UK Judge introduces the new Muslim ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free’ card

islamic-facebookA Muslim man who raped a 13-year-old girl he seduced on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he  was taught that women are worthless. Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law.

UK Daily Mail (h/t CGW) Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’

Earlier Nottingham Crown Court heard that such crimes usually result in a four to seven-year prison sentence. But the judge said that because Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness’, sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good’.

Rashid, from Birmingham, admitted he had sex with the girl, saying he had been ‘tempted by her’ after they met online. They then met up in Nottingham, where Rashid had booked a room at a Premier Inn. The girl told police they stayed at the hotel for two hours and had sex after Rashid went to the bathroom and emerged wearing a condom.

Rashid then returned home and went straight to a mosque to pray. He was arrested the following week after the girl confessed what had happened to a school friend, who informed one of her teachers. He told police he knew the girl was 13 but said he was initially reluctant to have sex before relenting after being seduced.

Adil Rashid, Paedophile

Adil Rashid, Paedophile


90 comments on “UK Judge introduces the new Muslim ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free’ card


  2. Stupid judge, taken in by transparent excuses. Bending over backwards to be PC and “fair” to minorities – ends up giving them privilege to rape British girls.
    Should we elect our judges? I would not vote for this one. Sack him!

  3. Oh, thats all right then..the muslim didn’t know kuffar law was different to Mo Pedo’s law…when he gets caught with a 9 year old will the same rule apply? the Judge should be disbarred!! the Judge is probably kiddy fiddling also, he obviously identifies with pedophilia.

  4. Beyond even my jaded ability to believe! The rape epidemic will begin in earnest now that they know how to get off.

    It was in England where the muslim girls ganged up on a White British girl and nearly killed her then the judge let them off scott free because the muzzies were not used to drinking alcohol! Wonder if its the same judge or if the brain rot infects them all!

    Meanwhile Tommy is being subjected to horrible treatment for a far lesser crime! Unfng believeable!

    • Yes AM…it happened just a few miles from where I live…Another travesty of justice because the F***ed up elite are too busy hiding from the truth to do the right thing….

      Nobody is asking for revenge but for God’s sake let’s have some proper justice for these victims…I used to be quite easy going and Liberal minded until 9/11..but now I hate Liberal ideology with all of my being and anyone who sides with these animals…

      • if your court system is like ours in the USA. the judje just set a presidence on which can be recall and the perpatraitor of the rape will recieve the same forgiveness from any and all judges. i hope this is not the case.

        • Setting precedent is a way to set up a guideline for future adjudiactions of such nature. However, a precedent is NOT a chiseled-in-stone rule, and precedents can be, and have been, ignored, overruled, or otherwise nullified.

  5. Come on England, appeal the judges decison or just give up your country to the muslim savages. If you do not appeal the judges decision then you will get what you deserve, namely the end of England, sold out to the muslim savages.

  6. At its core, kidnapping/rape is HATE for God and HATE for God’s Laws.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.


  7. No words.

    Alas, I despise vengeance but know that despite wrongs done in this world, those unrepentant of their sins will not escape God’s judgement. (Numbers 32:23)

    I certainly hope this man at the least comes to know God, the REAL God, and repents of this act.

    That being said, this man should be in -prison-, period. He broke the law, and ignorance is not an excuse, and if anything I suspect his “ignorance” of the laws of the UK is a false front; you’re in a western country and you don’t know that rape is a felony…? Really?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see anyone truly stupid here; I see a man who just played this judge for a fool.

    • The judge is NOT a fool. The judge is EVIL. That is why the wicked judge is having the filth Muslim monster predator walk free. The judge has given his FULL APPROVAL of Muslim filth raping British non-Muslim children by having the filth walk free.

      Britain is Muslim Paradise for Muslim males who are ALLOWED by ruling elites to gang-rape and force into prostitution Britain’s children.

      What enrages UK ruling elites? Brits who protest the cruel Muslim gang rapes of children. EDL members and EDL leaders are viciously persecuted and EDL leaders jailed for protesting against Muslims gang-raping children.

  8. That excuse won’t wash in this country. Is ignorance of the law grounds for dismissal in the UK, or is this just another case of judicial islamophilia?

    OT but related:
    Update on the Cambridge, MA, case of the nanny charged in death of muslim child. The story has pretty much dropped out of sight for now. There are some suspicious details in the case (bloody baby wipes and diaper):

    However, the nanny, an illegal immigrant, reportedly has a history of violence:

    So this may just be a straightforward sad case of murder by nanny. Anything new and significant will be passed along.

  9. Seriously? If that happened here, and it wasn’t a Muslim who did the crime, the judge would have said that you live here, you should know the law! That is like me driving over the speed limit, and saying I didn’t know I passed the sign that said the speed limit was 40 while I was driving 60! The officer and the judge would have told me it made no difference, I was STILL breaking the law! How is it these scum get away with this crap! This is really pissing me off! :(

  10. What do you Brits think would happen if large groups , say in the hundreds, of Brit expats living in Pakistan or Saudi or any muzz country went to the streets, screaming at the top of your lungs that your way will over take the world, and death to non Brits etc,etc. Or if groups of Brits roamed the streets beating Paki citizens up and raping thier girls? The general public in those places would hunt you down and kill all of you that’s what would happen and the Police and government would have little control. Yet you allow that in your homeland because you believe yourselves as too civilised, too politicaly correct. And you put all the blame on your dhimmi, leftist government for nothing getting done. Although the EDL are trying , the pacifist general public and government will in the end allow your country to become muslum with you as second rate or less citizens.

    • You talk shit mate!!
      Nobody asked us and YOU will suffer the same thing,difference is,we won’t take the fucking piss and WE will support you.

      • trinovante i did not know of these problems in your country. GOD bless all of you with what all of you are going through. We here in the USA are being subjected to much anti-christian rhetoric. Things here are changing on a daily basis. None of us even know what happens next. Talk is passed around the nation of an upcoming civil war. Who knows? Well may God bless stay strong my British friends.

        • It’s bad here allen and make no mistake,it’s already started in the US,every place where there are Muslims all the abuses you read about on this site are happening.

          I wish you all the very best mate.

    • So John…..What have YOU done about the Fort Hood murderer? What have YOU done with regards the brutal murders in Benghazi…caused by your muslim in chief Obama and his incompetent admin?? You see, it’s easy to finger point. We support all and any people who would rid the modern world of this cancer called Islam…Getting the truth out there to people is a start but it needs to be done intelligently and forcefully within our laws…If the shit hits the fan then that’s another story…My family won’t go down with a whimper that’s for sure 😀

      • Well said, unfortunately “regular” people both here in the US and the UK are just doing what they do everyday, taking care of their families. This problem has been allowed to come into our nations slowly over the last couple of deccades. Many people have voted in the leftists believing their liberal social agenda would make everything better. What a bunch of ignoramuses, maxists have NEVER cared for the poor and downtrodden they have just use them to get control. Well that part of the strategy is now complete and they are now moving onto part 2, which is the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They will use the “religion” of Islam to systematically change our contitutions, our judicial, and our laws until they are not even recognizable. Since the media is in bed with them and for the most part has not the courage to speak the truth, that leaves us as our generations Paul Reveres( sorry British friends) but our shout most be the “the Muslims are coming” each of us must be very educated, vigulant, and vocal about this issue in our sphere of influence, I am seeing a change amongst the people I know.

        I see so many smart comments on this site. Any chance we could as a community prepare a point by point talking sheet that would include the most imcriminating passages from Islam’s source documents as well as some web links. We could then have it here on the site to downloaded as a PDF to help others understand and begin their education. For us who come here regularly we get it but for the newbies the whole problem of Islam is kind of surreal to them as they have told for so long it is a religion of peace. But to be able to hand them a sheet of facts and information in a non-confrontational manor may be helpful. People always seem to get irrational and uncomfortable when discussing politics and religion and you either have an augment or they shut down.

        Can’t tell you how many times I wish I had a little cheat sheet to document my point. Any thoughts?

    • Ordinary British citizens were not the ones who let them in. Idigenous Brits are punished to the maximum if they say or do anything. Britain has a serious
      Hate law that they apply only to indigenous Brits. Indigenous Brits are being persecuted in their own country by their govt. America, my homeland elected a muslim brotherhood marxist twice! We are going down the road to hell here ourselves!

  11. So why can’t they use this example of why Islam is a sick evil ideology? We never hear the bad side of Islam from the liberal media. So he claims Islam made him bad. Well then, shouldn’t that be a good reason to end the immigration of these savages.

  12. you would think that this scumlims own people would step in and deal with hum , on chance, it looks like we may have to take action our selves

    • TO KAAFIR. We Brits are not all followers of the dhimmis. Some of us are intelligent enough to know the danger we face from the cult of islam. As for Piers Morgan, he is an idiot who talks c**p. Why he is tolerated on CNN I have no idea. Please don`t deport him back here, we don`t want him. Send him to one of the muslim he**holes and see how long he lasts there.

    • Is that fucking right Kaafir?
      Come over here and spout your shit, you ignorant bastard.
      Morgan has no right to stick his upper class nose into your business any more than a PRICK like you has the right to stick his untested,cowardly,never confronted a Muslim,would run at the first sign of violence know fuck all muppet like YOU!
      What have you done to combat Islam?

    • Peirs fucking Morgan does NOT represent us ENGLISH, you arsehole. We are on the frontline fighting Islam, while your country votes in a muslim fucking president.

    • Kaafir…..I’m a Brit and I’ve been doing my bit for the last 10 years….Try not to generalize about us Brits…I can assure you that there are more than there are less people over here who know the score…BUT, people need to understand that they’re NOT alone…Fear makes people do what they otherwise might not do….If the time comes in my lifetime, then all those Lefty Liberals who have allied themselves with the enemy will surely need to hide their sorry cowardly arses…….

    • Dear Kaffir, there I’ve correctly spelt the word your limited pea brain couldn’t. Listen here you pansey arsed fuckwit. How many demos’ have you been on? How many times have you been arrested for standing up for what is right while the media demonize you and your brothers? Have you ever dragged your sorry arse out of your sick bed to make your voice heard on the streets? Stick to your keyboard fantasy world of warcraft and let the big boys do the REAL work you fuckingt wanker NFSE! GSTQ!

  13. That was the dumbest excuse I ever have heard ?? The court is also the dumbest I have ever heard ?? So what do the do with the so called “muslim school” he had been though this thing ?? Nothing I suppose !! England is going under if they continue to belive in their dumb way to treat these idiots. It is sad and they are so close to Sweden and I hope that they don´t get swedish any dumb ideas from England.

  14. I was taught that ignorance of the law was no defence. This means that we must close down these Islamic ‘faith’ schools. They are dens of Satanic iniquity.

  15. Time for that judge to be escorted out of his cushy job and into something more fitting. Shoveling manure, maybe? Because that ruling was a load of shit.

    • Not good enough!!!!

      The judge needs to be dismissed from his post, surgically castrated WITHOUT ANÆSTHESIA (in such circumstances so he’ll realise what rape is about – and as part thereof he also should be sodomised without warning!!), disenfranchised and then deported without papers or other identification straight to either North Korea or Saudi Arabia for no less than 25 years!!!

      The “kid” needs to likewise be punished just like the judge and deported to Saudi Arabia, the greatest bastion of “pure” Islam – and see how he’s esteemed when he’s known as castrated. Also, his WHOLE FAMILY needs to be rounded up through 4th-cousins and deported the same way, with all its males undergoing surgical castration – and all of them likewise going to Saudi Arabia (even if they’re from another Moslem country) so they learn just what their fellow-Mohammedans consider them as being. The same with the imam, mufti or mullah of the mosque that young man went to if it can be shown that he knew anything of what had happened!!!

      Since however “British justice” is effectively DEAD (as this incident proves), it’s to be hoped that vigilante groups will arise to track down and punish these good-for-nothings OUTSIDE the husk that “British law” has become in exactly the same way. Those élitists also need to start getting so scared that they’ll go all the way into showing their “country”‘s DISGRACE so that any real Britishers will know better than to hope to save their country and emigrate ASAP to places where they CAN take vengeance upon Moslems more readily. I’m ready personally to write the UK off as the first victim of the new Moslem jihad – and given her historical support of Turkey and denigration of the Balkan peoples throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, sad to say she richly deserves it.

      [Sorry, “trinovante” and Ms. Rivera; however, I’ve truly lost faith in the UK as of this time unless some sort of justice starts being done by worthy people outside of the law: then we may see that British non-élitist communities have started to fight back. If they don’t…]

      • Not to forget that by rights, any and ALL madrassas (Islamic schools) need to be closed – and the same applies to mosques!! The root solution, as I’ve written so many times, is utter EXPULSION of every last single Moslem; however, since the British élitists won’t even lift a finger against their Mohammedan bribers, there’s nothing to hope for but illegal acts.

        When the law is so fully corrupted as this, what’s the point of hoping for anything within it? Dear God, Grant me NOT to see such things in MY area prior to my death – unless you come beforehand…

      • Just let me please add one more thing: for the “judge” to say that this rapist was “passive” and “lacking assertiveness” is one of the BIGGEST, MOST BRAZEN LIES I could have EVER imagined hearing!!!!

        A rapist being unassertive is surely as big an oxymoron as perhaps anything in this ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!

      • Don’t know why you say sorry to me mate??I agree with you!
        I have not seen an anti British post by you,only fair criticism of our state and not our people.
        Im a member of the EDL,i will defend my people,but my government is fair game mate.

        I wish you all the very best,if only some people were as well informed as you we’d all be happy.

        • Dear “trinovante”:

          Thanks for your understanding!! I was afraid that you’d be angry at me when you read that I’ve written off the UK as a nation that can really hope to be saved from the cesspool of Islam thanks to the COMPLETE corruption of its judicial, legislative and executive branches of government (not to mention academe, unions, big-business, banking, &c.) – as well as when I wrote that your nation deserves such a fate thanks to her being on the side of the Mohammedan Turks through THREE CENTURIES (18th, 19th and 20th).

          Thanks to the Turks and their converted slave-people the Moslem-Albanians and Bóshñaci (Moslem-Serbs) – among others – the rest of South-Eastern Europe was oppressed for as long as five centuries!!! Furthermore, that Tony Blair, the Clintons and Obama among others continue to favour the Moslem-Albanians and other Mohammedans at the expense of non-Moslems like the Christian Serbs (principally Orthodox, but some Catholics too), Slavic-Macedonians and Greeks is an absolute CRYING SHAME. By their insisting that Kósovo-Metóhija has to be given to the Albanian-majority while turning a blind eye to those Moslems’ destruction of Serb monasteries and churches plus thorough ethnic-cleansing of that historically-SERB province (and the same thing is now happening within the southernmost part of Serbia proper!!!), the Brit, American and other “Western governments” are CONTINUING to side with the Mohammedans against the Christians of South-Eastern Europe. [Note: the Albanian-Kosovars will unite with Albania proper before too long, mark my words!!!]

          THAT IS WHY I thought you’d be angry…

  16. Every Muslim terrorist on earth just can’t wait to get to Britain where they are ADORED by UK ruling elites. Top favorites, Muslim terrorists, are also provided with free houses, money and benefits.

    DAILY MAIL: Human Rights laws stop Algerian terror suspect with links to gas plant massacre group being deported because he is suicidal.

  17. DAILY MAIL: Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is ‘persecuted’

    Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, arrived in UK in 2004 hidden in a lorry
    He was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in May 2008
    Judge said today it was ‘not possible’ to deport him back to Sudan
    Saleh attempted to claim damages for unlawful detention.

  18. The vile, FILTHY judges HATE Britain’s non-Muslim children. The judges are utterly EVIL. The filth judges LOVE Muslim rapists and IDENTIFY one hundred percent with Muslim filth rapists.

    The SATANIC judges will do anything and everything to ensure that Muslims who worship the death god and violently rape defenseless non-Muslim children will either walk free or be given a light sentence.

    EDL members and EDL leaders who protest cruel gang rape and forced prostitution of non-Muslim children by filth Muslim monsters, are viciously persecuted by ruling elites.

  19. Put Judge Michael Stokes in the jail with a few ignorant muslims and see how
    he feels when he gets out. Ignorance is No excuse for breaking the law.
    However we must remember there are laws for Patriots and laws for ignorant muslims

    Long Live the E.D.L. from a Canadian Kaffir

  20. Huh, and here I thought “ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating the law” was one of the core principles of most legal systems. Apparently not in the U.K.! What a sad case of bending over backwards for a culture and belief system that has no respect for your own.

  21. Once upon a time a judge may have admonished the defendant by advising him that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. Apparently, no more. If he is “Asian”. These are sad times.


  22. Let me get this straight Adil Rashid was so “naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters” but he knew how to lure this girl to a hotel room and was prepared with a condom. What the heck, the world is up side down. Here is the issue, this guy is 18 the girl is 13 case closed, even if she consented it is still RAPE! She is a minor he is technically under the law is an adult! The problem is so rampant in the UK the judge is probably right he may beome even more radicalized in prison as their prisons are filled with his variety. Better idea just eliminate him.

  23. Muslim Misogyny in UK
    -Suicide rate among Muslim women 3 times higher…Are many ‘suicides’ actually honor killings in disguise?
    -17,000 victims of honor-related violence a year in UK
    -grooming of English girls by perverted Moz Pakmen just acting like their hero, the ‘perfect man’
    -up to 8,000 forced marriages a year in UK
    -80% of Moz brides brought from overseas to UK
    -2 women to 1 Mozman in UK, suggesting many illegal multiple marriages
    -70% of Mozwomen marry first cousin in UK
    -10% of children in cousin marriages die at birth or have severe congenital illnesses
    -3% of UK residents (Moz) produce 30% of genetic defects in UK

  24. UK had better correct its tilt before its boat keels over. Right now all judges are so ignorant of islamic ideology that these kind of judgements will keep coming. Mainstream Media must do its part in educating the general public as well.

  25. Why did the judge not PENALIZE THE SCHOOL for teaching MISOGYNY? Why are Feminists not picketing the school?

    Mohammed’s favorite sex slave was a Christian woman. Mohammedans think it’s smart to imitate Mohammed, their role model. In Moz warped logic, if Mo did something evil it becomes ‘good’.

    Islam destroys the mind and the conscience.
    Islam is the enemy of humanity.

    The boy will go to jail and take intensive ‘Islam training’ while there. He already has his ‘jihad beard’.

  26. If it had been my daughter, he would not have lived to go to court. This judge should be thrown off the bench and not be allowed to sit on another case. muzzies believe that they have the right to have under-age sex, just like their paedo prophet instructed. The fact that it was a `kafir` would be seen as a bonus to him. AMERICA DON`T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, at least you all can protect your daughters from these morons.

  27. “A Muslim man who raped a 13-year-old girl he seduced on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless.”

    So that’s ok then is it?? I’ve been taught that muslim men are all Taliban at heart so if like minded people got together and started sorting them out then it would be acceptable in a British court of law and they could get off?? Oh wait though, if the shoe was on the other foot this would be an open and shut case of a “Hate Crime”..

    It’s judges (and people) like this twat that need to be stopped from holding positions of authority….THEY are NOT fit for purpose as the saying goes….

    Copy and distribute this Rapists picture to all your friends….Just another rapist with the imams blessing…Why not use the Shariah that they keep asking for? We could implement it in certain cases like this and others just for the muslim population…We’d soon see a change in attitude I bet….It says in the Koran to kill those who make mischief throughout the land…. Stone or hang him and all those other radicals out there…Job sorted 😀

  28. One rule for them, others for us ! If Mr. Eminent judge is so shocked then get the islamic schools shut!
    Typical broken Britain.Muslims can teach their kids their religious fanaticism , disregard the law of the land, rape and deceive to their hearts content,but watch your back if you are a member of EDL or UKIP as you may get your kids taken off you !

  29. You’re right dsinc42,people are repeatedly told on a daily basis that,”..ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE”, he should have got the 7xyrs.

  30. Special laws for “special” people!
    Lucky for him he didn`t commit a minor passport offence or they would have really thrown the book at him!
    But to the British judiciary child rape is far less serious when committed by this particular type of person.Another travesty of British law regularly sees this privileged group being given bail when charged with these crimes.Strolling into court daily while chatting casually on their mobile phones.I wonder how much longer the British sheeple can continue believing in this sick parody of “equality” under English law.
    Thank goodness the Mail newspaper has guts to show the truth about this ******* government appointed rabble.

    • The trouble is…they show this online only…NOT in the national newspapers…You can see similar stuff online by the BBC but they sure as hell won’t broadcast it on national tv…They’re all complicit in covering up the truth of what is really going on…I’m guessing the fact that they put it online makes them feel better about themselves and less guilty of cowardice……

    • bains

      “…sick parody of “equality” under English law.”

      I wonder if any recently convicted rapist can now appeal his sentence.
      What of 50 or 100 ‘similar’ recent cases where maybe some kind of ‘ignorance’ were expressed, and they received statutory sentences?

  31. You must remember, in the West mudslimes are a protected species and can do no wrong. It is always the fault of us dirty “kuffars”, or as political correctness would have you believe.
    I never thought I could get to hate a people, but the more I hear of this degenerate ideology the more I hate it and the people who practice it. But I think the worst is the dhimmi’s who condone what these people do!
    The West is finished, there is no light at the end of this long tunnel me thinks, well short of civil war!

  32. This idiot dhimmi judge has now given ALL Muslims carte blanche to rape at will…isn’t the West supposed to abide by their own set of laws and protect innocent children? What is stopping other Muslims from claiming ignorance of man-made laws for other crimes like incest, murder, rape, terrorism?

    Jail would cause him more damage than good? Isn’t prison supposed to be a punishment?

    Tommy Robinson is behind bars and this Muslim rapist is free. Good-bye Britain, you are now ruled by Sharia Law and are a disgrace to freedom.

    • NA
      “Jail would cause him more damage than good?
      Isn’t prison supposed to be a punishment?”

      At his age, he would leave jail with an arsehole three sizes larger.

      But I blame the ‘judge’ POS as much as that islamist POS.

      Isn’t the VERY FIRST statement in the legal system
      “Ignorance is no excuse.”?

      And has it passed the time for a Crown appeal?
      Especially as this becomes precedent.

      • I believe the good judge, or the local mohammedans didn’t want the perp’s madrassah named, so let them ALL be tarred with the same brush, just like Chinese, Japanese, Sikhs etc. are tarred with the label ‘Asians’ whenever islamists rape, murder or terrorize civilized people.

        A Google search of Birmingham Schools returned these eight with likely sounding names (some scary names too), the six digit ‘Ofsted Number’ at the end, is for the service which ‘inspects’ these schools, or not!

        Al-Hijrah School Bordesley Green 133306
        Al-Burhan Grammar Balsall Heath 134034
        Al-Furqan Community College Tyseley 103592
        Al-Hijrah Islamic Bordesley Green 103590
        Al-Hira School Balsall Heath 131413
        Darul Uloom Islamic Small Heath 103586
        Jamia Islamia Birmingham Sparkbrook 134571
        Salafi Independent School Small Heath 133603

        Can anyone add to this, maybe the perp’s home address; isn’t that normally given in the media? Then maybe the madrassah can be pinned down.

        Of course it’s just as likely that ALL the above are madrassas which teach how to lure victims on Facebook, how to rape, how to view victims like fallen lollipops, and how to pick a bent judge.

    • Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Any properly socialized person knows that fornication is immoral, and in England, should be aware that it is illegal.

      Reluctant? Then why did he have a condom in his pocket? And why did the girl correspond with and meet with him? The fact that he engaged a motel room would warn anyone but the most ignorant Moron.

      The judge should be defrocked and disbarred.

      Is yer daughter on Facebook??? If you have a teenager, rent Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” and use it as a teaching tool, before this happens to your kid.

  33. Dhimmi Judge Michael Stokes needs a jail sentence for being so ignorant about Mohammedan attitudes toward kaffir woman, never mind the fact that she was THIRTEEN years old. How can these stupid F***ing idiots even be allowed into a court, never mind issuing verdicts.

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