Jihad? What Jihad? Western ‘dhimmi’ teachers in Benghazi ignore warnings to get the hell out of there

2“We are teachers, nobody will hurt us.” Despite repeated warnings from Western countries for these expats working in Benghazi to leave following the terrorist attacks in neighboring Algeria, these erudite leftie teachers prefer to stay, not fearing Muslim terrorists at all.



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  1. “They’ve been very friendly and very helpful”. They (the muslime terrorists) usually are “very friendly and very helpful” until they decide you infidels are not going to convert to Pislam and/or pay the jizya….THEN you are about to be beheaded!!….These teachers in Benghazi are definitely on the verge of dying from cases of terminal stupidity!!

  2. Be it upon their own heads, which may be lying on the ground after they are lopped off. I wouldn’t want a single life risked to help these fools.

  3. Is it posable for us to send all our UNION TEACHERS over there.
    I am sure that they can do as good of a job over there ,as they do here.

  4. It may seem rough but let them die in horrible pain. It’s better if they don’t escape from there and later they are found dead.

    Non-muslim societies don’t need harmful people like them. It’s better if they get lost so their mindset will disappear together with them. It will be the best for the world.

    Sow a forest and get lost inside it!

  5. The idea that backward, retarded Islamic ‘civilization’ – for want of a better word – is even approaching, let alone equal to, western civilization, as these sorts of morons would insist, is absurd beyond belief.

    Even a cursory glance tells us they are savages. They do nothing, and have done nothing for 1400 years, except kill people. All this time, the rest of the world has been turning, inventing, creating, building. And the savages just kill.

    The cognitive dissonance in the Islamic world, and among Muslim immigrants in the west, must be excruciating. They are raised to believe non-muslims are worthless. Yet from the moment they wake up, until the moment they close their eyes at night, they are touched endlessly by the brilliance of the non-Muslim world. Medicine, technology, transport – the list is endless. Basically, everything on the entire planet.

    • Exceptionalism is the idea that America has lead the world in many different areas – Innovation, Creativity, Technology, Science, etc. – the kind of contributions to society that has helped make the world a better place.

      • So that’s what that moslem wannabee Ivan Donald Drury was on about with his banal “against Exceptionalism”, here in Canada. A professional protester who brown nosed every islamist terrorist organization he could find, and there are plenty in Canada.

    • Exceptionalism is a status that the USA has achieved, not by themselves, but by the inspiration given by GOD ALMIGHTY to the people and Individuals to bring man into the light. Inventions, attitudes, the willingness to help others at the expense of our young treasure. This exceptionalism has and does illuminate the Covenant of Power and Wealth given to Manasseh, under the Patriarchal and Blessings of Moses.
      At this point we are being tested. Do we want what he gave us or not? Follow HIS WORD and live. Follow mohommedism [Satan] and die.

  6. Does it not say somewhere in the Bible that the “meek” shall inherit the earth ? Personally,I’ll wait for probate. These people will end up on the “beheadings” section of BNI ? Maybe they are not “dhimmi” teachers,just ignorant? Think about it,they probably do not sub-scribe to BNI ?

    • Buzz, they are not ignorant, but like all leftists they love Muslims because they share a common enemy – Western capitalism and exceptionalism. Once in awhile they do post comments here, but they never last very long.

  7. Maybe they get off on the idea of having their head removed with a rusty knife …
    There are no words for the suicidal stupidity of some.

  8. Untouchable teachers? They must be listening to Obama’s statements that Islam is peaceful, the war on terror is over, and/or CAIR’s attempt to rebrand jihad as something other than violence against infidels. Idiots. Their naive views on Islam will get them killed. Muslims only care about one thing – Islam. That means death to unbelievers in the most violent way possible. They are about to be schooled in the real Islam, I would feel sorry for them if they weren’t so ignorant. They should be taking note of the children beheaded by Muslims in Thailand – they weren’t ‘untouchable’ teachers, they were students. An infidel is an infidel regardless of age, job, or dhimmi status.

  9. Both exibit the same mind set.

    No doubt they’ll be paid well over the Canadian or British level and looking at those two they’d be hard pressed as agency staff to get jobs back home.

    To wring honesty out of leftists is impossible. There’s always the b*llsh*t.

  10. When these idiots are in jail or being tortured and raped, I hope that the Canadian and the UK government does not put their brave soldiers in harm’s way to get them out of trouble. So these idiots do not fear the muslim motorcycle drag naked through the streets or a gang sodomy rape as Stevens had to endure before he was murdered. You can not fix stupid.

    • Oh yes they are.You have no idea how right you are. I worked with many such nitwits in Turkey.

      They are also egregious hypocrites. These liberal zombies always live in Western enclaves sheltered away from the real general population. They are always surrounded by locals who are, on the surface, Western wannabes, and sychophants.

      Loudly and at every opportunity such hypocritical fools crow about how “wonderful, colorful and vibrant” the local culture is and how it would be advantageous to their native Western countries to actively import it.

      However, when pressed to leave their Western ivory towers and see the real face of the local cultures they laud and dig in their heels and refuse. When reminded that they have not seen or experienced the entirety of the “wonderful, colorful and vibrant” cultures they vehemently shill for they all have the same reaction…screaming “racist!” at the top of their shrill liberal lungs.

      Yet they still refuse to leave their Western enclaves that are so far removed from the reality of the local cultures they may as well be on another planet. On the rare occasions that the real culture slips past the gilded gates of their ivory tower enclaves and makes them victims they predictably blame the local authorities, America’s foreign policies, Israel, and their ace in the hole: poverty.

      It is impossible for these multicult zombies to even consider that these “wonderful, colorful and vibrant” cultures they insist are good for the West are perhaps not so “wonderful, colorful and vibrant.”

      Makes one ponder what would these colossal morons do if the Aztec culture was still in existence and actively committing religiously motivated human sacrifice. Would these loons still boast that they have nothing to fear from the Aztecs? Would they sing the kumbaya mantra declaring Aztec culture to be “wonderful, colorful and vibrant” AND beneficial for Western cultures?

      I really do wonder if liberal stupidity has no limits. I really don’t care if these clowns get butt raped before being killed by those they deem morally equivalent to the average Westerner. What does bother me is when their self-righteous stupidity puts others and myself in danger.

      Their right to be immoral idiots ends where my right for self preservation begins.

      • IC, I am surprised to hear that. I guess because I lived among the Japanese, and not in a Western enclave, when I lived in Japan, I assumed they would too. Well, let’s hope these hypocrites get to experience the real Islam before they leave in a box.

        • I can honestly say I did not meet one liberal zombie who lived away from or ventured out from the Western enclaves without surrounding themselves with local sycophants.

          While, there are locals who live in these enclaves, they are the happy, shiny faced, faux moderate mask wearing Reza Aslan types who know liberal zombies are useful idiots. The type of sycophants who boldly declare themselves “secular-humanists” but grotesquely degrade Westerners and their cultures. Or they flatly state they are atheists and in the same breath launch into full on dawa about what a mercy for mankind mohammad was.

          It used to piss me off to no end listening to the liberal tits prattle on about how wonderful Turkish culture was while denigrating Western culture. Of course, when I’d challenge them to spend a day by themselves in one of the more authentic neighborhoods they’d call me a racist or bigot and throw out the moral equivalency bs about dangerous neighborhoods in the West.

          They’d never quite grasp the analogy that while I would never live in Harlem willingly I would also certainly not tout the color, vibrancy, and benefits of bringing Harlem’s culture to the wider United States.

      • These nitwits are the STUPID’S ON STEROIDS that I was referring to in another comment to PINK. They never cease to amaze me on how they think they are of the privileged. Yuk, Yuk.

    • All leftards presumably? Happy to see them martyred in the most gruesome manner, several hundred if possible ‘pour encouragez les autres’.

      To send a message to their shit-stupid countrymen about the islamist reality and the existence of ‘the lesser’ jihad.

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