ap_burka3_080310_ssvCALIFORNIA: Home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the nation, the Southland has become fertile ground for a new generation of designers crafting clothes for women who are limited by faith and conviction from flashing too much skin. Although Muslim women have been dressing fashionably for years (they have?), many in the U.S. say they still face tricky challenges when getting dressed — and especially dressed up.

 LA TIMES “We are Muslim and we can still express ourselves, be fashionable, as long as we do it in a halal way” or in keeping with Islamic law, said LaTanya Maassarani, 30, a postal carrier from Long Beach. (That’s right, throw your religion in the faces of the few people who don’t know that Muslim so-called “modest” clothing represents centuries-old oppression of women by Muslim men)

rt_burka3_080310_ssvFilling that void now are designers such as Afra Said-Ahmed and her sister Eiman Ahmed, both Muslims, who launched Irvine clothing company Mohajababes. The name is a mash up of the words “babe” and “Muhajiba,” or one who wears a hijab scarf. (Sounds more like it comes from Mujahideen – Islamic jihadists, Holy Warriors) “Trying to conform to Muslim dress codes, you get stuck in a rut of black, black, black all the time,” said Ahmed, 26. “It’s definitely very difficult, especially in the U.S. You want to fit in, but still be appropriately dressed.” So she and her sister scraped together $2,000 and began selling caftans and rhinestone accessories for head scarves at the end of 2011. The line is modest — caftans sweep the floor and hang loosely on the body. Yet the jewel-colored clothing comes with feminine frills such as silky fabrics and metallic embroidery.

burqa_camoSaid-Ahmed said their goal was to dress fashion-conscious shoppers who are faithful to Islamic mandates but want nothing to do with traditional black coverings such asabayas and burkas, which are too hot for the California sun. Southern California has a ready pool of more than half a million Muslims concentrated in areas such as Anaheim, Irvine and West Los Angeles, said Munira Syeda, spokeswoman at Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations)

“If a non-Muslim looks at you, it obviously makes them more comfortable if they don’t see the standard black that they see in the news all the time.” (That’s right, non-Muslims are too stupid to understand that a Muslim in a colorful garbage bag would never have a bomb under her clothing, while A Muslim in a traditional black garbage bag just might)

Mohajababes carefully tailored the marketing to the audience: Models show very little skin. Its website has links to tutorials on stylish ways to wrap head scarves. And the company’s tag line delivers the message: “We’ve got it covered.”


Even so, Ahmed penned a long blog post on the firm’s site in response to “violent” online diatribes from Muslims against popular Muslim fashion bloggers and designers. But the company has made some concessions, shelving plans for a shorter, knee-length caftan and embroidered trousers.

“If we sold pants, people would say, ‘These trousers — you can see the legs, that is totally inappropriate,'” she said, adding that their vibrantly colored clothing has already drawn harsh critics. “We have heard people say ‘It’s too bright, the caftans are too pretty, and they attract too much attention.'”


“Our ultimate goal is to sell in a department store like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom,” she said. “Right now we are marketing toward our Muslim community because we know there’s a void, but many non-Muslim women would want a long-sleeved dress every now and then.”


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  1. Thankfully something I have not seen in my little corner of Lil Saigon by the Bay where Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippine women go around in tight jeans and when the weather permits, hot pants.

  2. Right on. I don’t believe in being categorized as a non-entity.
    If islamists want to use that notion, why don’t we refer to them as non-humans?


  3. Fortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, I live in an area (the CA Desert) that is – so far! – relatively free of muzzies; and those that are here mostly wear Western gear (at least, I’ve rarely seen a headbag, let alone a body bag, on any woman since I’ve been living here). I just hope & pray that it stays this way!

    We do have some muzzies living here: Some are Black Americans, who’ve obviously converted at some point in their past lives, and others are Bosnians who came here after the Balkan Wars in the mid-1990s. But they were from Sarajevo & Mostar, and the younger generation was well (univerity-) educated. They dress like fashionable Western Europeans and only attend the local mosque (a very unpretentious building in the Hispanic part of the area!) for special occasions and religious holidays (if that).

    One needs to remember that these are really South Slavs and have almost nothing in common (except that damn “religion!”) with the Mid Easterners who’ve relocated here (and many of those are Christian Arabs who fled their own countries because of pisslam).

  4. Nothing but Islamophobia. They actually have beauty pageants in Saudi Arabia and not just for camels. They have just had one for sheep, the winner was valued at over a million bucks. When an 8 year old girl is valued at $3,500 you go to where the money is.

  5. Fascism? You bet. Belittle it, protest it, look at it with even a hint of disapproval, you risk being hauled into custody for a probable “racial” hate offense, or/and subjected to a CAIR lawsuit and death threats.

  6. It’s not fashion, it’s fascism. It’s shoved in our faces, into our daily civil living environments (on Main Street USA, in our schools, increasingly in the federal government, compliments of obamaitis), not uncivil as is islam, i.e., rude: behaving in a way that is seen as hostile or indifferent.

  7. Wearing Islamic clothing is a miserable proposition if you live anywhere in a hot and humid climate. Not only are you constantly stared at and people ask you if you are some sort of nun (my experiances with Islamic dress were in the early 90’s so Muslim women- especially converts were not seen too often in Oklahoma) but you are sweating constantly and uusually suffering from some sort of heat rash. Since most Islamic clothing is outerwear you are wearing two layers of clothing in 100 degree heat so you imagine how horrible it is. I tried wearing long skirts and long sleeve blouses but this was almost as hot and I got in trouble with the Imam for “bad hijab”. As soon as I started working I would sneak and take the hijab off so I could feel normal. I feel sorry for many of these women since I’m sure that most of them would love to take their headbags off and feel like a human being for once.

  8. APB; be on the lookout for the woman/man in plaid garbage bag who just robbed a bank. Don’t know if they’re armed can’t give better description face covered.LOL

  9. Have you ever wondered why the abayas and burkhas, etc. are almost always black? It’s because Allah hates women so women must suffer. Black absorbs the sun’s heat, white reflects it. That’s why the men wear white.

  10. No matter what color they are, they’re sinister-looking and they frighten the children. I’ll bet the dogs bark at them, too.
    Frankly, the only word is “freaks”. They belong in a freak show.

  11. Egypt
    Rape squads of Tahrir Square: Marauding ‘state-backed gangs’ are still terrorising female protesters two years after revolution

    Reports of 19 group sexual assaults logged on Friday in Tahrir Square

    Claims that attacks are state-backed to deter women from protesting

    Egypt’s head of army warns the country is facing collapse

  12. Black baggies are too hot for California, but not for the desert climates??? Didn’t know the desert was in the frigid zone. These rags are hysterical, especially the camouflage patterns. Perfect for the accessory of a bejewelled assault rifle or grenade. Next there will be a ‘reality’ show, ‘The Burkha
    Broads of Westwood on the Town’.

  13. the varmit is funny ! kinda an ulgy sense of humor but when leftie bill get ‘s his muzzie gun batteries lined up he is dead on target ! his sticks and stones throwed at us just bounce our armor , not so when his silver tounge slides up a muzzie ‘s ass like his pountice

  14. And i don’t appreciate being called a “non-Muslim”. That is a description that just pisses me off. As if not being Muslim is my only claim to fame. I never gave one thought to Islam or Muslims until they blew the tops off our Trade Center in 2001, and nobody referred to me as a non-Muslim until after that either.

    Girls, if I see you in a Hefty bag it really doesn’t matter if it is in black or clown colors. It doesn’t make me feel more or less comfortable. It makes me super alert that you are my enemy and that you have declared war on my western civ way of life. I take it for nothing more than it is, a declaration of war and a signal for me to go on the offensive. Be careful what you wish for.

  15. Yeah, just what I always wanted to look like: a tent that looks like a tablecloth that came from a five year old’s birthday party. Sorry girls but we aren’t going to wear that crap.

    Ironically, I worked at a clothing manufacturing company in Irvine, CA back when I was in college in the late 70’s. It was called Two Potato and featured pleated polyester caftans and resort wear for the Palm Beach crowd of blue haired ladies. I got over mu-mu’s way back then so thanks, but no thanks.

  16. Im speechless! I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, just ouside of downtown Los Angeles. I have not been back in 12+ years, so I guess there have been alot of changes. This is the perfect place for muzzies to take over, plenty of illegal immigrants, drugged out party animals, LAites that are just into themselves, and a struggling middle class, to busy to notice whats going on…Cali was lost decades ago . Unholy cow!

  17. Why are Muslims so anxious to hide their identity and their gender?

    In shopping malls, banks, jewelery stores and other public places, non-Muslims are uneasy at the sight of Muslims wearing their “Conceal Identity” clothing. Muslim criminals wearing “Conceal Identity” clothing found it SO EASY to rob Jewelry stores. Muslim terrorist in “Conceal Identity” clothing found it SO EASY to flee the country via London airport.

    Airport security would much rather pat down old people, the desperately ill in wheelchairs, frightened little children and crying beauty queens than pat down Muslims in their “Conceal Identity” clothing. Who knows what’s under Muslim “Conceal Identity” clothing? Is a BIG explosion going to happen soon?

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    “Our ultimate goal is to sell in a department store like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom,” she said. NO THANK YOU! WE PREFER TO REMAIN SAFE!

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  18. LOL, are they friggin kidding? I have never laughed so hard. Can’t cover hatred with brightly colored fabric. These people are nuts. Even Muslims will do what it takes to go after the almighty commercial dollar.

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