black_hawkIs the U.S. Military training in major cities for urban conflict overseas? Or civil unrest in America? Somehow with all the urban fighting in which our troops have been engaged in Iraq, we never saw this kind of “training” here.

550316_334614446652002_13841136_nThe Blaze A number of Miami residents have been startled to see military helicopters buzzing above their heads throughout the past week. The helicopters have been seen circling the skies, soldier-like figures have apparently been repelling onto rooftops, and some have even reported hearing what sounds like gunfire. So what’s going on?

According to officials, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The Miami Herald related “This is routine training conducted by military personnel designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirement,” the police statement said.

But those who don’t read the papers were terrified at the sight of soldiers rappelling onto rooftops, as what sounded like machine gun fire echoed off the high-rises. Josh Epperson, an artist who was visiting Miami during the drill, remarked: “I heard the machine gun fire and then I hit the deck…I didn’t know what to expect, and it was one of the loudest things I’d ever heard.


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  1. At least Americans have the right to bear arms. We Australians do not have that right. But having guns and knowing how to fight in an organised disciplined way is another thing. Training is essential; I never forgot the message from that old John Wayne ‘Seebees’ movie that untrained men willing to fight will just get slaughtered by seasoned trained troops. So Americans that still have good health it is time to start training at military level. But remember use ‘Emotional Intelligence, ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’ never threaten- just act. My street fighting days with hoodlums back in the 1970’s & 80’s are over- Im am now on crutches; but I can still fight through the power of writing. I did boxing when I was young- there was no such thing as ‘Martial Arts.’ Australians may be unarmed but they could learn ‘Martial Arts.’ If I had two good legs that is what I would do. So young Aussies start training you can still learn weapons training through ‘Martial Arts.’ The fight is coming – it’s time to train!

    • Allan
      Americans have been fighting on a constant basis since WWII we have an awful lot of Vets. So there are many that know already how to fight. Don’t discount US. But now we will have to make much of our own Ammunition and guns when they start to ban this and that. So Machinists will be asked by the people to turn out weapons and munitions that the Government can’t track.
      This the Government understands. They are trying to stop this approach with the chip that is being implanted in the people as we speak.
      Other nations are going to do similar things, just to survive.
      I suggest setting up med-centers taking out the chips.

  2. Things are stepping up now. Germany demands her gold and the U.S. doesn’t have it. Obama is moving ammunition, armoured vehicles, etc. to strategic positions. The economy is going to come crashing down, and Obama is preparing to deal with people who will be killing for food and whatever else they want. There is a time to hoard…… The time is near.

  3. So interesting. On the 6 o’clock news tonite in Houston, the media reported on
    military training taking place in the SouthWest portion of the city. Apparently
    citizens had been calling, wanting to know what all the gunfire was.

    Yes, right, military training in Houston. Something smells fishy?????

  4. BNI,

    I did some research, apparently this has been going on for awhile now… Blackhawks doing drills in the miami skies for the last couple years now. Citizens would describe accounts of helicopters flying low very suddenly, with no lights on.

    Why would they be doing this in Miami???

    Something stinks on the hottest beach in America.

    • Well, Miami is one of the largest Jewish population centers in the US.

      Given the anti-Jewish nature of obama’s government and the Jew-hating undercurrent of much of the establishment in the US, does anyone know if there is a connection between Blackhawk sightings / US Military Training and their proximity to other US Jewish or even non-Leftist population centers?

        • There is the fact that he would focus on all of his enemies along with individuals / groups capable of challenging his rule, however one cannot help but wonder if there is some merit to the many Pre-WW2 Europe-like warnings of others urging US Jewry (as well as Jews outside of Israel) to make Aliyah over the years, even if the potential danger behind the Blackhawk sightings / US Military Training does sound absurd or scarcely believable to the ears of the apolitical, the comfortably ignorant, the attached patriots and the leftist pro-obama useful idiots among US Jewry.

          Consider the possible worse-case scenarios in which establishments across the world would seek to blame the Jewish people for whats going on (or what is about to go down) in the world today as well as the groundwork being laid in all media (Sunday Times cartoon, etc) to make Jew-hatred socially acceptable and even trendy.

  5. Be prepared. Stay vigilent. Do not get lulled into stupidity. Pray for 2017 and a conservative president, congress and senate. We still have the majority to control government but not for long with the illegal immigration, muslim birth rates and so on. Our economy is a house of cards. We borrow 40 cents out of every dollar the government spends or gives away as foreign aid to muslims. 17 cents out of every dollar the government spends just covers the interest on the 16 trillion we owe our enemies. Wake up. We need a conservative government that wants a balanced budget that pays down our debt instead of increasing our debt load. obama has put us more into debt than the first 43 presidents combined. We can still stop this downward spiral that obama has put us on to destroy the US.

  6. Thats why they want your guns america without legally held fire arms yoyr defencless,i realy think.the nut jobs doing these mass shootings are agents of the federal goverment so they can have an excuse to dissarm american patriots

    • eoin, ” thats why they want your guns America” not so entirely. The reason, among many of course, is the chicoms are now demanding it. Last year ( March 2012) they send in a delegation of experts from the chicoms high command to acess our internal-structural worth, as in our coal, natural gas, oil, minerals, etc., etc., for the purpose of securing our loans from them. O’s about to literally ” sell the farm” to the chicoms for future loans for the purpose of backing them up with our Natural resources, and guess what? how many of you out there are even aware of this going on, thats the “watch the other hand” in this distraction lately of the gun issue. Don’t be fooled into thnking, which is correct in one way of your acertion of why he is demanding the gun issue these days, but the true intent is to insure the chicoms there own’t be a gun behind every blade of grass once the American Public realizes what just happened, without their concent. Think eoin, think past the tree’s and take a good look at the forest as a whole. To reference this and think even further go to and read the article: obama to Top Brass: Litmus test, will you fire on the American citizens?

  7. By flying over and low it numbs the People to the sounds of war so they are not as frightened when the real thing comes. Look at it this way. BO is trying to intimidate us into believing that he is able to use troops to kill Americans. However the Joint Chiefs basically told him to sit on it. But he is raising his own personal guard to protect himself, much like Hitler did.
    We are going to have a rough patch here pretty soon but as long as we keep our guns the Government of this country will stay at bay. The 2nd Amendment is an Unalienable Right. In the Declaration of Independence the Creator grants Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, so by extension the 2nd Amendment is required to protect those rights. Government cannot. The 2nd Amendment is primarily meant to keep the Tyrants down.
    BO said the Constitution was imperfect. On the contrary it is designed to be changed but at a slow pace to keep foolish popular notions from overcoming the people. This means that the change must be done with the Amendment process not by slowly changing the meanings of words or using the precedent process.
    BO also said that the Constitution was a negative document. It is, if you are government. If you are the People, it is a positive document. The Constitution was meant, to keep the Government under the control of the People, not the people under the control of the Government.

  8. Ah, dear Lord, how I wish this were all paranoia (especially given my tendencies in that direction anyway!!). Truly, this and the other things happening seem to bear out what I foresee and have foreseen of the nightmare scenario where the Moslems (including dhimmi-ised elements and younger people of the West) TAKE OVER the USA (and very probably Canada, perhaps all of the Americas) and perhaps even take over its ICBMs and other big armaments as to leave Israel truly defenceless because we’ll be too preoccupied with trying to fight off the enemy in our own territory!!!

    If things go down this path, the possibility of a worldwide “Caliphate” becomes all too real – with Obama both being a Moslem AND a Communist (i.e., THE Antichrist), using computer technology including the “Mark of the Beast” being implanted into our foreheads or right hands to FORCE us into becoming Moslems (at least on the surface), and thus even making our civilisation into becoming the new Babylon. [For some reason in childhood, I thought of some great American city like New York becoming the fallen Babylon of Revelation…] Then he could become the “Beast of the Sea” and Pútjin the “Beast of the Land” as they coöperate in forcing the whole world into their one-world government.

    It seems insanely paranoid even to me, but this truly has some NIGHTMARISH possibilities. Anybody care to correct me on any of this?? I’d be MOST grateful…

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