GERMANS hate Islam, too

kiezA recent post here (Only 74%?) elaborated on what we already know – France, Britain, and the rest of the Western world is fed up with the creeping Islamization of their countries orchestrated by left wing politicians who have forced its citizens to endure millions of barely civilized immigrants from the Muslim world, who refuse to assimilate and integrate, but prefer, for the most part, to live off the state.


OnIslam  Giving a shocking image of anti-Islam sentiments in Germany, a new study has revealed that Islamophobia anti-Islamism has become culturally acceptable in the country and that the society is shifting its attention from xenophobia to religious bias against Muslims, The Local newspaper reported.

“It’s no longer ‘the Turks’ but ‘the Muslims’,” Wilhelm Heitmeyer, head of the institute for research of interdisciplinary conflict and violence at Bielefeld University, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, The Local reported. A research by the Bielefeld University found that Islamophobia anti-Islamism has become culturally acceptable in Germany. Heitmeyer said that the general hostility against foreigners had given way to a growing rejection of Islam in Germany.


This bigotry, moving from the confines of ethnicity towards religious bias against Muslims, does not exist only in the far-right, he said. Heitmeyer noted that anti-Muslim sentiments were also present in more left-leaning and centrist circles, appearing throughout the country from the highest echelons of society to the lowest.

The findings of are not new. An earlier study from Munster University in 2010 found that 66 percent of western Germans and 74 percent of eastern Germans had a negative attitude towards Muslims. A more recent study from the Allensbach Institute suggested that this had not changed over the past two years. Asking German people about Islam, only 22 percent said they agreed with Germany’s former president Christian Wulff’s statement that Islam, like Christianity, was part of Germany.


Germany has between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims, making up some 5 percent of the total 82 million population, according to government-commissioned studies.

Experts notice that the rising anti-Muslim bias was generally acceptable in German society as freedom of opinion. “Criticism of Islam or Muslims appear acceptable, because it is not seen as classically racist,” Alexander Häusler, neo-Nazi expert from Düsseldorf’s technical university, said. (Maybe because Islam is NOT a race, moron)

German Muslims have also voiced concern about a growing hostility in their country. Germany has been recently gripped by a fierce debate on immigration and integration. In 2009, central banker Thilo Sarrazin sparked a debate on integration after accusing Muslim immigrants of undermining the society which is becoming less intelligent because of them. Chancellor Merkel weighed in, saying that multiculturalism has failed in Germany.


WWRN With the growing number of Muslims, distrust of Islam is rising. 

The cashier at the supermarket wears a headscarf, copies of the Koran are handed out on the streets, and mosques have become part of some cities’ landscapes. Islam appears to be encroaching on life in Germany and that bothers a lot of people.

“For decades, woman fought for equal rights, and we have attained something. And now, women are choosing to wear headscarves. I don’t want that and it scares me,” a unversity-educated woman from Cologne says. Her attitude is not uncommon. In the long debate over the new Cologne Central Mosque, which will be one of Europe’s largest, fear and distrust of Islam have come to light and are widespread.


Islamism a “real threat.” Christian Democrat (CDU) politician Wolfgang Bosbach sees a justifiable fear of Islamists who are ready to commit acts of violence. An estimated 40,000 Islamists live in Germany. A significant number of them are prone to violence. “Those [who are ready to be violent] out of religious motivation, out of religious extremism, are a real threat to security in Germany,” Bosbach said.

Eight foiled and failed terrorist attacks have made it clear that the threat is real in Germany, Bosbach says. Security agents say these people represent a very small group of people – less than one percent of Muslims are Islamists. But they shape the obviously negative image of Islam and Muslims, which leads to widespread prejudice and fear that can lead to anti-Islamism.


Some major events have played a role in shaping the overwhelmingly negative image of Islam. After the September 11 attacks, certain stereotypes, opinions about the attitudes of Muslims, became deeply rooted in society, says Zick.

“Even so many years after the terrorist attacks (…), many people still associate Islam or Muslims with terrorism, with Sharia law, with a foreign religion, which doesn’t fit in Germany,” he adds, noting that that is a problem. “Since the terrorist attack, we have new politicial movements, which agitate against the alleged threat of Islam and Muslims,” he said.

An example of right-wing parties are “Pro NRW” and “Pro Deutschland,” which have campaigned against the construction of the mosque in Cologne and elsewhere with aggressive posters and borderline language. The message between the lines is clear: Islam is dangerous and there is no place for Muslims in Germany. 






















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  1. Just remember that if any muslim wants to eat with you, comedy does happen. That they will only eat with right hand, cause wipe rse with left. Omit to mention that as they laugh as back home in bingo mecca land they don’t have toilet paper.

  2. I am so glad Germany has the balls to do this. A fantastic country steeped in culture and tradition being threatened by this sick twisted ideology. Something desperately needs to be done about islam on a global scale. They are one of the main rout causes or disrupt and terror in the 21st century.

  3. I tell you what I think Germany will take care of them before they try to kill the true German citizens. The muslims do not need to be allowed into Germany. As a German by blood I hate these people they disgust me. Their thoughts, if you do not agree with them then they get mad, the whole of their makeup sickens me. Their religion promotes killing, they are programmed to kill. I hope they will quit invading Germany I love Berlin my ancestors lived here, dad born and raised here. I feel like if you have not been born, or have cultural lineage to a region then you do not need to be there.

  4. I am disgusted by most of the comments on here. I lived in Germany for 9 years and had two Muslim neighbourghs who were absolutely wonderful. I remember going through a rough patch in my life and whilst all my other neighbourghs ignored me, the muslims would invite me over daily for dinner and make me lunch to take to work.I was also invited to Mosque one time for an open session and there were beautiful poster everywhere. You know what the posters said on them? ‘Love For All Hatred for none’. I once went into quite a debt and I would see all my German neighbourghs whisper about me. You know what my muslim neighbourghs did? They helped me pay it off and when I wanted to return the money a year later I got a response which still brings tears to my eyes today: ‘We are all brothers, all children of God and so I cannot except this money. Brothers share everything and that includes money.’ To this day I have not met anyone as nice as Muslims. Even the Muslims here in the UK are so friendly and warm. They welcome you into their houses and feed you nice food selflessly no matter what race or religion. I feel so depressed when I read such hateful comments and see Muslims getting harassed daily. You might be sitting there saying ‘The German government is right out with the Muslims’. But you probably have not seen the bullying because of these thoughts. Muslim children (especially girls in headscarves) are harrassed, made fun of and unfriended daily. I am sure your not pro-bullying. If you saw a video of children getting bullied you’d probably be furious. So how is that different with Muslim children. If the colour of the skin shouldn’t make a difference to peoples behaviour then items of clothing (i.e. head scraves) shouldn’t either.

    • Happy to hear the German people, children anyway, are smarter than their politically correct parents. Hopefully even more harassment will stop the muslim entitlement whores from coming to Germany and ruining it.

      PLease send us a video of German children bullying muslims because all the ones I’ve posted so far are of muslims bullying and threatening German children. I will post it as a Feel Good video.

      You, on the other hand, are an idiot. Probably a muslim pretending not to be.

    • The Majority have a secret agenda.They will do everything and anything to win your sympathy so that they can spread there horrific religion and take over the world.If you are that gulliable no wonder this country and many others are in trouble because of folks like you.If something is to good to be true,then there is a evil agenda behind it.Even the devil can make certain situations seem so loving and harmless to get a hold of people and deceive them.If they are getting harrassed its because they do NOT belong there,they belong back in the Middle East.They do not respect any countries laws,only Islam matters.They do not respect anyone or anything.Wake up and do not let them deceive you.I wouldn’t trust any of them!!!!!!They can not mix in with the rest of us.Our laws are based on Christian principles and we separate our laws from our religion BUT ISLAM DO NOT!!!watch your back and why are you here in this group anyway?

    • They are just real players the devil comes in sheep clothing. Of course they are gonna act all goody to win your trust, then when your back is turned bang they stab you in the back. I know this for a fact, because my daughter had dealings with these people in school. They are no good, and I am not afraid to stand my ground and speak out against them.

    • The reason why the tragedy of 9/11 happened is because of folks like you. They have eyes for needy people so they can control your mind. Wake up, bro! Being torlerant to or having fantasies about these people will bring you down one day. Face it, they hate Christians and non-muslims..

    • Islam is “God’s final messenger of good” ? REALLY? You mean the beheading and torture and burning and burying alive of everyone who doesn’t want to convert is good? Jesus offers forgiveness, eternal life, kindness, mercy and love. Islam kills you ! John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in HIM, shall not perish but have eternal life !”

  5. In Thailand, some extremist muslims recently distribute handouts that read they’re going to revenge the government’s action (some of their leaders were killed and captured) and not bother to stop and check if the victims would be teachers, police officers, or Buddhist monks and people. My uncle is a soldier and he went there for six months, he’s one of the better-luck who survive and get to come back home, many of his friends didn’t.

  6. With all due respect, Muslims are the greatest danger to the nation states of Europe and elsewhere, but we must not lose sight of the fact that they are not the only danger. Mass uncontrolled immigration is weakening the Western nations and our values. The people weren’t asked if they consented to that policy, it was brought in quietly and was covered up by the mass media reinforced by powerful human rights laws that in reality took away the indigenous peoples’ right to protest. The real villains in this nightmare are the politicians and their media allies. There will be a backlash, but when or where remains to be seen. There are already signs of it in Greece and other countries.

  7. Seems like those in power refuse to listen to its citizens!!We do not want them in our countries but the governments are deaf to our cry’s.What can we really do except protest to no avail ??

    • I can’t agree with you more. This is very reason that I start to question about the roles of EU. The EU politicians are trying to dump Romanians, Bulgarians into backyards of West Europeens, so the whole Europe eventually becomes a stinky melting pot. Not mentions, those muslims who live off the country and refuse to integrate.

  8. Germans were complaining about muslims in 1985. They already had their ghettos in Berlin (Turks) and it was a problem then. It’s taking them a while to wake up.

    • Reading ” I feel like a stranger where I live” article is surreal & heartbreaking. Indigenous, white people voting with their feet. Not liking something is the start of a revolution. Without weapons to fight back, your feet are the only choice if you can afford it. France began with mass protests and marches. This is another way to use your feet if you’re a Londoner who does not want to move. The western world is doomed unless Europe and America stands up to the growing threat of Islam.

  9. Paris Claims.

    There’s a new groundswell building here in Britain.

    As another commentor wrote, we have been more than welcoming, more than tolerant and more than generous towards Muslim immigrants. In return we have been rewarded with their cultural traits which range from cheating, fraud, corruption right up to killing the kuffar.

    Sandwiched between is the idea that infidel underage girls are fair prey, basically sluts to pass around, abuse and are only worthwhile as objects to abuse.

    This situation has been going on for over a decade and it looks like an unspoken contract between police, social services and councils has been in place.

    In essence these girls have been sacrificed on an alter of multiculturalism, diversity and one way tolerance. Don’t upset the muslims has been the order of the day as our witless dhimmis submit to the demand and threat from these interlopers.

    Meanwhile the slumbering giant of millions of British subjects has been intimidated by faux racist shame and an out of control draconian police service which is more concerned with Frankfurt Marxism than the job they are employed to do.

    In the face of this double threat, Islamism and authority, up to now they’ve stayed schtum but it’s changing and you can feel it in the air.

    We’ve had enough. Muslims have had their chances, more than enough but their pig headed supremacy illusion has lead them to believe that they, basically are untouchable and the boundaries are extended.

    The recent revelation of muslim gangs parading areas of East London enforcing shariah law and harrassing drinkers, women and gay people alike has now roped in the Left who must now be crazed by pecking order priority. Is it to be Muslims, gays or women? What a quandary for these dogma wielding imbeciles?

    Meanwhile the people are deciding.

    • Every year Germany takes in thousands of immigrants from islamic world, as a result nurture them and their kids. And yet, the offsprings of these immigrants have learned nothing but hatred agains Germans and its culture, not to mention that they can’t even speak proper German. Germany’s pro-left immigrations policy has failed!

  10. Time we voted ONLY for politicians that will stand up against this curse – whilst we have wet Islam appeasing morons in our Governments, AND we continue to vote for them, we don’t deserve to be Islam free.

  11. In the UK this is the situation…….
    A vote for the liblabcon party is a vote for more muslims. Most people vote for one section of the liblabcon party because they hate the other two parts more. People must vote UKIP and pray Farage doesn’t sell out.

  12. Europe has been greedily holding on to their Jew hate to the point of suicide… probably too late to save Europe now? And now this is coming out about what France did during WW2.

    Makes one wonder about what G-d said regarding how others treat Jews… not that Jews are so special, but were chosen in order to test the morality of others.

  13. Poor pitiful Muslims have not learned a wretched THING in 1400 years. Europe was trying to make them welcome. Europe was hoping that the Muslims wanted civilization, this time around. But noooOOOooo. Back in the old days, Muslims wanted to take Europe by FORCE but they were stopped by FORCE. This time, Muslims want to take Europe by deception, extortion, bribery, blackmail, intimidation and FORCE. My hope is that ALL OF EUROPE will respond – this time – with the same revulsion and determination that quenched the ambitions of the “fire nation” so long ago. And we need to do the SAME THING in the Western Hemisphere.





      • “KAFIR AND PROUD”……………..and very well armed and ready, willing and still able, all they have to do is play that frog game and leap. Love frog hunting early in the morning, it smells like FREEDOM. Semper Fi.

  14. Muslims will always choose Islam/Sharia Law over haram democracy and claim any land they immigrate to, while despising everything their new host country stands for yet bleeding the tax-payers dry and sucking the freedom out from under them. The left will defend them, empower them, submit themselves to dhimmi status. GO Germany, take your stance against Islam and set an example for all other infidel countries to follow. We need some guidance – well, the left needs to be bitch slapped into reality (more like forcing them to live in a Muslim country for a few years and if they live to tell the tale, they will become Conservatives in a heartbeat).

  15. Germans, and all Europeans better hurry up and get on about the business of stopping islam’s encroachment. This is the muslim’s current method of entry into the heart of Europe since the Ottoman Turks were stopped cold by Jan III Sobieski at Vienna in 1683. Sobieski, King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the so-called, Rzeczpospolita (Republic), being a devout and tolerant Catholic, put his own interests aside, answered the Pope’s call and came to the rescue of his Hapsburg rival who’s capital, Vienna was under siege by the Ottoman Grand Vizier, Kara Mustafa Pasha who’s army numbered some 250,000 elite Janissary infantry, Sipahis cavalry, numerous Crimean Tatar auxiliaries, as well as numerous artillery pieces, siege engineers and sappers, all well entrenched.

    The garrison of Vienna commanded by Graf Von Starhemberg, numbered only a few tens of thousands. Nevertheless, they held out well, but were about to be overrun by the time of Sobieski’s arrival with some 30,000 elite Polish Husaria, the famed “winged horsemen,” the finest heavy cavalry in existence, armed with extra long lances capable of out distancing the standard infantry pike. He met up with Charles, Duke of Lorraine with some number of German Cavalry. It was then decided that Sobieski would command the coalition forces. The battle commenced on 11/12 September (yes, that date had significance to Osama bin Laden) and when the City walls were about to be breached, Sobieski led the world’s largest cavalry charge against the Turks totally routing them, slaughtering tens of thousands, capturing all manner of battle flags and standards, and plundered the Ottoman’s encampment, even their abundant coffee supply, relatively unknown to Europeans of that era. More on that later. Kara Mustafa himself just barely escaped the onslaught, but he didn’t escape the bowstring of his executioners, sent by the Sultan in order to strangle him for his monumental failure.

    This shattered the Ottoman Army and their empire never recovered. From then on with a few exceptions, the Turks would be in retreat and be behind in European developments, finally culminating in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire after the end of the First World War. Now, back to all that java! An enterprising Polish soldier who fought at Vienna got much of that Turkish coffee, stayed on in Vienna and opened Europe’s first cafe. Coffee consumption began in earnest and spread throughout the West. Legend has it that a Viennese baker was inspired by the crescent moon on the captured Turkish Flags, and created the crescent roll (eat your heart out France, lol!) Maybe, I don’t know, but i’m getting long-winded here and must conclude. I’ll look for a youtube vid on Sobieski and Vienna 1683 and post next if I may.

    Now back to today. The point is, Europe badly needs a Jan Sobieski, and now!

    Geert Wilders?

    “Veni Vidi Deus Vicit”

  16. this ” awakening” will only continue for europe and europeans and at some point it will reach a critical mass and the backlash will start !!!

  17. The “people” are starting to get what they’re up against, but of course they’re going to run right in to the Elitists who set this all up and run and oil the machine. Somehow this regular people fire has to jump the road and motivate the elitists to change things, and it’s going to take some good, hard thinking about how to accomplish that.

  18. The few are forcing their will on the many. No one but the left wants the death cult zombies in their countries. Out governments will shoot us from the roof tops for protesting this horror just like Morisi in Egypt is doing to the Egyptians who want the freedom obama told us they were getting during “the Arab spring” Just go home zombies you hate us anyway. Oh I forget the welfare jizya is just too good to give up.

  19. The Germans are way ahead of North America, both in the size of the problem and the realization of what went wrong. I wish we had a way to make people read and learn about this Death Cult faster. Our politicians are letting us down. Obama is caught in a game of kissing up to governments that are actively working to destroy freedom in the West.

    • Too kind: Obama is DELIBERATELY part of those forces that want to destroy our Western civilisation because he believes in their goals 100% and more!!! He HATES the West including the USA – he wants to be the Caliph of a new world-wide Caliphate that will exterminate ALL religions, cultures, beliefs, civilisations OTHER THAN ISLAM!!!!

      There is an extremely good chance that he could turn out to be THE Antichrist spoken about in Revelation – as well as the Beast of the Sea (the superior of the two Beasts, one from the sea and one from the land)!!!

      As to the Europeans: it will take the same kind of ruthlessness, ambition, drive and meticulousness displayed by the Nazis and the Commies to rid Europe of the Islamic plague!!! The same applies to us.

  20. Do more than just hate what the muslims of islam stand for. I would urge all people and all nations to fear islam. Fear the terrorist atrocities and destruction of a country that falls under the control of islamic sharia laws. Look no further than any muslim controlled sharia law based hell hole country and note the draconianm 7th century laws and so on. Death to gays, death to apostates, amputation of limbs for crimes, beheadings, stonings, sexual assault of child brides, gentital mutilations of young girls and so on. Fear the growth of islam and then do the right things to protect your countries from the spread of the evils of the cult of islam. Fear will get you into appropriate action to politically stop the spread of islam while we still have the majority in our governments.

  21. All muslims are islamists. Islam is a cult and a person who follows the cult of islam is an islamist. This is not a racial problem it is a problem of an evil cult that puts women as second class citizens and puts all non muslims as d’himmis and infidels and so on. muslims will never integrate because they put their so called god based laws ahead of the democratically determined laws. A group of immigrants who dress in full bags, rag heads and so on are saying we are not here to integrate. We are here to take jzah (welfare) because we are superior and you owe us. Multi culturalism has failed. The melting pot is the only system that works and muslims will not integrate. They are told not to become friends with infidels unless they can taqiyya the fools into being d’himmis. The media has got to get it right. All muslims are islamist in every sense of the word.

  22. I have a lot of respect for the Germans! They are very good at assessing things and learning from their mistakes. They know how bad things were when Hitler took power and it is no “secret” that Hitler used Muslims in his war campaigns to fight in the desert regions to help take the load off his own troops. Besides, the Nazi’s had “common” interests in removing the Jews.
    I have never seen ANY Religion that is so violent as the Islamic beliefs.
    I have read the Quran and there are problems in this “book”.
    How can you “borrow” form all the religions and them profess to be peaceful when you profess the “Killing” of non-believers?

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