HALAL FOOD POISONING! Halal (inhumanely slaughtered) Islamic beef making people sick

Halalslaughterposter-viMore than 1,000 pounds of ground Halal beef are being recalled in suburban Detroit after federal officials linked it to salmonella outbreaks in Michigan and Arizona at first but now in five different states. You might want to re-think getting your lunch from those filthy Halal food carts so popular in major cities.

20704475_BG2 FOX Detroit (h/t Rob E) The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the beef is being recalled from  Sterling Heights-based Jouni Meats and Troy-based Gab Halal FoodsOfficials said Friday that seven people became ill after consuming raw kibbeh, a Middle Eastern dish, at a Macomb County restaurant last month. Jouni Meats owner Khalil Jouni tells the Detroit Free Press his shop is clean. Salmonella causes diarrhea, fever and vomiting and can be life-threatening.

Jouni's shop might be clean, but where halal beef is slaughtered never is
Jouni’s shop might be clean, but halal slaughter houses are not

Jouni Meat is a small shop specializing in Islamic slaughtered cuts of fresh meat. All of the meat is Halal and the store focuses on the Indo-Pakistani region.


Food Safety News Now, this emerging outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium has expanded to five states with 16 people infected with the outbreak strain, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta said Friday.CDC said the states and the number of persons infected in the outbreak now includes: Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin. No deaths have been reported, but 53 percent of the ill persons have required hospitalization.

Halal slaughtere requires that live animals throats are cut  but only enough so that they will bleed to death in agony
Halal slaughter requires that live animals throats be cut but only enough so that they will bleed to death in agony

Local, state, and federal public health officials and regulatory agencies are involved in a collaborative investigation that has concluded ground beef produced by Jouni Meats Inc. and Gab Halal Foods, both in Michigan, are the likely sources of the pathogen.


“Initial investigations focused on six ill persons in Michigan and one ill person in Arizona who reported eating at the same restaurant before their illness began. All seven of these ill persons reported eating raw ground beef kibbeh (a dish typically made of finely ground red meat, usually beef, minced onions, and bulghur wheat) at this restaurant before becoming ill. Investigations are ongoing to determine if the additional nine ill persons may be linked to the recalled products,” CDC said in a statement released on its website.