WALID SHOEBAT to America: “Your country has been infiltrated by Muslims. Your president is a Muslim”

Former PLO terrorist and Muslim, now a Christian and BNI friend, Walid Shoebat, says America has been taken over by evil people who have supported, armed (and probably funded) the radical Islamist takeover of Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and soon Jordan.

The Right Scoop (h/t Sharon H) Walid speaks of Bible Prophecy, the antiChrist, and the Muslim Messiah and how they are relevant to what is happening now.


The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.


29 comments on “WALID SHOEBAT to America: “Your country has been infiltrated by Muslims. Your president is a Muslim”

  1. Teresa… it is refreshing to find someone “not” in a coma ! The people of which you speak remind me of those in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”…I hope you are prepared for the “Inevitable”, I am ! Mercy is wonderful, but vengeance is sweeter… We will win” I guarantee it ! Jerry

  2. We all know that the American government was and is still funding terrorist but it seem like no one in our government gives a shit and wants to stop it. Sending the F-15 to Egypt should of been a clue to what is going on but no. Peace to all non-muslims who are tired of this shit.

  3. The prophecies in Revelation will be set in motion with the Rapture, that I truly believe.

    Threats to the faithful have come in more than Islam; Satan is a wicked schemer working towards a finite endgame; in his arrogance to assume himself equal or better than the Almighty, he has worked everywhere across the world and across history to silence the Lord’s followers in various forms. Since the fall of man, those who believe have been hated, whether by Lucifer himself or by unbelievers who give themselves over to sin. (Psalm 9:13, Psalm 119:86, Matthew 10:22, Matthew 24:9, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17, John 15:18, John 15:20)

    Modern islam is simply the newest attempt by Satan to deceive more men and drag them to the final death with him, but like the many attempts he has made before through his legions here in this world, he will fail, as he also will in the ultimate end. Yes, they can commit all matter of atrocities upon us; they can butcher, murder, behead, ignite, hang, and slaughter us, but their efforts against they who believe are futile, because they CANNOT separate the Lord from us. (Romans 8:35)

    Walid is right, we should NOT be afraid to confront this movement for what it is; evil.
    And ultimately, they will fail, as all those who plotted have before them. Babylon, Rome, the spanish inquisition, the spanish armada, the catholic church during the reformation, marxism, communism, nazi Germany, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, Al Quaeda; they will all fail in their attempts to destroy the truth.

    The Lord sees all, knows all, and when He witnesses the wicked plotting their evil, He laughs, because all was decided by Him at the beginning of creation. (Psalm 37:13)

    If anything, we should first tell them the truth and hope that any souls that listen, no matter how few, come to know Jesus as their savior.

    Now mind you, I’m not encouraging us to just let this happen, nor am I saying that we should not make steps to stop this persecution and murder, or stop the evil being plotted in America and the EU as we speak; this isn’t a conventional battle between men, it is spiritual warfare that is waged here.

    What I do say to you all, is do not be afraid of these mere men; yes, they could make your lives miserable; yes, they can starve you and your families, take your homes and possession; they could even kill you! But do not fear them, because what you have between you and Christ, they can -never- take; if anything, I would hope as many people as possible turn from the evils of Islam and come to know Jesus as their savior.

    But I’m no pacifist; as much as I -despise- violence, I will use it to protect those dear to me.

    I know of an excellent read in the word for those of you who may feel sad, who feel depressed or ready to give up; read the story of the prophet Elijah in I Kings chapters 16-18. Elijah lived in a time of great hypocrisy, sin, idolatry and wickedness; a time that in some ways eerily mirrors our own. Elijah felt sad, depressed; almost defeated. But he did -not- give up on the Lord; neither should we, in this day and age.

  4. Political correctness can go to h*ll. People like this man should speak their minds and not care what people think. It is time for the sh*t to hit the fan.

  5. The left and the pseudochristians and the phoney clerics (you know, the ‘interfaith’ cheerleaders) hate Shoebat. They hate Geller, Spencer and you. For good reason. When I speak to friends and relatives of the evil of Islam and the evil in this administration, they have this dumfounded look on their faces. Yet when I cite verses, and tell the true history of Islam, they just can’t believe it. I carry on, and no one is going to shut me up.

  6. Walid Shoebat is an amazing person- his depth of Biblical knowlege is incredible. I had the privilige of seeing him speak in person and meeting him later.

  7. Thank You, Ms BNI. What a deal. This information has been available for over four years, but the brain dead public seems to want to do nothing but kiss muslim tail. Well, like Teresa said, and many of us have said all along – They’ll waken when the blade is at the jugular, but it’ll be too damn late, then !!
    And the rest of us will go down fightin’ and a screamin’ like crazed banshees !!

  8. Mr. Shoebot is a blessing and a breath of fresh air. unfortunately Teresa is correct aout not believing until the knife is at the throat of each one of us

  9. Of course it is all true,but try telling it to the blind,deluded, knuckleheaded average American and they will try to convince you that you are crazy, or stare at you blankly reminding you that Michelle’s inauguration dress was absolutely stunning. They wont believe until the knife is at their necks. all the proof is there. May the Living and loving God Jesus Christ have mercy upon us All.

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