UK: If there’s a terror trial going on, you know there are Muslims involved

These three Paki Muslims were probably living on government welfare benefits, yet they despised British people and soldiers so much, they were planning a terror attack that they hoped would have been bigger than the London 7/7 attacks.

BBC The jury was told by prosecutors at the start of the trial that the pair had recorded suicide videos in Pakistan that would have been played to the world had their plot been completed. Police said the men were hoping to detonate as many as eight rucksack bombs against multiple targets in the UK.


6 comments on “UK: If there’s a terror trial going on, you know there are Muslims involved

  1. Muslim terrorists are ruling elites’ top favorites and are given mega tax money taken from Britain’s despised infidels for the Muslim terrorists’ defense.

    DAILY MAIL: Al Qaeda bomb plot gangs were handed £30m in legal aid to fund their defence

    Trial of attempted July 21 bombers cost taxpayers £7.1million in legal aid
    Terrorists who plotted to blow up planes given £12.2million to fund defence

    Two gangs of Al Qaeda terrorists who plotted to inflict mass murder on the British public shared more than £30million in legal aid, it emerged last night.

  2. Islam is in war against western civilization, from the VII century. This is their last Jihad against us, with a help of theiy allies the lefthist that are dreamming to have back the fascism. Normal people, buy guns and amunitions, hide them because times will come very soon, that we will gonna need them to figth to save our lives, our freedom, our chisdrens.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is the truth. Here in the U.S. it is the same way but the liberals do not believe it. Our president is selling us out to the islamists.

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