IRAN supports Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and has contributed over $2 million to Hagel’s favorite organizations

426936_464717136925185_271904529_nSecretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel is deeply embedded with a network of pro-Iran foreign policy groups that have lobbied to lift economic sanctions and boost U.S. engagement with Tehran.

FREE BEACON Hagel sits on the board of Ploughshares Fund, a progressive foundation that has granted more than $2 million to organizations that employ some of Hagel’s most outspoken advocates, who favor lifting sanctions on Iran, oppose military action against its nuclear program, and hope to weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance.

UnknownOrganizations that have received donations from Ploughshares include the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the Center for American Progress (CAP), J Street, the National Security Network (NSN), and the Truman National Security Project, among others.

These individuals and organizations have worked closely with Hagel, a former Republican (RINO) Nebraska senator, to oppose military action against Iran and to undermine pro-Israel initiatives aimed at bolstering the security of the Jewish state.


These same groups are now waging a media campaign to ensure their long time ally becomes the Pentagon’s top official, a posting that would put Hagel in charge of developing plans for a possible military strike on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.


NIAC, an advocacy group long suspected of concealing its illicit ties to the Iranian regime, has emerged as perhaps the most vocal defender of Hagel’s nomination as it pertains to Iran. The group has received more than $600,000 in grants from Ploughshares since 2007.

jstreeta-viAdditionally, the far left anti-Israel Jewish fringe group, J Street, has emerged as the sole Jewish community group to lobby on Hagel’s behalf. Ploughshares gave J Street $100,000 between 2011 and 2012 to “lobby Congress against the use of military force on Iran.” Pro-Palestinian Billionaire Jew traitor George Soros Funds J Street

jstreetb-viJ Street has been on the offense since the first rumors of Hagel’s nomination. The group has tried to convince a skeptical Jewish community that Hagel is sufficiently pro-Israel, yet it has not disclosed its relationship to Ploughshares. Hagel will serve as a “valued voice of reason in Obama’s cabinet,” according to the Ploughshares-funded J Street, which has long lobbied to increase U.S. engagement with Tehran and weaken America’s alliance with Israel. THE ANTI-ISRAEL LOBBYING GROUP, J STREET, AND THE DIRTY MONEY OF GEORGE SOROS

J Street and NIAC were also part of 2009 plot to torpedo Obama’s appointment of Dennis Ross as an Iran envoy. The groups opposed Ross because of his tough stance on Tehran. Ploughshares also partners with the Truman National Security Project, which received at least $310,000 in part to “counter calls for military action against on Iran.”

LC_HAGELAD_NYT_FINAL21-270x500“The nomination of Chuck Hagel is alarming for the future of U.S. foreign policy,” said Saba Farzan, a senior fellow and head of Iran research at the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin. “At the forefront within the debate happening in the US’s capital is that groups like NIAC cheer for Mr. Hagel.” “Now, whatever NIAC is it certainly is not an organization of true freedom for Iran,” Farzan said. “As a matter of fact, Chuck Hagel and NIAC appear to be soul mates—both oppose sanctions until this very day, both have opposed classifying the [Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps] as a terrorist group, both have a very anti-Israel standpoint and both advocate for dialogue with a regime that is using every second of those talks, going on for more than three decades, to brutalize its own innocent people and to act against U.S. national security.”

Hagel’s nomination has also been embraced by Tehran. “When Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Ghasseminejad said. “His appointment undermines US effort to stop Iran’s nuclear problem.” “[Iran] sees itself in a holy war against Israel. Iran sees Hagel’s appointment as a sign of decreasing support for Israel in D.C,” Ghasseminejad said.

Other far left recipients of Ploughshares’ funds have quickly leaped to Hagel’s defense in the weeks since the president selected him.

“The Ploughshares Fund has in recent years been Three-Card Monte for Tehran, shifting funding from organization to organization but always for the purpose of laundering Iran’s image or advocating for its positions,” said Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon advisor and Iran and Iraq. “With the Hagel operation, it certainly seems that Ploughshares hardly even tries to hide its political hackery.”



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  1. Herr von Hagel’s nomination by the Muslim-in-Chief reconfirms what the chief is and what he stands for. The young Muslims in Egypt presently rioting have far more perspective and spunk than Americans. They want no part of the Obama-supported Fascist, fundamental Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. We all do a lot of talking and writing but a few groups actually DO something to combat the evil in the White House. Act for America is one. Now check this link to the latest from the Thomas More Law Center – – and how they combat Obama’s stealth jihad.

  2. Well is appears that one more needs to added to the list, no? This announcement should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed this RINO over theyears, one more traitor to the list at the current regime is not a surprise to those awake.

  3. Its absurd to call him “not a responsible option” (Its PC language) when in fact
    he is a paid agent of the enemy “Iran” and shills for Iran and a typical Iranian anti-semite. .

    A traitor and enemy agent as “secretary of defence ” , a country like this
    has a bright future indeed.

  4. what with obama’s carte blanche given to him by his adoring public we all new we were in for a rough ride ! my hope is he bites off more than he obama can chew ! i say we we keep feedin him the slack untill we can set the hook deep remember Nixon , obama thinks he is a king he is just a low life president who will answer to the Patriots

  5. Rather that giving Chucky $2,000.000 they would be better releasing SAEED ABEDINI the American Pastor who has just been sentenced to 8 years in an infamous Iranian prison.
    What is the State Department doing to help this American Citizen ???????

  6. The Shi’ite mafia of Tehran is one of the biggest gang of liars in the world. They are lining their pockets with oil money. They are almost universally hated by Iranians. 1% of Iranians attend the mosque. God help the Persians get free of these delusional maniacs.

  7. The problem (and there are many) is that the LSM will NOT report this! The Progressive Liberals will think that this guy is the best thing since sliced bread! And it’s b.s. that Iran is giving him money. How and how long have these subhuman bastards had their hooks into us? It just couldn’t have started 4 years ago. We have been sold out .. we are so screwed.

  8. Iranians claim to have just put a monkey into space. So who is running Iran until Ahmadinejad gets back down from orbit?

    We could save time and just send them Hagel. Cut out the middleman.

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