Once again, Palestinian savages desecrate Jewish holy site

destruction-josephs-tomb-nablus-shechem-e1359330163158Jewish worshippers visiting the tomb of the biblical patriarch Joseph in the Palestinian-controlled town of Nablus (Shechem) on Wednesday were shocked to find the holy site severely desecrated.

Israel Today  The group of some 2,500 Jewish pilgrims told Israel’s Maariv newspaper that Jewish holy books at the site had been burned, furniture smashed, the smell of urine was abundant, and there was evidence of an effort to burn down the structure.

“Only barbarians would do horrible things like this to such a holy site,” local Jewish leader Gershon Mesika told the newspaper. “Israel can no longer allow its holy places to be freely desecrated.”


Joseph’s Tomb is situated on the outskirts of Nablus, a large Arab-dominated town that occupies the location of biblical Shechem. Until the outbreak of the Second Intifada in 2000, Israel maintained an IDF-protected enclave around the tomb, providing Jewish worshippers with free and uninterrupted access.

But when the tomb was besieged by Palestinian mobs and an IDF soldier was killed defending the site in late 2000, Israel agreed to cede control to the Palestinian Authority with guarantees that the holy place would be protected. Not hours after Israel evacuated, a Palestinian mob was permitted to storm and raze Joseph’s Tomb.

In 2011, Palestinian Muslims desecrated Joseph's Tomb   several hours after Palestinian policemen gunned down Jewish worshippers, killing one

In 2011, Palestinian Muslims desecrated Joseph’s Tomb several hours after Palestinian policemen gunned down Jewish worshippers, killing one

Jewish groups periodically visit the site under army protection, and have restored much of the damage, but the tomb is regularly desecrated by local Palestinian savages.

The international community has been completely silent regarding this ongoing hate crime and the lack of religious freedom afforded Jews who wish to pray at this biblical landmark.



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  1. Hi Bonni, I just came across the Muslim Palestinians cannibalism of two Israelis in Ramallah in 2001. The animals descended on these two captives like a pack of wild hyenas. I wonder how Uncle Dougie feels about this?? There are photos! This behavior is condoned by Cairo’s main university Al Azharad (spelling??)

  2. muslims of islam enjoy destroying all other religious sites and when they want to destroy more religious sites, they destroy muslim sites fo the other muslim groups. sunni love to destroy shia religious sites and so on. islam is truly a sick and evil cult.

  3. What’s funny is that to a Christian their temper tantrums mean nothing, because I worship a living God, not an object. :) Joseph is long gone from this world anyway, they honestly got uppity that they managed to destroy a mound of dirt!

    What’s even more ironic, is that they prove Christ right. (Matthew 10:22)

  4. One of our Drones need to drop a bomb on their black box, oops so sorry, to bad. At this point in time what does it matter if mecca gets blown up? Just do it. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  5. Moslems have been caught committing archeological crimes before, especially when architectural details from the Temple were found ground up in garbage dumps. Moslems are in denial of the four millenia connection of Jews to the Holy Land.

    Mohammed vandalized religious art whenever he found it, so it is normal for inbred, braindead killer zombies to follow his ideal example.

    Archeological vandalism…normative Islam.

    • There is proof that Jews were in Egypt during the time of Moses but they keep it buried under their agriculture fields so the world will not see.

  6. Muslims squabble amongst themselves as to which sect is the most Muslim and they kill and destroy their own holy sites.bizarre

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  8. It can never be forgotten that the Israeli soldier, surrounded by hostile, Muslim God-haters was allowed to bleed to death at Joseph’s Tomb.

    The Muslim God-haters desecrate the sacred Tomb in the most vile and FILTHY way that is not mentioned in the article. By their obscene, dirty desecration, the Muslims want to show the HOLY ONE, our Beautiful, Precious and Wonderful God, exactly what they think of Him – our Magnificent Creator.

  9. If the muslims start moaning about someone burning their unholy Koran, I think then someone should show then this! Not that the dumbass media gives a shit.

  10. Israel should blow the Dome that was built on top of the Temple, muslims always build a mosque as a sign they conquered, ex: Ground Zero.

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