GEERT WILDERS: “Every mosque that we can stop is a victory!”

moskneeDUTCH Counter Jihadist extraordinaire, Geert Wilders, has launched a new website called ‘MoskNee’ (Mosque NO!), which will offer advice to non-Muslims who want to mount a legal challenge to plans for a new mosque in their area. (So, when will somebody in America do the same thing?)

Wilders new website is a quide for people who want to use the existing regulations in order to reject the building of a mosque in any residential area indefinitely.

Mosknee says the Netherlands is not an Islamic country and never will be. Yet we see a rampant increase in the influence of Islam as more and more EU-sponsored Muslim invaders (legal and illegal aliens) are infiltrating our land.


 With the opening of the first mosque in the Netherlands in 1955, Islam was cemented in our public space. Under the influence of the rapidly growing Muslim population – in 2013, around one million people – the number of mosques has increased substantially. Netherlands now has as many as over 450 mosques. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have Netherlands without mosques?


The PVV therefore says: enough is enough. We must assure that there will be no more mosques in the Netherlands. Whenever a proposal for a mosque is announced, the people protest. And rightly so, people do not want an Islamic infiltration center in their neighborhoods.  Apart from the practical difficulties that the arrival of a mosque entails (noise, congestion, parking and traffic) is also the depreciation in value of the homes in the surrounding area.

People who object to a mosque in their neighborhoods have nowhere to turn, thanks to the political correctness disease that makes most government officials afraid to act.


The PVV wants to help people with complaints and support them with their resistance to the arrival of a mosque. The website will be available to anyone who wants tips on how to fight a proposed mosque. Like PVV party in the House, we will fight the government’s efforts to impede our resistance against the further Islamization and the construction of new mosques.

Besides useful tips, links to examples and a roadmap, you will also be able to find where new mosques are planned in your area. We will help you process the legal obstacles and assist you in the many ways available under the law to stage your resistance to a new mosque or expansion of an existing mosque.


The PVV says: MoskNee!

Algemeen Dagblad, January 25, 2013 – In an interview with Wilders states that “the mosque is a symbol of an ideology of hatred, violence and oppression” and that ideally the PVV would like to ban mosques from the Netherlands altogether.  However, this has proved legally impossible, so the PVV has adopted a different approach. The purpose of the initiative is to promote “more resistance to the Islamisation of the Netherlands”, Wilders explains. He also admits that MoskNee has been set up in conscious imitation of Gavin Boby‘s Law and Freedom Foundation (aka Mosquebusters) in the UK. gavin-boby-nicknamed-the-mosquebuster-is-fighting-to-stop-the-expansion-of-mosques-in-the-uk




24 comments on “GEERT WILDERS: “Every mosque that we can stop is a victory!”

  1. why not starting breaking off the mosque,s? in the netherlands we have already 400 of them……………………….and they preach killing us in those mosque,s…

  2. Wilders strikes again! Love hearing news from the turbulent blonde. His book is truly excellent. I encourage any committed counter-Jihadist to get a copy. I pray for his safety. No doubt this action will warrant more death threats from the followers of Mohammad.

    (On an unrelated topic, Colin Powell is a real piece of sh*t, voting for Obama twice. Had to say that)

  3. This is a video we made of our Planning Commission (Santa Clara Co., CA) caving to the Muslims when going before them to get their permit for a Mosque, school and Cemetery in San Martin, CA. Be prepared-they will use every lie and bring in anyone to lie for them and call you the bigot.

  4. It is very sad to see that Europians are to fight mosque by mosque.
    Islam should be ban from all of europe.
    Islam slould be restricted between Macca and Madina, strictly.

  5. This is fantastic!! I can hardly wait to share with the listeners on East Anglian’s! (Alastair, I am so envious – have a great meeting :)

  6. Bonni The wannabe fuhrer will pull anything.This bitch is the most despised THING in aussie politics .Most people in oz want her worthless arse out in the next election but she is life the chocolate jesus, She will cause all the trouble she can while in office.Our opposition here are as gutless as your congress.But people here are waiting waiting waiting,

    • And you will keep waiting right up until the the gas starts to fill the chamber you are in. At some point you have to get up off your butt and DO something. Stop expecting others to save you. Most certainly don’t expect corrupt politicians to save you.

  7. Geert is here in Oz in 3 weeks Bonni, despite Miss Gillards best efforts to prevent him from coming! Grada and I are very much looking forward to sharing and meeting with him (handy having a Dutch wife!!)

  8. Well done Geert, Boby Gavin and so on as every effort is made to stop the spread of mosques. These are a desecration on the land scape. The noise of the monsters being called to prayer sinks all of the land values within ear shot of the squeels. Join the voters together and we can win as long as we still have a democracy and the majority of people are not muslims. By 2040 it may be too late to turn the tide and reverse the loss of our lands based on birth rates of the muslims, immigration and so on.

    • California has dropped below the 2.1 birthrate in white middle class families it is due soon within this year to give over it’s control to the minority rule not that it is bad thing but is worrisome since Texas is due to follow soon . I herd nancy pelosie bragging about it to bill marr how it set up doom for conservative right

      • as regards to devil temples how many new the first one in the US was built and still is in Ross North Dakota , found that out in my own mission to stop the first one in my state

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