London event honors the ‘most perfect man who ever lived’ – Islam’s Paedophile Prophet Mohammed

Muslims believe that just over 14 centuries ago, the Prophet Mohammed was chosen as God’s messenger of mercy to mankind.

One of the great myths of Islam is that the prophet Mohammed (a murdering, bigoted, abuser of women and little girls) is thought to be the greatest man on earth in history, his astonishing legacy changed the world for the better (Only in the eyes of the inbred misogynistic savages known as Muslims). And in today’s era, his teachings and values are forever praised and followed by many (of the least-intelligent, least-productive, and least-respected people on earth).


On Friday, an event in central London celebrated the Prophet’s (lack of) magnificent achievements and (non) compassionate personality. The aim of the event was to promote unity amongst the different schools of thought in Islam. This event is taking place simultaneously in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan.