Russian woman joins al-Qaeda jihadists fighting in Syria

“Oh sweetheart, just wait till Allah’s warriors rape you in every orifice of your body, then you will learn all about women’s role in jihad.”

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12 comments on “Russian woman joins al-Qaeda jihadists fighting in Syria

  1. Her Russian is pretty clear of the Central Asian and Chechen accents. She is one of those dumb Russian brides who married Syrian students who studied in Russia and followed their dear husbands to their sesspools. There are many of these bitches throughout the Arab world including Palestine Autonomy. One was recently murdered by her Syrian husband when she spoke in favor of Asad. Her hubby got so agitated he stubbed or axed her, don’t remember for sure.

  2. She’s as Russian as Ahmed Rehab is American. Bet you this murderous psychopathic cupcake is from one of the old Soviet Turkic speaking countries.Kazakcrapistan, Turkmenarecrapistan, Azerbaijancrapistan, Kyrgyzcrapistan…

    • She’s probably Chechen. All the central Asian postsoviet republics are pretty secular and Azerbaijan is an even an ally of Israel.

      • Except the ones that aren’t like the ones I encountered in Turkey. They are just as Jew-hating, blame America for everything mouth breathers as other mohammadans. Secularism doesn’t mean a damn thing when you’re talking about mohammadans. Turkey is allegedly a secular country. Secular mohammadans are just as in thrall to bronze age arabic supremacy as “fundamentalists.”

  3. no surprise back in the day we had jane fonda my wish for this whore and that whore to due double duty when they get to the allaha land of eternal whores ! promised dear jane that I would spit on her grave one day who know ‘s maybe I will out last her

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