Dutch comedian faces off against three Muslim female talk show hosts insulted by his ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

mqdefaultDutch comedian Hans Teeuwen tries to explain the concept of satire and freedom of speech to this three-woman baghead brigade, as they demand he justify his insults to Islam and especially the vulgar things he said about them in his routine.

Although his work is typically devoid of politics, in real life Teeuwen has repeatedly and openly acted as a fervent supporter of freedom of speech, especially after his good friend Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim who was enraged over Van Gogh’s documentary about Islam – ‘Submission.’ The women are especially bent out of shape over remarks about them (something about punishing himself with a blowjob from the Halal TV Girls) he made at the unveiling of a statue in memory of Van Gogh.

Keep an eye on the Muslim with the beard in the audience who doesn’t look too amused. Perhaps he’s thinking it’s time for a Theo Van Gogh, Part 2? 

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33 comments on “Dutch comedian faces off against three Muslim female talk show hosts insulted by his ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

  1. Dear BNI:

    This is a shout out to any Australian and New Zealander readers of this blog. The subject is muslims not having a sense of humor.

    I knew a British couple who in their world travels thought the Aussies were the people with the best sense of humor. Among the Aussies… they specifically knew some Australian Aboriginal men who topped their list. These men could have you rolling on the floor holding your side with laughter… and these were the CLEAN jokes they told in the “presence of ladies.” Just get a few blokes together and the jokes got no less funny, but more risque. And when these Aborigine men got into a joke telling contest with non-Aboriginal Aussie men who had their own amazing sense of humor… it was a riot.

    A riot of laughter… not a muslim riot where there would be burned out bldgs, autos and dead bodies everywhere.

    The Aboriginal women would be quiet, yet the sparkle in their eyes and the smirks at the corners of the girls’ mouths showed they “got it” when it came to the punch lines. Compare this to muslim women…. whose smirks are not seen if they ever even occur because of their face coverings…. and if their eyes are visible… they show fear over jokes and satirical comments and miss the meaning entirely.

    Australian Aboriginal culture can be as different from other cutlures around the world as any other… yet these people can enjoy laughter and humor… while adherents of a cult number 1 billion strong simply just don’t get it.

    And as for you Kiwis….

    A Maori colleague of mine introduced me to an aspect of New Zealand history though serious… also showed Maori humor.

    During World War One… Maori soldiers would take captured Central Powers military guys and tie them up and blindfold them. Then Anglo NZ soldiers would rip off the blindfolds and in front of these German and Austrio-Hungarian Empire soldiers would be seeing now bare chested Maori complete with war painted faces in front of them. The Maori would then do vocalizations and dance movements that went back generations… all for the benefit of the Kaiser’s men.

    Men who would lose control of their bladders and wet themselves while I’m sure praying in German that their mother’s come rescue them.

    A serious thing dealing with enemy POWs! A sacred Maori cultural dance is serious! War is serious! However, the smiles, giggles and slaps-on-the-back these Maori soldiers gave one another back in their army tents after such “ceremonies” were SERIOUSLY FUNNY!. The Maori soldiers definitely enjoyed themselves.

    By the way the CENTRAL POWERS during World War ONE… was Germany, Austrio-Hungary Empire… AND THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. One of the MAIN three beligerents during the FIRST World War was TURKEY…. it was a MUSLIM empire; that helped throw the entire world into chaos during the first ever global conflict.

    Gee, I wonder if the Maori ever did their victory dance over any muslims from the Ottoman Empire (Turks) when they captured Central Power Germans and Hungarians? Anybody know if the Maori made some muslim Turks pee their uniforms?

    Japan, Italy and Cuba by the way were on the side of the Allies during this war.

    So yea, MUSLIM TURKEY was a main belligerent during the 1914-1918 war; yet history books forget about that… just as they forget the muslims military units siding with the Nazis and the islamic Mufti who helped the Holocause proceed during the 1939-1945 WWII.

    Back to the Maori.

    Dear Kiwi readers of BNI… anyway the coalition forces in Afghanistan can get some squads of Maori? I would love to see on YouTube these fine Maori soldiers doing their dance to a bunch of captured Taliban!

    Muslims should experince more of the Maori sense of humor (ie serious victory dance).

    As for the Dutch comic… more power to him!

  2. That was a sensational video. Hans did a very good job of defending his right to poke fun at religion. I see nothing wrong with what he did(and I’m a Christian). I was more amused by the whole thing than anything. I was more amused by the bearded Muslim(is that wrong of me??? LOL) Everytime that man either smirked like he was committing Jihad on Hans in his head, or scowled angrily I laughed! It was amusing to see him get so riled up! He doesn’t have what we call “Poker face” that’s for sure!

  3. Dear BNI:

    Western societies have a history of parody, satire and comedy zinging the people, politics and customs of any given time. Whether the peasants in the field, lords of the manors, vicars in the church or royals in the palace… all could come under scrutiny of a cutting wit and sharp tongue. In the medieval and renaissance era; puppet shows to entertain children had more than its share of inserted material that was geared towards adults. Centuries later the British political satire magazine “Punch” had its title origin connected to the thinly veiled societal zaps from the “Punch and Judy” puppet show routines.

    The Aussies had Paul Hogan doing skits dressed as the Pope; as for the UK I have two words- “Monty Python.” American and Canadians have conservative comics Dennis Miller, Brad Stine, Drew Carey, Bill Engvall and Nick DiPaolo. Comics who support Republican candidates- Tim Allen, Yakov Smirnov and Joan Rivers among others. There is the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” for the right of center. Comic Norm McDonald was silenced quickly years back when he was on The View and attempted to slam the Clinton administration with jokes. “Baa-Baa Waa-Waa” interrupted and shut him down fast.

    Though fewer in number than the leftist comedians; there are some conservative one still out there. The other side has Lewis Black, John Stewart, Janine Garofolo and way too many more.

    Last night the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (01/26/2013 broadcast) opened with a parody making fun of Obama and Martin Luther King, then later a dead on impression of Arianna Huffington- spewing in over the top fashion A-Huff’s lavish devotion to Hillary Clinton and her spastic stance against Republicans. The show will make fun of Michelle Bachmann and Mitt Romney in one show and then liberal icons in the next sketch.

    My point is that Western societies have a long history of politcal satire and poking fun at society. Islamic culture does not have that legacy. Make fun of a muslims, imans, moHAMmed and allah in the past… and you would lose your head.

    Nowadays, the same thing is happening. Past reports I have seen (on BNI? JW? or Atlas?) a comic on a radio show is killed in Africa for insulting islam; and there are other such instances… sometimes not even involving professional comics, artists or actors. Someone oveheard making a “disrespectful joke” or posting something unflaterring about islam on social media… AND MUSLIMS WANT TO KILL THEM. Stand-Up comics are a rarity in the muslim world; and those that exist are careful what they have in their routines.

    Canada’s television show “Little Mosque On The Prairie” though a comedy, did not have its production sets blown up… I’m assuming that though it is is a sitcome featuring “muslims”, the “fools” of the show are “islamaphobic” infidel non-muslims; so I guess the muslim thought police lets this show slide by.

    In the USA- Saturday Night Live used to have skits where they made fun of the Taliban. Haven’t seen any of those in A LONG TIME. The animated South Park show in its current season is still slamming religion- mostly Christians and Jews; but has laid off muslims since the threats the creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker for portraying moHAMmed “censored” wearing a Teddy Bear costume.

    American Bill Maher and Britisher Pat Condell may not agree on much… but at least these two comics absolutely skewer muslims and their supremacist agenda. Dennis Miller will also be blunt about muslims and his steadfast support for out troops fighting them. Then there is Dunham the ventriliquist who has his homicidal muslim terrorist puppet… THE LEGACY OF PUNCN AND JUDY LIVES… thank you Dunham! Then there is the slightly built little man who IS A GIANT in courage for publishing the muslim cartoons in his Charlie magazine and who wants to do a comic book on moHAMmed’s life. Of course the man’s office was FIREBOMBED by muslims. However, he continues on!

    Now Hans Teeuwen has been added to an exclusive club. The West’s long tradition of parody, satire and comedy- from either the left or right has been silenced on any focus of islam. Teeuwen is a rarity, and I hope he can continue with his stand-up comedy career and not end up like his friend Theo VanGogh.

    Oh, side not. Remember the uproar on how South Park shouldn’t make fun of religion (ie islam). Muslim threats were directed at SP studios and creators Stone and Parker. The same episode that depicted moHAMmed also had Mormon, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, etc- deities and religious figures mocked. Since then South Park even up to its present season have slammed Christians, Jews and even a few jabs at Native Hawaiian religion.

    (I know some Native Hawaiians, and yes Native Hawaiian religious beliefs are still practiced. The Hawaiians by the way thought the SP portayals were funny. None of the Native Hawaiians I know- who laughed and giggled at the satire… were “angry” at South Park Inc. There was no fruit basket of grenades hidden among pineapples sent to Stone or Parker, sent from Hawaii.).

    Native Hawaiians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons and others can take a joke. Muslims cannot. It is part of their cesspool culture- no parody, satire, comedy, laughter or humor. Especially, against themselves. Most “grown up” cultures will mock themselves and have the freedoms to allow that mockery. Islam does not. Also, as mentioned- South Park continues to slam other religious figures (non-muslim of course).

    If those muslims, imans and dhimmis who went after South Park Inc… were geniune in their “desire to respect religion” then why haven’t we seen them to CONTINUE to criticize SP… because of the way it treats non-islamic faiths. Well, you don’t see them… because it was NEVER about respecting all religions, it was just islam.

    This is why that whenever you hear a muslim speak about “respecting religion” and being plurastic with beliefs or desire “interfaith” dialogue… they (the muslims) mean for it to apply to islam only. Don’t fall for those lines. For muslims there is no such thing as “pluralistic” or “interfaith” with muslims.

    Sooo…. Mr. Hans Teeuwen; good luck sir. Please avoid being shot, stabbed or blown up by moHAMmed’s followers.

  4. The right is having a hard enough time fighting global communism, socialism and marxism at the moment. We just don’t have the resources to take on a frontal Crusade against Islam and expect to survive.

    Take it underground in such a way that the left will see the dangers to jump on board. For instance, NOT GETTING CAUGHT leaving a pig’s head at mosques shows how intolerant muslims are. Muslims get their panties in a wad, and file a “hate crime” lawsuit to be investigated by the FBI. Most teenagers think of this act as nothing worse than cowtipping in the dead of night during your high school days in the 80’s. It’s just an easy way to bring more people to our side, IF YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT.

    TAKE THE FIGHT UNDERGROUND PEOPLE, UNDERGROUND… I’m quite certain there’s 1,000,000 ways to fight Islam like will bring those results. Find and do them!

  5. That last line — after Teeuwen says “that’s not what I meant” — she says “it doesn’t matter; it’s what we understood” says it all. The choice to be insulted regardless of any intent to insult and then to use western institutions to sue in order to silence but not to silence all insult, not to silence the insult of hanging homosexuals in the public square, the insult of hacking off the limbs of the starving poor, the insult of cleansing Christians and Jews and taking black Africans as slaves. No, those insults are okay.

    • Dear BNI:

      An awesome RIGHT ON TARGET Miss Joan! The quote you list went right past methe first time. “…it doesn’t matter, it’s what we understood.” Yes, no matter what the intent or point of a joke, criticism or complaint (or possibly even a compliment)- the muslim will not take it in ANY constuctive way.

      Gee whiz muslims… blowing up schools of innocent Buddhist children or gang raping Hindu girls IS NOT A GOOD THING. There constructive criticism… stop supporting those atrocities and dancing in the streets and passing out candies when they occur.

      Yet, the muslim itty bitty primitive size-of-a-pea brain processes this as… “You insult moHAMmed, you infidel.”

      I’ve (sadly) known too many muslims over the years. None of them had a sense of humor. Listening to comics whether on a vinyl record album (remember those), cassette or CD…. watching a comedian on tv show, VHS or DVD…. going to a stand up act at an auditorium or comedy club; a “big hit comedy” at a cinema… reading a “gag” book, telling a joke over the water cooler at work…. or even being in a store where novelty items and practical jokes or silly toys were sold….

      Whether this was taking place in the 1970s, ’80s, 90s or the 2000s or 2010s (twenty tens)…

      The muslims simply DID NOT GET IT.

      I’ve know “uptight” Chinese scholars, atheist ex-Soviets, straight-laced Japanese businessmen, midwestern Amish housewives, politically correct lesbian feminists, American Indian elders, “serious” Bible college students…. AND THEY ALL have a better sense of humor than muslims.

      You are SO RIGHT JOAN. They simply WANT TO BE OFFENDED so they can then sue and get a wagon load of money… while being able to advance sharia law. As Robert Spencer says over at Jihad Watch… whenever Western law/customs meets muslim sharia… it is the Western law, customs, freedoms and values that have to give way.

  6. Comedians, artists, and intellectuals are the ones in the front lines of any sort of culture war especially in fighting the war against authoritarianism, religious zealotry, political oppression. They may sometimes be misguided, but their hearts are usually in the right place.

    Comedians, artists, intellectuals and entertainers that support socialism and communism, for example, don’t necessarily support a totalitarian state or dictatorship. They are often idealists who believe in the rosy ideas and drivel and happy horseshit that communists often portray, but none of the negatives of such a society. Jane Fonda is one such example of a naive but good hearted idealist.

    Liberals are far too often idealists rather than realists.

    I don’t believe that most liberals in Hollywood or elsewhere in the artistic and entertainment industry are necessarily against freedom and democracy or are involved in some sort of Communist or Marxist plot. And most are definitely not Islamists, judging by their libertine lifestyles, clothing and attitudes. Many are loyal Americans who pay their taxes, just like everyone else. They use their freedom of speech to criticise what they perceive to be America’s faults and evils. Which is, of course, their right to do so. Most are just simply naive idealists.

    Others are just plain money grubbing hypocrites that use the system solely for their own benefit.

    That being said, instead of bashing liberals, there should be an attempt to inform them. True liberals are in the forefront of the war against Islamic Jihad. A true liberal has to understand the value of free speech and equal rights under the law, which, of course, Islam and Islamism stand firmly against.

    Many true liberals would be appalled if they truly understood the goals and aims of Islamism and Islamic Jihad. Islam stands firmly against feminism, sexual freedom, gay rights, social, political, and artistic freedom, freedom of self expression including the arts and media, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of dissent. Islam stands against all the arts including music, dance, graphic arts as haram and Satanic. True liberals would be terrified of the prospect of a world with no art and no humanities.

    Of course, in Hollywood, most actors, actresses and producers are far more interested, not in Socialism, ironically enough, but Capitalism. They are simply interested in making big bucks, rather than standing for principle. But those liberal idealists who actually believe the spiel that they say to the public should be informed that when they mollycoddle jihad, they are actually paving the way for their own downfall, including their cushy lifestyles.

    What if Hollywood, the entertainment and arts world and the liberal establishment truly understood the threat? They would make a formidible weapon against Islamic Jihad. Muslims would find the Western world utterly intolerable and would find the jihad situation hopeless. But the liberal establishment is either too naive or indifferent to the real threat — even to themselves.

    • Jane Fonda is one such example of a naive but good hearted idealist. Stevie big difference between a misguided leftie an a trader ask the over 65thousand dead and hundreds of thousand wounded over communist who wanted to take away your right to defend your liberals

      • The Communists, ironically enough, were defeated by liberals — artists, intellectuals and free thinkers.

        Freedom of knowledge, freedom of information, and freedom of inquiry and stone hard guts and resolve were the factors that help bring the Berlin wall down. Maybe not the bleed heart spineless softies that often become associated with the liberal name, but true liberals that really believed in such things as human rights, dignity, and a fair shake. As soon as people began to gain outside information, quite often from arts and entertainment, information and arts that the Communists carefully controlled before, people began to question their devotion to Communism and its ideals.

        Jane Fonda wasn’t a traitor; she was just a stupid shill, that didn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground. I read a biography of her. She really seems to be a rank idealist who often had a rosy picture of the world rather than a real one and apparently still has.

        I don’t think any one questions the bravery of soldiers in Vietnam, both the 60 thousand or so Americans or the millions of Vietnamese who gave their lives to fight the totalitarian ideology.

        But the point here is that truth is the ultimate weapon against Islam and any other totalitarianism. That is why Nazis fought against it, fascists fought against it, and the Muslims fight against it. Artists, entertainers and intellectuals are the ones who have the power to reach the masses with the truth.

        • Steve, What’s your definition of traitor if not conspiring with the enemy against the U.S.? You insult every US Soldier and Marine who fought over there, if you don’t think she was a traitor.

          How do you know the biographer wasn’t a left wing shill for the communists?

  7. That was an important video – even though it was hard to follow. This comedian made some strong philosophical arguments about freedom of speech, freedom to offend, the freedom NOT to react violently, and Most Important:

    That when a political system controls what is offensive and acceptable you have tyranny.

    The three followers of Islam questioners could not understand what the comedian was saying and called his comments “one liners”

    This is important dialogue no matter what format it is presented in.

    Good Find BNI

  8. Just looking at a muslim offends me! This Muslim push into the west is not “multi-curlturalism” it is singular culturalism, just theirs that they are concerned with.

    For years and years Jews and Christians were the target of jokes and comedians had themselves a party on stage with the amount of material they could did up making fun of Jews and Christians. We lived with that. We might not have liked it, and at times, chuckled to ourselves of the truthful nature of the joke, but while people and groups complained, the complaints fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t going to be silenced to protect the sensitivities of devout people.

    So you grow a thicker skin, and build a bridge and get over it. Not the Muslims.
    The muslims, (who were never a part of our American population) arrive on American soil and start demanding that our culture and way of life CHANGE for their stupid ass backward 14 century dark cult. They can’t laugh at themselves, even though there is a ton of material to laugh about. Their insulted being takes priority over any other insulted person on the planet.

    The material that would be most amusing to me, if done correctly, is the amount of murdering they accomplish in single minute across the globe, in one single afternoon, or early morning tirade, over NOTHING because Allah gets pissed off over NOTHING.

    I hope that we continue to see these people mocked, in a way only a westerner can accomplish. Our country needs a lot of laughter these days and frankly I am getting bored with poking fun of Jews and Christians to be honest. It’s been done already.
    So if they do have to come here and live among us, they need to grow a thicker skin and learn that they are not special in any way shape or form. It’s comedic open season on the Muslims.

    We as westerners take out our sword of words, funny ones, and in response, Muslims take out their swords of death. Inbreeding must make them lose their sense of humor too. Scientists should look to see if that gene is missing.

  9. He held his own with those bagheaded c*nts.

    They are guilty of what they are accusing him of. Typical mohammadan arsehole projection. It never occurs to these emotionally and intellectually stunted supremacists that they themselves and their supremacist culture are extremely insulting to the rest of us.

    I get “boiling mad” every time I listen to one of these disgusting bronze age supremacists insult or threaten my culture, my country, my way of life. They have the right to spout their supremacist nonsense. I do not however, have the right to bully, threaten, or use violence to make them stop.

    As this comedian said, if I do resort to violence to stop them that is *MY* choice. The fault lies with me. These bronze age children believe the fault is with the “insulter.” This us unacceptable psychology. And let’s not forget time and time again mohammadans prove by their violent actions that one can “insult” them and their vile creed and “force” them into violence simply for not being a mohammadan.

    So sick of this bullshit and so sick of the government leaders and multi-cult clowns on the right and the left who continue to make excuses for and allow the growth of this dangerous psychology.

  10. Would be nice to have a translation so we could enjoy it more…Just saying ;-D
    If more people took the piss outta Islam (like they do other beliefs) then things might get better…Instead, those who should know better keep skirting round these people so as not to hurt their feelings….What a joke…What feelings do many in Islam actually have (especially those who want to murder everyone and bring their primitive, backward looking cult to our shores?) Unless it’s profitable for them of course…

  11. I wish I could understand him…the majority of the audience seemed to like what he had to say. The muzzturd with the head-banging-callous even looked kind of amused a couple of times. I was surprised to see the woman shake hands with this guy…isn’t that haram?

    • Not born with sense of humor bypass…its the Islam superiority upgrade chip. But its like “upgrading” from Windows 8 to 3.1 LOL. I am a committed Christian man so I know what it is to be offended and saddened by a comedian’s ridiculous comments..many of which he or she genuinely feels.

      BUT the difference is: Christianity says, love your enemies…do good to those who persecute (or talk sh-t about) you. Islam says: Kill, mame, shun, harrass, exile, torture, beat, take over entire neighborhoods of, or perpetually cry and complain to– those who say ANYTHING adverse at all about you..or your pedo-prophet MoHaz-Mat. it would be ironically, be “comical” if it wasn’t so disgusting and growing and real. The libo-amoebas are so enamored with giving Islam a virtual reach-around, its weird.. they’re like zombies. No common sense.

      The Muslims literally believe we have no right to blaspheme Islam, while they EVERY day kill and torture and imprison Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. ** Hurls and gags.

      • Unfortunately Dave, that’s because ‘liberal’ ideology is based on the idea that man has an inheirently good nature; it’s not only not true, it is foolish and/or arrogant to assume. Yes, I’m sure all the folks murdered in Sudan by these monsters of men were subjected to that good will.

        In fact, that’s not even a liberal problem, it’s a thinking problem; too many people have been taught (esp. in recent decades) that nobody will ever do anything to wrong them and simultaneously cannot process or understand wrongs done to them when they occur. Furthermore, these same people cannot understand why people choose to do evil, when as Christians we know that we have sinful natures until Christ comes into our lives and saves our souls.

        “Inheirently good-natured man” and reality do not match up, nor do they mix.

  12. As I am from Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, I am somewhat familiar with what happens in the Netherlands and with Dutch comedians. Hans Teeuwen is known this side of the border too. He is well known to be a VERY rude, brutal and caustic comedian who doesn’t spare really anyone. He’s certainly gone after the muslims and after Allah (whom he described as having a large male member), and also after Christians and Jews. He also had some very caustic comments on those three bagheads, known as the ‘girls of halal’. One of these bagheads is called ‘Jihad’, by the way.

    • The show was in 2007. Teeuwen has not done much since on islam, mostly Christianity ( safer !) and yes he is crude often. I am no fan, but he can be funny at times.
      But in 2012 he did a song about Islam in a cabaret show.Was very funny I admit and the song he sang went along the lines of” oh Islam, Islaaam, you never get the blame when you freak out about a cartoon” and singing they have to learn to live with freedom, get a life, sunbathe …..in the nude…..(lol) and stop beating their women….end again with ” oh Islam Islaaaaaam”

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