London event honors the ‘most perfect man who ever lived’ – Islam’s Paedophile Prophet Mohammed

Muslims believe that just over 14 centuries ago, the Prophet Mohammed was chosen as God’s messenger of mercy to mankind.

One of the great myths of Islam is that the prophet Mohammed (a murdering, bigoted, abuser of women and little girls) is thought to be the greatest man on earth in history, his astonishing legacy changed the world for the better (Only in the eyes of the inbred misogynistic savages known as Muslims). And in today’s era, his teachings and values are forever praised and followed by many (of the least-intelligent, least-productive, and least-respected people on earth).


On Friday, an event in central London celebrated the Prophet’s (lack of) magnificent achievements and (non) compassionate personality. The aim of the event was to promote unity amongst the different schools of thought in Islam. This event is taking place simultaneously in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan.



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  1. Follow a maniac if you wish, for you are devoid of intellect and at some point you will see how unwordly you are , your disregard for history and others will pit the world against you

  2. Can I just say that not all Muslims are evil and bad. Those verses are VERY misinterpreted. Most of the people extremists kill are Muslims themselves. Why would Muslims kill Muslims anyway? In the Quran, it says to not kill your brethren. Its because they aren’t Muslims at all, they are JUST terrorists and not Muslims. The world Islam means PEACE. I WILL say that there are many evil and treacherous people in this earth that need to be obliterated, but I wont say that all Muslims need to be obliterated, because not all Muslims are evil. What if terrorist Christians and Jews were doing these things, would you say that you and all other Christians and Jews should be obliterated, even though you are innocent. Besides there are multiple priests who rape young boys INSIDE THE CHURCH, I believe that THEY are EVIL. But yet, no one says that all Christians/Catholics are rapists, that is because they aren’t. There is good on this earth and there are bad, and I agree that the bad ones need to be destroyed no matter how. I hope you all dont get mad at me for this, it just makes me said that so many innocent Muslims are being called names and slurs even though they wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Please dont hate me for saying all this. I am sorry if you hate me after this and I hope you forgive me. And I apologize greatly for all the people that are dead and hurt because of Muslim Extremist. i hope y’all have a long life, but PLEASE dont hate me for this comment. I hate being hated and disliked.

  3. With their Murderous and Barbaric ways, Muslims are actually defeating themselves and their Religion. We need do little more than react in a normal way with revulsion and unacceptance. If authorities don’t resolve the situation, then – the Native People of each affected western land will repel ALL Muslims. Muslims will then lose their foothold in the Modern World and their Religion will cease to exist.
    Murder and Barbarism have no place in this world; therefore, neither do Muslims or the Religion of Islam.

  4. the person/people who took the time and effort to create this page… wow you got time, possibly because this page is waste of time, why don’t you make yourselves useful and actually go and search the truth behind your stupidity of a mind. Bloody hell I am no extremist but no wonder there are these types out there… websites and falsehood like this basically create them. My anger would make me say, may you burn in hell but then again praise be to god who created the man that you perceive as a shameless man actually taught us to pray for guidance of people like you, and to actually feel nothing but sadness for poor souls like yours. Truly god knows best!!

    • A, Oh, here it comes! Muslims coming to BNI and blaming the Paris massacre on websites like this one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unlike Charlie Hebdo, this site doesn’t do satire, only the truth.

  5. Wow,

    The person who came up with this website must have been somewhat illiterate or just completely stupid. Mohammed brought correct teachings of Islam for fairness, Be kind – hearted and open to everyone. Today people can easily point the finger, but Muslims didn’t just wake up one day and say oh yes.. today i’ll go and bomb people, no. Muslims were provoked by other enemie countries. Why can people in the world not understand this. Everyone knows this. But it seems easier to blame Islam. Don’t provoke, if you dont want to be pushed! Mohammed IS NOT AND WAS NOT A PEDOPHILE OR A WOMANISER. Most of all he was not a spineless coward. He taught people to seek forgiveness and to follow the right path. Karma comes back pretty quickly and twice as hard! How would you feel if the world could mock your religious beliefs. Instead of posting your pathetic comments on this disguising shite of what you call a webpage, read into Islam before you place your biased opinions on important and sacred matters.

    There may even come a time when you’ll be mincing your words so as they say if you can’t say anything nice THEN JUST SHUT UP!

  6. all of you are haters of Islam and the holly prophet jews and christians athisets and free masons guess what he is the grestest man in the history and you made that up about him so people won’t convert to Islam people all over the world are converting to Islam everyday stop that if you can all what you can do is watching

  7. how disgraceful that this is going on in my country, the government should be totally ashamed of themselves, the reason why they are not?, is because they,r Godless DUNCES, in the near future this Land of England will be awash with blood, for once again we the common people will rise to this occasion and rid ourslves of this PAGAN tyranny

  8. What the hell is wrong with the worthless spineless gutless dhimmi dip limeys who would allow THIS SH– in THEIR country?!!…..Really gives new meaning to the phrase “shit for brains”!!……Hmmm, reminds me of one THEIR a–hole celeb commentators here on CNN!!

    • I doubt that you would even know where the term ‘limey’comes from,oh, thats it,us Brits worked out that scurvy was caused by lack of vitamin C in our sailors who spent prolonged terms at sea!!Not bad for a bunch of shit for brains,radar was ours,TV,radio and chobham armour that you use on American armoured vehicals,just to name a few things that the ‘shit for brains’ invented.

      Morgan is not a celebrity in the UK mate,as you have stated,he’s on CNN!!!

  9. OK, it was held at IndigO2, and apparently organized by:
    AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)
    Web: www . aimislam . com

    Heavy involvement (maybe paid for?) by Opress TV, Iran’s official voice.

    This is AIM’s unctuous PR which, if Bonni lets it run, gives some of the ‘credentials’ of the anti-British presenters:

    “…Yvonne Ridley, the vice president of the European Muslim League and the president of the International Muslim Womens Union (in special status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)) of the United Nations will speak about “Mohammad, the Perfect Role Model”. Kristianne Backer who was a leading presenter in MTV Europe and is currently engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue will give a talk about “Mercy to Mankind”. She was honoured with the Sciences and Arts Medal for her efforts in promoting and understanding Islam in the West. The Attendees will also benefit from the presence of the honourable Dr Kamal Helbawy, the founder of Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Association of Britain, and who is also a founding member of the Islamic Unity Forum. Dr Helbawy will speak about “The week of Unity”.”

    Anyone know the affiliations of those sandpounders, sunni/shiite/whatever?

  10. Bonni:

    Does anyone know who was there on stage? Sunnis hate shiites, and vice versa, and they ALL hate alawites, Bahais, amahdis etc. They go as far as calling the lesser brethren apostates, or murder them.

    And we all know what they do to Jews, Christians, Animists, etc.

  11. UK ruling elites HONOR the obedient followers of Islam’s founder, HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, by giving mega money taken from Britain’s despised infidel taxpayers for Muslim terrorists’ defense.

    Nothing is too good for Muslim terrorists. Are they being housed in a five star hotel with their own personal chef flown in from Saudi Arabia?

    DAILY MAIL: Al Qaeda bomb plot gangs were handed £30m in legal aid to fund their defence

    Trial of attempted July 21 bombers cost taxpayers £7.1million in legal aid
    Terrorists who plotted to blow up planes given £12.2million to fund defence

    Two gangs of Al Qaeda terrorists who plotted to inflict mass murder on the British public shared more than £30million in legal aid, it emerged last night.

  12. We must keep telling the truth about mohamad the monster of islam. One day, with the help of modern media the truth will finally hit home.

  13. Where on Earth do these idiots get such ideas that Muhammed was such a great guy? Have they been reading that new French comic?

  14. Do you live in Londonistan?
    Islamic extremists are stepping up the creation of “no-go” areas in European cities that are off-limits to non-Muslims.
    Many of the “no-go” zones function as microstates governed by Islamic Sharia law. Host-country authorities effectively have lost control in these areas and in many instances are unable to provide even basic public aid such as police, fire fighting and ambulance services.
    The “no-go” areas are the by-product of decades of multicultural policies that have encouraged Muslim immigrants to create parallel societies and remain segregated rather than become integrated into their European host nations.
    In Britain, for example, a Muslim group called Muslims Against the Crusades has launched a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls “Londonistan” – into independent Islamic states. The so-called Islamic Emirates would function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic Sharia law and operate entirely outside British jurisprudence.

    See the entire article at:

  15. Much to the disappointment of Moslems, the five oldest and most trusted Islamic
    sources don’t portray Muhammad as a ‘superior being’ or any kind of ‘the mercy of God among mankind’. Islam’s original sources reveal that he was a highwayman, a liar, an assassin, a pedophile, a shameless womanizer, a promiscuous husband, a rapist, a genocidal mass murderer, a desert pirate, a warmonger, a spineless coward, and a calculating and ruthless tyrant. This portrait is certainly not the character profile of the founder of a true religion, but that of an amoral cultist and scheming politician.

  16. Combine Jim Jones, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Don Corleone…VOILA! Mohammed! The plagiarizing plundering poisonous psychopathic posturing pretentious pathological prevaricating playboy pedophile pirate.

    Mohammed is the greatest liability to Islam.

  17. Simple discussing!!! …We must be ready for the next big one, once again we will die and we will kill to keep our freedom. Last time was against Hitler, now would be against the islam army and the lethists. Freedom lovers, buy and hide guns and amunitipons, we will gonna have a long, long fight to save our civilization and our values…. The last cruzate against the last jihad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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