what we want, we can’t sleep till 1 in the afternoon, we cant drink beer.” It’s their way, so why are you doing this? Did they ever say anything like those things you are saying at them? Have they said “Look at that guy man, I mean, come on, he’s just so arrogant. Always staying out at night, and doing all these forbidden things.” Did they? “Who are we to judge them? I wonder. A lot of people fake being Muslims, do a bad thing that is very noticeable, and we all point them out as Muslims. I think we should be fair before judging others.Our society is now slowly judging everyone we see. And why is this> Please think about it and ask yourself.

    • you know they are allowed to have sex with an animal as long as they kill it right after, they are not allowed to eat from it themselves or serve it to those in their own village, but they are allowed to sell it in the next village.

    • Already done both!!…..And I will NEVER EVER do any kind of business with muslimes ANYWHERE in the U.S…….!!…Get the filth the hell out of this country, and their products and services as well………..

    • They’re Satanically possessed, and their evils are spreading into the midst of us.

      We absolutely MUST SHUN those vermin wherever we find them!!! Keep the maximum possible distance from them at work and everywhere else – no befriending of them, no treatment of them as equal to us, no acceptance of them in our professional, neighbourly, family or other circles other than what’s FORCED UPON US!!! In fact, I’m not surprised that thanks to them diseases like tuberculosis, polio, cholera and smallpox are making a comeback in the West. We would do well to regularly wash after any time we cross paths with them.

      Moslems are THE enemy of us in every possible way!!! Islam almost certainly is THE FIRST of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – and no wonder because they’ll bring war, which will in turn bring along both famine and pestilence!!!

      If we can’t run them all out the way they ought to be, it’s better to ensure that we have communities where they can be made as utterly unwelcome as possible!!! That’s cardinally-IMPORTANT so they can’t get to us more than they must!!! Perhaps Mrs. Wilkins can tell us some more about what she has been doing where she’s living…

    • Good luck boycotting it, most places won’t even admit to using it! Try to get an answer from any restaurant or grocery store. Very few will give you an honest answer. Use an name that does not give away your religious/ethnic/political leanings and you will get a BS answer like this from McDonalds.

      Hello XXXXX:

      Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s.

      We truly appreciate when customers take the time to share their comments or questions with us. However, at this time, I do not have the answer to your question and must conduct some research to provide you with an accurate response. I will reply as soon as I have this information.

      Again, thanks for e-mailing McDonald’s. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

      McDonald’s Customer Response Center



      Please do not “reply” to this email response. No “replies” can be received through this mailbox. If you wish to contact McDonald’s Customer Response Center again, please visit our website at http://www.mcdonalds.com


      You wrote:

      My religious beliefs require my knowing whether or not McDonalds meat is Halal or not. We have suspended eating at McDonalds until this can be definitively answered.

      If I order beef or chicken at my local McDonalds, is it Halal or not???

      thank you.

      • The more reason to AVOID eating out at places you neither know nor can trust!! Best by far is to eat what you yourself buy – or, best of all, make!!!

        Well done that you’ve stopped eating at McDonald’s – if everybody would be so principled, they and the other places (Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, &c.) would follow along, for the sake of their profits if nothing else…

  8. Lets hope they don’t remove the bad meat before most of it is eaten by the savages. They deserve to be poisoned after butchering their meat in such a inhumane way. I bet Muslims get a waiver from the department of health. No inspections ever made where the slaughter takes place. Like many other Muslim violations, they seem to get a free pass.

    • Maybe for THAT particular place, but “halal” stuff has been FILTHY THROUGHOUT ITS EXISTENCE AS A PRACTISE!!!! That means at least AD599 (AH 1, if we pinpoint that accursed start of the Moslem calendar!!!).

      It serves them right, with their abuse of life!!!! Those who live abusing life may as well die due to their abuses…

  9. What is not said: often with barbaric hallal, the pain and terror suffered by the animal is so intense that its stomach ruptures spreading the contents throughout the body which contaminates the meat.

    When I think of all those cows brutally killed only to end up in the garbage, it breaks my heart.

    Muslims should at least adopt the compassionate Jewish method of cutting the spinal cord which stops pain signals to the brain.

  10. Is that any suprise, given the filthy conditions muzrats like to slaughter animals in? Every time you see a video or picture of halal slaughter, it is a filthy, bloody, messy environment, and usually the muzrats aren’t wearing any protective/hygienic clothing (like desposable white suits) either. The pictures in this article… well, a floor like that, covered in blood that isn’t properly removed, is an ideal feeding ground for bacteria. I don’t think the muzrats are big on hygiene (washing hands and so) either. No, I’m not surprised. I’m sure food poisoning with halal meat occurs more often.

      • Or by muzrats deliberately inoculating/contaminating/poisoning food with substances that don’t belong in their (like touching food with hands unwashed after taking a dump). Wouldn’t be surprised if that was another form of jihad for them. Btw, I did hear some stories of muzrats (Turks and so) in kebab shops in my country (Belgium) spitting or even masturbating in food sold to infidels – and many stories about severe lack of hygiene and food quality.

        • To “foxmuldar”: were you thinking of “Rev.” Jesse Jackson? [I’ve never heard of a Jessie or Jessica Jackson…]

          Either way, that’s why it’s best to avoid places you don’t know – patronise only those restaurants you know and can trust – and of course, it’s a MUST that one avoids any place that either employs Moslems or advertises itself as being “halal”!!! It’s sad that the days when one could trust chains and franchises to a certain extent are over; however, we really MUST be careful!!!

          This is even more so when we consider that it’s very likely thanks to those Moslems – who all too often carry virii and bacteria from regions of the world where certain specific diseases are endemic (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India) when they emigrate here – that certain diseases like cholera, polio, measles and others are making a comeback!! Yes, when people don’t complete cure-courses with appropriate medicines, it’s just as sure a route; however, I wouldn’t trust any Moslems with absolutely ANYTHING in ANY REGARD…

          [For example, Al-Qaeda and its affiliate Boko Haram forbid vaccinations against polio in Pakistan and Nigeria, stating that those drugs are really anti-fertility agents being used to decrease the number of Moslems (while no doubt their “clerics” skirt their self-declared bans somehow or other…).]

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