Guess who’s promoting Jew-hatred on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

UnknownGUESS AGAIN. Not the Palestine Post or Press TV, but it was the Sunday Times of London that saw fit to print a hideous looking caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall cemented with blood, crushing Palestinians, including women and children.

Honest Reporting  This cartoon published in The Sunday Times (subscription-only) would be offensive at the best of times. That it has appeared on Holocaust Memorial Day is doubly so. Penned by Gerald Scarfe, the caption reads: “Israeli Elections… Will Cementing Peace Continue?” An evil looking PM Benjamin Netanyahu caricature builds a wall cemented with blood, crushing Palestinians including women and children.


Israel’s security barrier (of which the vast majority is a fence and not a wall) is meant to protect Israeli civilians against Palestinian terrorism. In any case, the imagery of this cartoon amounts to a blood libel on a day when the millions of victims of the Holocaust are remembered.

In response, The Commentator’s Raheem Kassam states:

“I would never have thought the editors of the Sunday Times were in amongst those who would seek, in true Der Sturmer fashion, to use Holocaust Memorial Day to publish a blood libel, and knowingly undermine the memory of one of the worst genocides ever.”

HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams said:

“Holocaust Memorial Day should also be a day when the media remembers that Israel’s actions to defend its citizens bear no relation whatsoever to the genocidal crimes of the Nazis. On any day, this cartoon’s imagery is an assault on the real victims of genocide, demeans their suffering and insults their memory.”

Also in Britain, Liberal Democrat MP David Ward stands accused of “deliberately abusing the memory of the Holocaust, causing deep pain and offence” after he compared the Israeli government to the Nazis, and accused “the Jews” of inflicting “daily atrocities” on the Palestinians. In other words, this Christian is telling Jews that we killed six million of your people and as a result it is you, not us, who have lessons to learn; that it is you, not us, who need to clean up your act. 



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  1. My my,don’t we have some fucking idiots posting today!!
    There has NEVER been a country called Palestine,ergo you can’t have a people(or in this case savages)called Palestinians,yet the historical record of many empires and peoples throughout RECORDED history prove that Israel/Judea existed 3500 years ago.

    On the other side,yes British troops did kill Jews,and Jews killed British troops,Arabs killed British troops and we killed Arabs.Still,it does prove (and the evidence proves it),that our troops killed ARABS,not fucking Palestinians!!

    All you Muslims and Nazi’s,can fuck off back to your swamps now,you are tedious brain dead wankers at the best of times,never fucking mind when you make public your ignorant views on any given subject that a simpleton could grasp.


    • I think I preferred it when you had trouble posting, trinovante. Though ‘tedious brain dead wankers’ does make me chuckle – it brings a dignified and reasoned sort of quality to the debate, doesn’t it?

        • I don’t think that was an insult BNI, just an observation on something I found amusing.

          But the rabidness of your page surprises (even amazes) me – maybe that’s why you’ve attracted some recent interest in your blog? People trying to find out how other Jews think, and being shocked. What’s the point in just getting responses from people who simply agree with each other – or from the likes of trinovante, who you have to admit is pretty foul mouthed. Why does he/she need to use such language? I’ve always taken that as a sign of some kind of insecurity and/or immaturity … who are you people?

        • glimartin, who are we? We are people who don’t want the filth that is Islam soiling our countries. Period. But since you can’t have a conversation without badmouthing my readers, don’t bother posting here again. You are not welcome.

      • Who said i was having a ‘reasoned debate’?
        What part of being told to FUCK OFF did you not get?

        See,i don’t debate with that which i hate,and trust me on this one,i fucking hate you and your ilk.
        Having read your posts here it is all to clear that you are no Christopher Hitchens yourself,rather you are the epitome of a brain dead leftist wanker.

        Now take a hint…..FUCK OFF!

  2. yup you’re right, the British have done some terrible things. Does it make it ok when Israel does because it’s not AS terrible?

    • Yeah,it does,me kicking the living fuck out of you would hurt more though!

      The truth?Well what group are you and your ill-educated friends from,see to me Nazi’s,Muslims and communist’s have pissed off too many people in this world,you are all the same,lying little cunt’s who in the next ten years will be fucked up BIG FUCKING STYLE!!

      Toddle off now there’s a good little terrorist supporting kiddie fiddler!!

      • There truly is something wrong with you. I may be a little late to the party, but I can tell that your opinion is of absolutely no merit here. All you’ve seemingly done is scrolled around leaving hateful and swear-strewed comments with no actual substance whatsoever.

        I’m not saying this simply to sound like I have the “moral high-ground” or something; but you honestly do sound like a 12 year old. I’m 15 years old and I can tell you this. It’s a sad state of affairs when I’m able to look down on YOU.

        Oh, and also: inb4 “go back home you terrorist-supporting fuck you’re too young to be on this site” or some other crap. I predict you will either take on that kind of condescending discriminatory tone, OR, because I’ve now called you out on it you’ll attempt to do a role-reversal and come back with “actually no, that’s not what I was going to do *insert rationalised crap with copy-pasted wiki references throughout here*”.

        The truth of the matter is that without people like the wonderful Gerald Scarfe (who I’m fulfilling an assignment on right now, might I add) the world would never grow. We would never learn on a most fundamental level. Would you rather the government censor every single article and make sure to spoon feed you only the friendliest, least subjective pre-digested dribble available? Or would you rather have proper discussions over controversial subjects (LIKE AN ADULT, MIGHT I ADD) that really make you think and develop your perspective? It’s satire. Synonymous with “dark-humour”, with a slight spin on it. Think about it.

        I happen to agree wit the point of this cartoon, though that is just my personal opinion.

        • Liam, you are not allowed to post comments here. At age 15, you are too young and stupid. Now go back to you Muslim-loving, Jew-hating life in the Islamic Republic of England.

  3. Perhaps this reflects the growing view of the outside world, that the conflict is not just Palestinians attacking Israelis and the Israeli government can no longer maintain that it is.

    It is complex, it is about trusting neighbours, not religion, it is about economic imbalance it is about greed it is about a lack of love, respect and tolerance.

    I pray both sides change and peace is made from inter-dependence, love and friendship not fear, hate and dominance.

    • Change your name son,No hope would be better for you,you see the world is a little bit pissed off with these Muslim terrorist pricks,and that includes the ones in Israeli lands,before you ask,no im not a ‘JOOO’ or Zionist,i just hate terrorist supporting cunts like you and your ilk,no offence you ignorant,Hamas loving fuckwit!!


  4. Mr Scarfe is a hero. Recognising the effects of Zionist imperialism and calling it for what it is. Ditto, Mr Ward.

    The Jews obviously learnt well from the Nazis, and have put their lessons into practice.

  5. Shame on all of you who are filled with racial hatred and believe that its fair for Israel to continue their genocide of Muslims….

  6. I am amazed at the baffoons who see this as satirical humor. This is anything but satire. It is outright biased, anti zionist, distastfull, thoughtless and unfair. I would suggest that all people who support palestine go there to see how the palestine people are well treated by Israel. What would you do if France was lobbing missles into England or Canada was lobbing missles into the US. Let us look at the facts. God bless Isreal. I am so thankful that they are standing in the breach against the muslims for all of us.

  7. This is a satirical cartoon and is based on truth like all satire, I’m sure true Jews will appreciate it as they have excellent senses of humour. Also it has been drawn by an eminent and well liked cartoonist. The British people unite with no one and have the ability to laugh at everyone even ourselves. The Israelis should stop embarrassing themselves and leave the Palestinians alone.
    ‘William Henry Giles’ (such an English name, very funny) relax, England (home of The Times) is kind of in Europe so you’re quite close.
    Everyone else, have you tried Palestinian Chicken, I don’t know what they do to it but it’s the best Jehovah damned chicken you’ll ever have.

  8. This isn’t anti-semitic. Just because America turns a blind eye to Israel’s institutionalised persecution of the Palestinians doesn’t mean that the rest of the world should…

    Do agree that it shouldn’t have been published on Holocaust Memorial Day though.

    • Clark first and foremost get your facts straight, there is no such thing as a palestinian, they are Jordanian by historical fact, arabs by birth.

  9. Oh Please! Rupert Murdcoch apologised immediately! Here’s his tweet: “Gerald Scarfe (the highly acclaimed British satire cartoonist) has never reflected the opinions of the Sunday Times. Nevertheless, we owe major apology for grotesque, offensive cartoon,”

    The Sunday Times then raffirmed: “The paper has LONG written STRONGLY in defence of Israel and its security concerns..”.

    Balance restored in Israel;’s relax!

    HOWEVER, was THIS all just a smoke screen to cover the REAL story the SAME DAY: Israel has ADMITTED for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.

    AND THE clearly RACIST nature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warning that illegal immigrants from Africa “threaten our existence as a Jewish and democratic state”.



  10. England: As Ephraim I thought, when you lost your standing in the world during and after the Second World War that you may have learned your lesson. But after looking at this editorial and seeing your current behavior toward mohommedists I will say you have not. Then the next portion of your spankings will be disasters on biblical proportions. There will be a multitude of deaths on your own shores, this will come to visit in a short time, if this problem is not rectified and the proper apologies issued.

      • Speaking out against persecution is not anti semitic. If England had stood by while persecution happened 70 years ago there would be no Jews left now.

        • Laurence David,
          If this is what you call standing by the Jewish people,
          You are either ignorant of the facts, or an idiot.
          When I lived in Israel for six years I visited the British prison in Acre where the Brits hung Jewish prisoners. The Brits allowed the Arabs unlimited entry to their mandated territory called Palestine and let them be armed. The jews on the otherhand were not allowed free entry and were not allowed to be armed.
           In 1945, the British reaffirmed the pre-war policy restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine which had been put in place following the influx of a quarter of a million Jews fleeing the rise of Nazism in the 1930s and had been a major cause of the 
          Arab revolt of 1936–1939. The British then prepared a massive naval and military force to turn back the refugees. Over half of 142 voyages were stopped by British patrols, and most intercepted immigrants were sent to internment camps in Cyprus, the Atlit detention camp in Palestine, and to Mauritius. About 50,000 people ended up in camps, more than 1,600 drowned at sea, and only a few thousand actually entered Palestine.
          Exodus 1947 was a ship that carried Jewish emigrants fromFrance to Palestine on July 11, 1947. Most of the emigrants wereHolocaust survivors who had no legal immigration certificates to Palestine. Following wide media coverage, the British Royal Navyseized the ship and deported all its passengers back to Europe.

          In the war of independence in 1948, British officers and non coms led Arab forces against the Jews.

          A little reserch on your part might open your eyes to the truth.

      • Instead of copy/pasting text from Wikipedia maybe you should do a bit of research on places like Belsen where my dad and many other British soldiers put an end to the Nazi camp and rescued countless Jews. It’s very sad that people like you seem to have forgotten. Perhaps you think the Allied forces should not have intervened?

  11. The British illegally gave what was part of Israel to Arab Muslims. The new country became Jordan. The British allowed the ILLEGAL entry of a large number of Arab Muslims into Jewish Palestine. The British prevented Jews from escaping the Holocaust into Jewish Palestine.
    …The first remarkable allied failure to rescue Jews was the Evian Conference in 1938 at which no major power agreed to take in Jewish refugees. The second remarkable and illustrative incident was the voyage of the St. Louis. This was a shipload of Jewish refugees originally sent in 1939 from Hamburg to Havana, Cuba, by the Nazis. Local right wing groups stirred up anti-Semitism. The ship’s captain tried to debark his passengers in Havana and later in the United States without success. The State Department, the immigration department and the President all foud reasons not to help Jewish immigrants.

    Later, U.S. consular officials refused visas to Jews, and the State Department actively suppressed news of the extermination of Jews, The British and Americans were consistent in refusing to cooperate with any scheme that might rescue or aid Jews. Legal constraints were placed in the way of aid efforts, so that aid supplies could only be sent illegally. Again and again, when it became possible to rescue Jews, American and British officials expressed horror at the prospect of an inundation of refugees and did everything in their power to sabotage rescue efforts.

    At least until 1944, attempts to contact, aid or rescue Jews, or even to tell the world about the Holocaust, that originated in the United States, Britain and Mandate Palestine had to be carried out in secret and against the active opposition of the British and American governments. Reports about the murder of European Jews appeared in 1941 and 1942.

    The British and Americans expended most of their efforts in suppressing the reports, and in preventing Jewish organizations from disseminating the information. After a great deal of public pressure was applied, especially in Britain, an after the most strenuous efforts by the Joint Distribution in the U.S.A. and the Jewish Agency in mandatory Palestine, the British and Americans convened the Bermuda Conference in April 1943. This low level conference did not result in the rescue of a single person.

    The British were particularly anxious to prevent Jews from reaching Palestine…

    At the onset of the war, the British had imposed severe restrictions on communication between Palestine and Europe, especially occupied Europe. Repeated appeals to the British to lift the immigration ban and to help with the plight of the Jews in Europe fell on deaf ears. In the United States as is known, the government denied visas to those Jews who had reached neutral countries, and, for all practical purposes, had imposed a near-ban on Jewish immigration to the United States…

    Terrible blood libels and cruelty to Jews continues to this very day. Western governments and media ignore and DON’T CARE that Muslim God-haters perpetrate satanic atrocities and mass murders of non-Muslims in Muslim countries and majority Muslim areas.

    Elites are consumed with rabid Jew-hate and use their very significant power and influence to spread dreadful lies and blood libels against Jewish innocents. Knowing full well that words lead to genocide. God will judge them.

      • If there is no difference between Zionists and Jews, then shame on the Jews. “God-given right” is a phrase that has no place in a modern, civilised, society. No temperate person questions Israel’s right to exist, and no temperate person questions that Israel is wrong to continue to illegally move beyond the 1967 borders.

        • pre 1967 borders are NOT borders, idiot. In 1967, the muslim thugs attacked Israel and Israel beat them, and took their rightful spoils of war. They do not have to give it back. No other country does.

        • May I suggest you look into these things called books, pre-40s era, and learn the full truth of the lies you are spewing. Try it you might like it.

      • There is a huge difference between being Jewish and being a Zionist. Do not pretend otherwise.
        Although this cartoon is grotesque there is a truth in it. The Israeli Zionist Regime is desperately trying to crush any Arab opposition. With support from the Zionist controlled US finance system, the Israeli government is acting with impunity.
        Any criticism made against the Zionist nation’s behaviour is attacked as anti-Semitic. This is a disgusting distortion, and one that will carry a heavy price.
        As a practicing Jew I find it offensive that I and my family are being co-opted into the terrible things that are happening in the Middle East.
        NOT IN MY NAME.
        Without negotiation of all sides there is an inevitable end result. You all know what this is. And yet you seem not to care.
        Shame on you all Zionists!!

        • Gershwin, Left Wing Judenrats like you (if in fact you really are Jewish and not some Muslim/Leftist pretending to be) are not welcome here. Left Wing Judenrats like you and George Soros worked for the Nazis during the Holocaust. There are many websites out there where you can condemn Jews/Zionists and praise Muslims to your hearts content. Try the Jewish Voice for Peace, where they kiss Muslim ass with the best of the leftist dhimmis.

  12. The evil that lurks in the liberal leftie mind ! a tear for the Jewish tribe and their loss , a knowing that the true British Patriots will lock arms with their Brothers the Jews and make right what has been done wroung

    • Jews have lived in England for over 800 years,they are OUR fellow countrymen mate,people like me can’t be in all places at once,but rest assured BLR we will defend our people.

  13. When I am in Euriope I often have bought The Sunday Times. Since I have a home there, many Sunday Times have been bought. I am not Jewish, but the deliberate, and offencive dishonesty means that I will never buy another Sunday Times.


    • You’re right, it’s an atrocious article, and lefties are extremely dangerous. But while the rank-and-file lefty follower may indeed be imbecilic and clueless, those in leadership position, like the Sunday Times editorial board, are neither. They know EXACTLY what they are saying, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing, they know it’s grounded in lies, and they INTEND to deceive the people, demonize Israel and support Islamo-Nazism (with whom they share a common hatred of Western civilization in general and the Jewish people in particular).

  14. Let’s help our dear David Ward find his way to Egypt. Morsi’s minions will teach him a thing or two about atrocities.


  15. Like I used to say in the 80’s when I was living on a kibbutz in the Jordan Valley and rockets from Lebanon were; raining down on Northern Israel and the American government was calling for restraint on Israels part: “Send, the members of congress and their familys to live on Israels border with Lebanon and then call for restraint.”

    Israel’s UN Envoy: “If Mali is on France’s doorstep – Gaza is in our living room” – Raphael Ahren
    Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor told the UN Security Council on Wednesday (23rd):
    “France’s foreign minister said this month that his country was fighting to prevent the creation of an Islamist terrorist enclave ‘at the doorstep of France and Europe.’ If Mali is on France’s doorstep, Gaza is in Israel’s living room.”
    “France’s principled stand should be commended. We only ask that France and all the countries supporting its principled stand today support Israel tomorrow when we fight Islamic terrorism on our borders.”
    Prosor also expressed the Israeli government’s view that the UN’s upgrade of Palestine to a nonmember observer state has no tangible meaning. “The only Palestinian state in these halls is the Palestinian state of denial,” Prosor said.


    Tell these PC idiots to GO TO HELL!

  16. Disgraceful, to say the least, but what does one expect from the very scum who have turned good into bad, evil into good, sweet for bitter and bitter for sweet. Its about to hit the fan people, all the warning signs are now in place and if you don’t want to believe it, that’s your problem, not mine. ITs scum like this ( gerald scarfe ) who gives our enemies a good name and for that much will be expected of him, an eternity is forever, remember that gerald.

  17. Ahhh the good old brits built plenty of walls in ireland cemented with the blood of innocent irish women and children,very hypocritical are the good old brits and have alot more blood on there hands than Isreal could ever have on theirs.

    • My family is from Eire,Nenagh county Tipperary,my dad who served in the British army,as did many a good Irishman would have spat in your face!!
      Were you here when the IRA were killing people in the UK,how about all the people that the IRA killed from their community(they are simply called ‘the missing’,no you fucking wasn’t,you have NO understanding,i do because i fucking lived through some of it.

    • Eoin, there are tens of millions of Brits, do you think they all hold the same opinion – on anything at all, let alone on Ireland, or on Israel? You can’t dismiss Scarfe’s cartoon on the grounds that he’s British, therefore he is responsible for the actions of certain British people in Ireland. Do all the people in a country hold the same opinion? Do all Jews/Christians/Moslems/atheists hold the same opinion? Of course they do not. Try to open your mind.

    • I don’t know why you’re apologising – there is a long history of political cartoons in the UK media. This is just a particularly nasty one, but the subject is pretty nasty too.
      For what it’s worth, there are many reasonable people who can tell the difference between someone’s politics and their religion. The problem is that Netanyahu carries out his atrocities as a politician and then hides behind his religion when he comes under fire

      • mike, atrocities? You mean trying to stop Hamas from firing missiles into civilian areas and killing civilians that Hamas is hiding behind? Arabs in Israel live way better than they do in any country in the Middle East. The problem in Israel is that in 1948 they didn’t kick every last muslim out of Israel, just like every Arab country did to the Jews.

        • That’s another debate and I’m not for a second trying to defend Hamas.

          My point was that it’s impossible to criticise the actions of the Israeli government (or Netanyahu, in this case) without being accused of being anit-Semitic. I find that ludicrous on one level and dangerous on another. If legitimate debate is crushed under the fear of unfounded accusation many people will just walk away and avoid the issue, leaving it to the fanatical nutters (on both sides) to shoot it out.

          Then again, maybe this is not the right forum for a reasonable debate. Looking at the list of categories to the right of this column, there seems to be a pretty steady theme of promoting fear and hatred. That’s how Hitler started

        • Mike, the title of this blog should give you a hint as to what it’s about. The Jews were not killing, bombing, raping, trying to wipe out the Germans as the Muslims are trying to do to us. The Jews weren’t demanding special accommodations for their religion and trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. The Jewish religion doesn’t call for the conversion or killing of all unbelievers. The Jews didn’t fly planes into two 100-story buildings, a major government installation and whatever else the 4th plane was headed towards. The Jews didn’t shoot up German soldiers at a military base. Shall I continue? Don’t you dare compare me to Hitler.

          But I see you are in the UK, where you’re allowing your country to be turned into an Islamic hellhole and you probably compare the EDL to Hitler too.

        • First of all, thank you for publishing my comment

          I accept the points you make and I have no truck with any religious group who claim that theirs is only only way to “salvation” I certainly find anyone who claims the right to murder in the name of their religion to be utterly perverted – the arrogance to claim to act on God’s behalf and slaughter people one regards as “unbelievers” is a total perversion of any faith, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

          However, religion and politics have often been conflated – just look at the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and, dare I say, the Holocaust, to name a few significant examples of the use of religion to exercise power.

          In the 19th century the Irish were portrayed as sub-human in the eyes of the Victorian English, enabling the nation to stand by as 3 million peasants either starved to death or were forced to emigrate. This in the wealthiest country on earth at the time.

          Reducing the “other side” to the lowest possible level is the function of politics, not religion; and certainly not of faith.

          Are we to learn from history? Probably not. But to return to Scarfe’s recent effort, this was an attack on a politician – not on the Jewish people. Certainly in questionable taste and badly timed.

          Many Jews have denounced the Israeli government for their actions, distinguishing the politics from the religion or the wider Jewish diaspora. I don’t think it does any favours to anyone for you to promote the idea that any criticism of Israeli politicians is out of bounds; otherwise you are claiming that all Israelis – and all Jews – are beyond reproach.

          It may be that some of your contributors will brook no criticism of their fellows in any circumstances, while at the same time demonising others. That’s politics as practiced down the centuries, to no-one’s benefit but the power-mongers

        • Mike, to your point about the Crusades, what caused them? Muslim invasion/domination of Europe. No Muslims, no Crusades. And yes, they killed more than just Muslims, but Muslims were the reason they were created in the first place.

          As for the cartoon, I have seen that and much worse on a daily basis in the Arab media. Most people have not, so seeing it in the British press was shocking to them. I am an ardent supporter of freedom of the press so would not call for it to be taken down or apologized for. It just lets everyone know what side of the argument that media outlet is on. I prefer to know my enemies up front.

          Most of the Jews who condemn Israel have never been there, probably have not been in a synagogue since the last funeral or wedding they attended. Leftist Jews don’t practice Judaism because they worship the socialism/liberalism like Obama, and see Israel’s unparalleled growth and success as “unfair” to all the ‘starving’ Arabs around them. But all those stories about Arabs starving in ‘Palestine’ are pure lies. Gaza women have the third highest obesity rate in the world, with men not far behind. Take a look at the luxury condos, restaurants, sports facilities, etc. in Gaza, something the MSM won’t show you. There are so many truckloads of food and other products coming into Gaza everyday, that they spend many hours in line waiting to drop off their goods. Go into the Arab areas of the West Bank and you’ll think you’re in an upper class neighborhood in Paris or Los Angeles.

          Arabs have more freedom as Israeli citizens than they have in any Arab country in the world.

          And I have the stories, videos, and photos here to prove it to you.

  18. Maybe they should start doing that for real. They put those cartoons up for Islamist’s and they get all freaked out about it.

    • The Holocaust does not excuse the actions of the State of Israel in regard to Palestine, the illegal settlements and arbitrary killings of Palestinians. Would you find this cartoon acceptable on any other date? Probably not – Zionists and their friends like to stifle debate on the issue and cry ‘leftist’ or ‘liberal’ like it’s some kind of insult to think for yourself.

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